Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 13 Recap

The past ending of our couple is revealed

Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 13 Recap 

Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) quiets Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) worries about his intentions with a passionate kiss.

Later Joon Jae dreams of Dae Young releasing the wish lanterns over the water to draw the mermaid up to the surface so she can be caught. Joon Jae wakes calling to the mermaid from the past Se Hwa. Sim Chung is there and asks if he’s okay. He hugs her, relieved she’s okay. He tells her he had a scary dream. He admits he’s in new territory that he cares for someone and he’s afraid that he could lose them. Sim Chung asks if the person he cares for is Se Hwa. He laughs. She asks who this Se Hwa is. He chuckles enjoying that Sim Chung is unaware that she’s asking about the past version of herself. He confirms Se Hwa is pretty. Sim Chung asks if she’s as pretty. Joon Jae chuckles as says that Se Hwa is Sim Chung. She doesn’t understand. She starts to make her way to the loft but Joon Jae stops her and draw her to his bed for a snuggle. She wonders about the kiss. He kisses her lightly. The other kiss and this kiss is real. He tells her to go to sleep and keep the bad dreams away. She’s stoked and likes the consequences of scary dreams.

After Joon Jae drifts to sleep, Sim Chung gently leaves the bed. She heads to the outside deck where she celebrates Joon Jae liking her. Every building she looks at lights up. Her heart beats with joy. She feels strong and exhilarated.

Joon Jae’s mother makes Ahn Jin Joo soothing tea. Ahn Jin Joo asks her what’s the matter? Why was she drinking alone in her room? Recall Joon Jae’s mother saw Joon Jae’s father at the hospital yesterday, though he did not see her because of his failing eyesight (Joon Jae’s mother does not know about his medical condition). Joon Jae’s mother admits she saw her ex-husband yesterday and he did not acknowledge her even though they locked gazes. She doesn’t understand why he looked at her like she was a stranger. Ahn Jin Joo breaks out the wine and says they need to drink together. Ahn Jin Joo admits she acted like a drunk jerk in front of her friend but wasn’t acknowledged. Ahn Jin Joo says this friend stole her friend’s husband back in the day. That gets Joon Jae’s mother’s attention. Ahn Jin Joo continues that the first wife was chased away without alimony. That gets Joon Jae’s mother’s attention. Ahn Jin Joo continues that no one where the first wife is. Joon Jae’s mother stares at Ahn Jin Joo and asks which family is she talking about. Ahn Jin Joo confides that Heo Il Joong (Joon Jae’s father) is the rich family she’s referencing. Joon Jae’s mother can’t believe it. Ahn Jin Joo frets that she and her husband are being cut out of their latest real estate deal even though they continuously bribed them with side dishes. Joon Jae’s mother cannot believe her cooking went to her ex-husband.

Seo Hee asks Joon Jae’s father’s lawyer to confirm that he altered the will to leave everything to herself and her son Chi Hyeon (who is not a biologically related to Joon Jae’s father). The lawyer states that a small provision must be left to Joon Jae or he could counter sue and overturn the will. Seo Hee says there’s won’t be a counter suit. Hmm, I take that to mean she plans to tell Dae Young to kill Joon Jae. The lawyer worries. Seo Hee assure the lawyer all will go as planned and he’ll be well compensated for the fraud he is perpetrating on her husband.

The lawyer presents the revised will to Joon Jae’s father. He can’t read it but is assured it is as he requested. The lawyer guides Joon Jae’s father’s hand to sign the will with his seal at the proper spot. Chi Hyeon silently observes this from the open door to the office. He leaves. The lawyer smiles. Fraudulent will is now legally signed by Joon Jae’s father.

Sim Chung is thrilled and happy. She rearranges the furniture much to Jo Nam Doo’s surprise. Joon Jae chuckles at Sim Chung’s giddy thoughts. She leaves to get pasta for breakfast. The smile on her face is bright as the sun. She helps people along the way. Her super strength comes in handy!

Jo Nam Doo and Tae O wonder what’s taking Sim Chung so long. Joon Jae hears her giddy thoughts and knows she’s almost home. He tells them she’ll be there in minute. When Sim Chung walks through the door Jo Nam Doo and Tae O stare at Joon Jae not understanding how he knew Sim Chung was near. Jo Nam Doo jokingly asks if Joon Jae has telepathy with Sim Chung. If you only knew, Nam Doo, if you only knew.

