Fated to Love You Episode 22 Recap

Fated to Love You Episode 22: “Suffering From The Consequences Of Love”

Last episode Anna (Bianca Bai) and Dylan (Baron Chen) reunited as brother and sister. Anna’s dance studio career was restored when she took to the stage and wowed the parents and students. Chen Xin Yi (Joe Chen) agreed to care for Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Juan) while he is temporarily blind.

Cun Xi wakes the in the hospital and finds Xin Yi asleep next to him. He realizes that he can see. He is immediatley concerned Xin Yi will leave him. He decides he must be truthful. When Xin Yi wakes up he begins to tell her his sight has returned. A call from Dylan interrupts the confession. Dylan asks Xin Yi if she has made up with Cun Xi. She says not exactly. Dylan invites Xin Yi to return to Shanghai for an exhibit of her work per Master Long’s request. Xin Yi is tempted. Frightened that Xin Yi will leave him to return to Shanghai, Cun Xi fakes blindness. She tells Dylan until Cun Xi’s eyesight returns she will stay by his side. Dylan suspects Cun Xi is faking blindness to keep Xin Yi near. Cun Xi and Xin Yi decide to return to Grandma Ji’s house to rest and recuperate.

Mom and older sister come to stay at Grandma Ji’s house to help Cun Xi recover. There is an attraction between Anson and older sister (signified by an electric current between them). Mom shares that she is an expert in massage. Unfortunately for Cun Xi the massage is NOT relaxing but painful as a wooden rod is applied with force to pressure points on his feet. He endures it to keep Xin Yi by his side.

Grandma Ji takes Mom to the guest bedroom which impresses Mom. Grandma Ji opens the gift Xin Yi brought from Shanghai. There is a beautiful bowl from Master Long. There is also a DVD. They play the DVD. It is a recording made by Master Long. He admits he has missed Grandma Ji for the last 50 years. He suggests they create an ending to their love story. If she wants to see him, call, write or come to him, whatever makes her comfortable. He assures her that he will not bother her, the next move is hers to make. It is a sweet and effective admission of longing. Grandma Ji is touched. Mom is touched. I am too. Mom tells Grandma Ji to go to Shanghai and see Master Long. She says she will care for Cun Xi during her absence.

Cun Xi complains to Xin Yi that his feet hurt. No kidding, after that massage treatment of course his feet hurt! The room is hot so Xin Yi takes off her cardigan. Cun Xi’s eyes are riveted to Xin Yi’s decollete. He flips her onto her back and tells her he is burning with passion for her. This is part of his plan to impregnate her so she will stay by his side. She pushes him away saying she will not sleep with him until his sight is returned and he can see only her. He decides it is time to confess his sight has returned but is interrupted by Mom ready to give Cun Xi another foot massage.

Next morning, Dylan is at the breakfast table when Cun Xi enters the room (he has come to drive Grandma Ji to the airport). Dylan immediately knows that Cun Xi is faking blindness. Cun Xi tells him he is forced to fake blindness because Dylan is trying to take Xin Yi to Shanghai. Dylan says it is wrong to trick Xin Yi. Cun Xi says he will pursue her however he likes. He notes that he helped Dylan with Anna. Why not return the favor now? Dylan says he will not lie to Xin Yi. He suggests Cun Xi be honest with Xin Yi. Cun Xi shows Dylan the ring he will put on Xin Yi’s finger. Cun Xi tells Dylan to watch and learn. Cun Xi puts the ring in Xin Yi’s mug and pours milk on top. Dylan looks disgusted at the “lame” trick.

