It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 8 Recap

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 8 “Beauty and the Beast” 

Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) even ups Moon Young’s self haircut. She’s worried when Soo Hyun shares he created Sang Tae’s signature style. He tells her he is in control. He hides a smile. Kang Tae tells Moon Young he’s done with the haircut. Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji) looks in the mirror. She touches her hair.  She turns to Moon Young and asks how she looks. He tells her she looks pretty. Moon Young smiles. Kang Tae smiles. Moon Young declares now that she’s cut off her leash, she no longer needs to listen to her mother. He’s offers congratulations. Instead she wants a compliment. Soo Hyun tells her she’s done well. They both smile. Moon Young suggests they go have fun together just like the Cheerful Dog (last episode’s fairy tale).

Over a meal, Moon Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se) (Kang Tae’s brother) declares Moon Young looked better with long hair. Soo Hyun tries to squash the hair comments but Sang Tae speaks his truth. When Moon Young demands Soo Hyun put food on her spoon, Sang Tae says she’s not a baby and should feed herself.

Sang Tae has a point.

Moon Young walks Soo Hyun out as he leaves for work. He points out that Sang Tae is honest to a fault and he backs his brother. Moon Young tosses Soo Hyun her car keys and tells they’ll play when he gets back from work. Soo Hyun watches Moon Young look over the vista. She turns and catches him staring. She tells him only he can cut her hair because he’s the only one she wants to touch her. She asks if she’s pretty. Soo Hyun confirms this. Moon Young admits she believes it too. Soo Hyun chuckles. He tells her to have a good day. She tells him to come home quickly. She waves and he drives away. He can’t help but watch her in the mirror as he pulls out. He smiles. She smiles too.

At the psychiatric hospital, Soo Hyun looks at the flyer announcing the suspension of Moon Young’s class. Soo Hyun changes into his uniform. Another orderly is exhausted. He says Moon Young’s father had a seizure last night. He complains he didn’t get any sleep.

Head Nurse Park tends Moon Young’s father. She tells his roommates; he’ll get better and leaves.

Head Nurse Park asks Soo Hyun to change Moon Young’s father’s top. Moon Young’s father reports he heard her hum “Oh my Darling Clementine.” Soo Hyun asks who. Moon Young’s father says she’s dead but here.

Moon Young is irked by the negative feedback on the net. She wonders where all her fans went. Sang Tae declares he’s her fan. He declares she’s pretty. The smile is wiped from Moon Young’s face when Sang Tae declares her long hair was her best feature. She declares they’ll continue their meeting later. Confused Sang Tae points out they never started a meeting. Moon Young strides away and Sang Tae follows.

Publisher Lee Sang In asks subordinate Yoo Seung Jae about the background check on Joo Ri. Seung Jae hesitates then dutifully reports the facts she’s uncovered. Seung Jae asks if Publisher Lee likes Joo Ri. He asks Seung Jae to pick who is better – him or Soo Hyun. Seung Jae says Soo Hyun is the handsome one.


Soo Hyun can’t stop thinking about Moon Young. He tells himself he’s crazy.

Director Oh watches the CCTV of Moon Young’s father and the night wanderer patient Park. She comes to Director Oh’s office escorted by Soo Hyun. She asks why he wanted to see her. He asks if she saw Moon Young’s father in the hallway last night. She says she didn’t see him when she went to the bathroom. He asks if she hummed a song. Director Oh sings “Oh my Darling Clementine”. Patient Park says she’s not the shaman patient that believes a ghost haunts the psychiatric hospital nor is she a ghost.

Soo Hyun follows patient Park out of the office. She chuckles that finally people are paying attention to her.

Director Oh watches the CCTV video of patient Park. He watches her lips and believes she sang “Oh my Darling Clementine”.

