Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 9 Recap

Cinderella and the Knights practice their denial skills.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 9 Recap

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) dreams about Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) kissing her. She wakes with a headache. She walks into the hall and finds Ji Woon asleep on the floor. She has a flashback of him spilling wine on his shirt the previous evening. She looks at the shirt that he’s sleeping in and sees the wine stains. Horrified that her dream might be real, she makes a noise and wakes Ji Woon. She scampers past him so he doesn’t see her. Now that Ha Won knows the kiss was real, her reaction varies between happy and “get a grip”. She slips on a bar of soap in the bathroom. Everyone hears her scream.

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) finds Ha Won first and she is passed out on the bathroom floor. In rapid succession Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin), Ha Won’s friend, Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun), and finally Ji Woon gather around her.

At the local hospital, the doctor tells Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) that it’s a concussion after he examines Ha Won. Assistant Lee decides to take Ha Won back to Seoul. He calls the vacation house to let them know. Everyone decides to pack and head back to Seoul too.

When she wakes, Ha Won is surprised that not much time has passed. Her friend tells her that she passed out in the bathroom and everyone was worried about her. Ha Won wonders why doesn’t have temporary amnesia. She recalls kissing Ji Woon. She shrugs it off. Assistant Lee arrives and says that he’s taking Ha Won to Seoul so she can get a cast on her leg. Her friend tells her she sprained her ankle. Ha Won pops into a wheelchair so Assistant Lee can take her to Seoul.

Ji Woon is packed and ready to go when he notices that Ha Won’s items are still in her room. Ji Woon picks up the schedule for the vacation on Ha Won’s bed and chuckles to himself. He wonders why Ha Won focuses on unimportant things. Hye Ji finds him in the room and asks what he’s doing. Ji Woon shrugs, says he’s doing nothing, and tells Hye Ji they should leave.

Ha Won feels bad that the vacation was cut short because of her injury. Ha Won teases Assistant Lee about his low tolerance for alcohol. She said she saw a new side of him last night. Assistant Lee asks her to erase the memory from her mind. She teases that he’s blushing. He asks if she got drunk too. She confirms she got so drunk and doesn’t even remember what happened last night. Assistant Lee asks if something did happen last night. She claims nothing happened. Assistant Lee asks how she can know if nothing happened when she can’t remember. Good question! Ha Won replies she can’t remember but she sure nothing happened.

The doctor in Seoul tells Ha Won that she strained tendons and will need to be careful for the next 10 days. He hands her crutches and tells her to use them. As she walks through the hospital she spots Assistant Lee striding purposely. She calls to him but he doesn’t hear her. He goes into the organ transplant center. That peaks her interest.

The organ transplant administrator tells Assistant Lee that finding an organ donor will be difficult. She must be talking about getting a transplant for Grandfather. She recommends that Grandfather find a donor from within the family. Assistant Lee says that Grandfather won’t entertain that option. She tells him all that they can do now is wait for a potential donor.

Assistant Lee helps Ha Won into the car. She almost asks him about the organ transplant center but opts not to.

Back at the mansion everybody waits for word on Ha Won.

Hye Ji tells Hyun Min that they need to talk about last night. Hyun Min counters they should just pretend it didn’t happen. She’s not happy with that suggestion.

Ji Woon notices the tension between Hyun Min and Hye Ji. Ji Woon asked Hye Ji if anything is wrong. She denies it.

Ha Won returns to the house. Ji Woon and Ha Won are immediately embarrassed as they stare into each other’s eyes. Everyone sees the crutches. Ha Won assures them it’s only for a couple of days. She stumbles a bit trying to maneuver and Ji Woon, our resident knight in shining armor, is immediately by her side stabilizing her. They stare into each other’s eyes. They both pull away. Hye Ji sees the look they give each other. Hyun Min comments that Ha Won should’ve been more careful. He offers to be her human crutch. Hye Ji doesn’t like that suggestion. Neither does Seo Woo, who reminds Hyun Min that they all know that Ha Won is not his fiancée. Seo Woo offers to help instead. Assistant Lee waves off all offers and claims he’ll do it himself. Ha Won is anxious to get away and hands Assistant Lee the crutches. She literally hops her bedroom with Assistant Lee following. The Kang cousins wonder what’s with her. Ji Woon tells Hye Ji he’ll take her home.