Over breakfast Jo Nam Doo says he’s got a new target for them to pursue. Sim Chung gives him the evil eye. Jo Nam Doo assures her their new target has hurt people by scamming them and they are getting revenge for the people. Joon Jae keeps the promise he made Sim Chung and tells a surprised Jo Nam Doo and Tae O that he won’t be working this scam. He smiles at Sim Chung. She smiles back. Nice that he kept his word!

Jo Nam Doo talks to Joon Jae and asks what’s going on. Joon Jae revealed their address to the police. Are Joon Jae and Detective Hong buddies now? Jo Nam Doo doesn’t understand how their 10 year relationship is trumped by Joon Jae’s 3 month relationship with Sim Chung. Joon Jae say he promised Sim Chung. Jo Nam Doo reminds Joon Jae that he promised they’d work together until he found his mother. Jo Nam Doo doesn’t like Joon Jae’s priority shift. Jo Nam Doo tells Joon Jae it is wrong to forget old friends when new ones come along. Jo Nam Doo asks Joon Jae if he and Sim Chung fell into the pool, who would Joon Jae save first? Joon Jae smiles and says he’d save Jo Nam Doo first. Ha, he even jokes that Sim Chung would save him. Jo Nam Doo asks what Joon Jae would do about Tae O, the internet whiz kid that Joon Jae lured from Japan. Their conversation is interrupted by a call from Detective Hong. Joon Jae leaves to meet Detective Hong. Jo Nam Doo can’t believe what he’s seeing.

The police meet Joon Jae at the car Dae Young abandoned after the aborted kidnapping of Sim Chung. The car is wiped clean. The only thing in the car is the pink octopus Joon Jae won for Sim Chung. Joon Jae asks the police to search near by trash cans. Then Joon Jae realizes while Dae Young took the time to remove all traces of himself from the car, he couldn’t have done the same at the abandoned hospital he took Sim Chung to. Joon Jae recalls the barrel of water. Joon Jae recalls the past version of Dae Young searching the water for the mermaid. Does he realize that Dae Young suspects that Sim Chung is a mermaid?

Joon Jae’s mother tells Ahn Jin Joo she wants to quit. Ahn Jin Joo is not happy. Cha Si A suggests the Ahn Jin Joo let her go if she wants to leave their household. Ahh Jin Joo asks Joon Jae’s mother to stay until they find a replacement. Joon Jae’s mother agrees. Cha Si A tells both women she will text them an address and they have to meet her there later today. She leaves. Both Ahn Jin Joo and Joon Jae’s mother wonder what she’s planning.

While Joon Jae’s mother walks to the address her purse is stolen by a motorcyclist. Sim Chung runs the thief down and retrieves the purse. Joon Jae’s mother is grateful for her returned purse. She wants to return Sim Chung’s kindness. Sim Chung tells her it was no big deal and strides away. Joon Jae’s mother watches her good Samaritan go wondering who she is. We see the motorcyclist handcuffed to a light post. Ha! Turn your brain off and don’t ask where Sim Chung got the handcuffs.

Joon Jae’s mother meets Cha Si A who gripes that she’s late. Joon Jae’s mother asks where they are. Cha Si A explains they are at her boyfriend-to-be’s house. Joon Jae’s mother is surprised to find her good Samaritan in the house. Cha Si A explains that the woman works at her house. Joon Jae’s mother explains that Sim Chung saved her from the thief. Sim Chung takes the bags of groceries from Joon Jae’s mother and heads to the kitchen.

Cha Si A enters Joon Jae’s room and leaves a package on his nightstand with the note explaining the package contains the information on Dam Ryung. She notes they look alike. She spots a picture of Joon Jae and his mother. She muses that his mother is pretty. Then it hits her, she saw a picture of Joon Jae in her house (in Joon Jae’s mother’s room). She looks at the picture again. She tells herself this must be a coincidence, the people in both pictures only look alike. She doesn’t look like she fully believes what she’s telling herself.

Joon Jae asks Detective Hong what kind of treatment Dae Young received at the hospital. Bipolar disorder treatment and prescriptions is the answer. Joon Jae wonders who is providing the prescriptions to Dae Young now. Detective Hong agrees to check it out. Let’s state the obvious, Joon Jae is a much better investigator than Detective Hong! After Joon Jae exits the car, Detective Hong tells his partner that they are only using Joon Jae as bait to capture Dae Young.

