Sweet Munchies Episode 7 Recap

Sweet Munchies Episode 7 Recap

Director Kim Ah Jin (Kang Ji Young) is surprised when Designer Kang Tae Wan (Lee Hak Joo) stops by her apartment. He’s surprised to find Chef Park Jin Sung (Jung Il Woo) putting on a fresh shirt. Tae Wan explains he was worried about Jin Sung and stopped by but Jin Sung wasn’t home, so he came to Ah Jin’s apartment, knowing she lives in the apartment below Jin Sung. Politeness dictates they invite him to stay for dinner.

Tae Wan can’t help the closeness between Ah Jin and Jin Sung. Tae Wan suggests Jin Sung come to his place and cook sometime.

Jin Sung’s brother, Park Jin Woo (Choi Jae Hyun) hopes to catch Tae Wan outside the apartment.

Tae Wan, Jin Sung, and Ah Jin watch TV. Tae Wan doesn’t catch the hint to leave or rather he ignores it. Finally, Jin Sung tells Tae Wan it’s time to go. Tae Wan grasps Jin Sung’s wrist and wishes him good night. Jin Sung doesn’t compute there is more to the touch than friendship. Unable to wait, Jin Sung’s brother rushes past Tae Wan into the apartment. Tae Wan is taken aback.

Assistant Director No Jae Soo (Park Sung Joon) and Writer Yoo Sung Eun (Kim Yi Jung) discuss their previous evening that ended in kissing. Sung Eun declares it was a mistake. Assistant Director No disagrees. He kisses her. She kisses him. And round 2 begins.

Jin Sung has a dream where Tae Wan and Ah Jin are a couple. It unsettles him.

The next day at work Sung Eun and Assistant Director No pretend to fight in front of Ah Jin. He leaves. Ah Jin urges Sung Eun to brush off Assistant Director No’s rudeness.

When Director Nam Kya Jang (Yang Dae Hyeok) arrives at work, Ah Jin apologizes for taking a phone call during the staff meeting. Director Nam asks when Ah Jin learned Jin Sung was gay. He wonders if she created the show with Jin Sung in mind. Ah Jin assures him she didn’t know Jin Sung was gay until he auditioned. Director Nam finds that surprising.

At staff meeting, Director Lee Sang Young (Kim Seung Su) shows video from the elevator showing Assistant Director No and Sung Eun flirting while farting. Then he shows another elevator scene of farting. Then he shows Director Nam farting in the elevator around Manager Cha.  Sang Young announces the theme of his new show is a retro variety show. Director Nam declares the idea lame though others like it.

Tae Wan waits for Jin Sung to stop by for a fitting. When Jin Sung arrives, he asks where the outfit is. Tae Wan gets outfit. Jin Sung asks what Tae Wan has been trying to tell him, specifically that day in his eatery. Jin Sung asks what Tae Wan likes that he doesn’t want to look away from. Tae Wan looks at Jin Sung and says this. Tae Wan claims he’s a workaholic. Jin Sung offers to set him up with a girl. Tae Wan stares at him. He asks why Jin Sung is trying to set him up. Tae Wan asks if Jin Sung wants him to set up with a male model. Tae Wan doesn’t want thing to be awkward between them. Jin Sung notes Tae Wan seems lonely. Tae Wan asks if Jin Sung thinks he’s gay. Jin Sung assures him he doesn’t think that. Tae Wan tells him to stay out of his love life.

Tae Wan did a decent job in that exchange.

Walking home, Jin Sung recalls moments with Tae Wan. He worries that Tae Wan likes Ah Jin.

Tae Wan is lost in thought when his assistant arrives.

In the stairway, Sung Eun and Assistant Director No meet. Assistant Director No asks why their relationship needs to be secret. Sung Eun says they need to be professional so they don’t get flack that could impact the perception their coworkers. Sang Young spots them and assumes they are fighting. He counsels them to get along. Sang Young asks Sung Eun to write scripts for his new show. Assistant Director No watches them walk away together.

Jin Sung texts Ah Jin about watching the first show together. They agree to watch at her apartment.

The public watches the first show. Tae Wan watches the first show. The production team watches the first show. Ah Jin begs off drinking with the team. Assistant Director No and Sung Eun are left alone when Director Nam leaves. He shuts the blinds and they enjoy each other.

Ah Jin selects the perfect lipstick while waiting for Jin Sung.  She reminds herself that isn’t necessary. Then she preps her apartment. She cooks for Jin Sung. She’s all smiles when he arrives. He’s impressed with her efforts.

Director Nam meets the woman that sent a text that Jin Sung isn’t gay.

Jin Sung admits Ah Jin is the first woman to cook for him. He digs in. He loves it. Ah Jin is pleased. Jin Sung asks if she often cooks for others. Ah Jin admits Jin Sung is the first person she’s cooked for.

