My Love Eun Dong Review

My Love Eun Dong is a 2015 16 episode Korean drama a couple who have loved and lost each other twice in their past. Will the third time be the charm?

Nutshell Summary:
Our couple’s romance spans twenty years. It starts when they are teens. Then 10 years later, in their twenties, they find each other again and restart their romance. Now 10 years later, the man has searched for her (Eun Dong) but cannot find her. When he hires a ghost writer to write his story, the next phase of their story begins. But there are forces working against the 3rd restart of this romance.

Nutshell Pluses: 
1.       Teen romance was perfection.
Eun Dong is 13 and Park Hyun Soo is 17. A rainy day is the stage for their encounter. They grow to be friends and you can see young love is in play. The actors for the kickoff of their romance were fabulous. Both actors complimented each other perfectly. One was not stronger than the other. Superb first episode of this series. The teen romance set a solid foundation.
a. Our leading man, Jr. as Park Hyun Soo, was a teenage boy that unexpectedly finds himself drawn to a young girl. There friendship blossomed into a sweet and subtle love. His absolute devastation when she exits his life was heartfelt.
b. Our leading lady, Lee Ja In as Ji Eun Dong, was superb. She managed to show a 13 year old girl’s crush that developed to friendship then to a viable love.

2.       The 20’s romance defined their love as real and committed.
Eun Dong is 23 and Park Hyun Soo is 27. A rainy day is the stage for their encounter. The writer is smart to have rainy days encompass the start/stop moments in their relationship. These actors were physically different from the teen romance actors and it took a moment to adjust. Once they got on solid footing, I was rooting for this young couple.
a. Our leading man, Baek Sung Hyun as Park Hyun Soo, had faithfully looked for her for 10 years. He didn’t know (nor do we the viewer until later in the series), that she faithfully looked for him for 10 years. I liked that Hyun Soo was willing to court her even though she was dating another guy. His earnest desire to be an actor to find her was sweet.
b. Our leading lady, Yoon So Hee as Ji Eun Dong, was able to translate toying with him a bit to confirm his feelings before revealing hers. She was concerned about imbalance in their feelings. She didn’t need to worry, he was totally smitten with her. Granted her father did not support her relationship with him. Therefore she had to be bold to keep and deepen their relationship. Bully for her.
3.       The 30’s romance had major hurdles.
 This era of the romance was the bulk of the episodes. Each episode moved our couple forward so they did not stagnate. Eun Dong is 33 and Park Hyun Soo is 37. A rainy day is the stage when they finally mutually connect and reunite. The absolute disbelieving joy on his face was perfect. She could relish her history and see a future with the man she loved. Simply beautiful. They are an attractive couple.
a. Our leading man, Joo Jin Mo as Ji Eun Ho / Park Hyun Soo, was the lynchpin of the series. This character drove the series. His love was tinged with desperation. He did not want to wait to work through their hurdles. He was compelling and the stronger component of the couple. He had the advantage of absolute certainty in their love. She had obstacles to overcome to join him. Jin Mo embodied a man who fell in love young and could never release that love, telling himself that they would met again and be together forever. His facial expressions left no doubt what he was feeling. He cries well. Jin Mo looks fabulous in sunglasses. I enjoyed Jin Moo’s portrayal of this character.
b. Our leading lady, Kim Sa Rang as Seo Jung Eun / Ji Eun Dong, was elegant but a bit reserved. She characterized her love as stronger than his in the teen romance. That I believe. But if I find it hard to believe she loved him more in the 20’s. In their 30’s her hurdles were at times difficult to sit through as she inched closer to being fully reunited with our leading man. In the rain reunite scene and their physical moments, she was reserved where he had an all consuming love vibe. I liked this actress but I didn’t love her.

