Snowdrop Episode 2


Agent Lee Kang Moo (Jang Seung Jo) and the agents planned to capture the North Korean agent posing as a student transferred from Germany called Lim Soo Ho. They track his interactions with Professor Han. They plan to intercept Soo Ho in an orchestrated car accident.

Lim Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) and his men offer Professor Han a ride after he discovers one of his tires is flat. As they drive by, Jang Han Na and her partner begin to follow. She radios the team.

Soo Ho and his men avoid the first trap set by Kang Moo and the agents. Professor Han demands to know why he’s been abducted. Soo Ho holds a gun on him. Kang Moo orders the second trap sprung. Soo Ho’s car is side swiped. The driver is knocked out. Soo Ho calls his men comrades. Professor Han is bloody and non-responsive. Soo Ho tells one of his men to run with the car with Han Na and Kang Moo drives up. Soo Ho’s man runs. Kang Moo gets out of his car and draws his gun. Soo Ho gets out of his car and stares at Kang Moo. He recognizes Soo Ho from the picture. Soo Ho runs. The agents give chase. It’s a crazy chase through the streets and wood. Kang Moo wings Soo Ho’s shoulder but he won’t stop running. Eventually Soo Ho tumbles to the University fence next to the women’s dorm. Soo Ho scales the fence. He scales the dorm to the room with the open window. He pulls himself inside and collapses. Kang Moo find blood at the fence to the women’s dorm. Kang Moo declares they will search the dorm.

Eun Young Ro (Kim Ji Soo) goes to her room. She sees the window items strewn on the floor. Young Ro walks to the window and sees the body on the floor. Young Ro walks to the body. She sees the blood on the floor. She kneels next to the body. She turns the man onto his back. She gasps when she sees Soo Ho. She starts to tend to Soo Ho’s bleeding head. Yoon Seol Hee (roommate) enters and gasps in shock. Young Ro shushes her.

Kang Moo and the agents burst into the women’s dorm. Chaos ensues. Mistress Pi strides out of her office.

Soo Ho cleans blood off the window sill and closes the window.

Mistress Pi Seung Hee (Yoon Se Ah) makes an announcement that outsiders have broken into the dorm. She orders everyone to their rooms and to lock the door. Open for no one. The girls flee upstairs and into their room.

Go Hye Ryeong (roommate) and Yeo Jung Min (roommate) burst into the room and find Young Ro and Seol Hee leaning over Soo Ho’s unconscious form. Young Ro explains Soo Ho was here when she arrived. She believes he’s been targeted for protesting against the government. Jung Min, just returned from a protest, doesn’t agree with Seol Hee’s belief they should notify dorm officials. Hye Ryeong points out the agents said the man was a north Korean spy. Jung Min declares if the police find him in their room, they’ll all be framed as sympathizers. Young Ro declares he isn’t a spy, he’s one of the guys from their blind date. Hye Ryeong recognizes Soo Ho. Young Ro says Soo Ho was chased by for protesting previously. Mistress Pi repeats her announcement to stay in their rooms and lock the doors.

Han Na puts a gun to Mistress Pi’s head and order her to make the announcement to unlock their doors. Mistress Pi repeats her announcement to lock the door. Kang Moo stops Han Na from hitting Mistress Pi and orders her to get a search warrant. He argues that Soo Ho is trapped in the dorm and the 30 minutes it takes to secure the search warrant, won’t change that fact. She leaves. Kang Moo warns Mistress Pi he’ll arrest her after he catches the spy. Mistress Pi doesn’t flinch.

Mistress Pi’s assistant, Kye Boon Ok (Kim Hye Yoon), eagerly cooperates with Kang Moo providing blueprints. Mr. Kim, the maintenance man, shushes Boon Ok when she overshares. She snaps they have to help catch the spy. Kang Moo eyes Mr. Kim who quickly agrees but says Mistress Pi makes the decisions. Kang Moo states if they obstruct him, they’ll go to jail.

Soo Ho wakes with the 4 roommates staring at him. He struggles to sit up and asks where he is. Young Ro explains he’s in the women’s dorm and came through the window. Jung Min tells him the police are here to arrest him. Soo Ho declares he must leave and gets up. Young Ro says he’ll be caught. Young Ro peeks out the window and see the agents.

Kang Moo follows Soo Ho’s blood trail up the dorm. Han Na arrives with the search warrant. Kang Moo wants backup, Soo Ho is in the dorm.

The roommates argue about hiding Soo Ho. Young Ro thinks of a place no one will ever think to look.

Mistress Pi flashes back to standing over water rushing from a dam. She’s bloody. A man holds her neck and forces her to look down. Han Na strides in with the search warrant. Mistress Pi says nothing.

