Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 10 Recap

Cinderella fancies one of the Knights but another may take him from her.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 10 Recap

c4k_ep10_1b c4k_ep10_1a
Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) declares to Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) and Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) that she doesn’t want to cry anymore over Hyun Min. Hye Ji asks Ji Woon if he’ll date her and accept her feelings. Ji Woon and Hyun Min look at Hye Ji shocked expressions on their faces. Across the atrium, Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) looks at the three of them shocked too. Hyun Min goes into his room. Hye Ji looks at Ji Woon and says he doesn’t have to give her an answer tonight and leaves. Ha Won stares at Ji Woon’s watch which she planned to return. Ji Woon heads to his room, but pauses and looks at Ha Won. She returns his watch. Ha Won asks Ji Woon if he’s dating Hye Ji. She puts a bright smile on her face and bids him good night. Inside her room the smile turns into a frown and tears form in her eyes. Ji Woon lays on his bed and wonders what to do. Dude, if you have to think hard about dating somebody, don’t do it. If you put your hand on your forehead and shake your head when you’re considering dating somebody, don’t do it. If you’re already attracted to another woman that you find charming and joyful, don’t date another person.

Flashback…Ji Woon and Hye Ji meet at night on the grounds of the mansion when he accidentally takes a picture of her. Ji Woon retreats to his father’s workspace but Hye Ji follows. She asks why he took a picture of her. He denies it. Ji Woon asks why she’s crying alone in the dark. He offers this location is a safe place to cry and leaves. Hye Ji takes him up on it. Ji Woon stays outside the door listening to her cry. Flashback within the flashback…a young Ji Woon listens to his mother cry. I see, he is sensitive to a woman’s pain over a man because of his mother crying over his father. Hard to break that trigger of protectiveness, especially when it was born out the desire to protect his mother.

Hyun Min sits in his room and stares at the 🙂 Hye Ji drew on his hand.

Ha Won discusses the situation with her friend. Ha Won worries that Ji Woon will choose to date Hye Ji.

c4k_ep10_3b c4k_ep10_3a
Ha Won recalls the kiss with Ji Woon and smiles. She posts on a message board “how do I know if a guy likes me”? There’s loads of responses but one that sticks out to her is the suggestion that if the guy in question doesn’t get mad, no matter what she does, he likes her. To test this theory Ha Won throws a book at Ji Woon’s head and he doesn’t get mad. Her second test is a spill orange juice on Ji Woon. He doesn’t like that. Her third test is to mess with things in his father’s work room. Ji Woon immediately knows that Ha Won is the culprit. He goes to her room and is prepared to yell at her but she feigns sleep due to her injury. He’s not buying it. She complains that he hasn’t tended to her since she got hurt. Ji Woon asks if she’s a kid. He leaves. With that Ha Won thinks to herself that Ji Woon doesn’t have feelings for her. Silly, silly!

Hye Ji texts someone to meet up. When she leaves her house she notices there’s a lot of mail. Unbeknownst to her Hyun Min is watching her. Hyun Min finds her and asks if she’s using Ji Woon. Hye Ji counters that she finally realized the only person that’s been consistently by her side is Ji Woon not him. Ji Woon arrives and tells Hyun Min that he and Hye Ji have plans. They leave.

Stepmother tells stepdaughter that she’s heard rumors this isn’t the first marriage for Grandfather’s wife. Stepdaughter tells stepmother that she can use this to her advantage by sharing the rumors with Grandfather’s wife, making herself a trusted resource. That’s actually decent idea. Stepmother likes the idea. Stepdaughter, living in her own fantasy world, says this will help pave the way for her to become Hyun Min’s wife. They giggle, thrilled with the idea. These two are just like cartoon villains when they get to scheming like that. Hard to take them seriously. It’s only when they get really mean and hateful that you take them seriously.

Ji Woon asked Hye Ji if she meant what she said the other day. Hye Ji recalls Hyun Min asking if she is only using Ji Woon. Hye Ji tells Ji Woon she means it. They stare at each other. It was telling when Ji Woon stepped into Hye Ji’s personal space, she averted her gaze.

Hyun Min gets angry thinking about Hye Ji being with Ji Woon. He looks over to Ha Won’s room. Is he thinking of proposing that he date Ha Won for real to make Hye Ji jealous? What grade are these people in?

Ha Won decide she needs to stop playing games and just ask Ji Woon which girl he likes, her or Hye Ji.