Later Director Oh tells Soo Hyun that patient Park lied. He muses since Soo Hyun is almost Moon Young’s guardian and last night’s incident involved her father, he thought he should know. Soo Hyun denies being responsible for Moon Young. Director Oh tells Soo Hyun that strange things are happening in the hospital. He suggests they keep that between themselves. Director Oh asks Soo Hyun to watch patient Park.  Director Oh declares he’s the power in the facility. Soo Hyun says nothing. Director Oh chuckles.

Soo Hyun rips the flyer announcing the suspension of Moon Young’s class into pieces before he leaves work for lunch.

Sang Tae tells Moon Young he’s going to meet Soo Hyun for food before he works at the pizza eatery.

At the Chinese eatery everyone gets Soo Hyun’s favorite dish. Soo Hyun tears up now knowing that his mother brought him here when he was young because she loved him. Moon Young notices. When she tries the noodle dish, she pulls away and declares it spicy. Sang Tae offers info on what happens after eating the food. Soo Hyun chuckles. They all enjoy the meal. It’s raining after the meal. Soo Hyun and Sang Tae share an umbrella. Moon Young watches then joins them with her umbrella. Sang Tae boards the bus to go the Jae Soo’s eatery. Moon Young grabs Soo Hyun and declares there is sufficient time for coffee. Sang Tae watches them.

At the coffee shop, Moon Young is fixated by a pen a customer writes with. The customer feels her eyes on him and approaches. He recognizes her. He’s thrilled to meet her declaring himself a fan. He offers his business card. Soo Hyun arrives with the drinks. The fan asks if Soo Hyun is her boyfriend. Moon Young assures him that isn’t the case. She invites the fan to join them. She plays up to the fan fanning Soo Hyun’s jealousy. When the fan asks for Moon Young’s number, she gives it. That raises Soo Hyun’s ire. When the fan asks Soo Hyun to take a picture, Soo Hyun can’t help but comment on the fan’s hand on Soo Hyun’s arm. Moon Young moves the fan’s hand to her waist. Soo Hyun can’t believe it. He takes several photos with Moon Young posing happily while his jealousy rises.

Outside the coffee shop, Soo Hyun tells Moon Young to focus on writing not wooing fans. Soo Hyun wants to know why Moon Young handed out her number to someone she doesn’t know. Moon Young claims she likes handsome. Soo Hyun sighs and tells her to go home because he must return to work. Moon Young stops Soo Hyun from walking away. She steps toward him and asks if he’s jealous. Soo Hyun denies it and strides away. Moon Young is all smiles. She holds the pen she pilfered and calls it handsome.

That would stroke any girl’s ego.

At the psychiatric hospital cafeteria, Nurse Nam Joo Ri is surprised to see her mother sharing a meal with Publisher Lee. She takes her mother aside and asks why she’s being nice. Her mother notes Publisher Lee doesn’t have friends in town. Joo Ri tells her mother not to rent Soo Hyun’s room to Publisher Lee. Her mother suggests Joo Ri and Jae Soo split their rooms.

Jo Jae Soo (Kang Tae’s friend) isn’t happy when he learns. He declares to Sang Tae that Joo Ri’s mother is abusing her power as landlord. Sang Tae can’t stop thinking about Moon Young and Soo Hyun. He nervously scratches his hand.

Hmm, while Sang Tae likes Moon Young, sharing his brother…not so much.

Joo Ri asks Publisher Lee why he wants to live at her mother’s house. Publisher Lee believes she can guess. Joo Ri says she likes someone. Publisher Lee counters that is unrequited and she’s better off letting go and staying kind. Joo Ri states she’s not kind. Publisher Lee doesn’t believe her.

Soo Hyun spots Publisher Lee in the parking lot and demands to know why Publisher Lee would tell Moon Young she has to be friendly to all her fans. Soo Hyun declares it isn’t necessary. Soo Hyun ticks off a list of irritating items about Publisher Lee and finishes with yelling at Publisher Lee. He strides away completely irked. Publisher Lee watches Soo Hyun walk away wondering why both women like him.