4. Bottom Line – I liked this series.
The three timelines to the romance were intriguing. Each version of this couple had pluses. I loved the teen romance – perfect. I liked the 20’s romance – they could admit their love and decide to commit. There were lovely moments in the 30’s romance, the bulk of the series episodes. What I did not like about the 30’s romance, was enduring all the obstacles. I wanted them to reunite permanently and got impatient. The obstacles, primarily the second leads and her family, were selfish and undeserving. So I concentrated on our couple throughout the decades. The romance every decade was worth watching. The writer Baek Mi Kyeong penned a cross decade tale that worked. I would watch another drama from this writer. Baek Mi Kyeong previously won the script-writing Grand Prize for the drama Kang Koo’s Story.
5. Shout out to Kdrama Kissesreview of this show, which intrigued me to check out this series. I had no issues with the final episode. The characters were in a sticky situation and I’m fine with the writer’s subtle choices in the final episode.
6. My favorite side character was the military maid.
She stole every scene she was in.

Nutshell Minuses:
1.       The 30’s romance had many obstacles to overcome before they could begin again. Memory loss, conspiracy to keep the truth from the leading lady, a husband and child, another woman that wants our leading man, friends that want his success to maintain their livelihood, were roadblocks to our couple reuniting. Not all of these obstacles seemed worthy of the time they took away from our couple.

11377099_427617030773505_902812659188776502_n 1146526_436112216590653_2135187192705526813_n
2.       The second leads were obsessive about our couple.
Choi Jae Ho (Kim Tae Hoon), the husband, and Jo Seo Ryeong (Kim Yoo Ri), the wanna be girlfriend, did not want what was best for the person they loved, they only wanted them exclusive in their life. That isn’t real love. That is obsession and stifling. Jae Ho actions were especially egregious. Both second leads grated my nerves at various points in this series. While they were obstacles, they were never real contenders for lead’s love.

OST: I like this OST, the vocal are good and instrumental tracks evoke the series. There was a 4 part OST with a 17 track compilation OST. See drama wiki for all the details. My favorite vocal song was “My Heart is That Way” by Kim Tae Hyun. My favorite instrumental song was “The Promise”.
The My Love Eun Dong playlist has many of the tracks from the OST. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below.


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20 comments on “My Love Eun Dong Review
  1. snow says:

    I didn’t give this a try as it looked too melodramatic to me….but have heard good things about it…including your review. The leads surely look great here!

    • kjtamuser says:

      The forces that keep the couple apart certainly qualify as providing the melodrama.I ignored that as much as possible. A good looking couple indeed. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Kay says:

    I’m so glad you got a chance to watch this drama and that you enjoyed it. It wasn’t even on my radar until it was well underway, and then I thoroughly enjoyed the epic love story feel of it. Thank you so much for the shout out! Wonderful review 🙂

    • kjtamuser says:

      I have been watching more shows starting them late in a series run or after like completion MLED. “Epic” is a good adjective for this love story. Thx again for the recommendation.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I like your adjective “epic”. It was a pleasure to watch a romance that was romantic!

  3. hariaharia says:

    I’m glad you liked MLED. The truth is without JJM, his smile, his voice-overs and his glasses(naturally!) this drama would have been an ordinary melodrama with the not-so-right amount of makjang. We watched almost everything through his eyes and his agonising recordings which made the series less melo and more like a novel ( “Notebook”-wise).
    I had various issues while watching MLED week after week but I can’t recall most of them anymore. Your points and comments are what I also remember (more or less) and that has only one explanation: overanalysis and, I have to be honest, “over”-commenting at some point, too. Now, after some time has passed, I keep on staring at JJM and his handsome face without remembering my minor objections to the plot. The tense feelings of my crush have been finally replaced by true and quiet love for this drama! ( I adore JJM anyway…)

    • kjtamuser says:

      Love your “The Notebook’ reference. He was intense and stayed true to Eun Dong a similar way as the male lead in “The Notebook”.

      I am a fan of Joo Jin Mo now, he was the center of this drama. His passion and drive to reunite with Eun Dong was crucial. The writer must have adored his performance. I need to check out other dramas he has been in. I see he won Best Actor for “Empress Ki” but 51 episodes…I don’t know.

      I love your image in your Gravatar.

