Shine or Go Crazy Episode 11 Recap

Shine or Go Crazy Episode 11 Recap. Superb episode packed with a big reveals and confrontations. Our couple had some cute moments. Finally they both know who each other is. Better enjoy it…a storm in the form of Yeo Won is brewing.

ep11_1c ep11_1b
Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) asks Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan) why he neglected to tell her So So was his brother. Wang Wook gets points for honesty when he says he didn’t want Wang So to know she was a woman. I’ll show you why. He pulls her into hug. Shin Yool pushes him away. Wang Wook declares the next time they meet, he will be different. He asks her to wait for him. He quickly leaves.

Wang Wook meets Wang So (Jang Hyuk). Wang So wants to know if Wang Wook is mad about losing to him. Wang Wook snaps they aren’t close enough that he would share complaints with him. Ha! Now we get down to business. Wang So asks Wang Wook who trained him in sword fighting? Easy as pie, Wang Wook lies he learned sword fighting from a wandering warrior. Wang So asks if he could meet this warrior. Wang Wook says they lost touch long ago. He stands to leave.
Wang So: Why did you kept me in the dark that Gaebong was the assistant head of the trading company and that she was a woman?
Wang Wook sits back down, stares at Wang So before clearly stating:
Wang Wook: It’s because I want her as my woman.
Bam! Points for honesty about Shin Yool. Negative points for lying about the fighting mentor.
Wang Wook: Now that you know, will you back away?
Now Wang So makes Wang Wook wait for his response by slowing sipping his wine and pretending to consider that matter.
Wang So: She’s already mine.
Double Bam! Loving it!
Wang Wook: The assistant head or Gaebong?
Wang So: It does not matter who it is. It’s important that it is her. If she chooses you, I will not stop her. But Wook…that will not happen.
Oh the arrogant confidence of Wang So…I could watch this kind of scene all day!
Wang Wook smiles the smile of a man that is angry.
Wang Wook: Oh you are so like father. I will show you! The assistant head will walk into my arms. No matter what.
Wang Wook leaves stomping away from Wang So.
Simply awesome scene! Jang Hyuk and Ju Hwan delivered the macho territorial zeal about Shin Yool in that conversation.

The dowager Queen meets with the adviser that tried to warn her earlier about Sik Ryeom’s intentions. She admits she was wrong and he was right. She admits she was blind about Sik Ryeom. The adviser is adamant that Wang So saved the King. The Queen says this is a different Wang So. She wonders “how could that cursed child, shine like that?” Everyone seems to have taken their blinders off this episode. Terrific that the Queen appreciates Wang So’s contribution. Nice she used the word “shine”.

ep11_4a ep11_4b
The King’s adviser Ji Mong visits the Queen. She tells him he cannot lie to her. She knows about his prediction at Wang So’s birth: if Wang So became a prince he would cause bloodshed to the royal family and cause many deaths. Ji Mong realizes the Queen overheard his prediction to the King many years ago. The Queen asks, “can destiny change?” Ji Mong states the star Wang So was born under can be darkness or light. If Wang So meets someone born under Polaris, he will be a brilliant King. He tells her that is the part of his prophecy she must not have heard. Horrified she could have been so wrong, the Queen sputters, his brother died because of Wang So. Ji Mong calmly states that was someone’s plan to kill the prince and blame Wang So. The reaction of the royal family and nobles cursed Wang So and sealed his fate. The Queen asks the correct question “Why didn’t you tell me?” With maddening calm, Ji Mong states “Wang So is destined to be King. If everyone had known this, he would have been killed already.” Again the Queen asks the correct question “What will happen to the current King?” Ji Mong states her husband “The first King made plans for Wang So long ago. The woman born under Polaris that will illuminate Wang So is Yeo Won.” The Queen now understands why her husband pushed Wang So and Yeo Won to marry.

Alone in her chambers, the Queen remembers how cruel she was to Wang So. She cries and utters the words she needs to say to Wang So…”I’m sorry”.

