Shine or Go Crazy Episode 22 Recap

Shine or Go Crazy Episode 22 Recap. This episode provided a re-balance. Wang So and Shin Yool get their power back. Sik Ryeom feels the sting of the not everything going his way. Wang Wook undergoes an personality reboot. The King agrees that Wang So may the best man to be King. 

sgc_ep22_1bsgc_ep22_1a sgc_ep22_1cThough everyone should be sleeping after a long ride to the west, Sik Ryeom’s men attack Wang So (Jang Hyuk). He has a sword but is quickly surrounded. Poong adds his sword too. He tells Wang So, he will soon be dead. Wang So deftly fights and eliminates the men one by one. He even retrieves a knife he had as a hair accessory. Wang So is a one man terminator when cornered again outside. But this time the black assassins engage and the fight is short and ends with Wang So and the black assassins. Poong yells after the men to catch Wang So.

Wang So,  Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha) and the black assassins regroup. Wang So correctly assumes the plan to kill him was in place before arrival. Wang So guesses there is something here they should not observe. He directs them to head to Sik Ryeom’s house and see if they can determine his plan.

Cue opening credits…

sgc_ep22_3bsgc_ep22_3csgc_ep22_3d  Se Won (Na Jong Chan) visits Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui). He asks for tea noting in all their years they have not shared a cup of tea.  Se Won drinks his tea first.
YW: Aren’t you on my side anymore?
SW: Aren’t you on Wang So’s side?
YW: Wang So is who the Hwang family needs.
Yeo Won drinks her tea.
SW: The day I met you I became one of your people. I have lived as one of your people. I will die as one of your people.

sgc_ep22_3esgc_ep22_3h sgc_ep22_3g
Seo Won removes the flying fish ornament from his sword and pushes it across the table to Yeo Won. He stands. Yeo Won buys a clue that this was important and asks “What do  you mean?” He bows and starts to leave.  Yeo Won calls his name with a sense of urgency. He stops, turns and says “I will always be my your side.” He smiles and leaves.

Yeo Won sits down realizing this was not a casual visit. She takes the flying fish ornament and stares.

The emotional impact of this scene surprised me. Was this goodbye from Se Won? Does Yeo Won recognize the significance of Se Won returning her gift to him?  OST 5, “If you come to me” swelled in the background during this scene. This is my favorite song off the slowest released OST ever.

While Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) sleeps, Se Won enters sword in hand. He’s not there for more tea. Can he kill his own sister? The answer is yes. Se Won raises the sword. Just as he brings it down on Shin Yool, Wang Wook’s sword stops Se Won’s sword. Shin Yool wakes. She stares as the two men face off next to her bed. They fight in the room and then take off.

The trading company family, Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young), Gang Myeong (Ahn Kil Kang), Gyu Dal (Heo Jeong Min), and Gyeong (Jung Woo Sik), rushes into Shin Yool’s room. Gyu Dal asks if an assassination. Shin Yool confirms and asks Gang Myeong and Gyeong to find Wang Wook who took off after the assassin.

sgc_ep22_4dsgc_ep22_4c  sgc_ep22_4e
Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan)and Se Won chase, fight, chase, then it all ends. This is real, they are not pretending to fight. Wang Wook drops his sword and Se Won goes to make a move. Wang Wook grabs his sword and thrusts up and through Se Won.

sgc_ep22_4f sgc_ep22_4g
Se Won removed his mask and Wang Wook see with horror who he has impaled. Se Won falls to his knees.
WW: Why?
SW: Sik Ryeom ordered the death of Shin Yool.
WW: Was this really the only way? You could have lived a new life with your sister.
SW: By my sword, many people have shed their blood. A brother like me would only be a burden to her.
WW: You need to tell her.
SW: No. Please keep this a secret until the end.

sgc_ep22_4jSe Won utters his final words…
SW: Princess, my Princess Yeo Won. When I first saw you it felt like seeing snow in the spring. The stars in the night sky look like snow. I want to show this to the Princess.

sgc_ep22_4k sgc_ep22_4m sgc_ep22_4l
Se Won collapses onto Wang Wook’s chest and dies.

