Vincenzo Episode 2

Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) bloodies Park Seok Do’s nose and hangs the stunned man from the window. Mr. Park’s thugs approach, but back away when Vincenzo states he’ll drop Mr. Park; who clamors for them to back off. Vincenzo tells Mr. Park the building was purchase through coercion. He won’t forgive that. Vincenzo swears he’ll get the building back and make them all pay. In Italian, Vincenzo declares, the building belongs to him. He offers to bring Mr. Park to safety IF he promises to not attack with his thugs. Vincenzo demands Mr. Park’s pinky swear. Once pulled to safety Mr. Park orders his thugs to attack. The police arrive and recommend Mr. Park leave as there are reporters outside the building. Mr. Park promises retribution.

I’ve never seen a pinky swear with one person dangling off a building.

Resident Jipuragi Law Firm lawyer, Mr. Hong, tells Vincenzo they need to talk. Mr. Hong calls Vincenzo irresponsible for stirring up trouble. Vincenzo barks that the former building owner, Mr. Cho, was coerced into selling by the Babel Group thugs. Vincenzo swears he’ll get the building back. Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin), Woosung Law Firm lawyer and Mr. Hong’s daughter, states reversing the sale is impossible. Vincenzo stalks away. The reporters make their way into Mr. Hong’s office and ask to speak the tipster, Vincenzo.

Cha Young follows Vincenzo and wonders why he’s so upset about the building’s sale. He’s made a pretty profit. Vincenzo counters the coercive sale is not acceptable. Cha Young muses that Vincenzo wants something else. She walks away sure there is more to the story.

The tenants discuss the situation. They declare Vincenzo should never have been trusted. Mr. Hong points out they need to learn if Vincenzo is trust worthy or not.

Reporter Jang Joon Woo tries to get a politician to cooperate. He refuses. She points out those that don’t cooperate with her regret it.

Vincenzo visits a battered Mr. Cho (recall he was side swiped by a pickup truck) in the hospital. Mr. Cho recommends that Vincenzo demolish the building before the Babel Group does and finds the secret room filled with gold. Vincenzo remembers there is a special feature of the room.

Flashback…3 years ago…After telling the Chinese business man about building and hiding his gold and treasures in the secret room, Vincenzo shares the room will have a special feature. It will be built into the building’s structure, so if the secret room is stressed, the entire building collapses.  In addition, anyone that knows about the room including those that build it, must be eliminated. With these parameters, the only way anyone other than the Chinese business man can access the room, is after building demolition.

Flashback…1 year ago…Vincenzo sees an article that the Chinese business man has died of a heart attack.

Flashback…10 months ago…Vincenzo asks Mr. Cho if anyone other than the two of them knows about the secret room. Mr. Cho confirms no one else knows. Vincenzo suggests they access the secret room to fund their retirements.

Flashback…3 months ago…Mr. Cho asks Vincenzo what to tell Babel Group about their offer to purchase the building. Vincenzo wants Babel Group to believe they will rebuild the building. He notes they’ll only need 2 days to plunder the secret room after the building has been demolished.

Vincenzo watches the monk as the basement tenant, who unknowingly meditates on the secret vault. He knows he must get rid of the tenants and demolish the building. Tenant Lee Cheol Wook arrives and informs Vincenzo a boiler needs to be installed to make the monk’s meditation on the cold floor more comfortable. Vincenzo counters the building will be demolished, so the expense is silly. He offers to purchase the monk an electric heating pad. The monk isn’t interested.

Boss Han Seung Hyeok tells Cha Young she’s thwarted her father’s defense for the plaintiff with her courtroom moves. As the boss exits intern Jang Joon Woo (TaecYeon) reports a researcher for the Babel Group has gone missing.

Agent An Ki Seok (International Crime Response Agency) bring his boss, Director Tae, information about Vincenzo. He seeks approval to investigate Vincenzo. Director Tae refuses citing Vincenzo’s limited threat. Agent An points out Vincenzo works for the mob. Director Tae doesn’t change his mind. Agent An vows to do investigate on his own.

Mr. Hong sighs that his case against Babel Group is seriously damaged. His assistant, Mr. Nam, offers to clean up the paperwork. Mr. Hong declares they are down but not out. Vincenzo enters and requests the paperwork on Babel Group. Mr. Hong realizes Vincenzo wants to mine the documentation to help himself. Vincenzo points out what he learns can help both of them. He suggests Mr. Hong give him a chance. Mr. Hong relents and tells Mr. Nam to give Vincenzo the documentation.