Cue the opening credit photo…

Let me break in and say that was the best 13 minutes opening of this series yet! Frank confrontations and conversations. Superb!

Yeo Won’s maid tells Gil Bok that Wang So is being seduced by the assistant head of the trading company. If she succeeds, then Wang So will lose his power. Gil Bok does not want Wang So to backslide into the abyss. The maid says they need to work together to make Yeo Won and Wang So a real married couple. The maid tells Gil Bok that he must keep her apprised of Wang So’s every movement and especially if he goes to the trading company.

On cue, Wang So enters the trading company trying to determine how to interact with Gaebong. Gil Bok startles him and congratulate him on winning the princes fighting competition. Gil Book asks if Wang So is meeting the assistant head. Wang So says he is meeting Gaebong. Gil Bok says Gaebong is the assistant head. Wang So is surprised Gil Bok knew the truth. Hate to tell you Wang So but everyone knew the truth. Wang So asks Gil Bok to go the mountain and fetch something. Gil Bok protests it is raining. Wang So hands him an umbrella and sends him on his way. Ha!

ep11_7b ep11_7a
Wang So spots Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young) while he searches and calls for Gaebong. “You with the temper, come here. The mute is here too, come here. ” LOL! Baek Myo tell Gyeong (Jung Woo Sik) she cannot say what she wants because Wang So is a prince.

Gyu Dal (Heo Jeong Min) and Gang Myeong (Ahn Kil Kang) spot Wang So. Wang So asks Gyu Dal “Mr. Handsome, what’s wong?” Gyu Dal apologizes for hitting him. Everyone is so polite Wang So cannot stand it. He implores them to treat him as they did So So. Gang Myeong says that cannot be that informal. He suggests they call him Prince So So. Wang So agrees with a hearty laugh. Baek Myo says she must prepare Shin Yool’s bath. She and Gyeong leave. Gyu Dal and Gang Myeong each make an excuse and leave Wang So sputtering and alone.

ep11_9b ep11_9a
Wang So realizes last time at the bath house he saw Gyeong in all his glory.

ep11_10b ep11_10a
Finally Wang So has an advantage with Shin Yool. He calls for Gaebong and Shin Yool slips into her guy disguise. Wang So looks and confirms Gaebong is a woman.  Wang So tells Gaebong that he came to see the assistant head today. Shin Yool tells him to wait in the VIP room and she’ll get the assistant head. Wang So smiles loving this moment. Baek Myo and Shin Yool struggle to quickly change into the female clothes. When she (veiled) enters the VIP room, Wang So asks why she came without Gaebong. Wang So states his greeting to her is done and he wants to visit with Gaebong. Shin Yool promises to bring Gaebong and leaves. Yep, after 10 episodes of cluelessness, Wang So is enjoying this moment of revenge.

ep11_11a ep11_11b
But wait it gets better! When Gaebong returns, Wang So takes him to the bath house. He lifts Gaebong and throws him into the bath. As Shin Yool stands her breasts are obvious and she crosses her arms over them. Wang So asks why she kept her identity from him. She tells him she had a reason. She counters he also hid that he was a prince.

ep11_11c ep11_11e
Wang So stares in her eyes and thanks her for being a woman. Shin Yool is surprised. Wang So demonstrates the advantage and kisses her. Interesting spot for their first kiss present day. Baek Myo calls and Wang So jumps into the bath. When Baek Myo leaves to get more hot water, Wang So pulls her into the bath and kisses her underwater. You might elect to breathe versus kiss if you were Wang So, but the underwater kiss is more fun.

ep11_12b ep11_12a
Sitting around with the trading company gang, Shin Yool thinks to Wang So they still must pretend to be two men or Baek Myo will not allow him to visit. Wang So thinks he must make Baek Myo like him. To that end he tells Baek Myo she is a BOC = Ball of Charm. Gang Myeong gags. Baek Myo tells Wang So to go home. She reminds him his wife is waiting for him. Even that doesn’t stop the flirting between Wang So and Shin Yool. I must say, they are obvious but darling. Baek Myo leaves the table after Wang So mistakenly plays footsie with her. Gyu Dal mutters drunkenly about his sister coming to the capital to find someone. Gang Myeong takes him away before he says more. Wang So ask who she came to the capital for. She does not answer. He demands to know.