It’s like I could hear Wang Wook saying “you big dumb lug” to Se Won. My gut reaction is this character was wasted at the end and tossed aside. My nitpick is Wang Wook not recognizing that he was fighting Se Won who taught him how to fight. Sad that the warrior protector to Wang Wook and more importantly Yeo Won died on a mission to kill his own sister. Shin Yool will never know about her brother. Yeo Won felt adrift when Se Won left her room. Now that he is no longer there, will anything change? Could have have helped Shin Yool?

sgc_ep22_5b sgc_ep22_5aThe trading company family is worried about Wang Wook. When he returns he side steps answer what happened to the assassin. When Shin Yool asks who sent the assassin, Wang Wook is direct saying it was Sik Ryeom for reasons unknown. He tells the family that another assassin will be sent if it is known this attempt failed. Wang Wook tells Shin Yool, “today you died”.

sgc_ep22_5d sgc_ep22_5cShin Yool says thanks but no thanks to Wang Wook’s plan. She can’t waste her precious time left faking her death. Wang Wook gets her attention when he tells her she must stay dead until Wang So returns so he can have the royal marriage annulled. What? Is he suggesting what I think he’s suggesting? “I’m going to kill you to save you.” He tells her tricking Sik Ryeom will be difficult and they must work together.  Shin Yool stares into his eyes. He seems earnest.

Wang Wook and Yeo Won honor Se Won. Yeo Won sends Wang Wook away. She can’t hold it together. This man adorded her, protected her, and was her touchstone. She stares at the stars and comments that it looks like it is snowing. She imagines she sees Se Won. She reaches out to touch him. Then the grief overwhelms her. She hits her heart with her fist. Pure love…only for her…is gone.

Awk! That scene got me. When a controlled character like Yeo Won shatters, it has impact. Ha Nui nailed that scene. Yeo Won’s reaction to Se Won’s death had a greater impact than Se Won’s death itself. My fantasy had been Se Won would support Yeo Won when Wang So and Shin Yool rode of into the sunset together. That’s not going to happen. Good grief, I’m going to be shredded if Shin Yool dies. Appropriately “Missing You” OST 3 plays in the background.

Evil lair, round 1…
Sik Ryeom’s man tells him that Shin Yool’s death is confirmed. He finds it odd the family is not accepting condolences. Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) also learns that Wang So was not killed. Fools! He declares that Wang So must be killed before he returns to the captial.

Yes, I’m feeling a bit childish. Ha, ha Sik Ryeom. You deserve a blip in your master plan.

Poong and some guards leave Sik Ryeom’s house. Wang So clearly sees that in the west Sik Ryeom is already the King.

As he maneuvers the streets two guards spot him and give chase. Wang So escape by climbing a tree and hiding on the roof. Pretty cool!

Even more awesome, Wang So jumps from the roof onto the street to confront the guards.

Even more awesome, Wang So tells the guards they know who he is, the time for games is over. He slashes one guard to send a clear message to Poong.

Wang So’s wields that ginormous sword effortlessly. Jang Hyuk could probably give lessons in swordsmanship.

sgc_ep22_9a sgc_ep22_9b
Poong is angry about the dead guard. 5000 pieces of silver to the man that brings him Wang So’s head. Poong declares he will be a worthy opponent for Wang So. You can try Poong, you can try.

sgc_ep22_10b sgc_ep22_10asgc_ep22_10cWang So and Cheong Ok work in tandem to steal the identify tag from a man.  Wang So is rocking the staw hat.

sgc_ep22_10d sgc_ep22_10esgc_ep22_10f
Eun Chun tells Wang So Sik Ryeom’s house has many new soldiers. They only know each other by the pass card. Wang So shows the pass card he stole. He tells the black assassins to each get one. Cheong Ok tells Wang So she’ll check out the layout of the house using her brothel connections. Wang So suggests that is too dangerous but she insists.  Wang So agrees and will provide cover. Eun Chun notes it will be difficult the return home. Wang So tells them they are surrounded but they will not run. Their new tactic is don’t hide and confront.

I’m enjoying seeing the authoritative Wang So!

Evil lair, round 2…
Sik Ryeom is not happy with Se Won’s absence. He tells his man to confirm Shin Yool is really dead.

Sik Ryeom’s man asks Gang Myeong if Shin Yool is really dead. Gang Myeong cofirms her sudden death. Condolences are offered.  Gang Myeong  declines the items. Sik Ryeom’s man gets prissy and Gang Myeong  admits them.

