Mad Dog Episode 12 Recap

Mad Dog Episode 12 “Poison”

Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan) scolds On Noo Ri (Kim Hye Seong) for speaking to him casually. Noo Ri counters that he might let him, and might consider him a friend or maybe one day call him Hyung. Touched, Min Joon walks ahead. A man comes out of the parking lot with a scarf and knife in his hand. Noo Ri stares at the man. He remembers Min Joon being hung. He calls to Min Joon, referring to him as Hyung. Noo Ri steps in front of Min Joon just as the man passes. The man stabs Noo Ri (though the intended target was Min Joon). Unaware of Noo Ri’s injury, Min Joon asks what that was about. Noo Ri stares at the blood on his hand. Min Joon sees the blood on Noo Ri’s hand. Noo Ri staggers, Min Joon catches him and they fall to the ground. Min Joon yells for help. Min Joon calls Ha Ri and begs for help.

Jang Ha Ri (Ryu Hwa Young), Park Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun), and Min Joon run down the hospital corridor with Noo Ri on the stretcher. Min Joon stops and watches, unable to continue. Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae) arrives while Noo Ri is in surgery. Ha Ri is worried about the blood loss. Soon Jung declares Noo Ri will be okay. Kang Woo asks where Min Joon is. He finds Min Joon in the bathroom washing Noo Ri’s blood from his hands. Kang Woo tells him to join them when he’s done. As they wait for Noo Ri’s surgery to be completed. Min Joon is losing it. He sobs that he’s the reason Noo Ri is injured. Min Joon declares he brought them all into this mess so he could learn the truth about his brother. Kang Woo tells him to buck up. The surgeon joins them after the operation. Nurse Oh tells them that due to the blood loss Noo Ri is in a coma. Min Joon steps outside the room, struggling to cope. He sees a team of doctors sweep into the room. The doctor orders Noo Ri prepped to be transferred to a VIP room. He dismisses the Mad Dog Team stating they are not family. Nurse Oh counters they are like Noo Ri’s family. The doctor ignores that. Chief Prosecutor On’s men tell the Mad Dog Team to leave. Kang Woo tries to argue but quickly discerns the futility. He tells his team to come with him.

Excellent opening sequence. Min Joon’s breakdown of control was reasonable. His guilt and protective feelings for Noo Ri overwhelmed him. Min Joon’s heart has thawed. Now he is vulnerable and he isn’t coping well, as feelings threaten to overwhelm him.

The Mad Dog Team reviews details of the man that stabbed Noo Ri, the JH airlines legal counsel and long-time associate of Chairman Cha. Reviewing the history, they realize that Chairman Cha is the one man the legal counsel has absolute loyalty to. They wonder how to get the legal counsel. Min Joon quips the legal counsel is dreadfully dull with only one hobby…killing him. As Min Joon exits the room, everyone believes that Min Joon will try and get retribution on his own. Min Joon assures them that he won’t make a move without their knowledge. But as he walks away, his face tells a different story.

Min Joon can’t get Noo Ri out of his mind. Kang Woo plays the black box audio for Min Joon. He listens to his brother’s efforts to save the plane and passengers. He cries. He comments that he never had a drink with his brother, always ignoring his brother’s requests. He admits he was afraid of the emotional reaction. Kang Woo suggests they finish this without involving the others. Min Joon agrees. But Ha Ri and Soon Jung enter and nix their plans. Ha Ri reminds them that if they guilt hurt she and Soon Jung will be racked with guilt. She and Soon Jung vows to go to the end of this.

Hyun Gi and Chairman Cha discuss their next move. Chairman Cha recommends Hyun Gi go to Noo Ri’s father, the Chief Prosecutor and point the finger at his legal counsel. Hyun Gi notes that while he employs the legal counsel, he knows that Chairman Cha orders take priority. Chairman Cha feigns surprise. He won’t admit to controlling the legal counsel.