The King reads many scrolls that urge the King to eliminate or arrest the black assassins. So you don’t email recommendations to the King you send him a scroll. One of the scrolls emits more poisonous fumes. The King declares he will protect the black assassins.

ep11_13a ep11_13b
Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) demands the King take care of the black assassins. The King is practically in tears as he chokes out there is no evidence against the black assassins only rumors. Then the King laughs uncontrollably. The nobles looks at each other in concern. Is the King losing his mind right in front of them?

Sik Ryeom drops the bomb that Wang So is the leader of the black assassins. Sik Ryeom tells the King Wang So is a traitor that wants to take over the throne. The Kings says he does not believe him. Sik Ryeom tells the King it is the truth.

The King’s adviser asks Eun Chun how Wang So met the assistant head of the trading company. Ah that’s right, the last person on the planet clueless is Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha). The adviser says that is the assistant head. Believing Shin Yool to be a potential wedge between Wang So and Yeo Won, he is not excited about their relationship. He tells Eun Chun to stop their relationship.

Let’s see…against Wang So and Shin Yool – Wang Wook, Yeo Won, Baek Myo, King’s adviser, etc….you get the idea.

Shin Yool continues to impress when she guesses the King might be suffering from poisoning.

Gyu Dal tells her the royal carriage is here for her. This time the person that sent the carriage is the dowager Queen.

Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui) and the dowager Queen chat over tea. The Queen asks who Yeo Won rooted for in the princes fight competition – her husband or her brother? Yeo Won side steps a direct answer. The Queen states her loyalty should be to her husband. She cuts to the chase and asks why there are no babies after 5 years of marriage? Yeo Won looks pained. The Queen tells her Wang So must know he can depend on her. The Queen is told Shin Yool has arrived.

ep11_15bep11_15cep11_15dThis should be interesting. The Queen invites Shin Yool to sit. Yeo Won and Shin Yool eye each other warily. The Queen tells her she was impressed by her wisdom when the King interrogated her at the end of the princes competition. The Queen wants some of her wisdom and for her to select a gift for her son. The Queen admits she has been hurtful to Wang So. Yeo Won spies the half butterfly talisman hanging from Shin Yool’s neck. Her eyes register shock.  She recalls Wang So’s half butterfly talisman. She buys a clue. Shin Yool suggests the Queen share pearl tea with Wang So to symbolize the tears they have shed about each other. The Queen loves the suggestion.  She recommends Yeo Won keep Shin Yool close to her to “get advice for your problems with your husband”. Bam! Yeo Won smiles a smile that does not signify joy.

ep11_16b ep11_16a
After tea, Yeo Won stares at Shin Yool. She comes close and pulls out her half butterfly talisman. Yeo Won asks what it is. Shin Yool states it is a common talisman. Yeo Won recalls Wang So telling her his half butterfly was a talisman. Yeo Won asks why it is a half talisman. Shin Yool says it was a half talisman from the beginning. Yeo Won returns the talisman inside Shin Yool vest and presses her hand to her chest. It all a bit too personal and there is an underlying message that both women understand.

ep11_17b ep11_17a
As Yeo Won enters their home, Wang So exits. Yeo Won tells Wang So the Queen wishes to see him. He chuckles and states the Queen would never want to see him. He leaves.

Shin Yool holds her half butterfly talisman and tries to assure herself that Yeo Won does not know about her and Wang So.

Geum Sun (Jin Seo Yeon) recalls Yeo Won ordering her to find out everything about Cheong Ok. To that end, she sends a man to follow Cheong Ok. Eun Chun talks to her covertly while she looks at fruit for her father’s memorial. Her sister surprises her at the memorial. The man watches.

