Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 5

Dentist Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) is surprised to wake up next to the sleeping Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho), in his home. She remembers drinking to excess the previous night. She ducks out of the house and walks home hoping no one sees her. Of course, Ms. Jo sees her leaving Du Sik’s home. Her texts quickly spread throughout town and by the time Hye Jin gets home her best friend Mi Seon, dental assistant who lives with Hye Jin, knows. She shows Hye Jin the text. Mortified walks to work knowing everyone knows and assumes she and Du Sik slept together.

Mi Seon meets the village croonies and learns that there are certain mysteries no one knows the answer to. First, what did Du Sik during his 5 year absence from the village? Second, what was the triggering incident that led to  Ms. Yeo and Mr. Chang to divorce?

Knowing everyone is watching with Hye Jin and Du Sik run into each other in the village, Hye Jin convinces him to grab a casual bite to eat. Of course, there is a cadre of villagers watching. When Du Sik dabs at Hye Jin’s mouth with a napkin, they assume the pair is romantic. Later Hye Jin informs Du Sik that socially they are on different levels. She’s a well educated dentist and he’s the local jack-of-all-trades. Du Sik isn’t impressed with the assessment. She asks if he likes her. He denies it. He assures her they are only friends.

Hye Jin remembers more and more of her drunken antics including swinging from a pole and playing in the park with a patient Du Sik watching her.

Hye Jin is surprised to learn that Du Sik graduated with an engineering degree from a prestigious college. She cringes remembering her condescending remarks about status to Du Sik.

Hye Jin remembers overhearing her first boyfriend belittle her style and shyness to his friends. She leaves mortified. Perhaps that’s why personal style is a priority for the adult Hye Jin.

A man arrives in the village and photographs the local lighthouse. Du Sik saves him from falling into the sea. They strike up a conversation and share a meal. Is this Hye Jin’s first boyfriend?

Now that Mr. Chang’s first love has returned to town. he decides to text her to invite her to share a meal. Ms. Jo is surprised to learn Mr. Chang’s first love is her son’s teacher. When Hye Jin is invited to talk to the children about dental hygiene, Du Sik pinch hits for an unwell Mi Seon. The dental hygiene lecture and demonstration goes well. Hye Jin and Du Sik are taken aback when the children as if they are dating during the Q&A session. Ms. Jo and Mr. Chang attend too. Uncomfortable with having a solo meal with Mr. Chang, his first love invites Ms. Jo to join them.

Officer Choi is kind to an embarrassed Mi Seon.


Du Sik remembers talking to a psychiatrist about his recurring dreams.

Du Sik and Hye Jin share a meal outside the village. She makes him prove his engineering abilities by literally quizzing him before the food is brought to their table. Du Sik correctly answers every question. He points out life doesn’t have correct answers for everyone question. Life is more than money and status.  After the meal, he convinces her to frolic on the beach.

Hye Jin remembers more from her drunken evening with Du Sik.  Embarrassed at an intimate revelation, Hye Jin flushes. Moving his hands from an ice bucket, Du Sik puts his hands to Hye Jin’s face to cool and soothe. Hye Jin leans in and kisses him.

Knowing she kissed him the previous evening, Hye Jin asks Du Sik if anything happened between them. Du Sik claims nothing happened.


Du Sik remembers talking to a psychiatrist about his recurring nightmare. Du Sik flashes to the nightmare. We see a bloody hand placed on Du Sik’s back. He turns to look at the man. Du Sik wakes to find himself next to Hye Jin. He settles her on the pillow and relaxes enough to return to sleep.

My Thoughts

Inching closer.  Writer Shin Ha Eun’s sweet seaside village was proved the gossip travels quickly and throughout the village. Du Sik is a popular and well liked resident and everyone is interested in the relationship between Du Sik and Hye Jin. Is the photographer food aficionado Hye Jin’s first boyfriend? It would be good for Du Sik to have competition for Hye Jin. She needs to deal with the past. Plus he seemed decent in his interactions with Du Sik.

Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) kept remembering more from her drunken evening with Du Sik. Hye Jin was touched when Du Sik soothed her emotional pain. She kissed him gently. Du Sik was surprised but gently responded.

Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) didn’t tell Hye Jin what happened when she got drunk. Du Sik is a gentleman. He didn’t tell anyone what happened between him and Hye Jin. He didn’t take a great offense when Hye Jin insulted him about social status. Will the photographer food aficionado be another challenge for our fledgling couple?

Here’s a behind the scenes video of episode 1-2.

I rank this episode as almost very good, 7.5 on a 10-point scale.

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6 comments on “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 5
  1. L says:

    Thanks for the super fast recap!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. DramaDazed says:

    Enjoyed the behind the scenes link. Thanks.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m savoring the kindling of the romance 💜 between Hye Jin🦔🦷 and Du Sik 🧰🎣. I KNOW gossip spreads fast in a small town, but news of Hye Jin 🦔🦷 leaving Du Sik’s🧰🎣 house early in the morning spread rather quickly with all sorts of speculation.

    Since Hye Jin🦔🦷 was embarrassed by her drunk behavior and it took so long to remember maybe she should consider giving up alcohol. Du Sik🧰🎣 was gentlemanly in keeping quiet about Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 drunken escapades

    I felt bad for Mi Seon🪥, as she was “caught” by Eun Cheol👮‍♂️ at her worst … just after she had been molested and buying medicine for the big D. Nevertheless, this secondary romance is an added bonus.

    I’m also curious about the photographer📷 and if/how he fits in with Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 past.

    Liked by 1 person

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