In Noo Ri’s hospital room, Hyun Gi apologizes to the Chief Prosecutor for the actions of his legal counsel. Noo Ri’s father scoffs that Chairman Cha is the puppet master for the legal counsel. Hyun Gi is impressed with his knowledge. The Chief Prosecutor tells Hyun Gi he can’t let Chainman Cha get away with hurting his son. The Chief Prosecutor declares that Hyun Gi’s father suffered at Chairman Cha’s hands. The story is that Hyun Gi’s father did not have his inhaler when he suffered an asthma attack while visiting Chairman Cha. The flashback shows that Chairman Cha stopped Hyun Gi’s father from retrieving his inhaler. The Chief Prosecutor offer Hyun Gi his sympathies for what Chairman Cha did to his father. Hyun Gi thanks him and gets a resolute look on his face.

Excellent scene. The Chief Prosecutor is deftly dealt with Hyun Gi and swept aside the perceptions of what happened and exposed the reality that Chairman Cha is the evillest man of the series.

Chairman Cha tells his daughter Hong Joo that the meeting between the Chief Prosecutor and Hyun Gi was his idea. Hong Joo asks if her father expected the two men to be buddies at the end of the meeting. That gets his attention. Hong Joo declares she’ll deliver JH to her father. She plans to give Hyun Gi something he wants. Chairman Cha is impressed by her determination. She asks for the legal counsel’s support. Her father agrees.

The legal counsel resigns from JH. Hyun Gi warns him not to trust Chairman Cha too much or he’ll be stabbed in the back. The legal counsel thanks Hyun Gi for his advice but returns to his real master.

The Mad Dog Team are startled when an alarm sounds indicating an intruder. Ha Ri and Soon Jung arms themselves. Nurse Oh enters and states the weapons are not needed. They review the photos of all the visitors the Chief Prosecutor have had in Noo Ri’s hospital room. Min Joon suggests that Hyun Gi will likely visit again and they should capitalize on that. They agree someone should plant a bug in Noo Ri’s room. The only person with access is Nurse Oh. Soon Jung doesn’t want her to put herself at risk. But Nurse Oh declares that Noo Ri’s father isn’t acting like a father should. She agrees to plant the bug. Min Joon places it her hand and calls her cool. Soon Jung gives Nurse Oh a wrapper that when Noo Ri wakes, will assure him that Soon Jung is thinking about him. Nurse Oh agrees to wedge it so Noo Ri will see it when he wakes.

Nurse Oh becoming an honorary member of the Mad Dog Team. She’s got the right kind of no nonsense vibe! I love it when Min Joon flirts and prick’s Soon Jung’s jealousy.

Nurse Oh enters Noo Ri’s room. She plants the bug. She positions the wrapper the Soon Jung gave her. She tells the comatose Noo Ri to wakes soon because his friends are waiting for him.  As she exits the Chief Prosecutor and his assistant enter the room.

The Mad Dog Team discuss the Chief Prosecutor’s background and return to power after exile in Busan. Kang Woo guesses that Chairman Cha provided the job he occupies now. Min Joon listens to the recorded conversations from Noo Ri’s room and declares Noo Ri’s father wants even more power. They listen to the Chief Prosecutor consider breaking the big case (the airline crash of 2 years ago) to get an even bigger name for himself. Min Joon reminds everyone that the Chief Prosecutor promised Kang Woo that he’d reopen the airline crash IF Kang Woo supplied the black box audio. As if on cue, Kang Woo receives a call from the Chief Prosecutor.

They meet and Kang Woo offers the black box audio. He asks if the Chief Prosecutor will reopen the case. He vows to do so and takes the black box audio with a smile on his face. Kang Woo watches him drive away and tells the team the Chief Prosecutor is on the move. Soon Jung reports he is on the way to the hospital. Nurse Oh sees Hyun Gi outside of Noo Ri’s hospital room and calls Soon Jung to report this. They wonder if the Chief Prosecutor will return the black box audio to Hyun Gi.