Wang Wook and the trading company are dress in white robes with black trim. Wang Wook tells Sik Ryeom’s man that Shin Yool was killed by an assassin and there has been too little time to prepare a coffin. After a stare off, Wang Wook offers to show the man Shin Yool’s body so he can report to Sik Ryeom she is dead.

sgc_ep22_13b sgc_ep22_13c sgc_ep22_13d  sgc_ep22_13f
In Shin Yool’s bedroom she is covered by white sheets. Sik Ryeom’s man insists on seeing her face. Wang Wook notes the suspicious nature of Sik Ryeom. He asks if Sik Ryeom sent the assassin that killed Shin Yool. Why is he so interested in her death? Another one of Sik Ryeom’s men flips the sheet back and check Shin Yool for a pulse. He is satisfied she is dead. They leave. Wang Wook revives Shin Yool with a vapor. The family is grateful that Wang Wook prepared for this scenario. Wang Wook tells them they cannot let their guard down. They agree to prepare to leave inconspicuously.

You have to give it to Wang Wook, he does the imperious attitude well and he was ready for Sik Ryeom’s men.

The King stares at the plaque for a clue to the 1000 year prophecy for the capital. The King peels back the top message and find another underneath that reads “Abidicate the throne to Wang So so the capital can live a 1000 years”. Bam! That a dozy of a message from their father.

sgc_ep22_15b sgc_ep22_15a
Wang Wook arrives to see the King. He asks the King to nullify the royal marriage. He candidly states Shin Yool was almost killed last night. The King asks if the attempt was from Sik Ryeom. Wang Wook confirms this and states the to trick Sik Ryeom they are pretending Shin Yool is dead. The King agrees. If the bride is dead, the royal marriage is annulled. The King asks if Wang So knows. Wang Wook no because Shin Yool wants to keep it a secret to protect Wang So.

The King surprises Wang Wook by asking what kind of man Wang So is. Wang Wook recalls Wang So’s words on the duties of the King. Wang Wook says “I don’t want to admit it, but he’s the one that dares to do what I cannot do.” Holy smokes! Wang Wook endorsed Wang So as the better candidate for King! The King asks if Wang So’s spirited mode of leadership is good. Wang Wook admits he doubted it but realized it was his jealousy talking. Wow! The word jealousy resonates with the King too. Double Wow!

I’m going to fall out of my chair…
The King asks Wang Wook if Wang So is ready to be King. Wang Wook recoils at answering. The King assures him candor is good. “Wang So wants to be King more than anyone, but he does not know if yet.” The King repeats “Wang So wants to be King more than anyone, but he does not know if yet.”

Wang Wook, the scales have fallen from your eyes. King, you are accepting that your time in the throne is likely up. I’m still stunned at that these two jealous (and that is the perfect word) men are calling a spade a spade and admitting Wang So has the moxy, drive, and ability to be a better King than either or them. Man, I did not see this coming!

sgc_ep22_16asgc_ep22_16b Cheong Ok flatters Poong by saying she came from the capital to visit a friend in the local brother and just had to see him. Oh no, the man she and Wang So lifted the identification tag from recognizes her. Poong invites her in for tea. The man whispers in Poong’s ear. Cheong Ok does not see this. Not good for our girl assassin!

Two of Sik Ryeom’s soldiers catch Wang So spying. He flashes the identification tag and they hurry away. Wang So spots the man he lifted the identification tag from.

sgc_ep22_16dsgc_ep22_16e sgc_ep22_16fsgc_ep22_16g
Poong and Cheong Ok chat. A woman, no doubt from the local brothel, enters. She does not recognize Cheong Ok. Poong draws his sword. Cheong Ok draw a dagger. Advantage, Poong. Wang So observes from the window. The tagless man demands to know where his identification tag is. He realizes Wang So took it. Poong reazlies Cheong Ok is a black assassin. She is arrested and will be bait to trap Wang So. Thank goodness, Wang So is aware and this is not a blind trap.

sgc_ep22_16isgc_ep22_16j Poong receives a letter from Sik Ryeom. He puts the letter in a box and leaves the room. Wang So breaks into the room and reads the letter. It orders Poong to get rid of Wang So as soon as possible, prepare the soldiers, a riot will occur in the capital soon. And in that moment, the balance between good and evil starts to even out again.

sgc_ep22_17aAs promised, Wang So is not hiding and confronting. He puts a sword to Poong’s neck as the men escort Cheong Ok.  Wang So tells the men if they want Poong to live, they must untie her and lay down their swords. After a pause, Poong orders them to comply. Wang So gets Cheong Ok a look. A fight ensues. Cheong Ok has some nice spin moves. They escape.