Looks like Hyun Min wasn’t looking at Ha Won’s room but rather Ji Woon’s room, because he goes in there and steps on one of Ji Woon’s model cars. Ha Won sees him do it. Like a mother scolding her child, she tells Hyun Min that he’ll need to confess to Ji Woon what he did. She tells him the Ji Woon will not be happy. She asks Hyun Min if he did it because of Hye Ji. Ha Won tells Hyun Min that she saw Hye Ji ask Ji Woon to date her. Ha Won states that Hyun Min should take this out on Ji Woon. She presses again, does he like Hye Ji? Tired of her incessant questions on this matter, Hyun Min tells her to back off. He pauses and wonders why she came to Ji Woon’s room. Hyun Min tells Ha Won that Hye Ji and Ji Woon are together as they speak. He leaves the room.

Ha Won is bummed out. When Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) asks her to go have some fun, she declines. He asks what’s wrong. She asks if most guys like pretty feminine girls like Hye Ji. He wonders why she’s asking. Ha Won wonders if anybody would ever want to date her. Seo Woo says there’s nothing wrong with her. He says he finds her prettier than Hye Ji. Ha Won laughs and tells Seo Woo he’s excellent at flattery. Her spirits lifted, she leaves.

Waiting at a traffic light Ji Woon thinks about Hye Ji and the fact that she is serious about dating him. She’s not serious if you read her nonverbal language Ji Woon. He looks out the window and sees a display of fresh baked goods. He remembers Ha Won telling him that he never brought her anything after she was injured. Irritated that he considers acquiescing to her complaint, he drives away.

At the construction site, Kang Young Jin muses that Grandfather is likely wealthy. His coworkers confirm this. He thinks to himself that they probably have a lot of buildings being built just like this.

Seo Woo does a photo shoot and interview. When the reporter asks whether or not he has anybody special in his life, his manager stops the questions. The reporter gives Seo Woo a mug that when a hot liquid is added when sitting on a special coaster, reveals words. That gives Seo Woo an idea.

Grandfather’s wife chides him to take his medicine every day. He likes her looking out for him. Assistant Lee (Choi Min) enters the room. Grandfather asks Assistant Lee to escort his wife to a meeting tomorrow. Assistant Lee is surprised at this request. Grandfather explains he hasn’t found a suitable assistant yet for his wife, and he asks Assistant Lee to take care of her until he does. Grandfather’s wife asks if that’s okay. Assistant Lee says to Grandfather that he understands the request. Notice he did not say that’s okay.

Seo Woo is trying out the hot liquid in the special mug on the special coaster when Ha Won walks in the kitchen. Unnerved he spills the hot liquid on himself and puts the mug in the sink. He dashes off. Ha Won sees his new CD.

In his room Seo Woo frets that Ha Won almost found him out. Ha Won comes to his room and apologizes for not remembering that his new song was going to drop tomorrow. He gives her the CD. She’s pleased. She cajoles him to sing the song for her. Seo Woo sings her the song. The lyrics are about confessing feelings to someone that doesn’t know someone likes them. Uncomfortable, Ha Won stops him from singing the song and tells him she shouldn’t have access to it until the song is officially dropped at midnight. She takes the CD and leaves.

Ha Won wonders how he could sing a song like that to her.

c4k_ep10_7b c4k_ep10_7a
Ji Woon arrives home and takes a bakery bag out of his car. Looks like he bought a tasty treat for Ha Won. As he walks to Ha Won’s room Hyun Min sees him. Hyun Min taunts that Ji Woon has finally made it out of the friend zone. Ji Woon asks if Hyun Min feels like he’s lost something now that Hye Ji has asked to date him. Ji Woon asks why Hyun Min wanted to speak with Hye Ji previously. Hyun Min calls him a jerk. Ji Woon notes that this time Hyun Min lost to him. Hyun Min grabs Ji Woon’s clothing. Ji Woon tells Hyun Min’s reaction makes it obvious that he’s regretting rejecting Hye Ji. Ji Woon tells Hyun Min that he should go to Hye Ji before he has even more regrets. The tension between the two characters is good. While Ji Woon probably wouldn’t mind besting Hyun Min, he actually demonstrated that he cares and wants the best for Hyun Min and Hye Ji.

