Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 2 Recap

Strong episode reveals our heroine has a back bone. Buried deep she has the memories to reveal the identity of Dr. Kang’s assailant. To help her remember is Tae Joo, a hynposis doctor, portrayed by Sung Joo in a cute haircut. Robin emerges at a critical time to protect Ha Na. Robin’s smile…sweet! 

Koo Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) asks his assistant, Kwon Young Chan (Lee Seung Jun), to send Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min) away when she presses him to admit her rescued her. She notices his necklace and asks about it. He is not in a talkative mood and tells her to leave. Seo Jin wonders why Robin (his alternative personality that protects people) is back. We find out why when Ha Na flashes back to as a child hanging from a bridge. Someone reaches over to pull her up. The man was wearing the necklace that Seo Jin wears now. Child Ha Na could not hold the man’s grasp and fell into the water. Wow! Seo Jin is the man and dives into the water. He pulls child Ha Na to the surface. Once again you clearly see the necklace.  Present day Ha Na tells herself it could not be the same man that saved her as a child. Seo Jin is a jerk, the man that saved her was caring. The writer shoots and scores with that plot point. Excellent reveal!

ep2_12a ep2_12b
Seo Jin’s parents, Koo Myung Han (Lee Deok Hwa) and Han Joo Hee (Kim Do Yeon), learn from the chauffeur that Seo Jin went into the water again to save a woman but does not remember the similar past experience. They are not happy.

Seo Jin can only conclude Robin came back to save Ha Na. His assistant concurs. Seo Jin remember’s Dr. Kang promise of a treatment to cure him. The doctor is declared missing and the police are investigating the bloody scene and her disappearance. The detective’s repetitive use of the word “cue” was amusing. The CCTV was turned off only in the areas the assailant used. Seo Jin realizes he saw assailant leaving Dr. Kang’s office. Recall Robin fought the assailant on the roof top.

The police call Ha Na to arrange to take her statement in the morning. She complains to her friend Seo Jin is a cold emotional man. Seo Jin could not be the prince that saved Ha Na as a child. The friend chides Ha Na that she thought Seo Jin might be the same man.

Seo Jin’s father wants him to leave town. Seo Jin refuses, reminding his father of his business successes and personal sacrifices over the last 5 years. His father feels uneasy but does not send Seo Jin away. He believes Robin will be back. I am curious why everyone has a such a negative reaction to a protective personality (besides being an alternative personality, Robin seems nice).

When Se Jin returns home, he heads to his secret room, where he reviews footage from 5 years ago of Robin helping others. He goes to a secret website and records a message for Robin. He tells Robin he is no longer needed or wanted and needs to disappear.

The next morning Seo Jin realizes that Ha Na was a witness to Dr. Kang’s disappearance.

Ha Na is interviewed by the police. Last time she saw Dr. Kang she was on the floor in a pool of blood. The police officer says Dr. Kang is missing. The police officer gets a call and his manner with Ha Na changes to accusatory. What was her relationship with the doctor? How did she enter the building? Seo Jin walks up and tells the officier Ha Na came into the building by a rope. Ha Na counters that was the only way as the was forbidden to enter the building. Seo Jin snipes most people would have waited. The police officier tries to control the conversation but Seo Jin and Ha Na ignore him locked in their war of words.

Ha Na reenacts how she entered Dr. Kang’s office and tells of black leather jacket man coming up behind her as she stared at Dr. Kang’s body on the floor. She remembers the man, but doesn’t remember the man. Seo Jin and the police are frustrated by her memory block. An MRI yields the diagnosis of temporary amnesia. Seo Jin accuses her of doing this just to get back at him. Laced with sarcasm she agrees the memory loss is just to get back at him. Ha! He recommends hypnosis. She refuses. He must ask nicely or forget it. He knows how to secure her cooperation. She calls him stupid to not realize what he has to do.

ep2_16c ep2_16b ep2_16aSeo Jin slides the new contract to Ha Na telling her to sign it. She wants a proper apology. He delivers words without feeling. Not good enough. He makes another attempt which she accepts. They play contract air hockey sliding the tablet between them negotiating the duration. In the end, she gets what she wanted, 10 years. I’m starting to like her! Before she leaves she looks into his eyes and sincerely thanks him for saving her yesterday. She asks if the necklace has always been his. When he questions that, she drops it, claiming it as a consequence.  He follows her into the elevator but she refuses to offer additional details. He gets agitated and must calm down.

Seo Jin drops Ha Na off at the hypnotist doctor, Yoon Tae Joo. They meet in the elevator. Ah, there is Sung Joo in a neck swallowing turtle neck, a style that stymies my understanding. I do like his hair. Tae Joo selects “Fly me to the Moon” as the hypnosis song. Tae Joo is keen to help her recover her memories as he as was a student of Dr. Kang. Ha Na notes he’s not the only one desperate for results.

In the car, Seo Jin looks Tae Joo’s profile. He wonders if Tae Joo would know anything about Dr. Kang’s treatment plan. His assistant says sadly no, he asked him. Tae Joo knew nothing about Dr. Kang’s treatment plan for Seo Jin.

Seo Jin visits his father who agrees to let him stay in Korea. He warns that Robin will start appearing more frequently now that the initial appearance has been made. Seo Jin vows to find Dr. Kang. He shares that Dr. Kang promised a treatment plan to would make him well.

