Fated to Love You Episode 23 Recap

Fated to Love You, Episode 23: “Fated to Love You”

Last episode Chen Xin Yi (Joe Chen) received the devastating news she was infertile on the day she was to get engaged to Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Juan).

We begin the episode at the restaurant where Cun Xi double checks the preparation for his proposal. Xin Yi arrives looking lovely and sits at the beautifully appointed table. The waiter brings out a domed dish, and voila, under the dome is her wishing box.

Cun Xi says they have finally arrived at the moment to decide what to do about the rest of their lives. He says Grandma Ji has waited. It is time for the inheritance packing to change (recall this happens when his wife is pregnant with the heir).

Inside the wishing box are all Xin Yi’s wishes on sticky notes, one side has Xin Yi’s wish, the other side has Cun Xi’s response.

Wish 1
XY:  I wish that Cun Xi will not be bad tempered
CX:  I have already changed

Wish 2
XY:  I wish that Grandma Ji will forever be as happy as she is now
CX:  Grandma Ji will only be happy with you around

Wish 3
XY:  I wish that Anna can be like before and help Cun Xi celebrate his birthday
CX:  I wish you can celebrate my birthday with me

Wish 4
XY:  I have fallen in love with Cun Xi and I wish that he never know
CX:  I have fallen in love with Xin Yi and I wish that she knows very soon

CX:  I know 2 years ago I broke your heart. My recent actions have made me look like a scoundrel.  If you still love me, can you give me one more chance?  Let’s not miss this moment. (He presents the ring. Xin Yi pulls the sticky note from the ring.)

Proposal Wish
Let’s start over. Let’s have another baby. Let’s be happy. We will have a family picnic.

CX:  Let’s start over. Let’s put the past behind us. I want us to have a baby. Maybe one will not be enough. We could have a soccer team and all practice together.
XY:  Can I make a wish?
CX:  Of course. I will make it come true.
XY:  Can we just be friends?
CX:  Aren’t you here to accept my proposal?
XY:  I have decided to return to Shanghai with Dylan. I had originally planned to return after your eye sight returned. Going to Shanghai is a good opportunity for me.
CX:  That is ok.  We will get engaged first then marry when you are less busy with work.
XY:  I will not be coming back.
CX:  Why would you say that? Shanghai is near. Why are you saying you will not return? Do you want me to go to Shanghai with you? We can be together while you work.
XY:  I am going to Shanghai to be with Dylan. We have agreed. He is stopping by shortly.
Dylan (Baron Chen) enters the restaurant on cue.
XY:  I realized I love Dylan more than I love you. You are like a bad tempered child. You have the pressure of needing to produce an heir. Dylan suits me better. He loves me. He works in art. We want to be together.
CX: What are you talking about? You are not much of an actor. Have I done something wrong?
XY: I am not acting. I want to be with Dylan. Ask him if you do not believe me.
Dylan: Do not ask me what happened. (turning to Xin Yi). Why did you ask me to pretend to be your boyfriend again? Why did you sound upset on the phone? This idiot’s eyes have recovered and he is proposing. Why are you rejecting him?
CX:  Why are you rejecting me?
XY:  I do not want you. You cannot force me. Marriage, babies, why do I have to do what you want? I have my own plans.
CX:  I am flexible. Work when you want. We can have a baby later.
XY:  Would Grandma Ji agree to that?
CX:  What is wrong? Am I not good enough?
XY:  You are too good. There is too much pressure. Let us just be friends…You should go find another woman.
CX:  You mean it? You want me to find another woman? (Xin Yi nods her head yes, Cun Xi takes the emotional hit, tears are in his eyes). Are you serious?…(now angry) When you get the invitation to my wedding, be sure and attend. (Cun Xi leaves).
Dylan: (watching her collapse in tears) Is this the outcome you wanted? If so, why are you crying?
XY:  Let us go to Shanghai immediately (she runs out).

Cun Xi rails to the sky about Xin Yi’s rejection. “Who is lying to who?” Nothing good every comes from his proposals! He is fed up! He will find another woman. He calls Anson and orders him to formally match him. Anson is stunned, this is not the news he expected.

Xin Yi comes home with Dylan. She is drunk. Her older sister puts her to bed. Mom, her sisters, and Dylan try to determine why she rejected Cun Xi’s proposal. Mom notes everything was fine until she went to the medical clinic. They search her purse and find the medical report. They see the diagnosis – infertility. That explains her rejection of Cun Xi’s proposal.