Ji Woon finds Ha Won in the kitchen getting a drink of water. He holds the bakery bag in front of her face. She looks in the bag and sees delicious treats. She smiles like a kid on Christmas morning and asks if the contents of the bag or for her. She’s just darling in that moment. Ji Woon says the items are for her. He says she better never claim that he didn’t do something for her. She agrees with a big grin on her face. He walks away with a grin on his face. Cute, cute!

Ha Won enjoys the bakery treat and a cup of coffee. Folks, that’s what we call the ‘sugar buzz of love’.

Seo Woo looks at the lyrics of a song and the subtitle which dedicates the song to Ha Won. He scratches out her name.

Hyun Min is getting hammered at a bar. A girl approaches Hyun Min. He asks her why she is leaving him, when she promised to stick by him no matter what. Hyun Min says “don’t leave me”. The girl promises to stay by his side. So we finally have the admission from Hyun Min that he wants to be with Hye Ji. Of course he believes that Hye Ji is broken her promise to stay by him no matter what, ignoring the fact that he is pushed her away for literally years.

c4k_ep10_8b c4k_ep10_8a
Assistant Lee is worried about Ha Won going to the hospital by herself. Ha Won finds his concern cute. I do too. Ha Won suggests that Assistant Lee would feel better if she got another person to escort her to the hospital. And who does she ask? Of course it’s Ji Woon. She tells him that everyone else is busy and he’s the only one available. Ji Woon displays that half smile and tells her no. She pouts and complains that the bus trip and all the transfers would be difficult in a cast. Ji Woon sticks with his original answer which is no. I would totally cave. Ha Won is so cute when she tries to cajole him to take her, I would’ve thought his knight in shining armor personality would chivalrously take Ha Won to the hospital.

Assistant Lee escorts Grandfather’s wife. She notices his cool vibe and looks disappointed. When they arrive at the restaurant, Assistant Lee states that he’ll wait outside for her. She surprises him and asks him to accompany her inside. Holy smokes Grandfather’s wife has arranged for Assistant Lee to meet a woman. That’s actually clever of her to trap him like this. Can’t wait to see how he gets out of this. Grandfather’s wife, or should we now declare her to be Assistant Lee’s mother, introduces the woman to Assistant Lee. He is shocked and asks what she’s doing. The woman says to Assistant Lee that she was reticent to come on a marriage meeting, but now that she’s met him she’s glad she took the chance. Assistant Lee apologizes and leaves. His mother runs after him and demands to know what he’s doing. She wants to know why he’s acting that way. He wants to know why she’s acting that way. She wants him to marry a rich woman and have a fulfilling life. She admits as a mother this is what she wants for her son. Bam! We finally have confirmation that Grandfather’s wife is Assistant Lee’s mother. Assistant Lee’s mother tells him she’s done all of this for him. Assistant Lee tells her not to use him as an excuse for her actions. Assistant Lee tells his mother that he’s willing to forget this incident and go back to the relationship they agreed to have. He walks away.

Assistant Lee’s mother flashes back to the first time that she met her son as Grandfather’s assistant. The shocked looked on Assistant Lee’s face said everything. The calm look on her face said everything. Later she tells him that even though it’s been 12 years, he’s grown up to be a fine man. She knew that they would meet, but she didn’t know it would be today. Assistant Lee firmly tells her she’s mistaken him for another person. Assistant Lee states his mother died 12 years ago. Wow! Wonder what she did. His mother says fine then he can go on pretending that she’s dead. She tells Assistant Lee that Grandfather thinks she’s never been married. Assistant Lee comments that he’s not the only one pretending. Assistant Lee’s mother asks him to pretend that he doesn’t know her. She tells him that she wants to live as a woman for the rest of her life. She tells him he can help her achieve that. A tear rolls down Assistant Lee’s face. I’m thinking that something got lost in the translation on that.

Ha Won exits the mansion and is thrilled to find Ji Woon waiting for her with his car. Darling! When she goes to the door she chides him for not opening the door for her. He asks if her legs have suddenly stopped working. Pouting she struggles to get into the car. Ji Woon comes around and takes her crutches. At her pointed look, he opens the car door for her. Darling, just darling! The look she gave him conveyed her expectations perfectly. With a huge grin on her face Ha Won gets into the car. Ji Woon drives her away from the mansion.

Unbeknownst to them, Kang Young Jin is watching them as they drive away. He comments that Ha Won has grown up. How many times have we asked, why security is so lax at the mansion?