Cha Young warns the scientists that if their AWOL coworker suddenly talks to the wrong people, the case against Babel Group could be lost. Intern Jang warns the scientist to keep their mouth shuts.

After the meeting, Intern Jang wonders if the AWOL coworker will go to her father and reveal the illegal activities of Babel Group. She shudders in horror. Cha Young spies the Babel Group Chairman Jang Han Seo and scurries to introduce herself. He’s standoffish and tells her to wrap up the case well. Intern Jang isn’t impressed. Cha Young remind him those with power and money can behave however they wish. She is spooked about the AWOL coworker turning whistle blower.

Vincenzo studies all the documentation on Babel Group.

Ms. Jang isn’t happy when her next assignment is to mitigate sexual harassment charges for her boss’s nephew.

Cha Young arrives at her father’s office and isn’t happy to see Vincenzo studying the documentation on Babel Group. Her father notes Vincenzo believes one must no one’s enemy. Vincenzo comments that Babel Group uses the same tactics as the Mafia. Mr. Hong notes his daughter’s law firm, spends all their time cleaning up after Babel Group and protecting them. Cha Young sighs. Vincenzo tells Mr. Hong he’s got what he needs and exits. Cha Young chases after him.

She wants to know what Vincenzo is planning. The fake Italian chef refuses to cook for Vincenzo. Recall Vincenzo spit out the pasta the previous day. He suggests Vincenzo eat at the snack bar. The owner doesn’t want to serve Vincenzo, but Cha Young intervenes. She advises Vincenzo to return to Italy and not waste his time going against Babel Group. She points out there are legal Mafia groups throughout Korea from the Government offices to company boardrooms. When the owner’s son enters, the owner smells smoke on him and they fight. The food ends up in Vincenzo’s lap. He is not amused.

After she sees off her boss, Ms. Jang vows not to be used to cover up their messes, instead she’ll destroy them. Just then Lawyer Han pulls up and invites her to drink and eat. He points out Ms. Jang’s boss uses power for his benefit. Lawyer Han points out that she’ll be discarded when she’s served her purpose. Lawyer Han believes he can leverage Babel Group to take down Ms. Jang’s boss. Lawyer Han declares cleaning up Babel Group’s messes pays well. Ms. Jang asks about Chairman Jang antics.

Chairman Jang suffers a beating for his mistakes at the company.

Vincenzo dreams of the bloody past job he held.

Vincenzo asks the fake Italian Chef where he learned to cook. A local eatery is the answer. Vincenzo orders risotto. He takes a bite and spits it out much to the chagrin of the chef. He tells the chef he cooks awful food and leaves.

Vincenzo tells Mr. Hong they must take a road trip. They arrive request to see Mr. Na in investing. The answer is no as they have no appointment. Vincenzo shows the indictment he’ll file. Mr. Na meets with them. He asks to see the indictment. The envelope is empty. Vincenzo wants Mr. Na to cancel the contract. Mr. Na scoffs they aren’t in Italy. Vincenzo grabs Mr. Na and warns him they aren’t going to take it anymore. Mr. Hong can’t help but be impressed. As they walk through the lobby, Mr. Hong declares he’ll use some of Vincenzo’s lines in future negotiations. He chuckles. Vincenzo smiles.

Ms. Jang quits. She tells her boss she’s tired of cleaning up messes. Her boss notes she’s going to do the same somewhere else. Ms. Jang agrees but notes, she’ll have more latitude and money for her effects. She strides out of the building and dumps the contents of her desk box in a garbage can.

Ms. Jang joins the Woosung Law Firm team. Lawyer Han welcomes her warmly and introduces her to the team. Learning Ms. Jang is a senior lawyer the team isn’t excited but dutifully clamp their welcome. Ms. Jang tells them small steps make big progress and working together will get the job done. She leaves the room. Lawyer Han scurries after her. Cha Young rolls her eyes in disgust. Cha Young’s coworkers claim to be upset that Cha Young has been usurped. Cha Young counters she knows this is a happy moment for them.

Back at Geumga Plaza, Vincenzo and Mr. Hong find some tenants pretending to be zombie for an upcoming audition.

Mr. Hong agrees with Vincenzo’s assessment that Babel Group will forcibly evict and demolish the building quickly.