Cun Xi meets the women that have been matched to him. He asks if they use sticky notes, eat ginger buns, sculpt, etc. all the things that Xin Yi does. Anson tells Cun Xi he should just marry Xin Yi.  Cun Xi tells him to bring the next woman. The next woman is Xin Yi’s mother! She tells Cun Xi he needs to know the truth. She hands him the medical report. She tells him that Cun Xi loves him but will not marry him because his family’s line will stop because she is infertile.

At home Xin Yi gets a letter from Cun Xin’s lawyer requesting an agreement review the next day. Mom and her sisters encourage her to dress up and look her best so Cun Xi knows what he is missing. The next day Xin Yi is in a cute black dress and disappointed when the lawyer tells her that Cun Xi will NOT be coming to the meeting.

The lawyer asks if she wants to read the agreement or have it read to her. She tells the lawyer to read it to her. The lawyer reads: 1. If party A (Cun Xi) is in a bad mood, party B (Xin Yi) will lift their spirits. 2. If party A and B fight, party B must apologize. 3. Both parties must not threaten divorce 4. Party B must love party A will all her heart. 5. Party B must kiss party A every morning. Xin Yi looks at the agreement. Cun Xi has signed. The lawyer says Cun Xi has the right to extend the contract beyond the stated 2100 end date. The lawyer tells Xin Yi that Cun Xi wants her to be his wife forever.

Xin Yi does not understand. She is here to sign a divorce agreement.  The lawyer tells her to hurry up and sign the agreement. On top of the signature page is a sticky note that reads “Xin Yi if you want a divorce, you will have to wait 100 years!” Tears fill her eyes. The door opens and someone in the chicken suit (yes, you read that correctly, the chicken suit from episode 8) peeks in.

ep23_16 ep23_17
The chicken takes off and Xin Yi gives chase. Down the street they race until a clown steps in front of Xin Yi with a billboard made of sticky notes that reads “I Love You, Z”.  The chicken trips and Xin Yi takes the head off to reveal her sister! A second chicken appears along with a bus with a sign made of sticky notes that reads “I Love You, Z”.

ep23_18 ep23_20
The chicken falls and Xin Yi takes the head off to reveal her older sister! A third chicken appears and as Xin Yi chases it, she passes a building with a sign made of sticky notes that reads “I Love You, Z”.  The chicken falls and Xin Yi sees it is her mother!  A fourth chicken appears and leads Xin Yi inside a chapel. Xin Yi takes the head off and it is Anson!

Xin Yi turns to look at the chapel and sees her mother, her sisters, Dylan, Grandma Ji and the lawyer. Cun Xi walks up in a white tuxedo with her bouquet.  Cun Xi tells her he was not born to bring descendants to his family. Love, caring, happiness is what matters. She says the family line will die with him. He counters there is only Xin Yi in the world. Grandma Ji tells her, sure she is sad, but there are many ways to have a baby. Her sister pipes up and says she will be a surrogate for her. Wow, that is sweet! Cun Xi tells her 2 years ago she left him when they lost their baby. Now 2 years later she wants to leave him because she cannot have a baby. He tells her next time, talk to her husband before she thinks about leaving. He tells her it is time for her to marry him again.

Dylan tells Xin Yi “meeting you has helped me understand what fate is. We meet a lot of people in our lifetime. But our soul mate is determined by fate. I tried with you, but you are destined to be Cun Xi’s wife. You are no longer sticky note girl. Be strong, be his wife, do not run away again because you are scared. Cun Xi is willing to challenge the family curse for you. Work hard to be with him. Now Xin Yi, it is time to decide your own fate.” Wow, lovely words. Dylan is a true friend to Xin Yi and Cun Xi.

ep23_27 ep23_28 ep23_29 ep23_32
The ceremony is sweet. Cun Xi says his vows first. When Xin Yi says her vows, they both tear up (I do too). Cun Xi has her father’s ring as his ring (nice touch).  Cun Xi puts her dowry necklace on her. They banter a bit (so cute). They kiss as man and wife! It has been a long road, but they finally made it!