The doctor tells Ha Won the cast can be removed.  Ji Woon is in the room. Ha Won knows that she just lost a major way to get Ji Woon to help her, Ha Won asks the doctor if it’s too soon to remove the cast. He assures her that she’s healed quickly. Ha Won turns to see Ji Woon give her a smile. He’s loving it! Ji Woon confirms with the doctor that Ha Won has full movement.

As they walk through the hospital, she asks why he’s grumpy. Ji Woon says that being used by fully capable girl might have miffed him. Ji Woon tells her she can find her own way home. Ha Won doesn’t understand why escorting her was so difficult for him. Immediately Ji Woon feels bad and claims he was only kidding. Ha Won calls him a jerk. She takes off running.

Outside the hospital, Ha Won realizes she left her bag in the car.

c4k_ep10_11b c4k_ep10_11a
As Ji Woon drives home, he realizes that Ha Won left her bag in the car. He seeing her walking home and pulls over.  He tells her to get in. She continues walking. She tells him even if she has to take a bus, she’ll do that. He holds her purse up and says she has no money. Undaunted, she states she’ll walk home.  He smiles and stops the car. He tells her to come with him. He gets out and opens the door. She smiles and gets in. He smiles and shuts the door.  Darling! Who knew that opening a car door for someone could be so fun?

Ha Won enjoys the drive home. Ji Woon can only smile at her enthusiasm.

Hyun Min plays pool with his friends. He’s good! His friends wonder why he’s in this mood.  When Hye Ji calls, Hyun Min ignores it. We see Hye Ji in tears. It looks like men are repossessing furniture in her father’s home. She reached out to Hyun Min in her time of crisis, but he didn’t know it.

Ji Woon takes Ha Won to an overlook. She’s giddy at the view. He smiles. He shares her drink. She stares at his lips. She remembers their kiss. He stares at her. She looks flustered. He asks what is wrong. He pulls her close to him. They stare at each other. He gives the half smile and asks if she has something to say. She starts to ask if he likes someone, but a call from Hye Ji interrupts the question. Of course! We all saw that coming a mile away! Ji Woon hears Hye Ji’s upset voice. He tells her he’ll be there shortly. He tells Ha Won they need to go. She’s disappointed but gets in the car. She asks him where he’s going. She asks if he’s going to Hye Ji. He confirms this. She tells him to let her out of the car. She’ll take the bus home. He doesn’t want to. Ha Won wants him to get to Hye Ji. He pulls over and Ha Won gets out. He apologizes. She watches him drive away.

Ha Won takes the bus home. She cries.

Ji Woon arrives at Hye Ji’s house. He finds her outside crying. She tells him that the house was repossessed and her father will be prosecuted. She asks what she should do. She cries on his shoulder. Reluctantly he pats her back and says it will be okay. He tells her to come with him.

Hyun Min sees that Hye Ji called him twice. He frets that he would have picked up if she called a third time. Childish games dude! He gets a call from his friend who tells him that Hye Ji’s father’s company just went bankrupt.  Immediately Hyun Min calls Hye Ji, but she doesn’t answer.

c4k_ep10_13b c4k_ep10_13a
Hyun Min runs out of the mansion into Ha Won. They watch Ji Woon drive up and then Hye Ji gets out of the car. Ji Woon gets a suitcase out of his car. He takes Hye Ji’s hand. Everyone looks at each other. Ji Woon declares that Hye Ji will be living at the mansion. Everyone stares at their respective love interest, and it’s not who they are standing next to!

My Thoughts

Our main couple is darling. They their chemistry strengthens as they inch closer to each other. But the dysfunctional couple, Hye Ji and Hyun Min, are interfering with our couple.

Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) rescued Ha Won when she needed a ride and when she walked home. Il Woo’s lopsided smile was flashed many times this episode as Ji Woon found Ha Won charming again and again. I could watch these two all day! But Ji Woon is a knight in shining armor, and susceptible to Hye Ji’s damsel in distress situations. Now that she’s moving into the mansion, the chemistry of the occupants will be altered. I do think Ji Woon tried to shock Hyun Mun into pursuing Hye Ji when he was obviously jealous. I’m hopeful that Ji Woon won’t date Hye Ji. He knows he likes Ha Won.

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) effectively pouted and got Ji Woon to do her bidding. She pouted that he didn’t bring her a treat. He brought her a treat. She pouted that she needed a ride. He gave her a ride. What makes Ha Won’s pouting fun is while there is an element of manipulation, it is light and fun.  I’m enjoying this couple. Did Kang Young Jin recognize her at the mansion because he knew her or because he googled her? My local daycare has better security than the mansion.