Hyun Gi wonders the same thing, but the Chief Prosecutor states the black box audio is the knife he holds to Hyun Gi’s throat. But Hyun Gi surprises the Chief Prosecutor when he encourages him to reopen the case. Hyun Gi chuckles that reopening the case will hurt him less than the Chief Prosecutor. Hyun Gi makes the point that solving the case won’t gain him the public accolades to become the next president. Then Hyun Gi plays his power card. He reads an incriminating text that the Chief Prosecutor sent his father just before his death. The shocking truth is that the government forced the additional route and allowed JH to fly an old aircraft on the route. Chief Prosecutor closes his eyes knowing that Hyun Gi figured out his role in the plane crash. Hyun Gi warns the Chief Prosecutor not to threaten him again.

The Mad Dog Team realizes the third leg in the aircraft crash triangle is the government. Min Joon itemizes what was done and how his brother was made into the scapegoat for the crash. Min Joon smiles that they have the original black box audio while the Chief Prosecutor has a copy. Flashback to Kang Woo requesting Min Joon make a copy of the black box audio for him to give to the Chief Prosecutor. Min Joon says now they must incite the legal counsel and make him pay for stabbing Noo Ri. Min Joon declares it’s risky but he won’t be alone, he’ll have the Mad Dog Team’s support.

Min Joon surprises the legal counsel while he eats. Min Joon cuts to the chase. Why did the legal counsel try to kill him twice? Is he a psychopath? The legal counsel suggests a sociopath would be a more apt term. He suggests poking a sociopath is unwise. He denies being a killer. Min Joon demurs he’s relieved that the legal counsel doesn’t pose a threat.

Ha Ri watches the legal counsel watch Min Joon get into his car. He follows Min Joon and Ha Ri follows the legal counsel. Min Joon tells Kang Woo and Soon Jung that he and Ha Ri can handle the situation. Kang Woo sends Soon Jung as secret backup. Min Joon parks and exits his car. The legal counsel does the same. Ha Ri does the same. Kang Woo texts Kang Woo that he’s almost there. Min Joon realizes that Soon Jung is on his way. Down a narrow alley they go. But things go wrong. The legal counsel chases Ha Ri. She runs for her life. Min Joon tries to find her. Ha Ri runs into a dead end. Soon Jung and Min Joon run to find the trapped Ha Ri. She tells everyone she’s okay being the bait. She approaches the legal counsel. Min Joon grabs him from behind. The legal counsel throws Min Joon against the wall. Min Joon tips his glasses and dares him to kill him. The legal counsel realizes a camera is hidden in the glasses. He pulls away from Min Joon. He asks if they wanted to catch him red handed. Soon Jung arrives on the phone with the police. Kang Woo sighs in relief that no one was hurt.

The legal counsel refuses to talk to the police. The Mad Dog Team stares at him. Min Joon and Kang Woo declare they are irked at Ha Ri’s reckless behavior. Even Soon Jung was afraid this time Ha Ri would pay with her life. Ha Ri smiles at the out pouring of male concern.

Ha Ri sees Min Joon starting to walk down the street. She stops him. Min Joon tells Ha Ri that Kang Woo can’t stand losing her but could stand losing him. He feigns being cold and takes her scarf wrapping it around his neck. He then puts his jacket around her shoulders.

Noo Ri wakes. He finds the wrapper from Soon Jung. He finds the cell phone from Soon Jung.

Kang Woo asks Min Joon if he’s ready for the press conference they’ve scheduled. Min Joon confirms he is ready. They agree this is a big day. The Mad Dog Team leaves for the press conference.

Nurse Oh sees Noo Ri’s father walking down the hall. Then she sees Hong Joo.

Noo Ri turns on the cell phone. Then he hears his father and Hong Joo. He hides the cell phone under the blanket. Noo Ri’s father asks Hong Joo if the legal counsel, who assaulted Min Joon last night, is an employee of her father. Hong Joo states the legal counsel is her employee but the story is different. She explains that Min Joon approached the legal counsel and called him a murderer. Flashback to the legal counsel offering the audio of his conversation with Min Joon as proof of Min Joon approaching him first. Noo Ri’s father informs Hong Joo the rumor is Min Joon will divulge the black box audio at the press conference.

The Mad Dog Team strides down the hallway. Min Joon holds the black box audio.