Assistant Lee visits Grandfather in the hospital. Grandfather tells his doctor that he may try and hide his medical condition until he dies. Assistant Lee asks the doctor if he can take Grandfather home. The doctor warns him that Grandfather’s liver is failing and he needs that transplant. Grandfather thinks that they’ll find a donor. Grandfather and his wife stand to leave. Assistant Lee offers to carry Grandfather’s wife’s bag. She appreciates it. Assistant Lee just says it’s part of his job. Grandfather looks at Assistant Lee and says “it would’ve been nice if I had a son like you”.

Hye Ji asks Ji Woon if something happened between him and Ha Won. Hye Ji thinks that Ha Won is now uncomfortable around Ji Woon. He pretends otherwise. Hye Ji admits they did all drink a lot that night. Hye Ji tells Ji Woon he’s a cute drunk. Hye Ji says she likes to see him smile. Two men in black approach Hye Ji and Ji Woon. They ask Hye Ji where her father is. She tells them he went on a business trip. Ji Woon, are knight in shining armor, puts Hye Ji behind him and asks the men what they want. The men back down and say it’s nothing and they’ll return at another time. Hye Ji doesn’t know what the men want. She thanks Ji Woon for walking her home and heads inside.

Assistant Lee gets a phone call that makes him leave the mansion straightaway.

Ji Woon can’t get Ha Won out of his mind.

Hyun Min offers to help Ha Won while she changes into her outfit for the day. She declines the offer. It’s cute the way they communicate with each other just with facial expressions and small grunts.

Seo Woo offers to take Ha Won her breakfast.

Hyun Min tells Ha Won her closet has nothing worth wearing. Ha Won says there’s lots of things she wants to wear. Hyun Min says he’s leaving to buy her clothes that are worth wearing. As he opens the door Seo Woo is there with Ha Won’s meal. Hyun Min leaves. Seo Woo brings the meal into the room. She’s impressed by the spread. Seo Woo is surprised that Ha Won isn’t eating heartily. He checks her for head for fever, and her pulse, and if she has a bump on her head. Ha Won assures him that she’s fine. She thanks him for taking care of her. He tells her he’ll be out all day because he’s got a music show. Seo Woo downloads some games on to her phone so she has something to do well she’s cooped up in the room.

Assistant Lee learns from the organ transplant person that the chairman has a 2 to 3 year wait for a new liver. Assistant Lee meets with a lawyer to discuss the transplant situation. The lawyer surprises Assistant Lee with the news that if a donor is found that is a relative, then Grandfather can be forced to have the transplant. The lawyer states that relatives can also be fabricated through paper trail, if blood relatives cannot be found.

Seo Woo gets a call from his manager.

Ha Won hangs in atrium happy to be freed from her room. She wonders when Ji Woon will return. Ji Woon walks up and starts to pass her. She stops him. Embarrassed she mentions the thing that happened last night. Ji Woon admits it was the first time that he got drunk. Really? Then he amends his statement and says it was the first time he got drunk and blacked out. So Ji Woon is going to play the “I can’t remember anything” card? He asks Ha Won if she remembers. Ha Won lies because of her concussion, she forgot everything that happened last night. Ji Woon tells her to control her alcohol intake going forward.

Grandfather and his wife go shopping together. When Grandfather takes a short break, his wife looks at ties. She is interested in beautiful ties that are not old-fashioned. The sales clerk asks how old the receiver of the tie will be. She tells him the man is fairly young. Grandfather walks into the sales area and overhears. She picks out a tie. Grandfather chuckles watching thinking that the tie is for him because he’s “young at heart”.

Seo Woo meets his managers who show him pictures of Seo Woo and Ha Won. His managers inform him the press will publish the photos and insinuate that Ha Won is his girlfriend. Seo Woo isn’t happy with that. He cites the hassle that Ha Won went through when Hyun Min insinuated that Ha Won was his girlfriend. His managers don’t think that they can suppress the story. Seo Woo suggests they give the reporters an even juicier story. His manager stares at him in disbelief, not the school uniform photos right?

In her room Ha Won frets that Ji Woon doesn’t even remember their kiss. She declares it’s not fair. But then she thinks maybe it’s better that he doesn’t remember. But then she gets mad that he doesn’t remember and wonders if she should yell at him. Then she realizes yelling at them won’t do any good because he’ll still not remember. Hyun Min arrives with bags of clothes. Ha Won is astonished how many bags he brought. Thoughtfully Hyun Min even had the trouser legs split so they can get over her cast. He orders her to wear the clothes he bought. She doesn’t look excited. He threatens to put them on her himself. That gets her and she holds up her hands to surrender. He holds up his hands as well. Cute, cute, cute! She thanks him and he leaves the room.

