Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 2

Local relator (among many jobs he does around the village) Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) shows Dentist Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) the potential business location for her set up her own practice. Then he shows her the apartment available for rent. She’s taken aback a limited choice and unfashionable condition of properties. He promises Hye Jin he can make them to her liking. She agrees to locations and contracts are signed with the cafe owner Ms. Yeo, who owns the properties. Du Sik flashes a waterfall of cards certifying his expertise in tiling, plumbing, electrical, etc. He assures her he’ll refresh the properties to her satisfaction.

Hye Jin tells her best friend Mi Seon that she’s sold her apartment and is moving to open a new practice. Mi Seon is upset that she’ll lose their daily contact. They hug and cry.

The locals watch Hye Jin move into her apartment. Hye Jin feels uncomfortable being the day’s entertainment. Ms. Yeo introduces the neighbors and invites Hye Jin to call upon them anytime. Feeling shy Hye Jin smiles and heads into her apartment. That evening Hye Jin calls her father to report the move went well. She put the cherished photo of herself, her mother and father from their long ago day at the beach in a place of honor.

Du Sik stops by and gives her the details on recycling, trash, etc. Hye Jin appreciates the details but wants time to finish unpacking without interruption.

The local ladies are taken aback by Hye Jin’s legging and crop top as she runs through town for exercise.

Hye Jin sees a picture of a young boy and grandfather in the village in the window of the village photographer. She guesses the boy was mischievous.

Hye Jin is pleased with Du Sik’s renovation of her office space. Du Sik tells the local ladies that Hye Jin’s exercise attire is current. They still find it too revealing.

Ms. Yeo invites Hye Jin to a party to celebrate the elders of the village. Hye Jin tries to avoid committing. Ms. Yeo points out Hye Jin can talk to future dental patients. Hye Jin agrees to attend.

It’s a lovely day for the party, but Hye Jin isn’t comfortable with the open cooking, the uncovered food, people using their hands to eat, etc. She inadvertently insults the town’s limited shopping and dining. The locals aren’t impressed. Hye Jin isn’t interested in the conversation the coffee shop owner Mr. Oh tries to have with her. She finally walks away. Du Sik has heard comments from the locals about Hye Jin’s blunt assessment of what the village lacks. He tries to cajole her into seeing the positives. When Mi Seon calls, Hye Jin takes the call like a lifeline. She ends up in an office to avoid the party noise and unloads her frustrations including an unflattering assessment of Mr. Oh to a sympathetic Mi Seon. Little does Hye Jin know her comments are being broadcasted as the mayor left the microphone in his office on after making an announcement promoting the party. When she steps out of the office, she quickly learns what happened, and is chagrined. She leaves.

Du Sik tries to cheer up Mr. Oh but it doesn’t work.

That evening Du Sik stops by Hye Jin apartment and point out that the villager’s lives are rooted here. He notes she hasn’t had a hard life. Hye Jin doesn’t like the criticism. Du Sik points out she had no problem criticizing earlier.

An upset Min Seo ends up on Hye Jin’s doorstep. She cries while explaining her boyfriend had a secret girlfriend. When the two men found out about each other, they both dumped the cheating boyfriend.  Min Seo declares she’s moving to the village if Hye Jin will hire her as her assistant and throw in free lodging and a salary bump. Hye Jin happily agrees. The two friends hug and cry.

The grand opening of Hye Jin’s dental clinic comes and goes without a single patient.  When Hye Jin and Min Seo walk through the village after work, Min Seo notices the hostile stares and avoidance of the villages. Hye Jin breaks down and tells Min Seo about her comments being broadcast for all to hear. Du Sik sees her crying.

Back Min Seo recommends that Hye Jin close up the clinic and return to Seoul. Hye Jin decides to go for a run.

Du Sik sees Hye Jin running and rides his bike next to her.  He informs her exercise attire shocks the local ladies. She retorts this is standard fare in Seoul. He cajoles her to meet the local ladies halfway and let everyone have time to adjust to the changes of a new person in the village. He tells her rice cakes must be delivered to all the local businesses.

The next day Hye Jin delivers rice cakes to the local businesses, but it doesn’t smooth the ruffled feathers. She does end up agreeing to care for a hedgehog from the 2 local children.

Du Sik find Mr. Oh still upset and finds the next album’s demo tape in the trash. He pockets the tape.

Du Sik bluntly tells Hye Jin the locals could tell her rice cakes weren’t given with sincerity. He offers her another opportunity to make it right.

Du Sik takes Hye Jin to the locals meeting. As they stand outside the building, Hye Jin doesn’t want to go inside and face the locals and apologize and try to make amends. She tries to stop him when he leaves. Du Sik likes that and teases her. He tells her she must face the locals and at a minimum apologize for her candid comments.