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) finally admitted he wanted Hye Ji. I hope their flashbacks show me a positive couple because they are the poster children for unhappy former loves. My problem is simple – I like Hyun Min. I don’t see the value of Hye Ji. Beyond the physical, how is she appealing? Why would I want Hyun Min saddled with Hye Ji?

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) ruse to use Ji Woon to make Hyun Min jealous worked. She doesn’t know the Hyun Min drowned his sorrows and realized he wanted her back. She got evicted from her father’s house and did call Hyun Min first. When that didn’t work then she called Ji Woon. Ten episodes into this series I have the same question – Why should we like this character?

Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) next song is about caring for Ha Won. He’s her friend. He doesn’t realize the friend zone is the only zone he’ll ever occupy.

Assistant Lee (Choi Min) has issues with his mother, Grandfather’s wife. He was right to be irked that his mother took him away from Grandfather to blindside him with a marriage meeting. He was right to be irked that his mother broke her own request that they pretend to be strangers. What did she do 12 years ago?

The sixth song of the OST is “Stars Fall on You” by Dickpunks. Check out the video below:

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18 comments on “Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 10 Recap
  1. Kelli says:

    This episode started with tearing our hearts apart with Ji Woon and Ha Won after the Hye Ji manipulation. Then they repaired our hearts with the adorableness of Ji Woon/Ha Won flirting with each other. Then they went back to ripping our hearts by having them across from each other. Ji Woon’s body language this episode was key for me. Around Hye Ji, he is tense, and has his guard up. I’m glad you picked up on his reluctance to hug her as I did. It didn’t look like that’s what he was going for when she hugged him. Around Ha Won, he mostly smiles, jokes around, and has more of an open body stance. He doesn’t shy away from contact with her. I do think he is smart enough to realize that Hye Ji isn’t over Hyun Min, and won’t date her. The look in his eyes at the end was a painful one towards Ha Won.

    They need to reveal what happened in the past relationship of Hyun Min/Hye Ji soon to give this any kind of substance.

    That line of Mother of Yoon Sung wanting to live as a woman was either a bad translation, or his mother is really his father, which would be way too left field. I lean towards the former. Since she’s about money, she probably wants to live wealthy for the rest of her life? Something is still in the back of my mind. The first episode she had a conversation with someone that seemed to have a backstabbing undertone.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I concur with your assessment of Ji Woon and how he interacts with Ha Won and Hye Ji. His body language and demeanor reveal his heart. Will he follow it?

      Like you I have a hard time believing that Young Sung’s mother is his father. Considering how straightforward most of the plot points are, “way too left field” rings true to me too. We shall see.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      To me the “live as a woman” comment is one of those things that is a bit difficult to translate. I think it means she wants to be in a relationship or to live as somebody’s woman and of course why not a wealthy man, whose time on this planet might be short lived? Many times in kdramaland someone asks “don’t you see me as a woman?” or “don’t you see me as a man?” Woman or man are not referring to gender, but as a love interest.

      Yep, I knew Gold-digger Granny was Yoon Sung’s mom! I find it interesting she abandoned him and married the chairman under false pretense, I think it may come back to bite her. Looks like Yoon Sung is torn between his loyalty to the chairman and filial piety, despite his maternal abandonment. However, Yoon Sung is NOT having any of her shenanigans.


      • kjtamuser says:

        I like your thinking on the matter of “live as a woman”.
        I’m curious what she did 12 years ago to have Yoon Sung stated his mother died 12 years ago.


  2. Lia says:

    I want HyunMin and HanWon together!!!!


    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree that Hyun Min and Ha Won have a fun vibe. But in my opinion Ha Won’s demeanor reveals she is not romantically interested in anyone by Ji Woon.