Wang So order the black assassin to split up and make their way to the capital. He and Eun Chun will return to the capital through the requisitioned men.

Evil lair, now he’s getting mad…
Sik Ryeom is livid that Wang So has escaped his clutches again. His lackey tells him that the roads to the capital are heavily guarded. He informs him that Wang Wook asks the King to nullify the royal marriage. Sik Ryeom asks if there has been any words from Se Won. He wonders if Wang Wook killed Se Won after he killed Shin Yool. He rejects that thought. Wang Wook does not have the swordsmanship to best Se Won.

sgc_ep22_19dsgc_ep22_19fsgc_ep22_19e  Wang Wook tells Shin Yool their marriage is annulled. She stares. He asks if he did something wrong. She tells him she is thankful and sorry. Wang Wook states he wants her to see him as a man. He wants her to know that she made his heart flutter, his emotions surge and put a spring in his step. He asks her to remember that she did that for him. He gently kisses her forehead. He tells her he’s glad that he met her. She agrees that she’s glad she met him. They smile at each other. He leaves.

Who is this guy? Did someone slip Wang Wook a grow up now pill? When he’s not being a jerk, Wang Wook does have a certain degree of charm.

sgc_ep22_120asgc_ep22_20bsgc_ep22_20c  Shin Yool is leaving to work on getting better. She gives Gyu Dal a ledger from Yeo Won. She asks her family not to tell Wang So she is alive when he returns to the capital. No, no, no! Do NOT cut out the heart of the man you love that way! Her family looks shocked at this cruel request. Her justification? When Wang So returns from the west, his war with Sik Ryeom will begin in earnest. She cannot be an obstacle in that war. She states until the war is over, she will remain dead.

This kind of logic kills me every time. I don’t want to get involved in the war. So I’ll crush the heart and soul of the man I love who must fight in the war. Do you think that will give Wang So an advantage? The logic that I can withdraw from someone’s life for their own good…bogus…prevalent…annoying.

We’ve come full circle…
Shin Yool in a veil leaves with Wang Wook in the middle of the night. Sik Ryeom’s men watch them go. But wait…Shin Yool dressed as Gaebong exits the trading company with Baek Myo and go in the opposite direction.

sgc_ep22_21b sgc_ep22_21asgc_ep22_21c
At the medical retreat…
Shin Yool tells Baek Myo words she heard (from Se Won): Everything has it’s time. In Birth there is time for death. In encounters there is time for farewells. In laughter there is time for sadness. Enjoy life while you can. That is the only reason to survive. Shin Yool admits when she heard those words, she suddenly wanted to live. “I don’t know how much time I have, but I won’t wait for death to come. I’m alive and I want to enjoy life.” Baek Myo says “Now you seem like yourself.”

So if Se Won’s legacy for Shin Yool is providing her a desire to live, then so be it. I’m loving Shin Yool getting her mojo back.

sgc_ep22_22b sgc_ep22_22a
Yeo Won misses Se Won. She tells him she knows his real name was Ho Yool. She declares that he must shine on into the heavens. She leaves the flying fish ornament at his marker.

Wang Wook gives Yeo Won the ledger from Shin Yool.  She looks at the ledger and raises her eyes to Wang Wook in surprise. He tells her this ledger records all the transaction of the noblemen for the last 5 years. Yeo Won says this information combined with the brothel information is a powerful weapon. Yeo Won asks about Shin Yool. Wang Wook says the doctors she sent are working with her day and night. Yeo Won tells him to keep his expectations low.

I’m pleased that Shin Yool offered her own weapon in the war of the status quo power of the nobels. I’m pleased that Yeo Won realized she could add more firepower with her information from the brothel. I’m pleased that Yeo Won provided the doctors that are treating Shin Yool. This brother and sister duo certainly experienced the light switch flip of their personalities in this series. One second Yeo Won is ordering Shin Yool’s death and now she’s got doctors treating her for a longer life. One second Wang Wook is blundering with a single goal of Shin Yool body living and jealously rampant with Wang Wo and now he’s released her from the royal marriage and endorsed Wang So to be King.

