Goblin Episode 9 Recap

Both couples are sparkle in this superior episode.

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 9 Recap

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun)  asks the Grim Reaper, Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook),  to confirm that pulling out the sword out of Kim Shin will cause him to die. Wang Yeo confirms the Goblin’s Bride kills him when the sword is removed, this is fate.

The lady in red tells Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) that he almost killed Eun Tak.

As she cries Wang Yeo is clear, Kim Shin kept the truth from her. But he is on her side. Eun Tak thanks him for the truth and leaves.

Eun Tak cries as she packs her bags. On the ragged edge of control, Eun Tak chokes out that this wasn’t her home and she may never know a home in this lifetime. My hats off to Go Eun for her raw pain in that moment.

Duk Hwa sees the lady in red as she exits the bookstore. She invites him for a drink. She’ll have to buy, our credit card lacking Duk Hwa informs her.

Stunned from his conversation with the lady in red, Kim Shun intones “I beseech the heaven to allow me to one day finally tell Eun Tak…that she was my first love.”

Eun Tak cries as she realizes in the field when she first tried to pull out the sword, Kim Shin had bade her farewell. It rains and she cries harder as she walks further away from Kim Shin.

Kim Shin is upset as he tells Wang Yeo that Eun Tak has taken her belongings and left. He goes to look for her.

She’s not at the seashore, school, or Canada.

Kim Shin asks Wang Yeo for the address where Eun Tak worked. Wang Yeo offers the business card of the eatery. He also tells Kim Shin that he is the reason Eun Tak ran away. Immediately Kim Shin guesses that Wang Yeo told her what would happen when she removed the sword. Wang Yeo confirms he told her. Kim Shin is outraged and asks why Wang Yeo interfered. Wang Yeo is clear. “Eun Tak didn’t want you to die and I didn’t want you to die either.” Sweet! Kim Shim stares in surprise. Wang Yeo downplays the meaning. Kim Shin blusters that he doesn’t know what Wang Yeo will do next and exits. Wang Yeo sighs and mutters “a true friendship has formed between us.” Sweet scene between our bromance bros!

goblin_ep9_1029 goblin_ep9_1012
Kim Shin goes to the eatery but finds it closed and reads the sign that part-time help is needed.  Kim Sun / Sunny (Yoo In Na)  walks towards the shop and past Kim Shin as he walks away. It is almost a mirror image of Kim Shin seeing Eun Tak in the rain. The director draws the moment out perfectly. When Sunny reaches the door she turns and looks at Kim Shin. For his part, Kim Shin has turned around and is looking at Sunny. Of course you wonder, will they recognize each other? Logic tells you no, but your heart believes in the possibility.  Not knowing her words are prophetic, Sunny calls Kim Shin the slang for “big brother” and asks if he’s looking for work. Kim Shin says he was looking for her part-time worker. With an inkling of who he is Sunny sizes him up and asks if he’s the jerk that made her part-timer cry. Kim Shin is concerned about the tears. Kim Shin clarifies that while he isn’t married he does have a fiancee. He tells Sunny that complicated relationships aren’t a bad thing. He walks away.

Kim Shin tells a worried Wang Yeo that he must submit the paperwork identifying Eun Tak as living for them to get the information about how she’ll die. He hopes her death information gives them a clue to find her. Wang Yeo declares he won’t take Eun Tak’s life. Kim Shin bemoans that between the two of them, the goblin and a grim reaper, they can’t save one girl. Wang Yeo agrees to submit that paperwork. Kim Shin hopes that if Eun Tak needs his help, she’ll wish for him so he can save her. I like that Kim Shin does NOT blame Wang Yeo for telling Eun Tak the truth. Instead he consults with his friend about trying to find her using both of their avenues of expertise.

Wang Yeo tells his cohort to submit Eun Tak’s paperwork ASAP. His cohort realizes that Eun Tak was on the bus that didn’t have the accident and that the Goblin was involved.

Kim Shin finds the student representative tracking down Eun Tak to give her the test scores. Kim Shin snatches the test scores and says he’ll relay them. He pauses and asks if the scores are good. The student states Eun Tak will have her pick of schools with those scores.

goblin_ep9_1555 goblin_ep9_1554
Kim Shin gives Wang Yeo all the socks he bought during stopping the bus accident. He strides out of the house.