Cha Si A stares the woman she thinks could be Joon Jae’s mother. She recalls Jo Nam Doo telling her that Joon Jae’s mother has been missing for years and that she disappeared without a trace. She watches the repore between Joon Jae’s mother and Sim Chung. She enters the kitchen. Joon Jae’s mother asks when her boyfriend will be home. Sim Chung asks if she’s talking about…but Cha Si A cover Sim’s Chung’s mouth before she can say Joon Jae’s name. Cha Si A tells Joon Jae’s mother they need to leave. Cha Si A rushes Joon Jae’s mother out of the house. She spies Joon Jae coming up the steps to the house. She hustles Joon Jae’s mother in the opposite direction and into her car. Joon Jae wonders who that was as the car drives away.

When Cha Si A returns home she asks Ahn Jin Joo if their maid has a son. This is confirmed. Ahn Jin Joo recalls that the son is good looking at went to a particular school. Cha Si A sags knowing her suspicions are confirmed. She recalls her rudeness to Joon Jae’s mother. She goes to Joon Jae’s mother room and stare at the picture on her nightstand. When Joon Jae’s mother enters her room Cha Si A asks if the boy in the picture is her son. Joon Jae’s mother confirms this. Cha Si A asks if she can call her mother. Taken aback, the obvious question is asked, why? Cha Si A claims that she could be like her mother. Cha Si A considers telling Joon Jae’s mother the truth but declares she’ll tell her later. Joon Jae’s mother stares at the picture of her former family.

lbs_ep13_3501lbs_ep13_3502 Joon Jae asks Sim Chung about Dae Young’s kidnapping her. He asks if Dae Young got water. Sim Chung confirms this. He asks why. Sim Chung THINKS that Dae Young knows that she’s a mermaid from a dream and wanted tangible proof but she doesn’t want to tell Joon Jae. Letting her off the hook, Joon Jae says that she doesn’t need to answer if it brings up unpleasant memories. He hugs her. Sim Chung THINKS she’s scared that Dae Young knows her secret. Joon Jae says that she doesn’t have to be scared. He tells her this will not be a repeat of the past. She hugs him back. She doesn’t ask about his statement about the past repeating itself. Why not?

Joon Jae’s father calls to Seo Hoo, his wife. He walks down the hall and trips down the stairs while Seo Hee watches. Chi Hyeon find Joon Jae’s father at the bottom of the stairs. He sees his mother at the top of the stairs. He calls the Assistant and says father has collapsed. Why didn’t he call emergency services?

At the hospital Chi Hyeon learns from the doctor the surgery went well. Chi Hyeon goes to Joon Jae’s father’s side. He thinks he’s wanted but only hears Joon Jae’s name from father’s lips. He walks away dazed. His mother sees him stride down the hallway.

At home, Chi Hyeon burns all the photos of himself and father. He has a serious look on his face. The music signals this is a dark moment for this character.

Joon Jae reads the information about Dam Ryung. It appears Dam Ryung died when his boat exiling him sank. Dam Ryung has a vision of the mermaid Se Hwa coming to rescue him. He wonders if his past counterpart was able to protect the mermaid he loved.

Sim Chung finds Joon Jae and declares that today she learned that first love for a man is a stamp on his heart. She declares that Se Hwa was Joon Jae’s first love. He says she’s got it wrong. She continues declaring that first love doesn’t last. He stares into her eyes. Little does Sim Chung know that she just declared their love impossible.

Dae Young drinks alone in his room. He accepts a call from Seo Hoo. She berates him for kidnapping a girl and not taking care of Joon Jae. He explains he saw a dream of his past life that included her, Joon Jae and the girl he kidnapped. Dae Young says that girl he kidnapped was a mermaid. Seo Hoo tells him he needs to get back on his medication. She tells him they are close to the finish line. If he eliminates Joon Jae, then the three of them (Dae Young, Seo Hoo and Chi Hyeon) can live together. She tells him to forget the dream. He says he’ll do as she said. You don’t believe him and I don’t believe him either.

Joon Jae tells his doctor about his dreams.

Detective Hong’s partner tells Detective Hong Dae Young’s doctor was Professor Jin. Wait a minute, is Joon Jae’s doctor Professor Jin?

Joon Jae tells his doctor he needs to complete his dream. The doctor worries that completing the dream has a traumatic risk. Joon Jae is willing to take the risk.

Dae Young walks down the hospital hallway. He stops at Professor Jin’s door.