Tae Joo tells Ha Na today they’ll just talk. They chat and then he zeros in on visiting Dr. Kang’s office yesterday, flips the stereo on and “Fly me to the Moon” starts playing. Clever! She is hypnotized! He takes her back to yesterday. She enters Dr. Kang’s office and sees her unconsciousness on the floor. She senses black leather jacket man behind her. Tae Joo tells her to turn very slowly and describe what she sees. Black leather jacket man is wearing a black mask and hat. He tries to strangle her. She stabbed him with scissors and ran. He chased her. The elevator doors shut in her face leaving her alone with him. On the rooftop and in present day Ha Na feels the choking, grabbing her neck. Tae Joo gets concerned and brings her out of hypnosis just as she struggles to take the mask off and see his face! Drats! She stuns Tae Joo when she reports she removed the man’s mask and saw his face.

The assistant tells Seo Jin that Ha Na saw the assailant’s face though the face features are still blurry. Seo Jin realizes the assailant also knows she saw his face. She is in danger! Sure enough, the assailant lies in wait for her as the police officer drops her off.  The assailant follows her through the amusement park and she senses him. She is startled when she runs into Seo Jin (literally) and his assistant. When she tells him she thinks she’s being followed, he boldly pulls her behind him. He takes her to the circus tent which is surrounded by guards. He does not like how far away she lives. He takes her to the penthouse which has a fabulous view of the amusement park. He restricts her from working. He tells her she will distracted. He urges her to remember as soon as she can. Soon may yield an alive not dead Dr. Kang. She is blunt and says he’s the one that abandoned her. He’s the one that made her the single witness. He’s the one forcing her to remember out of his selfish need for Dr. Kang. He’s the one that offers no sympathy. Seo Jin counters his support and protection is all he can offer her. He is blunt, she needs to do what he says. She counters that she loves the amusement park and wonders if it is just a possession to him. He recalls being scared as a child in a fun house and tells her this place is merely a possession. He recommends she stay in it’s protective arms until he decides to divest himself of it.

She follows him onto the elevator and tells him the person that saved her yesterday most certainly was not him. He was kind. She exits. Seo Jin realizes she saw Robin yesterday! He stops her and asks if the person that saved her looked like him. She dismisses him with a curt “he looked nothing like you” and leaves. As she walks away, he wonders, did Robin come back to save her?

Seo Jin realizes the location in his dream (recall he dreamed of her almost getting crushed from a dropped mirror ball at the beginning of episode 1) could be the Venetian room Ha Na is working that night. As she walks into the room he sees the balloon, the mirror ball and calls her name. He Hulk-izes into Robin. Black leather jacket man snaps the chains on the mirror ball just as she walks under it.  She stares up frozen in place until Robin sails across the floor pushing her to safety and cradling her in the process. When she opens her eyes, she sees the necklace, and the kind smiling face of Robin. He asks if she is ok. He visually sees she is not injured. She stares at him thinking who are you and what have you done with Seo Jin? He recommends they go to the hospital to get her checked out. The chauffeur enters the room and based on body language discerns it is Robin talking to Ha Na. He calls for backup and whips out a taser and the other security guy whips out a baton. Holy smokes, will they take Robin by force? Robin sees them approaching him and tells Ha Na he better leave to keep things complicated. He begins to back away, watching the guards approach him. Ha Na notices the guards stalking him a taser and baton.

She stands up asking what the guards are doing. Robin makes his move and runs. The guards follow. She follows. They search for him but do not find him. She sees Robin in a box hiding. With several nifty spin moves he leaves. She is stunned, unable to believe her eyes.

ep2_20a ep2_20b
She follows Robin. She notices the guards cluster to find him. She follows Robin when the guards scatter. She finds him on the roof top. Robin holds his hands out and utters “I have returned”. She stares at him. Did she hear what he said?

* The writers crafted a good episode! The plot is zipping along.  NOTHING was ridiculous this episode. Tae Joo’s introduction was nicely done. Loved the way she was hypnotized before she knew what he was doing. Bummer that he pulled her out just before she clearly saw the black leather man’s face! The guards hunting Robin down like he was a wild animal seemed a bit excessive.
*Hyun Bin as Koo Seo Jin is embodying both personalities well. I was excited to see Robin at the end and loved his zest at his return.  Good banter between Seo Jin and Ha Na. I love bantering scenes between actors. Rapid fire dialog is fun. Hyun Bin and Ji Min focused only on each other during their banter scenes. I do not have a read on Seo Jin’s father yet. He’s willing to force his son to leave the country to avoid the situation that is causing Robin to reappear versus dealing with it head on. Why is everyone so skittish about Robin? Seems like having a protective alternative personality would be benign. Robin’s playfulness escaping from the guards was cute.
* Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na ratcheted up in my esteem. She was firm with Seo Jin at the police interview, at the negotiating table, at the penthouse, etc. Ha Na has a backbone and I like it! Her chemistry with Tae Joo worked too.
* The first song of the OST is out. Park Bo Ram sings the pretty song, “Falling”, for OST Part 1. Brief article states the song was composed by Lee Yoo Jin, and lyrics by Han Joon Yi, under the direction of the OST’s music director Park Se Joon. Listen to the song via this link or the embedded video below.


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