Kim Shin stares at the blood red moon. He recalls the lady in red warning him to get the sword removed and die, if he does not, Eun Tak dies. Kim Shin thinks to himself there better be a reason why this is happening. Is he wanting the reason from the lady in red or fate in general?

The grim reaper’s cohort has the surprise of his life when he attends the passing of an old man in the hospital. The name card burns and the man comes back to life!

Wang Yeo’s cohort tells him all about it. Wang Yeo confirms this can happen. He gives his cohort the bag of socks. He says it is meant to be an apology. His cohort doesn’t understand how pink socks constitute an apology. He’s got a point. That would mystify me too!

Wang Yeo berates Kim Shin for interfering in a man’s dead. Kim Shin explains that he was trying to see if the man was a link to god or could help him find Eun Tak. That immediately softens Wang Yeo’s ire. He walks away muttering that he should have let Eun Tak remove the sword. Kim Shin agrees that might have been best. Poor Kim Shin must be racked with guilt for stopping the sword from being pulled from him now that Eun Tak is out there alone.

Grandfather asks his assistant if he knows of the powerful beings among them. The assistant recalls the ageless Kim Shin. Grandfather asks if his assistant has kept Kim Shin’s existence a secret. The assistant confirms this. Grandfather chuckles stating that Kim Shin choose the assistant and acted as his patron giving him the chance to go to college. Grandfather says he serves Kim Shin which means “belief”. The assistant stares as Grandfather chuckles.

Duk Hwa offers to find Eun Tak IF Kim Shin provides him a credit card.

A butterfly (Duk Hwa’s emissary?) flies over a ski resort and settles on the equipment building. Eun Tak is working there. She studies the news reports about the blood red moon in Seoul. She sighs.

Duk Hwa’s voiceover intones that Eun Tak has been found working at a ski resort.

Eun Tak remembers Kim Shin telling her that only she can remove the sword so he can become handsome again. She remembers them agreeing to pull the sword on the first snowfall. Kim Shin appears. He walks towards her. He tells her to come home with him. She replies she doesn’t have a home. She knows he kept her by his side because of what she could do for him, not because he cared for her. Kim Shin admits his plan was to avoid death until the last moment of her life. But now he knows he does not have the right to make such a choice. He asks her to remove the sword. She refuses. She tells him to go away and not come back. She says if he comes to her again, she’ll remove the sword. She walks away. Finally, Eun Tak had a moment of power.

Kim Shin watches her work. She doesn’t see him.

Kim Shin walks behind her on a beautiful snowy path. She doesn’t sense him. But then she does. He appears and hands her the exam results. She scoffs at the excuse to see her. He admits he was happy to have an excuse to see her, even a pitiful one.

She reminds him that she said she’d pull the sword out. He steps near her. He puts her hand in his and puts it on the sword (though the sword does not materialize). She pulls away demanding he let her go. She asks if he wants to die. Kim Shin says he’d like to know that she needs him, loves him, and wants to be with him so he can use that as an excuse to thwart fate and live with her for as long as he can. Swoon! She stares at him. He stares at her. His sincerity is evident on his face. Wow, what a beautiful, powerful scene. I am relishing both actors delivering top notch performances. They are well matched.

Eun Tak thinks of Kim Shin as she sits in her room. Kim Shin watches her room from the outside. Their longing is evident. More quiet beauty in that scene. Mr. Director, you are sensitive to the nuances of moments.

Eun Tak is knocked unconscious by ski equipment when a domino effect fall occurs. Is this the manifestation of the danger that lady in red predicted?

Wang Yeo finds Kim Shin brooding in his room. He demands to know if Eun Tak was found. Kim Shin confirms this. Wang Yeo shares that he got Eun Tak’s death card BEFORE the paperwork was completed. That gets Kim Shin’s attention. Wang Yeo guesses that someone is deliberately trying to kill Eun Tak. Kim Shin admits that this is happening because of him. While he lives, she must die. Only if he dies, can she live. Kim Shin says this is god’s will. Wang Yeo scoffs and says that this isn’t what either of them want. Wang Yeo tells Kim Shin to hurry, he only has 1 hour before Eun Tak dies. That was a touchingly tough declaration by Wang Yeo. I love their bromance. It is as important as Eun Tak’s relationship with Kim Shin. These relationships push and pull on either other in entertaining ways.