After the ceremony, Xin Yi thanks Dylan for helping her evolve into the woman she is today. Dylan is happy knowing he will always have a piece of her heart. Cun Xi comes up and offers his hand to Dylan. He thanks Dylan. Both men smile and shake hands. Xin Yi asks if Anna is ok.  Dylan hands Cun Xi a card from Anna. Dylan says Anna is at a stage production and has a bevy of admirers, so she had no time to attend her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. Cute! Cun Xi opens the card. It is the baby sculpture certificate with a sticky note that reads “This certificate guarantees your love. I wish you both endless happiness”. Good grief, that was sweet. Cun Xi tells Dylan to thank Anna and that she will always be a beautiful memory.  Dylan tells both of them to visit him and Anna whenever they come to Shanghai.

At the Ji mansion, Cun Xi and Xin Yi are beaming with joy as the gaze at each other. Grandma Ji comes in (yes really) and wishes them well. She tells them she’s off to chat with her sweetie Master Long!

ep23_35 ep23_36
Cun Xi and Xin Yi joke they are finally in the same bed with full knowledge, no tricks, just joy they are together. Xin Yi tells Cun Xi she hope to give him a baby one day. They declare their love for each other…

The next morning at breakfast, Xin Yi tells Cun Xi she wants a baby. Cun Xi reassures her they have plenty of time. Xin Yi looks pensive but smiles…

* Finally the payoff! Cun Xi and Xin Yi are married and happy. This show has always had a mix of campy and emotional scenes. This episode had both.
** Xin Yi rejects Cun Xi’s lovely proposal at the beginning of the episode – emotional
** Cun Xi’s search for a replacement Xin Yi – campy
** Xin Yi’s mother tells Cun Xi about her infertility as the reason for the rejected proposal – emotional
** Xin Yi’s divorce settlement meeting with the lawyer when she was not their to sign a divorce agreement but a marriage contract – emotional
** Xin Yi chasing the chickens through town in route to the end destintation, the church – campy
** Marriage ceremony – emotional with a smidge of campy
* This episode wove the wishing box and the chicken suit into the story line. The wishing box filled with Xin Yi’s secret hopes has been used many times in the series. One example is episode 9 at the auction when Cun Xi and Dylan bid for it. I liked that the proposal used ALL her wishes even the one from episode 8 Cun Xi’s birthday when he was missing Anna. By the way, episode 8 is also when the chicken suit was worn by Xin Yi to wish Cun Xi a happy birthday and cheer him up when Anna stood him up.
* I loved how Dylan was important and a friend to both of them in this episode. At the proposal he supported Xin Yi but refused to lie for her to Cun Xi – tough love. Before ceremony he encouraged Xin Yi to grab her destiny – selfless. The after ceremony chat when Xin Yi and Dylan reconfirm their friendship – lovely. Cun Xi thanking Dylan for his support – sweet. Dylan giving them a card from Anna – surprising. The card from Anna being the baby sculpture certificate – touching. Anna’s sticky note wishing them well – sincere. I absolutely love the way the writers redeemed Anna and kept Dylan and Anna important throughout the series. The second leads matter and I care about these characters. Well done writers!
* I was pleased that Cun Xi disregarded the infertility diagnosis. He refused to let that stop him from marrying the woman he loved – wonderful! It was realistic that Xin Yi is unsettled by not being able to have a baby.
* The wedding ceremony was lovely. So many times the wedding ceremony is anti-climatic but this show did not fall into that trap. What can I say, ONLY this show could have the bride chasing chickens with massive signs of sticky notes declaring love from the groom and have it work! Cun Xi looked handsome decked out in a white tuxedo (I prefer black but he looked terrific). Xin Yi’s dress and veil were lovely plus her hair and makeup were spot on. I loved how all the important characters were at the ceremony. The ceremony had heart and was not over in a blink of an eye. The viewers got to savour the marriage moment. Nicely done!
* Next episode is the final one! I hope our newlyweds are happy and enjoying the each other. They deserve it (and the viewers do too)!

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3 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 23 Recap
  1. crisrichyee says:

    Did you see the ending of this episode? The scene where they started singing and dancing ‘i will follow him’ made me fall on my seat laughing. Hehe. Just saying


  2. Jhin says:

    Sticky Note: I wish that Chun Xin Yi ended up with Dylan….


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I was pleased with how Dylan did not play along with Xin Yi’s deception. Looks like he finally understands Xin Yi is in love with Cun Xi. I like Dylan, he seems more mature an self assured than Cun Xi, but the heart wants, what the heart wants.

    It was good to see the OTP have their church wedding. I’m puzzled as to why Cun Xi selected the EXACT SAME wedding venue Anna found to marry Cun Xi.

    I enjoyed this episode, but felt my enjoyment would have been increased if the campy-ness would have been toned down.


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