Yeo Won’s father tells Wang So to stop hiding his light under a bushel. Wang So tells he just barely defeated Wang Wook. He asks who trained Wang Wook. Yeo Won’s father says a guardian warrior trained Wang Wook long ago. Wang So asks where he can find the guardian warrior. Yeo Won’s father snipes he kicked him out six years ago. Ah, the timeline fits with killing the first King.

Eun Chun tells Wang So that Sik Ryeom has likely secured the other bronze mirror tokens. Wang So is not surprised. He tells Eun Chun to find out who Wang Wook and Yeo Won’s guardian warrior was when they were children. Eun Chun asks if he will return to the trading company. Wang So does not say no. Sighing Eun Chun switches topics and tells him that the word is the dowager Queen has had a change of heart about him.

ep11_21b ep11_21a
Se Won (Na Jong Chan), who is a good looking man, and Wang Wook discuss Wang So. This means Wang Wook tells him Wang So was asking who trained him. Wang Wook knows that Wang So has fought with Se Won. Wang Wook wants to know if it was a the temple. Wang Wook believes Se Won was at the temple and knocked him out. Wang Wook asks if Se Won is working for Sik Ryeom.  Se Won just looks at Wang Wook. Se Won’s dialog is so minimal, it makes me laugh. Every scene I wonder if he will speak. He is the strong and silent type!

ep11_22b ep11_22a
Se Won recalls a happier past when he guarded Yeo Won and they cared for each other. But one day her father discerned their relationship was more familiar than he wanted. Yeo Won has a lovely smile. Present day she does not have the opportunity to smile like that.

ep11_22c ep11_22d
Yeo Won meets Se Won and asks what Sik Ryeom plans to do to Wang Wook since he lost the princes fighting competition. Se Won tells her Sik Ryeom is disappointed but has no plans. He asks if Yeo Won is happy Wang So won the princes fighting competition. Yeo Won says she has no reason to be sad. Se Won asks if she treated Wang So. She says nothing which tells him she did treat Wang So. He asks if she was feelings for Wang So. She says nothing which tells him she does care for Wang So. She asks him to watch over Wang Wook. Se Won recalls Wang Wook asking him not to tell Yeo Won about his activities. Yeo Won adjusts his collars like she did years ago. But this time she steps back instead of leaning into him. Se Won leaves. Now in this scene he did most of the talking and Yeo Won did not over share. Makes sense that he actually talks to the woman he loves.

She asks her maid if Gyu Dal is the head of the trading company. She guesses her henchman has prepared things well. Ok, that does not sound good.

ep11_23c ep11_23b

Gyu Dal goes to Geum Sun’s establishment. He is disappointed to find an empty room. Geum Sun tells him her girl is getting ready and to relax until she comes. She puts something in the fire that emits a light smoke. She leaves the room. When she returns Gyu Dal is under the grip of the smoke. Geum Sun tells him that he must answer her questions truthfully. She asks about So So. Gyu Dal comments about his butt. She asks about Wang So. Gyu Dal says he is crazy not to sleep with his beautiful wife. She ask if Shin Yool has a man. Gyu Dal spills the secret that Shin Yool married Wang So years ago. She is stunned. She asks him again. Gyu Dal again states that Shin Yool married Wang So years ago in Gaebong. He spills the rest of the secret. Wang So does not realize Shin Yool is the woman he married years ago. Geum Sun is stunned by this revelation. Gyu Dal looks at Geum Sun and states Shin Yool is Wang So’s first wife.

Bam! Big Reveal! Wanna bet how Yeo Won will take this news?

Turns out, Yeo Won is not happy at all. She sits and tries to calm herself. She takes a pair of scissors and cuts a rose from the stem. Are you thinking the rose is Shin Yool?


Wang So stares at his mother’s quarters and hesitates to go to her. After a moment he decides to talk to his mother.