Professor Jin puts Joon Jae under hypnosis.

lbs_ep13_5104lbs_ep13_5103 lbs_ep13_5102Flashback…Dam Ryung realizes he can no longer stay his end. He tells his assistant they will meet again as friends. He is lead to the exile boat. The King’s guard accompanies him. Dae Young has the villagers set off wish lanterns while he and the fisherman troll for mermaids. Se Hwa sees the wish lanterns which are the established signal between herself and Dam Ryung. She swims towards the surface. Dam Ryung watches the moon be covered by the clouds. He sees the wish lanterns. Dae Young sees the mermaid. The nets are thrown into the water. Dam Ryung asks that the boat be turned around. His request is refused. He draws a sword. The soldiers draw their swords. Dam Ryung says if he can’t protect the most important person in his life, there’s nothing to live for. The King’s guard orders the swords dropped and the boat turned around.

Dae Young orders his men shot arrows at the water and capture the mermaid. Se Hwa is shot! Dam Ryung’s boat interrupts. Dae Young refuses cease and desist. Dae Young’s men see Se Hwa blood rise to the surface. Dae Young order her shot again until they capture her. He laughs a terrible evil laugh. Dae Young’s men shot arrows into the water. Dam Ryung leaps like superman to Dae Young’s boat and starts fighting. He’s struck unconscious. The King’s soldiers enter the fray. Dae Young sees Se Hwa and lifts his spear chuckling his evil laugh. Dam Ryung wakes and sees Se Hwa in Dae Young’s sights. He calls to Se Hwa. Dae Young laughs and throws his spear. Dam Ryung leaps like superman into the water. He reaches Se Haw. He shields her from the spear which pierces him! Se Hwa hugs Dam Ryung. She looks at him knowing he’s mortally injured. He dies. She hugs his lifeless body. She takes the spear and pushes it into her body!

Flashback…young Dam Ryung and Se Hwa are discussing if they will go to the same heaven if they die. Dam Ryung was confident they would be in the same place. Se Hwa wishes that if they meet again that they would be reincarnated versions of themselves so they could recognize each other. Dam Ryung agrees with her wish. He promises that if they meet in the future, he will meet her and protect her. He promises to remember this conversation.

Se Hwa dies. The jade bracelet slips from her wrist.

My thoughts

The past end to our lovers is finally revealed. Dam Ryung died saving Se Hwa from Dae Young’s spear. Se Hwa pushed the spear into her body and died. They drift into the ocean entwined.

Why doesn’t Sim Chung remember the past? Joon Jae remembers. Dae Young remembers. Why doesn’t Sim Chung remember? This has bothered me in the past and it was like a neon sign this episode.

It was time to reveal the past ending. I was surprised (and not surprised) when Dam Ryung moved lighting fast to save Se Hwa. I was surprised (and not surprised) when Se Hwa chose death over life without Dam Ryung. These actions make sense to set up a repeat of this tragedy or as a young Dam Ryung told a young Se Hwa another chance for him to protect her.

On the evil side of the house, the past Dae Young was confirmed as the evilest of men as he hunted Se Hwa with the intent to kill for capture. I’m bothered that Dae Young has the easy path in the past and present. Past Dae Young out maneuvered Dam Ryung and got him exiled while he was allowed to hunt Se Hwa. To put it bluntly, past Dae Young won. Evil beat good.

Present Dae Young remembers the past fully, is revealed to be bipolar and Joon Jae’s doctor looks like his doctor. He tells Seo Hee about his past dreams which she dismisses out of hand. She urges him to eliminate Joon Jae so they three of them can live together. That appears to confirm that Dae Young is Chi Hyeon’s father. I pity Chi Hyeon. Did I feel bad when Joon Jae’s father called for Joon Jae not Chi Hyeon? Not really. Joon Jae’s father has favored Joon Jae from the beginning only seeing Chi Hyeon as a placeholder but not the heir. Do I feel that Chi Hyeon is a bad person for watching Joon Jae’s father signing a fraudulent will? Not really. Joon Jae’s father was fooled. Joon Jae’s father rejected Chi Hyeon. The fact that Chi Hyeon did nothing doesn’t surprise me. Would Joon Jae’s father lift a finger to help Chi Hyeon?

Dam Ryung / Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) continued to keep Sim Chung unaware that he could hear her thoughts. He’s enjoying having the edge with her. When will he reveal he can hear her? Dam Ryung sacrificed himself to save Se Hwa. Will history repeat itself? Joon Jae vows it won’t but can he stop it? Chi Si A realized that the maid was Joon Jae’s mother. How long will she keep this a secret?

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) saved Joon Jae’s mother from a thief. I liked that Sim Chung unknowingly helped Joon Jae’s mother. Needless to say, Joon Jae’s mother approved of Sim Chung. Past Seo Hwa choose death over life without Joon Jae.