Wang So and Eun Chun walk with the rest of the consigned men. The man that Wang So allowed to marry recognizes him. Wang So asks what those in shackles did. They tried to escape is the answer. During a break Wang So asks a man in shackles why he tried to escape. I was tried and hungry is the answer. The man says Sik Ryeom has their food at his house. The other man asks what is the King doing to help his people?

Poong strides down the street and the men make room for his procession. Oh no, the man approaches Poong and tells him their food, clothing, and tools have been confiscated by Sik Ryeom. Poong gives his men a look and walks on. The men start hitting the man.

sgc_ep22_25a sgc_ep22_25b
Wang So cannot watch it happen. He yells at the men to stop. Poong turns. The guards go after Wang So. He dispenses with them easily. He strides to the hurt man. Poong orders his men to capture him offering a reward.

sgc_ep22_25d sgc_ep22_25e sgc_ep22_25fFurious, Wang So yells to everyone that he is the son of the First King who founded this nation. He declares he will protect the people now. Eun Chun comes forward and bows offering the sword. The consigned men recognize Wang So as the Prince that won the fighting contest. Wang So lifts the sword and yells with his heart.

We’ve just witnessed a King be born.

Wang So sees he can no longer stand by the throne but must be in the throne.

* Superb episode. The stranglehold of depression is broken. Our leads get their mojo back. Lots of positive points in this episode. It was a pleasure to watch.
* Shin Yool decides living is the right option. I’m happy she has decided to fight to live. Whether or not the treatment will mitigate her coldness episode is unsure. I’m not happy with her choice to keep Wang So in the dark that she is alive.
* Wang Wook…what is there to say? This guy flip flopped in one episode from jealous selfish jerk to a man that cared about Shin Yool, his sister Yeo Won, and the best ruler for that nation. The change is unbelievable. It is welcome. But the change was abrupt.
* Se Won, Se Won, you die and leave behind a sister that never knew you, a woman that loved and relied on you more than she knew, and her brother that killed you. Se Won had a softness to him that could have turned him to the good side just like Wang Wook experienced. I liked Se Won but felt the character was short changed and could have played a more prominent role than quiet muscle for others.
* The balance between good and evil is starting to even out and Sik Ryeom is not happy. Ha! It’s about time.
* Yeo Won’s mourning of Se Won was touching. Yeo Won finding doctors for Shin Yool was a nice surprise. Yeo Won realizing that Shin Yool’s ledgers combined with her own as a weapon against the nobles was a welcomed addition to the re balancing between good and evil.
* Jang Hyuk as Wang So was like the phoenix rising from the ashes. He got his power back. I can’t get his ending scenes out of my head as he rises and declares himself protector of the people. Jang Hyuk embodied the righteous indignation and declaration that the time for change. You already know this, but Jang Hyuk is a superb actor.
* Yeon Seo’s portrayal of Shin Yool made me glad she decided to engage in life and fight for it. Her interaction with Wang Wook when he set her free – lovely. She supported him and validated his choices. He did not walk away from that relationship broken and vengeful. Bully for her to have the ledgers of the noblemen.
* Only 2 episodes to go. You can see the possibility that Shin Yool and Wang So might live and have a chance. You see the possibility that Sik Ryeom will lose. You can see the possibility of this series having a satisfying ending not a gut wrenching one. 


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10 comments on “Shine or Go Crazy Episode 22 Recap
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  2. pohyoke says:

    I laughed to hear the words from Wang So and Wang Wook:
    Wang So, when asking Shin Yool about the ledger of the slaves(ep21)..’Don’t worry..'(famous last words)
    Wang Wook, when letting Shin Yool go “Did I do something wrong..’ (oft repeated words of husband to a wife)

    Poor dear Se Won. It cost him something to see his sister and to recall his mother and a time when he was loved, cared for and touched. It was sad when he asked Yeo Won for a warm cup of tea because he had or, let alone being served one, by the person he lived for. He lived as a sword in Sik Ryeom’s hands, only to kill or be killed. Even Yeo Won used him as such when it suited her, to kill Shin Yool. In the game for power, everyone is dispensable or a pawn depending on whose perspective. Even Wang So is treated as a pawn for the Hwang family, a necessity, as told by Yeo Won. I think Se Won could only live if he did not reflect.