Hye Jin enters the meeting and all eyes lock on her. It’s uncomfortable. Du Sik arrives with a box of snacks he claims Hye Jin bade him to purchase for the meeting. The gesture mollifies. Du Sik and Hye Jin hand out the snacks. The meeting occurs and Hye Jin feels included instead of excluded. The meeting ends with everyone agreeing to attend Saturday’s clean up the village session.

After the meeting Du Sik gives Hye Jin the bill for the snacks and tells her to wire him the money ASAP.


Hye Jin doesn’t show up to the clean up the village session. Ms. Yeo stops by Hye Jin’s apartment. She claims she’s not feeling well. Du Sik stops by Hye Jin’s apartment and won’t take no for an answer. The session helps Hye Jin’s standing in the village.

The next day Hye Jin and Min Seo are stunned when locals arrive at the dental office. The patients are cared for competently. Word spreads. More come. Hye Jin and Min Seo are thrilled and tired at the end of the day. We learn Du Sik nudged the first patient to go to the dental office.

Du Sik tells Mr. Oh that he digitized the next album’s demo tape and it is on the laptop. Mr. Oh claims he’s given up music and will now let Du Sik teach him how to make good coffee.

Hye Jin reflects on Du Sik’s words about the locals. She finds Mr. Oh and tells him she listened to his first album and didn’t like the one hit wonder song but did like another track. Mr. Oh is pleased.

Hye Jin finds Du Sik fishing on top of a rock. Once again wearing inappropriate footwear, Hye Jin picks her way to Du Sik to thank him. He holds out his hand to help her up onto the rock. She takes it. She slips and falls into his arms. They lock eyes.

The episode ends with a flashback…

A young Du Sik walks the beach with his grandfather. A young Hye Jin, her mother, and father are posing for pictures. Her father asks Du Sik’s grandfather to take their picture. Hye Jin doesn’t smiling knowing her mother is ill. Her mother promises she’s getting better. Du Sik makes a silly face and Hye Jin smile. As Du Sik’s grandfather leads him away, Du Sik turns his head to watch Hye Jin who watches him in return. Du Sik’s grandfather suggests they go to the town’s photographer for a picture. This is the same picture front and center in the shop admired by Hye Jin earlier in the episode.

My Thoughts

Joining a small town community wasn’t smooth for Hye Jin.  Writer Shin Ha Eun’s sweet seaside village is filled with characters that are proud. The unintentional broadcast of Hye Jin’s opinions of the lacking of the village and some of the locals’ hurt feelings. Hye Jin’s attempts at making amends per Du Sik’s direction weren’t sincere and the the locals knew it. Once again, Du Sik gave Hye Jin moments of help then stepped away to let her face the village meeting solo until he arrived with the snacks which he gave her credit for (but made her pay for). Du Sik grew on me this episode as he worked to smooth ruffled feathers. The flashback that Hye Jin and Du Sik met on the day cherished photos of their family were taken is standard fare for kdramas. But Writer Shin presented as a sweet coincidence not destiny.

Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) didn’t realize her candid comments were broadcast live. Hye Jin took her first evolution step. She hurt feelings and naturally wanted to hide rather than deal with the uncomfortable situation. Du Sik helped her navigate and didn’t gloss over the tense situation. Hye Jin struggled be comfortable with the village ways. The addition of her best friend Mi Seon, gave her an ally, which she sorely needed.

Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) saw both sides of the awkward situation. Du Sik understood why the locals’ feeling were hurt. Du Sik understood that Hye Jin never imagined her candid comments would be heard by anyone other than Mi Seon.  He facilitated Hye Jin’s acceptance by the community. I like that Du Sik’s actions, while calculated, come from a kind heart. I was amazed at the skill set Du Sik, a true jack of all trades, had. Construction, plumber, electrician, relator, the list goes on and on. Du Sik helped Hye Jin get herself out of mess, a didn’t stop pushing until things were set to right.

I rank this episode as almost very good, 7.5 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 2
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Holy Cow, to have your snarky phone call overheard by the villagers … that will some damage control.

    “The flashback that Hye Jin and Du Sik met on the day cherished photos of their family were taken is standard fare for kdramas. But Writer Shin presented as a sweet coincidence not destiny.” -KJT. I concur that I enjoyed the scene as a sweet coincidence.

    Du Shik no only has education (his licenses), but seems to have graduated from the school of hard knocks … a rare combination, especially since he has a heart of gold 💛 to complement his skills. He is VERY likeable and not hard to look at.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Du Shik no only has education (his licenses), but seems to have graduated from the school of hard knocks … a rare combination, especially since he has a heart of gold 💛 to complement his skills. He is VERY likeable and not hard to look at.
      Well said! He is a good guy!


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