Two patients meet in the linen closet. They bemoan the necessity of keeping their relationship a secret. He asks if he can kiss her. She consents. He goes for her lips but is interrupted when an orderly arrives and declares he’ll nap there for 1 hour. The patients sneak out only to find Soo Hyun waiting for them.

Outside they beg Soo Hyun not to reveal their relationship. Soo Hyun says it is against the rules. She cries. Soo Hyun says one of them will be transferred. He begs Soo Hyun not to reveal. Soo Hyun tells them to focus on getting better so they can leave and no one will break them up.

Sang Tae returns home. Moon Young murmurs she’s bored to the doll that is a nightmare catcher. She gets an idea and asks Sang Tae to play poker. Sang Tae sees the doll and declares Soo Hyun gave that to him years ago. Moon Young retorts Soo Hyun just gave it to her. They argue who has rights to Soo Hyun. They grapple for the doll, pull it apart. They stare at the respective part of the doll they hold. Sang Tae decides he’s had enough and charges Moon Young.

Fandom only goes so far.

Soo Hyun returns to the house. No one greets him when he enters. He hears Moon Young and Sang Tae fighting and rushes to the room to find feathers flying. Moon Young and Sang Tae demand to know who owns the doll. They fight. Soo Hyun yells it is his doll. He holds out his hand for the doll. Sang Tae gives him the doll’s body. He gets into his cabinet complaining about Moon Young’s vicious fighting. Soo Hyun holds out his hand for Moon Young’s part of the doll. She refuses. He tells her to give it. She throws the doll’s head and head to her room. She screams that Sang Tae is petty.

Soo Hyun calls to Sang Tae to come out. Sang Tae points out the doll can’t catch the butterflies. Soo Hyun agrees and not that Sang Tae put the doll aside long ago. Soo Hyun apologizes for giving the doll to Moon Young without his permission. Sang Tae points out if he gave away everything, nothing would be left.  Soo Hyun guarantees Sang Tae will always have him. Sang Tae stipulates Moon Young can have the doll but not his brother. Soo Hyun agrees.

While sewing the doll back together, Soo Hyun tells Moon Young that Sang Tae has agreed she can have the doll. Soo Hyun asks that she stay calm around Sang Tae. She asks for his expertise in suppressing his emotions. Soo Hyun states if he suppresses his emotions, things stay okay. He notes whenever he let his emotions go, things went wrong. Only by being suppressed has he been able to keep his relationship with Sang Tae steady. Moon Young declares they are perfect for each other. She’s the bomb and he’s the safety pin. Soo Hyun chuckles. Moon Young says they are meant to be together.  Soo Hyun asks how many men she’s said that to. He brings up the handsome fan. Moon Young holds the fan’s pen saying it was the handsome she admired. Soo Hyun is surprised. She teases him not to be jealous. She blows in his ear then lays next to him, her head on his leg. Soo Hyun says he’s not jealous.

Moon Young says she’s tired. Soo Hyun tells her to go to bed. Moon Young won’t leave the doll. Soo Hyun asks if DO called her about resuming her class. Moon Young confirms this. Soo Hyun says the patients like her class. Moon Young falls asleep. Soo Hyun slips the doll in her hand and lets her sleep on the couch. He covers her, watches her sleep, the gently hold her hand. Then he stands and heads to his room.

The next morning, Publisher Lee can’t believe his mustache is gone. Jae Soo says he cut it off. The men grapple with each other.

Flashback…Jae Soo is on the computer with headphones. He can’t concentrate because of Publisher Lee’s snoring. He decides to shave Publisher Lee’s mustache and goatee.

Joo Ri’s mother and Publisher Lee chuckle about the incident. She calls Publisher Lee handsome.

Joo Ri wakes to find Seung Jae cleaning the floor in her room. Joo Ri says she wanted to help while she’s staying there.