Kim Shin goes to the ski resort and searches for Eun Tak. The lady in red’s voice intones “Eun Tak is in more danger than she has been in the past. The danger level will become worse and more frequent”.

As Eun Tak lies on the ground she dreams of times with Kim Shin. Doesn’t Gong Yoo have the yummiest eyes? So deep and soulful. She thinks “I need you Kim Shin. I love you Kim Shin.” Loving it!!!

Kim Shin senses her call!!

The theme music for Goblin plays. You know I love that music!

He finds her, and lifts her into his arms while draping his coat over her!! Swoon!!!

When Eun Tak wakes in the hospital, she has a gaggle of doctors staring at her. She looks for Kim Shin but he’s not there. The doctor tells her that she’s been in the hospital for a day and a half. He declares that she’s lucky to have lived. If she had been found later, she would have died. The doctor asks what her relationship with President Yoon is. Eun Tak asks for a lighter, surprising the doctors. Sweet! A girl must call her knight in shining armor and thank him for saving her. You know I’m going to say it, couldn’t Kim Shin be the President Eun Tak meets at 28?

Eun Tak rides the gondola to the ski lodge. She takes out a match, lights it, blows it out and wishes for Kim Shin. He doesn’t appear. She takes out another match, lights it, blows it out and wishes for Kim Shin. He doesn’t appear. Tears fill her eyes. Then she sees him waiting for her at the docking point. Kim Shin hold his hand out to help her from the gondola. She gets out and berates him for not appearing when she blew out the match. He explains he came early to meet her. That appeases Eun Tak who is miffed that he broke their call-response protocol. He deserves that set down for scaring her.

As Eun Tak stares at the snowy landscape, Kim Shin comes up behind her an envelopes her in a hug. Swoon! They both understand the moment. Then Eun Tak claims that she cannot see his sword anymore. She declares she thinks he’s pretty as he is. He stares at her with a small smile and rubs her hair tenderly. She stares at him with a smile and relishes his ministrations. Lovely moment! The windy conditions must have been a bit of a challenge but their feelings for each other simply flowed between them. Even if it doesn’t work out between them, and fate is cruel, they tried and declared their intentions. One again, I must praise the director and cinematographer for framing such a beautiful scene. Do you think they would travel with me on my next vacation so I could have stellar photos?

The fortune teller hears Sunny’s description of her encounter with Kim Shun. She tells Sunny that she met the grim reaper and that she must be careful who she spends time with. Sunny stands and scoffs. She single, she can’t be picky when it comes to meeting men. She asks the man’s name. The fortune teller suggests Gong Yoo. Ha, that’s the name of our lead actor, perfect! The fortune tells her that if she received jewelry recent she should throw it out as it’s origins are unknown. She warns it could hold bad tidings from the original owner. That gets Sunny’s attention.

Sunny stares at the jade ring and wonders about the origins of it. Wang Yeo watches her from across the street. He appears in front of her but she cannot see him because he’s wearing the black hat of invisibility. Sunny texts him asking why he isn’t contacting her. Wang Yeo struggles to enter his unlock pattern, but can’t manage it. Ha! I love how technology defeats him. He admits he’s sorry that he erased her memory. But when he thinks of the Queen’s image on the scroll, he tells Sunny that he may be cheating on her. Her text saying “I want to see you” comes through on his phone. Sunny and Wang Yeo hear the ping. He tells her that he wants to see her too. She doesn’t understand why she senses things she cannot see or hear. She tries to make herself feel better by singing a hymn. Wang Yeo smiles, then laughs. Loving it! We finally get to see his smile. It’s darling! I love smiles on my men. Believe you me, Wang Yeo is one of my men from this series.

Eun Tak blithely informs Kim Shin that she’s going to work at the ski resort until February. She walks away. Kin Shin calls the Chairman Yoon (Grandfather?) and says he either fires Eun Tak or he’ll melt all the snow.

goblin_ep9_5520 goblin_ep9_5533
Kim Shin returns home with an unhappy Eun Tak in tow. Wang Yeo greets them. Eun Tak apologizes for worrying him. Wang Yeo says that Kim Shin was the one that was freaked out. Duk Hwa (as the butterfly) found Eun Tak. Kim Shin brags her brought her home. Love his flare removing his sunglasses. Eun Tak is happy to have a home to come back to. Wang Yeo tells Kim Shin not to take his coat off, they have an errand to run. Eun Tak puts herself in front of Kim Shin and tells Wang Yeo that she doesn’t want him to take “her mister”. Giddy as a schoolboy, Kim Shin smiles at the endearment. Wang Yeo snaps that he can hear Kim Shin’s lovesick thoughts. As Wang Yeo passes Eun Tak he murmurs that Kim Shin loved being called “her mister”. Ha! Wang Yeo is really a friend to both of them. I’m loving Wang Yeo more and more each episode.