      • hariaharia says:

        JJM had no luck in dramas throughout his career. Bincheonmu may be his best work with Fashion ’70s the runner-up. Empress Ki was the “victim” of fanwars and so were all the characters, especially JJM’s. That’s why I laughed really hard when we were getting trolled by MLED’s writer about his “acting habits”, e.g. how he never acts in “female-centric” dramas or how a particular writer constantly “chases” after him offering him the lead role, LOL!!
        My umbrella and I are grateful for your noticing it and liking it, cara! 😉

        • kjtamuser says:

          Appreciate your insight into writer Baek’s teasing Joo Jin Mo when she jabs at his character, Ji Eun Ho, the actor. I’ll look for more from him Joo Jin Mo in the future!

  4. IAm Jin says:

    I like this drama, but I was hooked up because of JR(Got7) who played as 17 years old Hyun Soo. Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t fan of KPOP and drool over guys. The character was not steady as it was because JR could never be depicted as Joo Jin Moo in his late age. The determination was not there anymore. I was disappointed with Sarang as she lost all the radiancy Ja In was when she was young. The sequence from childhood to teenage up to adulthood was so inappropriate. All in all I like the flow of the story but if it was me alone, the childhood memories brought a lot of weight.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I loved the teen romance too. This was my first time seeing either one of the actors in teen romance era. They had good chemistry. Thank for commenting.

  5. I thought your review was excellent and agreed quite a bit. I give Kim Sa Rang more slack than most because I am a big fan of hers. I just watched her in Secret Garden and thought she was wonderful. I think if we consider that 30-something Eu Dong had such tremendous pressures on her life we can understand why she was less ebullient than 20-something Eu Dong, even after her memory returned. Perhaps this reserve was intentional on the director’s part? By the way, I think Joo Jin Mo looks about 8-10 years older than 37. I just watched him in a bloody shoot-em-up movie, and I think he should stick to those. I just didn’t “feel” him in this role. I’m not a woman, though, maybe females find his looks more romantic than guys do, just as I find Kim Sa Rang perfect as the lovely woman that life has abused.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I can understand giving Sa Rang more latitude especially if you’ve loved her in another series. You make an excellent point about Eun Dong’s reserve. She’s stuck in a loveless marriage, she’s drawn to another man, she finds out that this man is her long lost love, she remembers everything, she pursues the forbidden relationship, she pays the price with scandal, etc. Yep, that isn’t a light and bubbly scenario.
      I can totally see Jin Mo portraying a hard guns blazing man. In this series, his looks were one aspect but it was the intensity and unshakable love for Eun Dong makes him swoon worthy.
      Sa Rang and Jin Mo were a beautiful couple. Thank you for the comments!

  6. You make more good points. Thanks for considering mine. Just discovered your site and really looking forward to exploring more of it!

  7. gg says:

    will there be a 2 season i am so crazy about this season please let there be a 2 season

    • kjtamuser says:

      There are very few second seasons in kdramas. I have not heard of a second for this series.

    • Mark Freburg says:

      I subscribe to comments on all the reviews that interest me and I had to click here and hear the reply, because I too have rarely heard of a second season with Korean dramas. But I am a newbie so I wanted to get kjjamuser’s take on this too. Actually, it seems to me that we can tell if a second season is even possible by the way a K-drama wraps up, can’t we? Most have a “happily ever after” ending that somewhat precludes the likelihood of the drama being able to continue with, well, more drama. But then again, I have to suppose that most of us sort of are waiting for that happy ending in the first place. After 20-25 eps, I know I want the guy to kiss the girl (or vice versa!), the bad guys/gals to be vanquished–or rehabilitated, and for flowers to bloom, birds to sing, and music to warm the soul. Or maybe I’m just weird.

      • kjtamuser says:

        Very few kdramas have 2nd seasons. One and done is the way. You said it well, they wrap up a series in a single season. Vampire Prosecutor had 2 seasons, Iris had 2 seasons. I did not watch the second season of either show so I do not know how different the cast and stories were.

        • Mark Freburg says:

          Were dramas like The King And I, or The Princess’s Man, both quite a number of episodes done in one season? I plan to watch those but haven’t yet.

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