Over drinks, Mr. Hong admits he admires Vincenzo’s willingness to tackle BG. Vincenzo asks if Mr. Hong has any individual clients. Mr. Hong shares he has 1 person, a woman wrongfully convicted of murder, but refuses to fight against verdict, instead accepting it and her pancreatic cancer. Vincenzo asks why she would do that. Mr. Hong states the woman believes it is punishment for abandoning her son in the past. Mr. Hong notes some accept and other refuse to accept even when they are guilty. Mr. Hong says the weak suffer. Vincenzo admits he’s seen that first hand since he returned to Korea. Mr. Hong notes some feel weak and helpless forever. Vincenzo asks about Mr. Hong’s firm’s name. Mr. Hong shares it means last chance and his clients cling to him hoping he can change their judicial fate. Mr. Hong gets a phone call but the person doesn’t speak. Mr. Hong notes Vincenzo seems more genuine. Mr. Hong schools Vincenzo on drinking etiquette.

Nice vibe between these two.

At the next meeting, Lawyer Han explains while they can’t demolish the building right away, they can bring in equipment to clean up the area. That equipment accidentally damages the building forcing the tenants to leave the unsafe structure. Lawyer Han notes Cha Young’s father is opposing BG, again. The room chuckles. Cha Young is irked.

After the meeting Intern Jang expresses sympathy for the tenants. Cha Young snaps they had every opportunity to settle but didn’t. She declares their lawyer (her father) isn’t helping his clients understand the reality of their situation.

Vincenzo wakes after sleeping on the floor. Mr. Hong calls knowing he’s got a handover. He texts his address to Vincenzo and invites him for a meal. Vincenzo arrives and sees photos of Cha Young. He notices she looked different.

Lawyer Han calls Chairman Jang to report the demolition will begin tomorrow at 11am. IT overhears as he tidies the office. He scurries to Vincenzo to inform her of the deadline.

Vincenzo admits Mr. Hong’s soup is helping. Cha Young barges in declaring now is not the time for soup. Mr. Hong gets a call and steps away from Vincenzo and Cha Young. It’s the missing scientist willing to share details. He asks to meet Mr. Hong in person. Mr. Hong quickly agrees and says he’ll be there shortly. He tells Vincenzo and Cha Young he must leave on an urgent matter. Cha Young is upset that she couldn’t relay the news. She tells Vincenzo the building will be demolished tomorrow. He notes she seems upset. She claims that if her father gets hurt during demolition, it reflects badly on her.

Mr. Hong arrives at the dock to meet the missing scientist. He enters the hotel and makes his way to the room. The scientist lets him in.

Vincenzo considers what to do with the imminent demolition. He wonders how to stop it.

The next morning the tenants wonder if they have any options. They are upset about losing their homes. Mr. Nam walks over to Vincenzo who is liking photos on-line.

Agent An is excited when his search yields results.

Mr. Hong enters the building to find tenants packing and preparing to move. Mr. Hong wonders what they can do about the demolition.

Cha Young frets.

Lawyer Han tells Ms. Jang she’ll meet Chairman Jang in two days’ time. Lawyer Han is dismayed to learn a Babel Group scientist is missing.

Cha Young frets. She calls her father and tells him to get out of the building before the demolition team gets there in 30 minutes. Her father says she’s a distraction and he’s turning off his phone. Cha Young yells at her phone. Intern Jang tosses Cha Young her purse as she dashes out of the office. When Lawyer Han calls, Cha Young says she’s got other matters to attend to.

Mr. Park and his goons along with the equipment take off for the building.

Cha Young drives and sees the demolition equipment heading down the road. She speeds up. She arrives at the building just after the equipment. She finds a neighborhood party going on. The goons and Mr. Park arrive chocked to find the well-attended party full of neighborhood attendees. Dress in a tux, Vincenzo thanks people for attending and encourages them to have fun. Agent An spies him from across the room. Mr. Hong smiles at Vincenzo for his effective avoidance.

Flashback…Vincenzo watches a celebration video and realizes that could work. He tells the tenants they are going to throw a party. He sends out invites all across the neighborhood.

Mr. Hong spots his daughter. She likes Vincenzo’s invite. She watches Vincenzo mingle. He notices her watching him. They smile at each other.

My Thoughts

Playful side to this series. Writer Park Jae Bum continues to mix humor into the story allowing the more eccentric characters and their actions to be more acceptable and less ridiculous. Director Kim Hee Won (Money Flower) injected music and snappy camera cuts to edge the line between campy and drama. This could be serious revenge drama, but the humor brightens it up, and the eclectic characters lighten up their own situations.  Vincenzo bonded with Mr. Hong. Who doesn’t love male bonding? Vincenzo’s motives are self-serving but he is touching other’s lives and they just might touch him too.

Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) figured out a way to stop the demolition. Vincenzo pulled a party out of his hat to block the demolition. It has to be said, Song Joong Ki looks fabulous in a tux. I loved the scenes with Vincenzo and Mr. Hong. Vincenzo learned that Mr. Hong is representing his mother who refuses a retrial and has accepted her impending death by cancer. This peeled back a bit of humanity in Vincenzo. I enjoy his quirks – the frustration that can quickly peak, the sprinkled Italian phrases, his droll humor, etc. I’m betting there is a person with feeling under all those suave good looks.

Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) is tweaked for her father’s opposition to BG. Cha Young showed she was worried about her father. She believed Bagel Group would steam roll over her father and the tenants. She was right. No one counted on Vincenzo throwing a lavish party to freeze the demolition scheduled for that evening. Cha Young’s embarrassment over her old photos made her more human.

I rank this episode as almost very good, 7.5 on a 10-point scale.




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8 comments on “Vincenzo Episode 2
  1. DramaDazed says:

    This episode smoothed the styles together a little better for me.

    A few things I noticed:

    SJKs nervousness when he asked Hong dad about the woman prisoner in a way that revealed his relationship and mixed feelings about her… a few seconds of great acting skills. Hong dad is warm and accessible.

    I think Vincenzo’s nightmare is carefully placed in this episode because it opens the door for his reformation by the kooky tenant family. I laughed out loud at the zombie dance scene, it was so well executed.

    It will be interesting to see how it plays out now that SJK and Cho plan to split the money, now what happens to the building is personal.

    I am enjoying both earnest intern Jang TaecYeons performance and heavy-accented smack-talking prosecutor Choi – solid side dishes.

    So far so good!

    Liked by 2 people

    • SJKs nervousness when he asked Hong dad about the woman prisoner in a way that revealed his relationship and mixed feelings about her… a few seconds of great acting skills.
      Well stated DD.

      I laughed out loud at the zombie dance scene, it was so well executed.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I suppose if the Chinese businessman died and he truly kept his gold hoard a secret, there wouldn’t be anyone looking for the gold since the building is in Mr Cho’s name. Wouldn’t it be a kicker if at the end of the series the vault is found empty because The Chinese businessman faked his death and reclaimed his gold to fund his retirement on a remote tropical island❓⁉️

    I completely missed Taecyeon in the first episode, but was watching for him in this episode. I am amazed that such a handsome and buff young man looks so ordinary as Jung Woo. Hair, makeup, wardrobe and a bit of confidence go a long way. Jung Woo is supposed to be a main cast member, but he doesn’t seem like it yet … I hope we get to see him shine.

    It seems a contract signed under duress would not be legal, nor would bulldozing a building without a reasonable eviction time frame or bulldozing without FIRST evacuating the building, but I’m clueless on South Korean land laws.

    I was pleased to see Cha Young’s concern not only give her dad a warning about the demo, but rush over to stop it and then Vincenzo’s non violent subversion of the demolition. Well played Mr Cassano, well played.


    • Wouldn’t it be a kicker if at the end of the series the vault is found empty because The Chinese businessman faked his death and reclaimed his gold to fund his retirement on a remote tropical island
      Yes, it would be. I’m betting that’s been done before, but can’t remember a drama. I believe the US noir-thriller Body Heat did a variation of that.

      Well played Mr Cassano, well played.
      Perhaps he’ll turn out to be a Casanova?

      Liked by 2 people

    • beez says:

      @Jane Tilly – I agree (about contracts signed under duress). But I am really curious what SK’s laws are like regarding same because I’ve seen it too many times, not only in dramas but in serious movies which tend to be more realistic. There’s a movie “Bad Guy” (don’t watch it unless you like feeling gutted and disgusted), where a young college girl is forced to put her thumb print on a contract (she owes no debt or anything but she made the pimp feel insulted when he accosted her ss she was walking along on the public street). He effectively owns her after that even though it took two goombas to literally hold her thumb on the paper.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Yikes! That a film I’ll have to make sure I miss.

        Although South Korea 🇰🇷 modeled it’s constitution and many laws after the U.S. 🇺🇸 there are definitely some differences in law between the two countries.


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