Wang Yeo tells Kim Shin he needs to write a report on why Eun Tak didn’t die. Kim Shin tells Wang Yeo that he met the chicken eatery owner and thought she was pretty. Wang Yeo snaps his head up and demands to know if Kim Shin told her he was the grim reaper. Kim Shin counters that Wang Yeo told Eun Tak truths he didn’t want known. Wang Yeo laughs the Kim Shin wouldn’t do that. Then he gets concerned. Then both of them are stunned when a man wanders in looking for a bathroom. Kim Shin comments that human sincerity seems to unlock access to them. Kim Shin declares a human’s will can change destiny. Does that statement foretell his future with Eun Tak? Is she the key to change their joint destiny? Can she stand up to the lady in red and tell her to back off?

Sunny’s interviews of potential part time workers don’t yield impressive candidates. Eun Tak shows up to apply for her old job. Both women get teary eyed. Sunny offer her the job and Eun Tak accepts. Sunny doesn’t understand how Eun Tak knew she’d moved to another location. We see two ghosts hugging as Sunny says “it’s almost as if ghosts told you”. I love how the writer is incorporating the ancillary characters solidly into this series. The ghosts are more than throw away characters. They’ve impacted the story.

Eun Tak sees two older boys insults a younger boy and pressure him to give them money. She chases them away. The little boy walks away unimpressed with her interference.

Eun Tak checks her her admission at the college. She’s thrilled she’s been accepted. She declares she’s going to pay the tuition immediately.

Kim Shin spritzes the repossessed perfume and puts it in the handbag he took back from Eun Tak.

goblin_ep9_010236 goblin_ep9_010200goblin_ep9_010256goblin_ep9_010258 Eun Tak smiles remembering how the bursar said her tuition bill was paid by Kim Shin. She knocks on his bedroom door. She asks if he paid her tuition. He grouses that the bursar was to keep it a secret. She retorts the bursar stated he explicitly asked them to identify her benefactor. He diverts her attention by handing her the handbag. She is thrilled! She assumes the perfume and $5M are in the bag. Kim Shin tells her only the perfume is in the bag, he used the $5M to pay the tuition. He tells her it is a loan. She asks why he switched from the money as a gift to a loan. He tells her she’ll have to pay him $5K a month for 80 years. She smiles. She declares they need to go on a date. She beams. He smiles and winks! Could they be any more darling?

On their date she asks if there’s love in the handbag. He pauses. He tells her it’s in there somewhere. She smiles. He smiles.

Grandfather takes gift suggestions from his assistant. His assistant has some moves as he mimics two popular boy bands. Grandfather picks the digital camera, saying he knows what that is.

Duk Hwa takes a selfie with the digital camera. Eun Tak startles him when she enters the room. Duk Hwa did not know she was back at the house. He tells Eun Tak that the camera is a gift from his Grandfather and the selfies are his gift to her. She’s touched when she reads the note from Grandfather. She holds out her hand for the camera but Duk Hwa doesn’t want to give it up.

Kim Shin and Wang Yeo watch them chase each other around. Kim Shin asks if Wang Yeo has gotten any death notices for Eun Tak. Wang Yeo has not. Kim Shin wonders if he is sincere if he can alter the future. He wonders what door that would open. Duk Hwa snaps a picture of his uncles. Eun Tak edges in. Duk Hwa declares he’ll take a picture of Eun Tak and Kim Shin but Wang Yeo refuses to exit the shot. They have fun with it. The chemistry between the three actors is apparent!

Wang Yeo (minus the hat so he is visible) adorably tries to respond to Sunny’s irritation about him not taking the side of the sidewalk nearest the road. He declares that he has no religion. He smiles. She asks why he’s smiling. He asks isn’t he cute when he smiles? She states that if he’d spent time with her on Christmas, that would help her current opinion of him. She feels a deja vue moment.

