Would I Date Him? Tale of the Nine Tailed

This time on “Would I Date Him?” I reflect upon the leading man from the series Tale of the Nine Tailed.

Our candidate: Tale of the Nine Tailed’s Lee Yeon portrayed by Lee Dong Wook, is a nine tailed fox who has waited 600 years for his first and only love to be reincarnated.

Background. Lee Yeon was once a powerful mountain spirit. Now he waits for the love of his life to be reincarnated. Once she is, there are many challenges to overcome.

His pluses:

COOL UNDER FIRE. Lee Yeon never let you see him sweat. He kept a calm (with a hint of cocky) demeanor no matter what was throw his way.
SMART. Lee Yeon cleverly navigated the twists and turns of Team Imoogi (aka Team Evil) tossed his way and those under his protection.
LOYAL. Foxes mate for life. Lee Yeon faithfully waited for his love to return to him. It took 600 years. Lee Yeon’s half brother, Lee Rang, incorrectly believed he’d been abandoned. That kind of disloyalty wasn’t possible for this character. His brother finally realized that Lee Yeon was always there and hadn’t failed him.

His minuses:

SUBTLE EMOTIONS. Lee Yeon cared deeply but wasn’t showy with his emotions.

Is he my next date?
YES. 👍 Lee Yeon was trustworthy, steadfast, and a clever problem solver.

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4 comments on “Would I Date Him? Tale of the Nine Tailed
  1. DramaDazed says:

    Yep. Lee Yeon is a keeper, if you are the one he loves. I suspect that the quality of subdued emotions in Lee Yeon is a reflection of actor Lee Dong Wooks real personality.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I agree that Lee Dong Wook’s subtle emotions are a reflection of his personality … I think this the most passionate I’ve seen him in.

    Yep, Lee Yeon’s🌂🦊 was cool under fire, smart and loyal combine those characteristics with his good looks … what is lacking … NOTHING❣ I would date Yeon 🌂🦊 in a heartbeat as a human or gumiho.


  3. Kay says:

    Agree, Lee Yeon is a good one for sure 🙂


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