  3. My local daycare has better security, you cracked me up with that one 🙂 We definitely all need to start a get a psychiatrist for Hye Ji movement! What exactly is she doing,the fact that she can try to play to guys who are family against each other in order to get what she wants has no justification at all. I found it hard to sympathize with her even when the re-possession squad came calling. I know she has a past with Hyun Min but honestly I think this is one plot thread they need to resolve quickly. They could send her to Paris or some other far off place to study fashion and design or something. As for evil step-sister I’d love to understand her logic when it comes to being fixated on Hyun-Min and her belief that he can marry her.Her fantasies seem rather far fetched 🙂


    • kjtamuser says:

      Hye Ji makes me shake my head. The woman she is today is not someone I want Hyun Min involved with. She’s manipulating both Hyun Min and Ji Woon. Paris works for me!
      Stepsister misunderstanding of her own place in the real world allows her to believe that she could marry Hyun Min. She and stepmother are delusional about what life and the Kang family should give them.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Can’t wait to see those Wiley Coyote moment’s when Gold-digger Granny reacts to whatever stepmom and stepsister propose to her.

        Hyun Min apparently needed Hye Ji to leave to want her back. I’m with you @KJT, I don’t see Hye Jin’s appeal and why should Hyun Min be saddled with Hye Ji? I agree with @redbutterflys, Hye Ji needs psychiatric help—I thought the same thing when she walked into traffic in an earlier episode. Maybe if the writers ever get around to revealing the back story with her brother, she might gain some appeal—I’m not sure I even care anymore, other than I find her manipulative, petulant and sulky behavior to be annoying.

        Ha Won milked her injury for all it was worth an ended up playing with her Ji Woon. Just when she worked up the courage to ask him if he liked someone, Hye Ji got in the way. Dang, it looked like we might have been headed for some romance…possibly a sober kiss?

        I was relieved Ji Woon’s body language informed us he likes Ha Won and pities Hye Ji. I things will sort themselves as they all live together.


  4. A.D.DO! says:

    Oh, puleeeze…admit it, this whole thing sucks big time. I am embarrassed I hung in there this long…it is so dreadfully boring It actually gave me bed sores!
    The men are all unappealing…
    The second girl lead can’t act her way out of a paper bag…
    Ha Won is so sickenly sweet I’d like to pop her in the chops…
    The writing is juvenile without one real moment by anyone…
    Who let the dogs out?
    I’m OUT!


    • kjtamuser says:

      That’s quite a list. I had to laugh. Bed sores? Pop her chops? LOL!
      Thanks for sticking with it as long as you could. I’ll continue on in your stead.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      A.D.DO! you make me laugh! Did you let the dogs out or are you saying you are part of the pack?!? 😛

      DOTS set a high bar for pre-produced series and this series (along with Uncontrollably Fond) isn’t quite making. When you think about comparing a drama like DOTS with a fluffy rom-com like Cinderella; it is apples and oranges. I have seen most of the actors shine in other series, I think the issue is primarily with the writing. You would think the plot would have been more methodically and thoroughly planned out.

      I concur the Hye Ji character isn’t adding any value to the story and while Ha Won is very sweet, I expected her to be a sweetie. Cinderella still have time to rise to its potential, we’ll have to see it delivers a satisfactory story. While Cinderella pales in comparison to Scarlet Heart, I like this drama and along with @KJT, will continue to watch and enjoy! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. A.D.DO! says:

    Glad I could give you guys a chuckle! “Let the dogs out” is just a saying I picked up somewhere.
    What does DOTS stand for? Sounds like you would recommend it? I need something to take the taste of this one out of my mouth. And SCARLET HEART is worth watching?
    But I will check in when this is over to see how many of you are left standing!


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Descendants of the Sun–it has been my favorite drama this year, definitely in my top 10. Solid writing, acting and awesome soundtrack–the triple threat!

      I really like Scarlet Heart–so far it looks like top 10 potential. I did watch the Chinese version and it was rather tragic, but since the Korean version is an adaptation, rather than a remake, I hope they tone down the tragedy (some of the deaths were grotesque). Many of the characters are historical figures and while they has a “dramatic license” disclosure at the beginning of each episode, but I don’t think they will stray too far from history. I hope that helps!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. threenorns3 says:

    I just watched this episode and I think there’s something that’s been overlooked:

    Lee says “My mother passed away twelve years ago”

    Ma’am says: “All right then, if you’ve erased me from your memory, feel free to keep living that way. I obviously didn’t tell him about you. Since I’ve told him that I’ve never been married. ”

    Lee replies: “Looks like I’m not the only one whose erased someone from their memory for such a long time.”

    Ma’am says: “I’d like you to do me a favour. Please pretend you don’t know me.”

    Lee replies: “And why must I do that for you?”

    Ma’am comes back with a really weird comment: “I’d like to live as a woman for the remainder of my life.”

    Clearly, Ma’am is not Lee’s mother but was his father.


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