Kim Shin walks Eun Tak to the eatery. She spots Wang Yeo talking to Sunny. She comments that Wang Yeo is the single solid customer they have. Eun Tak realizes Kim Shin wanted her to work at a chicken place to repulse him. Kim Shin downplays his past actions. Kim Shin declares he can meet his fears head on as he strides into the eatery.

Kim Shin and Sunny stare at each other while Eun Tak and Wang Yeo make faces over the discomfort of the situation. Sunny tells Eun Tak that Kim Shin came looking for her when she first disappeared. Sunny asks how old Kim Shin is. He tells her he won’t answer that question. She doesn’t care for his informal manner of speaking to her. Eun Tak tells both of them to leave but they refuse.

goblin_ep9_011328 goblin_ep9_011317
Wang Yeo calls to Sunny to bring to more beers but he calls her “Kim Sun”. That gets her attention. That gets Kim Shin’s attention. She strides over and tells Wang Yeo they need to speak in private. He follows her outside.

Sunny asks how he knew her real name “Kim Sun”. Wang Yeo realizes he wiped her memory of telling him her real name. He tries to claim he called her “Kim Sunny”. He spins away. She grabs his hand to stop him. She’s wearing the jade ring! Wang Yeo feels the power of her touch. He turns and looks at her hand. He sees the jade ring. He has a flashback of the past with the Queen lying on the ground wearing the ring. Yes, yes, yes!

Wang Yeo flashes to a NEW flashback. The King dumps the jewelry box on the ground and demands that the Queen explain the jade ring. The King shoves the ring on the Queen’s finger.

Kim Shin flashes to the scroll painting of the Queen and thinks “It went wrong long ago and I think it started with you.”

goblin_ep9_01651goblin_ep9_01653 A NEW flashback of the Queen spotting someone and smiling. Flashback of the King watching the Queen balance and walk. Wang Yeo stares at Sunny. Flashback of the Queen smiling at the King. Sunny stares at Wang Yeo. Wang Yeo seems to recognize her. He utters “how on earth…” Sunny stares.

goblin_ep9_01715Kim Shin stares at them in blissful ignorance.

My thoughts

This is the second best episode of the series. Every character, and I mean every character, sparkled. From our adorable lead couple, to our bromance bros, to our secondary couple, to Duk Hwa, the ghosts, Grandfather’s assistant and even the fortune teller had a fun moment to shine. Kim Shin saved Eun Tak and brought her home. Wang Yeo and Sunny appeared to have a breakthrough moment. FABULOUS EPISODE!!

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) declaration to Eun Tak was swoonable. In fact he had three swoonable moments – 1.  Declares he’ll live with her during her lifetime, 2.  Carries her from the accident, and 3. Back hug. I love this couple. I love Kim Shin’s determination to get fate to change due to his sincerity. Will he see that Eun Tak’s sincerity may be the key to thwarting their foretold destiny? Kim Shin’s relationship with Wang Yeo upgraded to real friendship and I loved it. Kim Shin’s initial meeting with Sunny did not set off alarm bells for Kim Shin. Wang Yeo was another matter.

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) loved Kim Shin’s desire to live together for 80 years. Who wouldn’t swoon having the man you love tell you he wants to defer his death until the end of your lifetime? I liked that Eun Tak had a moment where she exerted her will. She’s along for the ride and sometimes doesn’t have the power to alter circumstances. I love this couple. Gong Yoo and Go Eun have palable chemistry.

Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) had a flashback to the Queen when he touched Sunny’s ring. Does he realize the significance? This is a welcome addition to the story. We’ve been starved for moments from the past. The majority of the episodes have retread the past we saw in episode 1. New flashbacks revealed the King’s jealousy about the Queen’s ring. I’m loving the traction on this past story. Wasn’t Wang Yeo too darling when he smiled AND he tried to unlock his cell phone? Dong Wook has terrific chemistry with Gong Yoo, Go Eun and In Na.

Kim Sun / Sunny (Yoo In Na) had a deja vue moment with Wang Yeo but probably did not realize what it was about. Sunny is the perfect counterpoint to adorably awkward Wang Yeo. I enjoyed how touched Sunny was when Eun Tak returned and interviewed for the job. Then she acted like a big sister when she interrogated Kim Shin.

The 7th song of the OST is the soft “I Miss You” by Soyou.

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17 comments on “Goblin Episode 9 Recap
  1. Holly Moon says:

    A great recap as usual. Can’t wait for later today to see Ep 10.