The agents begin the search. Kang Moo leads them to room 207. Mistress Pi follows. They break into the room and find only Hye Ryeong. Mistress Pi spots a smear of blood near the door jam. They ask Hye Ryeong is anyone suspicious was in the room. She denies it. Kang Moo asks where her roommates are. Hye Ryeong claims they are in the public bath. Han Na scoffs that no one would stay in the public bath with a stranger in the dorm. Mistress Pi notes there are no speakers in the public bath. The agents leave the room. Mistress Pi follows.

In the public bath, Young Ro, Jung Min and Seol Hee hid Soo Ho in a sauna bench. They clean up blood. They decide they must strip or it won’t be believable. They pile their clothes on top of Soo Ho and shut the bench.

Mistress Pi stops Kang Moo from entering the public bath. Han Na pulls her weapon and enters. She hears girls singing in the sauna.  She enters gun drawn. The girls scream. Han Na explains she’s searching for a man that came into their dorm room. The girls claim not to understand what she’s talking about. Blood from Soo Ho seeps on the floor. Before Han Na notices, Young Ro stands in front of it and declares they are frightened because she’s waiving a gun. Kang Moo puts her gun behind her. She nods to the girls and exits the sauna. The girls sag against each other.

Han Na tells Kang Moo what she found and what she didn’t find. Mistress Pi says nothing but looks relieved.

An agent radios Kang Moo that the person of interest is being taken to the company. Kang Moo tells everyone to follow him.

The agents take Soo Ho’s comrade (the driver?) and another Professor Han inside the building.

Now dressed, the girls help Soo Ho into a storage closet. Seol Hee and Jung Min return to the room telling Young Ro not to tarry. Soo Ho says he’ll only stay 1 night. As she cleans blood from the tiles, Young Ro points out he’ll need more healing time than that. Soo Ho says he can’t repay her. Young Ro counters she owed him for the cassette. Soo Ho smiles. Young Ro shuts in the closet and promises to return after roll call.

At the president’s house, Director Eun Chang Soo (ruling party 3) steps out to take a call. His mole tells him one of the North Koreans was transferred intelligence group but one agent and Taedong River 1 (Soo Ho) got away. The mole says Professor Han is claiming he had a flat tire and accepted a ride.  Chang Soo tells him to keep him updated. He hangs up. Secretary General, Nam Tae Il (ruling party 2), is standing there and asks if the operation succeeded or failed. Seong Sim points out this was a secret operation that they didn’t fully inform their superiors about. Tae Il declares with the election 3 weeks away, they had to be decisive. They provided the money and their Northern counterparts would handle the rest. They fund the North to make it look like the opposing candidate is a North operative. The public would clamor to elect their candidate. But now things are a mess. Chang Soo says he’ll handle Professor Han.  Chief Ahn rushes in. Tae Il kicks him for screwing things up. He insults Chang Soo and leaves. Chief Ahn is forced to admit the operation didn’t go as planned. Chang Soo doesn’t want Kang Moo involved with Professor Han. Chief Ahn doesn’t think he’ll back up. Chang Soo’s glare tells Chief Ahn he must.  Seong Sim leaves. Chief Ahn sighs.

Chief Ahn tells boutique designer and owner Choi Mi Hye what happened with Seong Sim. She’s livid. She declares she’s working hard to make Tae Il’s wife a lifeline and he must do the same. She whispers how to get it done.

Kang Moo can’t believe Chief Ahn is shutting down the operation. Chief Ahn counters that Professor Han says he wasn’t abducted. Kang Moo wants to question Professor Han. Chief Ahn tells him to leave him alone until after the election. Kang Moo is sure Soo Ho is Taedong River 1. Chief Ahn counters Kang Moo’s zeal is putting the team at risk. They can’t have the appearance of fabricating evidence. Kang Moo storms out.

Han Na tells Kang Moo there is nothing in the papers about the car crash, the chase, the dorm.  She asks if he’s shutting down the operation. Kang Moo is positive Soo Ho is Taedong River 1 and will not back off. Han Na demands to know why he won’t give up on Taedong River 1 but dropped her. Kang Moo tells her to monitor Professor Han. He leaves. Tears fill her eyes.

Kang Moo interrogates Soo Ho’s comrade. Though bloody he yells long live the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). They continue to beat him and ask questions about Soo Ho, Professor Han, and why they abducted him. The man takes a cyanide pill and dies much to the agents’ horror.

Soo Ho hides while Boon Ok gets does her nighttime regime in the bathroom.

Hye Ryeong tells Young Ro that Soo Ho must go. Seol Hee reminds her the former director committed suicide on the 4th floor.