Hong Joo says they can prove Min Joon is a long-term trouble maker. Noo Ri’s father asks if discrediting Min Joon is her primary plan. Hong Joo sweetens the deal and offers to rid Noo Ri’s father of his link to the plane crash. He asks what she wants in return. Hong Joo asks for the black box audio that Kang Woo gave him. She says that Kang Woo copied the audio illegally. She murmurs that Min Joon is in a vat of trouble. Hong Joo says that no one will believe Min Joon’s claim after the “real” black box audio is released.

Noo Ri pulls off his oxygen mask.

Min Joon stands before the press. He has the black box audio and his cell phone.

Hong Joo declares in a single moment, Min Joon will discredit himself forever.

Noo Ri texts Kang Woo to stop the press conference and stop Min Joon from playing the black box audio.

Kang Woo, Soon Jung, and Ha Ri realize that Min Joon is terrified standing before the press.

Noo Ri furiously texts Kang Woo, that this is Hong Joo’s setup to discredit Min Joon. Noo Ri’s father pulls back the curtain and finds Noo Ri texting. Hong Joo stares at Noo Ri. They spy the cell phone.

With a nod from Kang Woo, Min Joon begins the press conference.

My Thoughts

The Mad Dog Team thought they were in control. Writer Kim Soo Jin had the Mad Dog Team believe they had the upper hand over team evil. But did they just walk into a trap that threatens to destroy everything they’ve worked for?

The Mad Dog Team – Ha Ri, Kang Woo, Moo Shin, Noo Ri, and Min Joon thought the press conference would expose the truth. But Hong Joo had a plan to discredit the damming black box audio. Their team work to trap the legal counsel was good. But he had his plan to discredit their story. I loved their devotion to Noo Ri and bringing Nurse Oh onto the team. She was a wonderful addition. wouldn’t the black box also provide proof that the internals of the plane went haywire?

Chairman Cha, his daughter Hong Joo, and Hyun Gi all vied for the upper hand.  It looked like Hyun Gi was scoring with the Chief Prosecutor. But Hong Joo rose from the ashes with a plan to discredit the primary piece of evidence the Mad Dog Team had to prove the JH airline’s story was false. We saw proof that Chairman Cha killed Hyun Gi’s father by denying him the critical inhaler. Chairman Cha’s legal counsel was a slippery snake at the police station. Yes, this basket of vipers are hard to pin down. Should we include Noo Ri’s father as part of team evil now we know more of his involvement with the crash?

Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae) believed finally the truth of the crash would be reveal. Kang Woo’s nod to Min Joon signaled that their mutual destiny to reveal the truth of the crash was at hand. Will he get Noo Ri’s text in time? Kang Woo was worried that the legal counsel would kill Ha Ri. I found it misguided to blame Ha Ri for being trapped by the legal counsel when Min Joon was the one that created the situation for the legal counsel to pursue Ha Ri. I want Kang Woo to get justice. But it there is still work to be done before team evil succumbs.

Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan) was distraught that Noo Ri was injured and that Min Joon was in jeopardy. Min Joon doesn’t mind sacrificing himself. He sees himself as expendable. But his heart cares for the Mad Dog Team and can’t stand to see them in danger. The beginning of the episode sold the emotional response of Min Joon. I questioned his reaction at the end of last episode but that was put to rest. The scarf moment with Ha Ri was sweet but light. These two are moving at a snail’s pace.

Jang Ha Ri (Ryu Hwa Young) got trapped by a killer. Stuck in a dead end, she squared her shoulders ready to film her own death if needed to provide evidence of the legal counsel’s murderous ways. But Min Joon and Soon Jung saved the day. Ha Ri saw all her men unhappy that she put herself in danger and it made her smile to see the obvious proof of their feelings for her.

Park Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun) demonstrated his caring for Nurse Oh and Noo Ri. Soon Jung is a terrific addition to the team. He’s got heart and humor. He’s like the zest of the team.

 On Noo Ri (Kim Hye Seong) woke in time to hear Hong Joo’s scheme to discredit the Mad Dog Team. As predicted when he found the wrapper he knew Soon Jung left it for him. He quickly found the cell phone and furiously texted Kang Woo to stop the press conference. Is he too late? Is Kang Woo’s phone in airplane mode? Now that Noo Ri has been seen by his father and Hong Joo, what will the consequences be?