Joo Ri tells Publisher Lee he looked better with the mustache. Joo Ri’s mother tells Publisher Lee to take care of Sang Tae.  Seung Jae notes the soup is salty. Jae Soo pours water on her soup. Publisher Lee declares he’ll get back on his feet soon.

Driving to work, Joo Ri’s mother says that Publisher Lee will stay with them awhile. Joo Ri asks why. Her mother says Publisher Lee is interested in her. Joo Ri counters she likes someone else. Her mother says that it may be time to give up on Soo Hyun.

Joo Ri and her mother arrive as Moon Young, Soo Hyun, and Sang Tae do. Joo Ri’s mother compliments Moon Young on her shorter hair. Moon Young declares Soo Hyun cut her hair. Sang Tae says Moon Young looks better with long hair. Joo Ri’s mother suggest the girl’s makeup. Joo Ri pulls her mother away. Moon Young demands to know if Soo Hyun likes Joo Ri. Sang Tae gets between the two of them.

Moon Young meets with Director Oh. She knows the patients like her class. Director Oh shares that Soo Hyun threatened to ignore Director Oh’s orders unless he let Moon Young resume the class. She likes that. Director Oh guesses Soo Hyun wants to be around her. Director Oh asks if she knows patient Park. Moon Young knows her because she’s in her class. Director Oh asks if patient park likes her class.

The patient thanks Soo Hyun for not revealing his relationship with the other patient. He promises they’ll focus on getting better. He admits he doesn’t have Soo Hyun’s patience and seeing the woman he likes daily without being able to act on it is trying. Soo Hyun thinks of Moon Young.

He’s struggling too.

Moon Young teacher her class. Soo Hyun watches from the door then leaves when Moon Young waves at him.

Soo Hyun washes his face and tells himself to get a grip. He does chores while Moon Young teaches.

Moon Young tells the class that Beauty and the Beast is a Stockholm syndrome story where the kidnapped individual falls for their kidnapper. Moon Young says the Beast is mean to Belle (the beauty). Belle comes to believes she’s the only one that save the Beast. The female patient that is in love declares that’s wrong. Belle’s love transforms the Beast. Her loving suitor stands and applauds her passionate words. Moon Young wonders if she’s in love with Soo Hyun.

Head Nurse Park finds Sang Tae painting his mural. She compliments him. Sang Tae says he has natural talent. She asks if she can add a flower. Sang Tae refuses. They sing the song he was listening to.

The female patient’s husband arrives. The nurses watch the session on CCTV. Joo Ri points out that the patient and her husband have known each other half their lives, that bonds them despite the abuse. The nurse states Moon Young was right, grooming isn’t positive for the groomed party. The female patient leaves the room, the husband takes off after her.

Outside, Moon Young watches as the husband catches up to his wife. She orders him not to visit her again. He swears if she agrees to start over, everything will be different. She doesn’t believe it. She says she’s starting over once she leaves. The husband vows to make it work. She declares she likes someone else. That changes everything. The husband grabs her upset that she’s involved with another man. He raises his hand to strike her. Moon Young throws a can and hits him in the head. He calls her crazy. Moon Young counters he should check in. The man hits Moon Young. She falls to the ground. She glares at him with fury.

The man tries to pull Moon Young to her feet. Soo Hyun arrives and decks the man. Head Nurse Park yells at Soo Hyun to stop. Sang Tae watches. An orderly, the patient, and Head Nurse Park tell Soo Hyun to stop. But he’s unleashed and struggles to suppress his fury. Sang Tae murmurs he shouldn’t hit the man.

Soo Hyun stands and looks at Moon Young. He walks to her. He lifts her up. He asks if she’s okay. Moon Young says she hurts. Soo Hyun cradles where the man struck her. She drops the rock was going to hit the man with.

Head Nurse Park reports the matter to Director Oh and declares Soo Hyun needs to be disciplined. Sang Tae apologizes for Soo Hyun’s behavior. He tells Soo Hyun to count to three next time. Director Oh says he’ll be suspended without pay.