Check out another instrumental OST song “The Last Time”.

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17 comments on “Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 13 Recap
  1. Adi says:

    Hi so this means that Se Hwa also reincarnated right?


  2. Beez says:

    While I enjoyed Chung’s adventures during her outing to the store, why does JoonJae keep promising to protect her yet keeps sending her out alone KNOWING a murdering psychopath is out to get her (and has kidnapped her once already) ?

    Don’t ask me why not the first kiss, but rather that second little kiss that ended with a “pop” is turning me into a bonafide Lee Min Ho fan! *swoon*

    And this man has got to have the best hairstylist in all Korea. Throughout all of his dramas his haircuts are impeccable and there’s nary a hair out of place…ever!

    The ancient couples’ death scene – très tragique, so romantic…*sigh*

    I agree about Chung/Dae Young and the dreams and memory thing. The subs I watched had Chung asking if she could remember hers and JoonJae’s kiss this time, but wasn’t she the one who never forgot the kiss in the first place?

    Also, kjtamuser, I didn’t see your final thoughts on Chi A finding out JoonJae’s mom is the woman she’s been snarky to. lol. Selfish heffa. She wants to wait and get on mom’s good side and be the hero who found his mom when the time is right.

    I felt Chi yeon should not hold Chairman’s subconscious calling for his biological son against him, but, while he was conscious, his wanting to cut his stepson almost completely out of his will (for no good reason)… despicable. But Chi yeon should approach his mom about attempting to kill her husband and if she doesn’t desist, have her mentally evaluated and institutionally hospitalized. That way she’s not in prison and he can visit her where she can’t harm anyone (and hopefully they’ll keep her drugged up so she’s not arranging hits from inside the hospital). *smh @ EW*


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Beez, I concur about the ridiculousness of JJ sending Chung out alone, knowing Dae Young is lurking out there somewhere to grab her, especially now her know she is a mermaid. When it comes to the dreams, Chung was shown as having the Joseon dreams in a previous episode; did she forget them or brush them off as simply dreams?

      Lee Min Ho may have a great hair stylist, but he does not have the best stylist when it comes to clothes, He has had a few ugly outfits in this drama, but he was saddled with some of the ugliest sweaters and other outfits in the world in “The Heirs”

      Link to Sweater article


      • Beez says:

        @JT I keep planning to watch Heirs. I’ve only made it partway through the first episode.

        Right now, I’m watching Fashion King which I had dropped a couple of years ago after one episode. Everyone says it’s horrible but my newfound fetish for Yoo Ah In means I’ll watch every horrid episode. 🙂


    • kjtamuser says:

      that second little kiss that ended with a “pop” is turning me into a bonafide Lee Min Ho fan! *swoon*
      Welcome to the Lee Min Ho Fan Club! Lee Min Ho has done a terrific job bringing to life Joon Jae’s humor, hair, humanity, etc. He is the driver for this show.

      Also, kjtamuser, I didn’t see your final thoughts on Chi A finding out JoonJae’s mom is the woman she’s been snarky to. lol. Selfish heffa. She wants to wait and get on mom’s good side and be the hero who found his mom when the time is right.
      My brain died when I got to the comment section of the recap so it was brief. We’ve only got 3 more episodes to go so Joon Jae’s mother can’t be a secret for too long. I loved the realization that Chi A had that she had mistreated Joon Jae’s mother.

      I find Joon Jae’s father, mother, Seo Hoo, and Chi Yeon all expendable characters. I recognize Seo Hoo seeking Joon Jae’s death and his father’s too for the inheritance is the driver that brought Dae Young into Joon Jae and Sim Chung’s orbit. But I don’t like Joon Jae’s family (biological or by marriage) and find them throw away moments in this series.


      • Beez says:

        So why do I kind of like Jin Joo despite her money chasing ways? She even chose funding out where a great salon is located over defending her child and I still like her. lol

        I don’t like her in the sense of rooting for a character to prevail, but I smile at her antics. Yet Joonjae’s mom…


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    COMPETE WITH YOURSELF – unlike last week when JJ discovered he was his own competition due to a certain mermaid’s 💋, Chung is clueless her competition is her Joseon incarnation, Se Hwa. I 💖 the mutually participation kissing and snuggling in this episode. I 💖 Chung’s exileration at having JJ’s affection! I would be europhoric too!

    DRINKING BUDDIES – there was something about the interaction between JJ’s mom and Jin Joo that made them both seem softer, more human-like. JJ’s mom seemed surprised others had an awareness of what her former school chum, Seo Hee, had done in breaking up her family.