  2. Kelli says:

    I’m still fanning myself over this episode. Superb work by everyone involved.

    Glad to see you are picking up on Duk Hwa being something else too. Every character is more than meets the eye, and he is no exception. Now to see if they will flesh out what he is in relationship to the others.

    Our lead couple, wow do they have chemistry. Their scenes together and apart this episode had feeling and tension. You didn’t need all the dialogue to feel what they were. The director, writer, and cinematographer knew that the right facial expressions, music, and angles could give you more impact than more filler talk. Also, the scenes wouldn’t be A+ without the stellar work of Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun.

    I learned something about our bromance boys. Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook are basically BFFs in real life. Now their chemistry is on point, but it probably helps that they know each other so well that they can act out these scenes together. The quip that Wang Yeo made to Kim Shin about not making that door he needs to open with sincerity his bedroom door had me rolling.

    Is it me, or do Wang Yeo and Kim Shin feel like they are coming more alive with each episode? At the beginning of the series, they were basically dead inside, unfeeling, not caring about others as much. With Eun Tak, Duk Hwa, and Sunny, they are more energetic, and open. They even made the comment that it’s more lively with Eun Tak and Duk Hwa around.

    That last scene with our two couples was great. I’m glad there wasn’t immediate recognition on Kim Shin’s part. Eun Tak and Wang Yeo’s visible discomfort with all of it was fun to watch. Then Sunny squaring up with Kim Shin, priceless. They already have the brother sister vibe going between them, and they don’t know each other yet.

    I feel that our peaceful times between all of them will be short lived. Kim Shin is bound to find out that his best friend, Wang Yeo, and Sunny are the two reincarnations he was looking for. While I am excited for more historical backstory, I’m bracing myself for the hurt that will come with it.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Every character is more than meets the eye
      Great observation. This writer has crafted an intricate story.

      Is it me, or do Wang Yeo and Kim Shin feel like they are coming more alive with each episode? At the beginning of the series, they were basically dead inside…With Eun Tak, Duk Hwa, and Sunny, they are more energetic, and open.
      Another superior observation. They are blossoming right in front of our eyes!

      While I am excited for more historical backstory, I’m bracing myself for the hurt that will come with it.
      I don’t see how all these characters we love will get a happily ever after. I’d like to see it happen.


  3. This is getting interested, I mean, compared with the previous episodes (1-8). I am looking forward for more scenes during Goryeo times, we need to see what happened then.
    Thank you for the usual awesome recapped and comments. You are indeed helping us, your reader understand more of Goblin.

    Happy New Year to you as well!


    • kjtamuser says:

      I am looking forward for more scenes during Goryeo times, we need to see what happened then.
      Concur. We need more background.

      Appreciate the kind words. This series is a pleasure to recap.


  4. studiomarie says:

    I agree with all that has been said so far. The music has been outstanding. It fits the mood and helps each scene transition to the next flawlessly. I was moved to the point that I wanted to pause the episode and google where to download the sound track. Also I need the name of the goblin and grim reapers tailors. I want to update dear hubby’s wardrobe. The Gobln’s coats make me seriously consider moving to a colder climate.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I need the name of the goblin and grim reapers tailors. I want to update dear hubby’s wardrobe. The Gobln’s coats make me seriously consider moving to a colder climate.
      You made me chuckle over that adorable comment!

      This series is firing on all cylinders. Story, acting, music, costumes, production, etc.


  5. Tin says:

    Do you know the title of the song they played when Ji Eun Tak was saying “I need you. I love you” and was about to die from Hypothermia??? I need the singer’s name and song title, jebalyo 😦


    • kjtamuser says:

      I believe your are referencing the Goblin Theme song which is beautiful. It has not been officially released yet. “Never Far Away” is the title from this youtube video, this may or may not be correct.


  6. Jane Tilly says:

    RUNAWAY BRIDE – Go Eun did an excellent job of showing Eun Tak’s pain at the realization of consequences of removing Shin’s sword. I was glad to see Shin consistently making great efforts to find Eun Tak.

    @KJT might have a point calling the butterfly Duk Hwa’s emissary; I thought the butterfly is supposed to be God. Shin referred to the butterfly being God when he was dying in the field and last episode when he was trying to talk to the butterfly in the house. Did Duk Hwa have the power of the corporation to find Eun Tak or help from God? I thought at the very least God as a butterfly was looking out for Eun Tak.