Grandma Ji, Mom, older sister and Xin Yi come to the breakfast room. Cun Xi handes Xin Yi the mug of milk (with the engagement ring at the bottom). Xin Yi sniffs the milk and checks the expiration date on the carton. She finds the milk is old and takes the mug to throw it out. Cun Xi leaps up, grabs the mug, and tells her he put a ring in the mug. Everyone figures out he can see. Cun Xi admits he could see yesterday.
Xin Yi is NOT happy. He tells her that she was going to go to Shanghai if he did nothing. He says he was going to tell her AFTER he succeeded in proposing to her. He reminds her that she promised to forgive him if he did something stupid because he loved her. She tells him she would NOT say yes over a mug of milk. She needs flowers, dinner, proposal on bended knee, etc. Xin Yi leaves upset. Her mother takes off after her calling him stupid. Grandma Ji tells him he better have everything settled with Xin Yi by the time she returns from Shanghai. Dylan leaves recommending Cun X not pretend to be blind and propose with a mug of milk next time. Older sister stays and tells Cun Xi that Xin Yi just gave him the roadmap to the perfect proposal (flowers, dinner, proposal on bended knee, etc). Cun Xi immediately calls Anson for help.

Back at home on the island, Xin Yi complains to Mom about Cun Xi. A beautiful bouquet of flowers is delivered. The note reads “Have dinner with me. I will give you everything you want. P.S. Be prepared to be Mrs. Ji.” Xin Yi is thrilled. Mom sees a advertisement from a new women’s clinic that is open on the island. Xin Yi decides to be checked out before she marries.

Xin Yi goes to clinic. They will call her with the results tomorrow. She brags to the nurse she is getting engaged tomorrow night.

That evening Xin Yi and Mom agree that Cun Xi may have done dumb things, but his love for her has been constant. Mom gives her dowry (the necklace) to her again. She encourages her to have as many babies as she wants. She can help eradicate the Ji family curse. Mom tells her the wait is finally over. Now she can start the life she wants with the man she loves. Sweet scene, nice chemistry between the actors.

The next day Anson pumps Cun Xi up telling him today is the day! Cun Xi frets that something will go wrong. Anson tells him everything will be perfect.

Xin Yi gets the call from the clinic. They have her results. She heads to the clinic to speak with the doctor. The doctor reports that the miscarriage years ago has made her infertile! Did not see that coming.

Xin Yi cries alone. She cries for the babies she’ll never have. She thinks “Happiness seems so simple. I can almost see it, but now it is far out of my reach.” She calls Dylan and asks him to come to the island to see her.

* Flirted with the ridiculous and the serious this episode. This show has always had a mix of campy and emotional / serious scenes. This episode had both.
** The faked blindness by Cun Xi was ridiculous
** the attraction between Anson and older sister marked literally by electric currents between them was ridiculous
** the massage treatments by Mom was ridiculous
** Master Long’s DVD confession was sweet
** Mom’s advice to Grandma Ji to go to Shanghai to see Master Long was lovely
** Mom’s heart to heart with Xin Yi was charming
** the infertile diagnosis was serious and surprising
* Dylan and Cun Xi’s banter at the breakfast table was fun. I like that Dylan did NOT cut Cun Xi any slack. He counseled that faking blindness was not wise. Hiding engagement rings in food seems be risky and not respect the ring.
* Older sister made Cun Xi see that Xin Yi had given him the roap map to the prefect proposal. Who are you going to call Cun Xi? Anson! He set the perfect proposal in motion.
* Xin Yi and mom’s chat was sweet and touching. The actors portrayed the scene well, playing off each other.
* I was surprised by the infertility diagnosis. Will this blow up the perfect proposal? Will Xin Yi run away from Cun Xi again?

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One comment on “Fated to Love You Episode 22 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    It is incredible how the writer ranges from the ridiculous to very serious and it just didn’t flow smoothly. A sprinkling of comic relief would be appropriate, but the slapstick was OVERDONE, for instance, I like the spark between Qing Xia and Anson, but there was just too much of it.

    Dylan was right, faking blindness was STUPID. Time after time Cun Xi has UNSUCCESSFULLY used deceit … what in the world made him think it would work for him this time❓⁉️ STUPID, STUPID, STUPID❗

    I was heartbroken 💔 when Xin Yi found out was basically infertile … her sorrow was palpable.


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