Late Night Restaurant Episode 6 Recap

The story focuses on the regular customer Yoo Mi and her relationship with food.

Episode 6 “Steamed Spareribs and Kimchi”

This episode focuses on the cartoonist Yoo Mi that eats with gusto and is overweight.

Yoo Mi and her friend Min Jung say they know how to enjoy food.

Yoo Mi tries dieting but the efforts are short lived. She tries a variety of diets. Veggies, meats, 1 meal a day, 6 meals a day, etc.

One customer enjoys watching Yoo Mi eat. He had stomach surgery and cannot eat much.

Her friend Min Jung shares that her in-laws complain about her weight because they believe she cannot get pregnant.

Min Jung dies unexpectedly of Hyperlipidemia, an elevation of fat proteins in the blood, more commonly known as high cholesterol.

ln_ep6_6a ln_ep6_6b
This shocks Yoo Mi to diet with more vigor. But one day she caves and orders the steamed spareribs and kimchi. She imagines Min Jung telling her to live a long life.

ln_ep6_6c ln_ep6_6d
The customer that likes watching her eat is happy to see her enjoying food again. Yoo Mi admits she orders 2 bowls of rice no matter what.  He shares that he used to work too much telling himself one day he’d have a better life for all the hard work. But now, he cannot eat like he wants. He tells her there is great pleasure in eating. He makes the point that there TV shows where you can watch others eat.

The boss and henchman from episode 1 enter the cafe. They recognize the customer and call him Chairman. Master isn’t surprised. He sensed the man was more than he seemed.

ln_ep6_8a ln_ep6_8b
The Chairman doesn’t stop by the cafe anymore now that everyone knows who he is. He sends a gift for Yoo Mi with the boss. It is a beautiful small rice bowl. Now she can order 2 bowls of rice and she’s only eating 1 bowl of rice.

Yoo Mi realizes that eating at the cafe late a night is likely a determinant to her diet goals. But she states without the cafe, her life would not be as much fun.

The master muses that watching someone eat can bring you warmth. He says good fortune comes from sight-tasting.

My thoughts:

  • Lovely that the former characters from episodes 1-5 populated this epilogue of the episode.
  • Was the message enjoy your food within reason? Too bad the Chairman was outed by the boss and his henchman, he loved watching Yoo Mi eat. The small rice bowl was a charming gift.
  • The charm factor of this show was medium. The relationship between the chairman and Yoo Mi was the best part of the episode.
  • The fourth song of the OST is a pretty song “Special Relationship” is sung by Song Hee Jin. Check out this song via the link or the embedded video below:

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