    I ❤ that when Eun Tak’s life was in danger, she called out to Shin to let him know she needed and loved him. I’ve thought from the beginning of the vision of 28 year-old Eun Tak that the ‘president” was likely Shin. There were so many swoon-worthy moments in this episode; the confessions of love and the back hug were probably my favorite.

    BROMANCE RULES – Shin and Yeo’s bromance is an official friendship. They weathered Yeo being on Eun Tak’s side, including telling Eun Tak about the ramifications of removing the sword. I hope this bromance can survive Shin discovering Yeo was his Goryeo nemesis. I concur with @Kelli that Goblin and Reaper seem to becoming more alive with each episode—I can’t help but think their interaction with humans; especially Eun Tak and Duk Hwa are the catalyst. @studiomarie is spot-on about the bromance boys’ wardrobes being the BEST!

    SIBLING RIVALRY – My heart skipped a beat when Sunny called Shin “big brother”. When the fortune teller told Sunny to get rid of recently received jewelry as it could hold bad luck from the original owner, I was thinking, her soul is the original owner—Sunny needs to deal with it. On a side note, didn’t Eun Tak’s mom buy this same ring from the Granny before the accident that nearly killed them?

    There was something that passed between Shin and Sunny when they first met near the blue door of the old chicken restaurant; I wasn’t sure if it was recognition from Goryeo days or a contemporary recognition. Sunny confronting Shin about hurting Eun Tak was really awesome! Sunny is the perfect sister-in-law for Eun Tak.

    GRIM REAPER SHENANIGANS – There seems to be something going on with the Grim Reapers. Last episode a big group was lined up for the bus accident which didn’t happen due to the Goblin saving Eun Tak. I don’t quite get why the Goblin burned the death card and brought back the man who bled to death. Was he simply trying to get the attention of God or the lady in red?

    There was the human who came into the Reaper’s Tea House – what is the purpose of these funky happenings which have impacted the Reapers? A couple of episode ago they mentioned a Reaper ran off with someone he was supposed to collect that ended up being his wife from another life. Is this a harbinger of Yeo and Sunny?

    So…is the jade ring a gift to the young queen from the young king?


    • kjtamuser says:

      I thought the butterfly is supposed to be God.
      Someone else made that same point (I can’t remember who) so you aren’t alone in that thought process.

      My favorite swoon moment was Kim Shin sweeping up Eun Tak and saving her. I’ve got a soft spot for guys picking up the women they love.

      Shin and Yeo’s bromance is an official friendship…I concur with @Kelli that Goblin and Reaper seem to becoming more alive with each episode—I can’t help but think their interaction with humans; especially Eun Tak and Duk Hwa are the catalyst. @studiomarie is spot-on about the bromance boys’ wardrobes being the BEST!
      Everyone had terrific insights on our favorite male friends. I find their relationship as compelling as Kim Shin’s and Eun Tak’s. I love them!

      didn’t Eun Tak’s mom buy this same ring from the Granny before the accident that nearly killed them?
      yes, I believe that is correct.

      There was something that passed between Shin and Sunny when they first met near the blue door of the old chicken restaurant
      I likened it to the recognition the first time Kim Shin and Eun Tak passed each other. They may not know the particulars but they “know”/sense/feel the other person.

      is the jade ring a gift to the young queen from the young king?
      The flashback seemed to show the young King jealous about the ring, making me think that someone else gave her the ring.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Was the young king angry because the young queen was not wearing the ring? @studiomarie may be right about the young king possibly being a Korean Othello.


        • kjtamuser says:

          That could be it too. I took the sxene to be anger that she had another man’s ring in her jewelry box so he shoves it on her finger to wear in shame. It could be the opposite, the king sees she is not wearing his ring and forces it on her finger to wear as he believes she should.


  7. studiomarie says:

    I was wondering the same thing. The young King is conflicted. Is he so brainwashed by his advisor that he falls out of love for his Queen. Is he a Korean Othello?


    • kjtamuser says:

      Is he a Korean Othello
      Great question! We still need more information to know for sure.


      • Giuliana says:

        Although Kim Shin and Eun Tak did not have the opportunity to spend a few Christmas seasons, at least they have received the best gifts (love, reconciliation, honesty and especially a Christmas miracle)


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