Grandfather tells Assistant Lee he knows he’s worried about “that”. Grandfather says he’s not going to take the easy way out. He says there are some lines in life that you just can’t cross. There are some things that no amount of money can buy. He chuckles and tells Assistant Lee not to pity him. Assistant Lee comments that he’s happy to work for Grandfather. Grandfather tells Assistant Lee he’s a hard worker and appreciates his dutiful care.

Hye Ji thinks back to her kiss with Hyun Min and his denial that they deal with it.

From the atrium looking into Ji Woon’s room, Ha Won is irritated with Ji Woon for not remembering what happened. When he appears in the room’s window, Ha Won is startled and falls backward. Inside the room, Ji Woon notices the leather jacket that Ha Won had embroidered with his name from the vacation. As Ha Won wonders why she needs to hide from Ji Woon, he gets a flash that maybe there is something on his phone that proves what happened that night. He grabs his phone and finds selfies of Ha Won and him. Ha Won makes her way back to her room, by crawling. Seo Woo goes into her room and calls for her. She taps on the door and asks for his help to open it. Seo Woo helps her into her room. Seo Woo notices that Ha Won hurt her hand crawling on the ground. As he gets a wet washcloth for her, he remembers Ha Won telling Hyun Min that he was nothing but an employer to her. He looks into a mirror and asks himself why he’s being so nice to Ha Won. He applies the wet washcloth to Ha Won’s hand. Ji Woon looks out of his window and sees Seo Woo tending to Ha Won.

When Ji Woon goes to the refrigerator to get a drink, he sees the banana milk that Ha Won loves to drink. The housekeeper wonders how to get rid of the wine stain off his shirt. He tells her to give it to him. She tells him she’ll wash it and get the stain out. They play tug-of-war with the shirt. The housekeeper says that Ji Woon seems to be happier nowadays. He gives the housekeeper the drink he got for himself.

Ji Woon ends up in his room staring at the wine stained shirt. Now we see more of the story. We see that he piggybacked Ha Won and deposited her in her bed. He literally crawled away from her bed. Ji Woon smiles at the memory. He wonders why he took the shirt away from the housekeeper. He doesn’t believe he wants a souvenir. Or does he? Ji Woon grabs the banana drink to take to Ha Won. He texts her and asks if she’s sleeping. He asks her to come out to the balcony. The light comes on in Ha Won’s room but it’s Hyun Min who brings Ha Won a snack. She is excited and pleased. Ji Woon goes back into his room disappointed.

c4k_ep9_11b c4k_ep9_11a
Ha Won asked Hyun Min if anybody likes him like Hye Ji likes him. She scolds him for being mean to Hye Ji, a girl that likes him. She says Hye Ji is brave. She’s honest about her feelings, and wants to be loved. Ha Won comments it takes a lot of courage to admit what you want. Ha Won tells Hyun Min he’s like the wind, and impervious to Hye Ji’s efforts to get his attention. Ha Won comments that Hye Ji’s feelings for him are earnest and real. Ha Won comments that while Hyun Min is mean to Hye Ji, sometimes he looks at her with tenderness. Ha Won warns Ji Woon that Hye Ji won’t wait forever for him. Hyun Min leaves.

Ji Woon stares at the banana milk and remembers sharing a banana milk with Ha Won after their horseback ride. He remembers kissing Ha Won. He gets a goofy smile on his face.

Hyun Min stares at the picture of him, Hye Ji, and her brother.

Seo Woo works on his song. Is it the song for Ha Won?

Ha Won sits alone in a room and thinks.

Assistant Lee arrives at the house and looks to the rooms of the Kang cousins.

Seo Woo gets into his van and his manager hands him the tablet which shows the pictures of Seo Woo in a girl’s high school uniform. He’s delighted with the comments praising him for being cool no matter what he wears. But more importantly, it took the heat off of pictures of him and Ha Won. Seo Woo wonders if he should of just said that he and Ha Won were dating.

c4k_ep9_13b c4k_ep9_13a
Hye Ji brings Ha Won flowers. Ha Won invites Hye Ji into her room. The housekeeper brings a snack. Hye Ji notices that everyone seems to like Ha Won. She gets along well with the Kang cousins, the housekeeper, who doesn’t like Ha Won? Ha Won scratches her head and says she hasn’t been able to wash her hair in several days. Ha Won urges her to take care of that.