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

The third song of the OST You Can Cry” by Chan Yang is a ballad. The video showcases Min Joon’s emotional growth:


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3 comments on “Mad Dog Episode 12 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Becoming vunerable was the 💲 price Min Joon had to pay for becoming part of the Mad Dog family. It was incredible how much MORE genuine concern Noo Ri’s Mad Dog family had for him than his biological father.

    I 💗 Team Mad Dog; each and every member plays a significant role in their capers. I agree with KJT … Soon Jung is the zest 🍋 of the group.

    Pursuing the Assassin Lawyer had a frightening 😱 turn of events when the killer shook things up by changing his target 🔘 to Ha Ri, instead of the intended bait Min Joon. This Assassin is an oil viper 🐍.

    I 💗 that both Min Joon and Cheetah 🐆 we’re watching out for Noo Ri, like a brother. I had to laugh 😆 at the samkimbap 🍣 wrapper as the signal for Cheetah 🐆 being nearby.

    I was disgusted 😫 Noo Ri’s father used Noo Ri’s hospital room as a meeting room for his machinations. It pleased me that Team Mad Dog planted a listening device 🐞 in the room to gather intel.

    The Prosecutor played Pin-King 🤴🏻 for much of this episode, playing the airline and insurance companies against each other to the point of his best benefit. I think the power-hungry prosecutor should be included in Team Evil. Ironically there really is not a TEAM Evil; KJT aptly described them as a basket of vipers 🐍.

    Hyun Gi’s evil ☯ charisma is working on me, even though I recognize he is a villian, I felt bad for him when he discovered his father was murdered in the conservatory 🌴🌳🌲 with the denial of a rescue inhaler by the Affably Evil CEO Cha, who is decidedly the worst of the villians.

    Noo Ri looked terrified as the privacy curtain was yanked back and he was discovered by Hong Joo and his father texting Team Mad Dog … Did Noo Ri get the text 👉📱 sent or not⁉. Will Team Mad Dog be caught in Hong Joo’s trap? I pondered in a earlier recap that Hong Joo didn’t deserve to be with Kang Woo, but may deserve to be with Hyun Gi if she kept on the path of aiding the Affably Evil CEO; 🎉surprisingly🎊 I find myself thinking she doesn’t deserve to be with Hyun Gi, but this time 🕕 because she’s not good enough for Hyun Gi and his evil charisma.

    The OST video had a nice retrospective of Min Joon with a sprinkling of Ha Ri. I don’t think I’ve seen the closing scene of the video, but I thought for sure these two were going to kiss 😘. Only 4⃣ episodes to go, HOW LONG MUST we wait for this budding romance to bloom?


    • It was incredible how much MORE genuine concern Noo Ri’s Mad Dog family had for him than his biological father
      Terrible to watch NR’s father not care about his son except to spare himself.

      I had to laugh 😆 at the samkimbap 🍣 wrapper as the signal for Cheetah 🐆 being nearby.
      It was darling.

      Hyun Gi’s evil ☯ charisma is working on me, even though I recognize he is a villian, I felt bad for him when he discovered his father was murdered in the conservatory 🌴🌳🌲
      Good to know I’m not the only one drawn to Hyun Gi. Chairman Cha killing Hyun Gi’s father for kicking the tree had to be chalked it up to the straw that broke the camel’s back.

      I pondered in a earlier recap that Hong Joo didn’t deserve to be with Kang Woo, but…surprisingly🎊 I find myself thinking …she’s not good enough for Hyun Gi and his evil charisma.
      I wonder if Hong Joo is capable of real emotions. She a user just like her father. She hid it better with the guise of friendship to KW but it was just a veneer.

      HOW LONG MUST we wait for this budding romance to bloom?
      I wonder if MJ will ever be ready to make a real move on HR.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        “I wonder if MJ will ever be ready to make a real move on HR.” -KJT

        Oh, say it isn’t so 😱. I’m patient, but come on‼

        Liked by 1 person

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