Flashback…Seol Hee and Young Ro explore the 4th floor. They see someone and flee.

Jung Min agrees the 4th floor is a good hiding spot but they need Mr. Kim to unlock the door.

Young Ro and Jung Min try and convince Mr. Kim to help. It works.

Young Ro goes to get Soo Ho from the closet. Mr. Kim leads the way. He warns Boon Ok can’t be trusted. Just then Boon Ok comes out of her room and struts down the hallway. She doesn’t see them but they notice she’s wearing items other students “lost”. They continue to the 4th floor. Mr. Kim unlocks the door. He says this is a spooky place. He says the former director hanged herself her and he was the one to cut her down. Soo Ho looks out the window and sees agents watching the dorm. Mr. Kim warns the library is below them and they must be quiet.

Young Ro dresses Soo Ho’s shoulder wound. They lock eyes.

The next morning, Young Ro and Seol Hee head to the cafeteria and swipe food for Soo Ho. They pack a care bag for Soo Ho. Young Ro smiles as she gets ready for the day.

Young Ro makes her way to the 4th floor and Soo Ho let her in. They agree upon a code to open the door with. Young Ro feeds him. Soo Ho asks Young Ro to get him batteries for a radio and newspaper. He admits he’s worried about his comrades. He wants the plans of the dorm so if he has to escape, he can plan routes. Young Ro tells him to eat first. Soo Ho eats. He asks about Young Ro’s brother. She says he’s serving in the army now. He guesses Young Ro nags her brother just like his sister nags him. She confirms it. Soo Ho assures her that her brother must miss her nagging now. She unpacks her care kit. Soo Ho is surprised with the volume of items. She tells him to get a hobby so he’s not so boring. Soo Ho chuckles. That evening, Soo Ho tunes the radio.

At her birthday party Cho Seong Sim (Nam Tae’s wife) is impressed at the gift Hong Ae Ra (DE’s wife) gives her. Mi Hye flatters Seong Sim. Everyone pretends to love the party favor of a knife stamped with “sincerity” (Seong Sim’s word of advice for the wives in the room).

Tae Il complains to his lover Kang Chung Ya (Yoo In Na) about the operation’s failure. She notes Seong Sim was the front man for the operation and therefore will take the blame. That turns his frown upside down. She gives him a gift for his wife, reminding him it is her birthday. He thanks her and leaves.

Boon Ok warns Young Ro that Mistress Pi is suspicious of the activity in the room. Boon Ok deliberately shows Young Ro Kang Moo’s card waxes about the reward money if she can turn the spy in. She claims her blind date (Soo Ho) wanted her to visit him in Berlin.

Flashback…Soo Ho tells Boon Ok he’s not interested in attending the concert. He walks away.

Boon Ok assumes Soo Ho found out she isn’t really a university student.

Young Ro asks Soo Ho about the necklace he wears teasing a woman must have given it to him. Soo Ho confirms that. Young Ro suddenly remembers she has a report to write and leaves. She sighs in disappointment.

The next morning Young Ro isn’t as enthusiastic about getting Soo Ho breakfast. She delivers it and makes to leave. He invites her in. She says she’s still writing the report and leaves.  When he walks across the floor, girls hear it in the library below. When he falls off a chair, the girls scream and flee.

The agents watch the dorm. Soo Ho’s comrade watch the agents.

Young Ro’s brother comes to visit her but no men are allowed in. He calls her name. Young Ro hears his voice and rushes to the window. She’s thrilled.

Soo Ho hears someone call her name and looks out the window. He sees her rushes into a man’s arms.

Young Ro’s brother tells her he pulled strings to see her. He’s thrilled.

That evening Soo Ho asks about her brother. Young Ro shares he got leave. She admits he’s the most precious person in her life.

Flashback…Soo Ho’s sister gives him the necklace to keep him safe, a necklace he made for her years ago. She says he’s the most precious person in her life. She tells him to return safely.

Soo Ho admits his sister is the most precious person in his life. He admits his sister gave him the necklace. Young Ro asks what his name is. Soo Ho reveals he is Lim Soo Ho. When Young Ro washes a bloody rag, some of the water spills on to the floor which drips through the ceiling on top of the lone occupant in the library.

The girl goes to inform Mistress Pi. Boon Ok tries to eavesdrop by listening at Mistress Pi’s door. Mistress Pi calls Mr. Kim and tells him to accompany her to the 4th floor. Boon Ok follows.

Soo Ho and Young Ro try and work out an escape route so he can exit the building without being caught.

Mr. Kim makes noise as he and Mistress Pi approach the 4th floor entrance. Soo Ho and Young Ro hear them and stare at each in shock. Mistress Pi orders Mr. Kim to unlock the door.