Hye Ji leaves Ha Won’s room, and knocks on Hyun Min’s door. She enters. She picks up the picture of Hyun Min, herself, and her brother. Hyun Min comes into the room and asks why she’s there. She drops the picture. He tells her to leave. She tells him they need to talk. He says he has nothing to say to her. She states they can’t pretend nothing happened. She asks what she means to him. Is she his friend? Or just the sister of her brother, his friend, that died? She looks at the picture and asks if that means anything. Hyun Min warns that if she keeps acting this way he won’t ever see her again. He turns his back on her and says if she won’t leave, he will. He walks out of his room.

Hyun Min stops and looks back at his room, but he just can’t deal with it.

c4k_ep9_15b c4k_ep9_15a
Ji Woon, our knight in shining armor, hears Ha Won yell. He enters her room and looks for her. He finds her stuck in the bathtub. She’s fully clothed. And washing her hair. Ji Woon asks how she got in this particular situation. She explains she was washing her hair. She asks him to call for the housekeeper. He tells her the housekeeper is out. Having no other option, she asks Ji Woon to help her. He helps lift her up out of the tub. He sits Ha Won on the edge of the tub. She thanks him. He looks at her says her hair is full of shampoo. He lays her on the tub deck and rinses the shampoo out of her hair. He tells her no other person but him would do this for her. She complains when he gets water in her eyes. She complains when he gets water in her ears. He tells her to stop being a whiner. He rubs her hair briskly with a towel. She complains about that. He laughs. She grabs his hands to stop the vigorous rubbing. They both feel the electricity between them. He drops his hands from her. He comments all she does is complain when he tries to help her. He goes to get the hairdryer. Later Ha Won cleans up the bathroom and notices that Ji Woon left his watch.

Hye Ji leaves Hyun Min’s room with the threat that he’ll never see her again echoing in her mind.

Ji Woon thinks about Ha Won and smiles. Ji Woon sees an upset Hye Ji leaving Hyun Min’s room. He calls to Hye Ji. He sees that she’s crying.

c4k_ep9_16ac4k_ep9_16b c4k_ep9_16c
Hyun Min picks up the picture. He looks a picture of the smiley face Hye Ji drew on his hand. He swallows hard. Out the window his room he spots Hye Ji and Ji Woon. He steps out of the room and stares at them. Ji Woon walks over to Hyun Min and grabs his lapels. He reminds Hyun Min that he warned him not to make Hye Ji cry. Hyun Min asks Ji Woon what right he has to interfere in their relationship. Hye Ji turns and says that Ji Woon does have a right to say something. She walks to Hyun Min and Ji Woon and declares that she doesn’t want to cry anymore over Hyun Min. Hye Ji asks Ji Woon if he’ll date her and accept her feelings. Ji Woon and Hyun Min look at Hye Ji shocked expressions on their face. From across the atrium Ha Won looks at the three of them with a shocked expression on her face.

My Thoughts

I reset my attitude about this show. It is light and fluffy and a face value show. I can only take what the writer gives me. This episode the writer focused on denial. Two couples denied their feelings. Our cute primary couple, Ji Woon and Ha Won, and the mired in morose secondary couple, Hyun Min and Hye Ji. Grandfather denied his imminent need for a transplant.

Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) rescued Ha Won when she wobbled without the crutches and when she needed help washing her hair. As he denied his feelings for Ha Won, at least outwardly, he lied and said that he blacked out from the alcohol and didn’t remember the kiss. But privately he took great pleasure in remembering the kiss, and the moments that they’ve shared. One of the things I like about Il Woo’s portrayal of Ji Woon is that lopsided smile he gets on his face when he thinks about Ha Won or he just finds her adorable. Because Ji Woon is a knight in shining armor, he is susceptible to Hye Ji’s damsel in distress routine. Will he forsake his own feelings for Ha Won to respond to Hye Ji’s request they date?

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) claims she blacked out and did not remember the kiss with Ji Woon. Of course she remembered the kiss, and is aware of the heightened chemistry between herself and Ji Woon. She continues to have solid chemistry with each of our knights. Almost every interaction she has with Hyun Min is fun to watch. These two actors are comfortable and natural with each other in almost every scene. I don’t deny that Ji Woon and Ha Won have good chemistry. But it has a different flavor, as well it should because it’s romantic, versus the fun vibe that Hyun Min and Ha Won always have. Will Ha Won have to learn the hard way that Hye Ji is willing to use Ji Woon to make Hyun Min jealous?

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) was riveted by the picture of himself, Hye Ji, and her brother. Whatever that back story is a huge driver for why Hyun Min is reticent to feel love again, and why he rejects Hye Ji today. He is consistent as he pushes Hye Ji away, no matter how many times she comes and tries to engage him, he’s not having any of it. But his rejection of Hye Ji pushes her to seek solace someplace else.