    WOULD-BE-GIRLFRIEND – Chung’s act of gallantry towards JJ’s mom has endeared her to JJ’s mom. I laughed my butt off when Si A grasped her housekeeper was JJ’s mom. I 💖 Si A cringed at her flashbacks of her treatment of the housekeeper. Girl, you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell with JJ. *SIGHS* Do you require common sense to be beaten 🏒 into you? Give it up and reunite JJ with his mom now, before your secret takes an even greater toll on your friendship and dignity!

    UNHAPPY CAMPER – Who knew Nam Doo was so sensitive? He must have come from the school of “Bros before H”…Well you know. Nam Doo has no clue the extent JJ had to be convinced of Chung’s importance in his life. Scammer Maestro, you have lost your best man to a mermaid. 🐠

    WICKED STEPMOTHER – SEO Hee is a piece of 💩… work! What kind of lawyer colludes with his client’s wife, flouting his client’s sole wish for his will? While I am not the biggest fan of JJ’s dad, I hope he survives simply to thwart his wife’s machinations and see her, his attorney, and the other colluders be punished to the fullest extent of the law for their treachery!

    Seo Hee standing by with baited breath as JJ’s dad fell down the stairs is not much different than pushing him down the stairs. I am appalled 😵 at the lengths she has gone to in order to secure a fortune that doesn’t belong to her. While he is a disappointing dad, I don’t think he deserves to die.

    I am high disappointed 😠 Chi Hyeon is complicit in his mother’s machinations. Does JJ’s dad have a clue about his wife’s true face👹? Is that the reason for excluding her and Chi Hyeon from his will?

    DAM RYEON & SE HWA – no, nO, NO! I am heartbroken these historic lovers met a tragic end! 😨😱😭 Evil beating good stinks! 😞😢 Here’s hoping we do not get a repeated fate for our reincarnated lovers.🙏


    • kjtamuser says:

      I 💖 the mutually participation kissing and snuggling in this episode.
      I liked Joon Jae wanting Sim Chung’s presence as mutual need which was lovely to see. He clearly showed his need for her. Most of the time, Sim Chung is demonstrating her need for him, so it was great to see the reverse.

      Who knew Nam Doo was so sensitive?
      If you recall I was concerned about Nam Doo being a false friend of Joon Jae, one that would sell him out if the price where right. Originally I worried that Chi A was paying Nam Doo for information on Joon Jae. Most of those fears have been mitigated as the series has gone on, but Nam Doo does not want to lose Joon Jae’s talent for making money. Nam Doo relies heavily on Joon Jae for his financial well being.

      As I stated above, Joon Jae’s family, whether by blood or marriage, are characters I do not care about.

      Here’s hoping we do not get a repeated fate for our reincarnated lovers
      hear! hear!


      • Jane Tilly says:

        There is legitimate concern Nam Doo could turn on JJ if he feels left out or betrayed. He is close to figuring out Chung’s secret. Hmm, Nam Doo could be a better match for Si A than Tae O. 👨‍❤‍👨


      • Beez says:

        @kjtamuser “Originally I worried that Chi A was paying Nam Doo for information on Joon Jae…”

        I’d forgotten about that! I hope the show doesn’t forget and let’s us in on what’s going on.

        After Nam doo’s jealous snit and his upset over Joonjae no longer “working”,I wonder even more if he ever really looked for Joonjae’s mom. He did seem sincere in his jealousy, however, not only in losing the skills and money Joon jae brings in, but truly jealous – “if Chung and I fell in the water, who would you save first?” lol


        • kjtamuser says:

          That was a cute moment because Joon Jae could truthfully say he’d save Nam Doo first because she was a mermaid.

          I don’t want Nam Doo to turn on Joon Jae. Most of my initial concerns have been allayed but the possibility exists.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Here’s hoping Nam Doo doesn’t turn on JJ. Although I don’t think he would be as formidable of an enemy as Seo Hee.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        True dat!


  4. Beez says:

    @JT “Who knew Nam Doo was so sensitive? He must have come from the school of “Bros before H”…”
    LOL. I was thinking along the same lines like,”Nam Doo, you need a ladyfriend”.

    “Does JJ’s dad have a clue about his wife’s true face👹? Is that the reason for excluding her and Chi Hyeon from his will?”

    But even so,Chi Hyeon views dad as his dad (since he was about 10?) and dad perpetuates so that sucks.


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