My Thoughts

Terrific second episode. Writer Yoo Hyun Mi wove the 3 facets of the story – hiding SH at the university, the agents’ mission, the political realm – and revealed a bit more about key characters. Soo Ho’s most precious person is his sister who is waiting for him at home. Young Ro’s most precious person is her brother who surprised her with a visit. Mistress Pi has an abusive man in her background. I want to know more about her. I love her stoic ways. Boon Ok is nosy, jealous and appropriates items. Kang Chung Ya (Yoo In Na) (Nam Tae’s mistress) is a doctor. The reason I’m watching this show is Yoo In Na, who is one of the awesome actresses (favored female stars) I follow and watch their series.

Im Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) is trapped and needs to escape. He wasn’t as quiet as he needed to be per Mr. Kim’s admonishment that the 4th floor area was above the library. Now Mistress Pi and Mr. Kim are poised to enter the space which must bear evidence that someone is living there currently. How will Soo Ho and Young Ro avoid detection?

Eun Young Ro (Kim Ji Soo) hid, fed, nursed (and ogled) Soo Ho. Nothing wrong with her eyes as she tended his wound.  Young Ro was jealous when Soo Ho confirmed a woman gave him the necklace. She was touched when he admitted that woman was his precious sister. It would be easy to fall Soo Ho. What will Young Ro do when she learns he’s not a protestor but a North Korean spy?

I rank this episode as very good8 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Snowdrop Episode 2
  1. Jane Tilly says:


    🔹️ Officer Jung Han Na holding a gun to Mistress Pi’s🎻🎵 head as guardian told the girls to lock themselves in their rooms and not to open their doors to anyone, despite the mortal threat.  While Mistress Pi🎻🎵 does not exude any warmth or kindness, I can’t help but admire a lady with moxie❣  What was up the dam flashback❓⁉️. There’s got to be quite a backstory for her … was a run-in with a similar pre-democracy law enforcement agency ir something else❓⁉️

    🔹️ANSP officer Lee Kang Moo kicking in the door of room 207, just as Hye Ryeong finished wiping up Soo Ho’s blood❓⁉️

    🔹️Soo Ho’s blood oozing out of the sauna bench, while the naked girls were questioned by the gun totting ANSP officer Jung Han Na.  Young Ro had the presence of mind to step on it.

    🔹️Young Ro, Soo Ho, Jung Min, Kim Man Dong 🔑🧹 hiding on an alcove while Boon Ok ☎️, voted most likely to rat out room 207 for harboring a fugitive, sashayed up and down the hall as if it were a runway, wearing stolen goods.  Thankfully Boon Ok ☎️ was caught up in her fantasy and was oblivious to the foursome. 

    🔹️Nasty water dripping from the library ceiling onto Shin Gyeong Ja’s👩‍🏫 book and then glasses as she looked at the ceiling

    🔹️Mistress Pi🎻🎵 standing at the door waiting for Kim Man Dong 🔑🧹 to unlock the attic door. Where can Young Ro and Soo Ho hide❓⁉️

    Which character is more annoying: date/clothing thief and Snoopylocks-extraordinaire Gye Boon Ok ☎️ or Tattletale-extraordinaire Monitor Shin Gyeong Ja👩‍🏫❓⁉️  I’m leaning towards Gye Boon Ok ☎️ at the moment. 

    “What will Young Ro do when she learns he’s not a protestor but a North Korean spy?” -KJT.  Excellent question, I suppose it may depend on how in love she falls with him before she finds out.  Interestingly, the girls were told he was a NK spy, but clearly due to conflict between the SK dictator and democracy protesters, law enforcement was not believed as they were not to be considered trustworthy. 

    I’m having a hard time following the politics.  I find it ironic that ruling party 3 paid some North Koreans to do something that will sabotage an opponent’s election and then it blew up in their face; I hope they are fully exposed.  I ❤ it when political machinations fail.


    • While Mistress Pi🎻🎵 does not exude any warmth or kindness, I can’t help but admire a lady with moxie❣ What was up the dam flashback❓⁉️. There’s got to be quite a backstory for her
      She is a cool customer. I want to know about her past too.

      Young Ro had the presence of mind to step on it.
      She kept her head in a tense situation.

      more annoying: date/clothing thief and Snoopylocks-extraordinaire Gye Boon Ok ☎️
      Boon Ok annoys me more. She’s jealous, insecure, and willing to lash out. Not a good combination if you wrong her.

      I’m having a hard time following the politics.
      I’m ignoring party 1,2,3 and going with “we are willing to do anything to maintain our power.”

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