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) wants to restart her romance with Hyun Min but he refuses. Just when you think that Hye Ji will give up, she keeps trying. This episode she boldly perused Hyun Min’s room and found the picture. When he came into the room she tried to engage him on an emotional level, but he wouldn’t have any of that. Tired of her emotional manipulation, Hyun Min ordered her out of his life. What’s a girl to do when the man she loves identifies her emotional manipulation? Turns to his cousin and emotionally manipulate him to make the other one jealous. Why should we like this character?

Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) exposed his high school uniform pictures to save Ha Won from the scrutiny of the press. That was sweet of him. He tries to make inroads with Ha Won, but she keeps them clearly in the friend zone. There is absolutely no romantic chemistry between these two. If Seo Woo is feeling romance towards her, it isn’t strong.

Assistant Lee (Choi Min) worried about Grandfather’s health. He found out that if a relative offers to donate their liver to Grandfather, he cannot refuse it. Assistant Lee looked speculatively at the Kang cousins’ bedrooms. Is he planning to ask one of them to donate for Grandfather? Will he do this even though he knows that Grandfather does not want his grandsons involved in his health issues? Is Assistant Lee a blood relative of Grandfather’s?

The sixth song of the OST is “Stars Fall on You” by Dickpunks. Check out the video below:

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12 comments on “Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 9 Recap
  1. Kelli says:

    Can we all say ‘hallelujah’ for no stepmother or stepsister in this episode and hopefully the next? I’m praying that he doesn’t respond with a yes to Hye Ji, and side steps her like he has before. Even though he might be caught up with his crush feelings to say no to her.


  2. I believe Seo Woo is also suffering from the Knight in shining armour syndrome just like Ji Won towards Hye Ji. Also the experience of the easy connection he has with Ha Won makes it easy to confuse a beautiful friendship with romantic love. I think he will eventually figure it out ,at least I hope so before he ruins what he has with her.As always thanks for the timely recaps.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Good point about Seo Woo being a Knight in Shining Armor. Thinking about your point, Knight in Shining Armor could be said about all four knights. In one way or another they have all tried to save Ha Won.


  3. jienkim says:


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    GRANPA MONEYBAGS & GOLDIGGER GRANNY—Denial; @KJT you were right on the money of this episode’s theme. Gramps seems to be nonchalant about getting a liver transplant despite his failing liver. I don’t understand why he would get married for the second (?) time knowing his life could be cut short. Adding another heir to the mix seems foolish; maybe he just wants someone to look after him.

    Granny was buying a tie for someone else, possibly Yoon Sung? Grandpa is in for a rude awakening when he sees someone else wearing the tie he thought his wife picked out for him.

    YOON SUNG—I don’t think Yoon Sung is a blood relative to the chairman. In my opinion, I think he is totally genuinely devoted to the chairman despite being Gold-digger Granny’s son. Yoon Sung wants to see if one of the grandsons could be a live liver donor.

    SEO WOO—What a sweetie sacrificing his dignity to protect Ha Won. He is a knight in shining armor indeed!

    HYE JI—It looks like loan sharks are after her dad, so he must be alive. This character continues to annoy me…right on the heels of being rejected by Hyun Min, she asks Ji Woon to date her in front of Hyun Min and Ha Won. I haven’t watched the next episode yet, but I hoping Jo Woon declines. This is such a blatant ploy.

    HYUN MIN—It seems he has some residual feelings for Hye Ji, but wants to deny them. My guess is it has to do with death of Hye Ji’s brother. I do like his playful interactions with Ha Won.

    JI WOON—I also find Ji Woon adorable with the “lopsided smile he gets on his face when he thinks about Ha Won or he just finds her adorable”. I’m going to be angry if he starts playing games with Hye Ji when he is clearly smitten by Ha Won, but in denial about it. Go with your feelings Ji Woon; this is not the time to be Hye Ji’s knight!

    HA WON— I ❤ everybody was looking out for Ha Won this episode. I was surprised she graciously accepted the bags and bags of clothes Hyun Min bought her. I want Ha Won and Ji Woon to get together!


    • kjtamuser says:

      “I’m going to be angry if he starts playing games with Hye Ji when he is clearly smitten by Ha Won, but in denial about it. Go with your feelings Ji Woon; this is not the time to be Hye Ji’s knight!”
      * Amen!


  5. Kylie says:

    What’s the song playing when Ji Woon was reminiscing about giving Ha Won a piggy back? 🙂


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