Unfortunately the timing is bad. Sik Ryeom is meeting with the dowager Queen who bemoans that Wang So ruined the competition. The Queen lies that she knows only Sik Ryeom can protect the King. Sik Ryeom stares at the Queen and thinks “yes, you bow to me”. The Queen stares at Sik Ryeom and thinks “I can fight you, but I will not.  There are those I must protect.” The Queen is following the rule “keep your friends close but your enemies closer”. 

Wang So arrives. Sik Ryeom invites Wang So to sit and join them. The Queen voids that offer and tells Wang So to leave.  He does. Sik Ryeom leaves too. The Queen sighs and sags disappointed that her moment with Wang So was ruined.

We end with Yeo Won thinking “5 years ago, Wang So was a prince without a royal title and secretly got married. Now my opponent is the assistant head of the trading company.” She pulls her sword from the sheath. She slashes at the white tiger on Wang So’s embellishments from the fighting competition. Game on!

* Superb episode. Not sure the writer could have packed anything else in!  My overarching opinion – this drama is filled with smart, capable characters. They see the ripple effect of the secrets. They plot to maneuver themselves or those they love into a better position. They stick to their goals.
The only dumb character is Gil Bok, who I loathe as he sticks out like a sore thumb. The actor’s portrayal is grating as well.
1. Strong start to this episode with the confrontation between Wang So and Wang Wook where each man boldly staked claim to Shin Yool.
2. The Queen realizing she had not heard the full prophecy and had mistreated Wang So for years. Her sorrow at the egregious error felt real. Then to be unable to apologize but instead be forced to continue her hateful treatment of Wang So because of Sik Ryeom’s presence…I felt bad for both Wang So and the Queen.
3. Sik Ryeom telling the King that Wang So is the leader of the black assassins. Our delusional King did not believe him…this time.
4. Yeo Won realizing that Wang So and Shin Yool have the other half to their butterfly talisman.
5. Se Won guessing that Yeo Won nursed Wang So to health and cares for him.
6. Gyu Dal sharing the secret that Shin Yool and Wang So married 5 years ago. That was the big reveal.
* Jang Hyuk as Wang So finally got to enjoy Shin Yool’s multiple costume changes as she flipped between Gaebong and Shin Yool. He didn’t drag it out too long, letting her know he knew she was a woman. The kisses above and below the water line could have been staged and filmed a bit better. The cinematographer for this series as well as the lighting director could improve in areas. Wang So finally had an episode without major angst. Nice to see him get a reprieve.
* Yeon Seo’s portrayal of Shin Yool is solid. She is an intelligent character.  I like that she realized that Yeo Won may be on to her. I enjoyed her flirtation with Wang So. Nice to see them playful, happy and both aware of who each other is. If there are two female characters that can tangle and make it interesting, it is Shin Yool and Yeo Won.


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  2. fz says:

    I always love Jang Hyuk but is it possible for me to love him even more ?He’s gorgeously too good looking!

  3. pohyoke says:

    Nothing like a bit of competition to make one’s spouse look more valuable and desirable. . and so it may be with Yeo Won.

    Shin Yool is well portrayed, giving out that gentle, guileless feeling, which makes her so attractive. Shin Yool and Wang So behave like two teenagers in love, silly and giddy,in a world of their own, oblivious of the forces against them, with no desire for power or honour and yet we are always aware that they are two ‘successful, matured man and woman of the world’..such a blissful, desirable state.

    I really like Shin Yool’s family. However, they remind me of the phrase ‘”Easy is the descent into Hell, for it is paved with good intentions.”

    • kjtamuser says:

      I like the way you described our couple “oblivious of the forces against them”. New love is intoxicating.
      Good phrase about Shin Yool’s family. While Gyu Dal has his own self-centered charm…”loose lips sink ships”.

  4. Nao says:

    I love how cutesy they were acting after the bathtub kiss. It was both hilarious and adorable.

  5. maryxiah says:

    I was excited to see Wang So’s reaction to knowing Gae Bong is a girl, but the bathub kiss felt like a knockoff of Empress Ki’s bathtub kiss, I was slightly disappointed.

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