    Yeo Won and Wang Wook claimed that they were creatures of their circumstances but they had choices because they had privileges,status, to some extent power and goals in life.
    Se Won’s life, if he had thought about it, would be like:
    ‘ Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more. It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing’ Macbeth
    If his life is anchored in Yeo Won and the Hwang family, it is no anchor at all and perhaps, it is no wonder he choose death in the end.

    I find it interesting that Shin Yool works and thinks like some CEO of a large company. She gives out information on a ‘need to know ‘ basis. As far as her being alive is concerned, perhaps, too many people know about it, too many spies, too much of complications to say ‘tell him when he is back’. Her modus operandi seemed to be ‘get on with what each of us must do and can do’ and it may be wise for the time being to let things be.It is not illogical for her to disappear from Wang So’s life, with a war on his hand, Yeo Won and the throne within view. But of course, this is kdrama, and it will not be good for that to happen.

    And yes, it is good that even in her state, she knew what information would be of use to add to the power game and she knew that person to use it is Yeo Won. ..follow the money trail.

    • dawnshine says:

      Yea, Shin Yool does work and think like modern days CEO of large company. That’s one good example to illustrate her unique interesting character – contemporary thinking of a female in ancient time.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Certainly Se Won’s life was as instrument for others. With Shin Yool as a sister, he could have broken that cycle. It is not only Se Won’s untapped potential that bothers me, but Shin Yool forever lost a connection to her mother and her early life. Se Won could have been a touch stone and offered support for her. She doesn’t know who she is. Another case of those that love keeping the truth for the good of another. I chafe at that logic.

      Your selected quote from Macbeth…beautiful.

      I agree with dawnshine, the CEO logic is clever indeed.

      You zeroed in on Shin Yool’s smart tracking of the money trail. Funny how the money trial can identify the power brokers irregardless of the historical timeframe.

  3. dawnshine says:

    Choosing not to tell WS that she’s alive is definitely what Shin Yool would definitely do. This is a very Shin Yool mentality and approach. She always does not want WS to worry about her. In episode 8 when WS was battling with SW (Red Assassin), to save her WS was hurt. She told him there then, “In future do not save me, take care of yourself first.” And throughout the whole show, she has never mentioned about her troubles to WS even at the risk of her life, she chose to deal with them alone. She just wants to help WS rather than adding problems to him. Not forgetting how much she’s been blaming herself for risking WS’ life due to their Gaebong wedding. Realizing she’s been used as a bait by WSR, she knows her presence will only give more opportunity for WSR to use against WS.

    Actually don’t you think both SW and SY are so alike. Both are very self-less and they only care and concern about the people they love? They could go all the way to do whatever for their loved ones. They are definitely brother and sister. The pair of siblings have a selfless heart!

    • dawnshine says:

      Although Shin Yool didn’t mention in ep 22, I think part of the reason she wants to “disappear” from WS’ life is also because of knowing YW wants to be queen. Right now she wishes YW to be able to assist WS by gathering all the Noble Clans of the Capital City to defend the Noble Clans of the Western City (led by WSR). Her presence might be awkward in this. Although I wish Shin Yool could directly be involved in assiting WS, at least she gave all the corruption of the Western City Noble Clans information she gathered over the last 5 years to YW, which will be very helpful for WS. It just shows how much love she has for WS and even though she can’t be there to assist him, she’s done more than anyone in any possible way. She is definitely his light.

      • kjtamuser says:

        Frankly I had not thought of her consideration that Yeo Won could be valuable in the final battle with Sik Ryeom. I appreciate you pointing out that angle.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I can agree that Shin Yool’s decision to hide she’s alive follows what she has done in the past. You cite solid examples.

      However, letting the man you love think you are dead, seems excessive and cruel. I don’t see how Shin Yool thinks Wang So separate himself from that loss and engage with a clear head as he enters the final battle with Sik Ryeom. She saw his pain when he had to disavow their relationship.

      You could also say that Wang So and Shin Yool are well matched in their selfless behavior.

  4. Nao says:

    Loved the last scene! It gave me chills, especially jang hyuk’s fierce expressions. I can’t wait till Monday and Tuesday!

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