The orderly tells Soo Hyun the man will sue him for his actions. The orderly doesn’t understand why Soo Hyun, who always is in control, snapped. Soo Hyun says good bye.

Joo Ri can’t believe Soo Hyun is leaving. She asks that he admit it was a mistake. Soo Hyun says it wasn’t a mistake. He walks away.

Patients tell Soo Hyun he was cool. He leaves with a smile on his face.

Soo Hyun leaves smiling and thinking of moments with Moon Young. He steps outside and rushes to find Moon Young. He sees her sitting on a bench. He eagerly rushes to her. He declares he got suspended without pay and will likely be sued. He smiles that everything is messed up. He asks her to run away with him. He smiles. He holds out his hand. Moon Young puts her hand in his and stands. They both smile.

My Thoughts

Stop stuffing your emotions and be real. Writer Jo Yong explored this with multiple characters – showcasing Soo Hyun and the female patient, but others got in on the action too. Once again Moon Young was a catalyst for a patient dealing with an issue. Once again, Moon Young was a catalyst for Soo Hyun. She’s said from the get go that Soo Hyun was suppressed. He unleashed the beast this episode. He was tender, jealous, and acted as her knight saving her from being man handled by the abusive husband. Writer Jo continues to impress as the myriad of character swirl around the episode’s themes. Sang Tae, Soo Hyun, Moon Young, Publisher Lee, and Joo Ri all felt jealously’ s sting. The production team scored in the pillow fight scene between Moon Young and Sang Tae. Another stellar episode.

Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) let go. Kang Tae believed that if he let go, things would spiral out of control. As Sang Tae’s caregiver, control is Soo Hyun’s signature. Moon Young has pushed him every episode to have fun and be true to himself. Soo Hyun has been tempted time and time but always pulled back. Moon Young has touched his heart. He feels tenderness for her. Soo Hyun couldn’t stand by and allow Moon Young to be physically attacked. He intervened. Being suspended for his efforts made him giddy. He made a beeline for Moon Young and asked her to run away with him. He’s finally ready to have fun with Moon Young. I like how Moon Young challenges Soo Hyun to explore his desires and not be rigidly right. Soo Hyun’s care of Sang Tae is a burden of love that never ends. Soo Hyun chose himself this episode. How is that wrong?

Writer Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji) pushes buttons better than anyone else. Moon Young is a lightning rod for the characters on this show. She pokes, prods, challenges, and won’t back down, unless Soo Hyun asks her to. He’s the one force that she listens to. She takes a breath when Soo Hyun is there. He soothes her. He gives her physical warmth through touch. He matters to Moon Young and not as a conquest but as a person. Moon Young wondered if this was love. Is it?

Moon Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se) (Kang Tae’s brother) was jealous of Moon Young. Sang Tae sees the emotional pull between Moon Young and Soo Hyun. He doesn’t like it. Friendship is okay, but Sang Tae believes he has exclusive rights to Soo Hyun. He doesn’t. This is going to be a hard lesson for Sang Tae. He wants things to stay the same. He didn’t want Moon Young to have his doll. But he understood when Soo Hyun explained what happened. He made Soo Hyun promise that Moon Young could have the doll if he had Soo Hyun. Soothing is second nature and Soo Hyun agreed. He won’t be able to keep that promise. One of these episodes we’ll learn what happened in the woods that night long ago and about the butterflies.

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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16 comments on “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 8 Recap
  1. studiomarie says:

    I laughed so hard in this episode. The fight over the doll I had anticipated but the chewing gum incident was unexpected.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Snow Flower says:

    The gum incident made me laugh so hard.
    Publisher Lee is not a bad guy. He is loyal to MY and protective of her. He has acted as MY’s safety pin for the past 10 years although I don’t think he has any romantic interest in her. JR is perfect for him.

    Kim Soo Hyun’s changing facial expressions while eating noodle soup reminded me of another great emotional eating scene, Jang Hyuk’s egg scene from Chuno. The context and the emotions are very different, but the effect was tremendous in both scenes.

