Fated to Love You Episode 24 Recap

Fated to Love You, Episode 24: “The Last Sticky Note”

Last episode Chen Xin Yi (Joe Chen) married Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Juan) in a lovely ceremony.

ep24_1 ep24_2
At the art studio Xin Yi runs into a former work colleague who is now pregnant. Xin Yi is wistful looking at the baby bump.  Cun Xi meets her at the studio and sees her longing watching the pregnant woman. Cun Xi gets a call from Xin Yi’s mother. Cun Xi, Xin Yi, and Anson head to her mother’s house. Mother is upset. BOTH Xin Yi’s sisters are pregnant! The married sister having another child does not distress Mother. But the oldest sister being pregnant and unmarried, Mother is NOT happy. Anson steps forward and admits that he is the father and that he will take responsibility for the baby.  It is a little awkward for Xin Yi and Cun Xi, as they are NOT pregnant.

Cun Xi suggests a vacation but Xin Yi is not interested. Xin Yi frets that they are not pregnant yet. You get the feeling a certain span of time has passed since they got married, but it is not defined.

That night Xin Yi apologizes to the mantel of Ji male heirs that she is sorry that she loved Cun Xi so much she had to marry him and now cannot produce an heir. Cun Xi finds her and tells her to relax, enjoy being married. He notes the first time they married they thought of each other as parents not necessarily man and wife. He tells her that marrying for love makes this a wonderful time. She frets they will be alone at 40, 50, 60, etc. He suggests at 40 they can share their work and other interests. When they are 50 they can begin to vacation and see the world. When they are 60  and can barely walk, they will go to concerts together. When they are 70 they’ll be in a home for old folks and happy to share their remaining time together.  Cun Xi tells her, we should enjoy each other. She smiles and agrees. Before they head to bed, she tells his ancestors that she wants to give Cun Xi a baby. One of the ancestors’ picture glows after they leave the room.

The next morning at the art studio Xin Yi doubles over in pain. Her stomach hurts. At the hospital Baby Doctor tells Cun Xi and Grandma Ji that Xin Yi is pregnant. Wow! They are stunned. Cun Xi tells Baby Doctor that Xin Yi received an infertility diagnosis from the Reliable Health Center. Baby Doctors scoffs. The Reliable Health Center is fraudulent giving people bad diagnosis to extract money for unnecessary treatments.

ep24_6 ep24_7
Baby Doctor gives them the ultrasound picture of the baby. Cun Xi and Grandma Ji are thrilled. Cun Xi exclaims he is going to be father! Baby Doctor makes him promise to attend the baby classes and be good to Xin Yi. Cun Xi promises and dashes to share the good news with Xin Yi.

ep24_8 ep24_9
Xin Yi cannot believe she is pregnant. Cun Xi tells her the Reliable Health Center was a scam. She looks at the ultrasound picture and tears of joy stream down her face. Grandma Ji celebrates with them. They are so happy, it is lovely to see.

8 months later…

The three pregnant happy couples picnic together.

Middle sister gets labor pains. Older sister gets labor pains. Last but not least, Xin Yi gets labor pain. Yes folks, simultaneous labor! The ambulance will take too long. Just like in episode 7 when Cun Xi delivered middle sister’s baby, it is Cun Xi acting as mid-wife to all three women with Anson in attendance. Like before, brother-in-law has passed out.

ep24_16 ep24_17
Three healthy happy babies are delivered.

The shows ends as Cun Xi and Xin Yi coo happily at their newborn baby. Cun Xi says “It is destiny, my fated wife.” Xin Yi replies “Thank you my fated husband”. They kiss. THE END!

* This was a short episode, less than 30 minutes compared to the normal 1 hour episode. So we end with emotion and camp in the final episode. Pleasant surprise when the infertility diagnosis was incorrect. It was total camp when all the sisters went into labor simultaneously and Cun Xi delivered all three babies.
* Not much to say except this episode delivered a happy ending to all the characters. This show was true to itself in the last episode. The campy scenes were done in broad slapstick humor. The emotional punch was there and resonated as these characters shared the joy of impending parenthood.
* The post-show credits nutshell: 1. Cun Xi and Xin Yi defeated the Ji family curse by having multiple babies. 2. Dylan studied art management and met a quiet girl who became his new unpolished gem to help. 3. Anna became an model, got pregnant and married a famous athlete. 4. Xin Yi’s mother and sister opened a spa on the island. 5. Grandma Ji reunited with Master Long. 6. Anson and older sister married. 7. Middle sister and her husband went into debt with a lavish lifestyle but saw the error of their ways. 8. Baby Ji made a dog movie and became famous.
* My series review will have my overall assessment of Fated to Love You. Preview: This show worked for me. I see why it resonated with a broad audience. I see why it was remade in 2014. It is a good story, with characters you care about, that evolve and intertwine to a satisfying resolution. Bravo show! It was a pleasure to recap the 24 episodes of Fated to Love You!

Fated to Love You
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4 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 24 Recap
  1. crisrichyee says:

    I had fun reading your recap. I am a huge fan of joe chen and i remember waiting every monday just to watch this drama with sub in youtube and mysoju way back 2008. It’s really a great show and although it’s sometimes kinda silly, I like it’s comical way in entertaining audience.

    If your wondering why the last episode is so short, it’s because the settv decided to premiere Woody Sambo at the half of their time. the two main leads (Joe Chen and Ethan Ruan) cameo in the first two episodes of that drama hoping that Woody Sambo will also get the high ratings because they’ll be the first to show the baby of Ji Cun Xi and Chen Xin Yi.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Appreciate the info on the final episode. That explains the simple story and short duration.
      I enjoyed this show. I am writing a series review though I am not sure when I will have it done.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO, I could hardly believe the infertility was a medical fraud … and yet I don’t recall the clinic urging her to take their bogus treatments.

    This episode was a victory lap, khich was great after all the turmoil out OTP went through. I watched this on the streaming service with the big red letter logo, which trimmed some of the scenes you recapped. None of yhe post show credits telling what happened were included. I’m SO GLAD I followed your blog as I watched this series! Thanks again for your recaps and the ability to discuss a series, even though it has been years since you recapped it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • beez says:

      You’ve definitely made me want to watch it again but I can’t keep up with what I’m watching and keep rewatching stuff that I know I really liked but can’t remember.😕

      Liked by 2 people

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