    I loved the way KT held MY’s hand while she was sleeping on the couch and how he caressed her cheek after she got slapped. He can’t stop thinking of her. But she can’t stop thinking about him too. She remembered how he consoled her after her nightmare and this happened while the female patient passionately defended the true interpretation of Beauty and the Beast.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jane M says:

    I’m a little conflicted at this point. I would love a happy ending with Moon Young and Kang Tae, but at this point, if the writer remains true to the characters as she has written them so far I don’t see how this can happen. MY’s lack of self control and overwhelming desire to have her wishes and needs met is a problem to those around her. I mean, she had a rock ready in her hand to attack that man, and she has displayed violence on more than one occasion already. I’m not sure that KT is seeing her character honestly, and some of his emotion for her has to be a result of his “cutting the leash”. I also believe that Sang Tae understands a lot more than the others are giving him credit for and he is not simply jealous of MY. He is the hyung, after all, and takes that role seriously. Also, each episode has demonstrated that ST’s memories are more reliable than KT’s. I wonder if KT is the real reason for their continual moves from place to place? Anyway, I am nervous about what will unfold in the next episode. That’s not to say that I don’t love this drama, though. The characters are so well-written and the actors are hitting the mark every week. So much back story to get through yet!

    Liked by 3 people

    • studiomarie says:

      You raised valid concerns. I am waiting to see how they care resolved. If the writer is true to the Grimm story telling endings then we should see a not so happy ending.

      Liked by 2 people

    • I’m not sure that KT is seeing her character honestly, and some of his emotion for her has to be a result of his “cutting the leash”.
      At this point, he doesn’t need to see her unvarnished truth (e.g. her violence), he needs to release himself from the bonds of suppression. MY isn’t the perfect anything, but she is a catalyst in this series for many characters.

      I also believe that Sang Tae understands a lot more than the others are giving him credit for and he is not simply jealous of MY. He is the hyung, after all, and takes that role seriously.
      Agree that Sang Tae is smart and capable within his bounds. Writer Jo words and Oh Jung Se’s acting make this character valued by all.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Jane Tilly says:

        when the pillow fight was going on, I wondered who was more immature Sang Tae or Moon Young❓⁉️

        After the pillow fight, Sang Tae was the more mature one as he conceded worry doll Mang Tae to Moon Young.

        Then when Gang Tae punched out the abusive visitor, it was Sang Tae again being more of an adult as he apologized t he the Director and lectured Gang Tae about holding his temper and not fighting … no doubt the same lecture he heard from Gang Tae many times before.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Snow Flower says:

    I expect a big crisis soon. It will probably involve ST and his PTSD and/or MY’s mother. Whether the mom is dead or alive, MY is still not completely free of her. MY also needs to reconcile with her father. I hope that these critical events will bring the change in MY’s behavior.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. beezrtp says:

    See? See! What I predicted is coming true. Gan-tae is dealing with being stretched between the two. That is why I said he needs someone staid and boring who doesn’t mind his commitment he’ll have for the rest of Sang-tae’s life and someone who is so very caring as to also help with Sang-tae’s care.
    Yes, caregivers deserve to choose themselves sometimes but the fact is they don’t have that luxury, especially someone with no relatives to help the way Gan-tae’s life is. Which brings us back to the type of life’s partner he needs.

    Besides Moon Young being how she was this episode (not helpful with Dang-tae), the previews for next week *SPOILER* show her demanding Gan-tae to abandon San-tae. This show needs to be 50 episodes to fix Moon Young of they really are going to be together.

    As to her fight with San-tae – it was really funny but I was praying “please don’t hurt her”. Not that he’s vicious but look at how he beat on Gan-tae, whom he loves, when he got upset.

    This drama is soooo interesting and fun, but for me, this OTP should not be together.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Love this show! It’s got a bit of everything and the story is so well written!

    Liked by 1 person

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