The doorbell rings. Jin Sung guesses it is Tae Wan. But it is Sung Eun. Ah Jin pushes Jin Sung to hide in the bathroom.  Jin Sung doesn’t understand but Ah Jin is adamant. Ah Jin opens the door to Sung Eun. She asks if Ah Jin is hiding a man. She brings soju to enjoy with Ah Jin. Sung Eun declares they’ll drink and talk all night. Jin Sung can’t believe his predicament. The ladies drink. Sung Eun suggests they invite Jin Sung over. Ah Jin declares he’s busy. When Sung Eun makes to use the bathroom, Ah Jin stops her. Sung Eun notices she’s wearing makeup. She asks who Ah Jin was trying to impress. Jin Sung smiles. Sung Eun texts someone and smiles. She asks what Ah Jin thinks about dating younger men. Ah Jin declares age doesn’t matter as long as there is chemistry. Sung Eun is about to confess her relationship when Jin Sung’s phone rings. Sung Eun hears it. Ah Jin claims she heard nothing. Sung Eun believe the burglar is in the bathroom. Ah Jin tries to stop her as Sung Eun creeps to the bathroom. Jin Sung rushes out. Sung Eun demands to know why he’s there. Jin Sung declares the burglar has been caught. He claims he was unclogging the toilet. Ah Jin and Jin Sung head to the police station leaving Sung Eun to watch them go.

At the police station, the officer tells them they’ll view the suspects. Ah Jin is nervous. Jin Sung takes her hand and leads her into the room.

As they exit the police station, Ah Jin wonders how the burglar realizes she lived alone. Jin Sung suggests she order things using his name. That makes her smile.

Back at Ah Jin’s apartment, Jin Sung gathers his belongings to return to his apartment now that the burglar has been caught. Jin Sung assures her he’s looking forward to sleeping in his bed. Ah Jin wishes him a good night.

Ah Jin’s apartment feels empty without Jin Sung.

Jin Sung misses Ah Jin when he returns to his apartment. He remembers moments they shared. He smiles.

Ah Jin imagines Jin Sung there with her. She sighs.

The next morning at the TV station, Ah Jin is pleased to see the publicity poster for the show. When she and Director Nam arrive, the team offers their congratulation on the successful first show. Manager Cha Joo Hee (Kim Soo Jin) takes the team out for a meal.

Tae Wan arrives and sits next to Ah Jin. Jin Sung arrives and sits across from Ah Jin and Tae Wan.  Manager Cha tells the team the show is a success. She urges them to keep up the good work. She offers the team a bonus vacation if ratings top 15%. She asks Jin Sung to say a few words. He tells the team he’s thankful for the hard work they’ve all done and how he’s enjoyed getting to know them. Assistant Director No cuts him off and they start drinking and eating. Naturally Jin Sung cooks the good on the grill. Director Nam notices a look between Assistant Director No and Sung Eun. Assistant Director No hits Director Nam’s shoes while trying to get Sung Eun’s attention. Outside, Director Nam asks Assistant Director No if he likes Sung Eun. Director Nam laughs at the discovery. Manager Cha leaves the team to continue drinking and eating. Tae Wan asks Jin Sung about the jacket he wore to the audition. Director Nam interrupts when he sits between them. Director Nam asks Jin Sung if he’s ever dated a girl. He claims Jin Sung is so good looking. Tae Wan points out that if he’s giving a complement to someone it shouldn’t be spiteful.

Jin Sung’s brother watches the first episode of the show. He’s surprised.

When Jin Sung arrives at the eatery, his brother is waiting and NOT happy. Jin Sung tries to explain. Jin Woo assumes he needed the money to pay their father’s hospital bills. Jin Sung claims he was only going to do the pilot episode. His brother snaps this is fraud. Customers arrive. Jin Woo storms out.

When Jin Sung returns to his apartment, his brother isn’t home. He calls but there is no answer.

The next morning, Jin Sung wakes to find himself alone in the apartment. His father calls. He asks if everything is okay with Jin Woo. He shares that Jin Woo called him and was crying that he missed his father. Jin Sung assures him that Jin Woo is working hard auditioning.

Jin Sung cooks up storm. It looks good. Jin Sung’s brother returns to the apartment. Jin Sung asks where he was last night. He chides his brother for not letting him know where he was. Jin Woo doesn’t want to talk.

Director Nam calls an impromptu dinner at Jin Sung’s eatery. Sang Young notices how chipper Director Nam is.

At the eatery, Tae Wan arrives. He notices Jin Sung isn’t in a good mood. Director Nam tells Sang Young and Ah Jin he’ll be there soon. SJ and Ah Jin arrive at the eatery. Then Director Nam arrives with the woman Jin Sung used to date.  Jin Sung locks eyes with her. She tells Jin Sung she hasn’t seen him since they broke up 3 years ago. All eyes lock on Jin Sung.

My Thoughts

Jin Sung’s brother tells Jin Sung he is committing fraud. Writer Park Seung Hye finally had Jin Woo learn about his brother’s cooking show. It seemed like we had to wait a bit too long for that reveal. Then Director Nam met the woman that Jin Sung used to date. He was giddy in anticipation about exposing Jin Sung. Meanwhile our trio had mixed feelings – Tae Wan worried that Jin Sung was interested in Ah Jin, Jin Sung worried that Tae Wan was interested in Ah Jin, and Ah Jin worried that she was having feelings for a gay man. Once again, Assistant Director No and Sung Eun were a welcome side story.

Chef Park Jin Sung (Jung Il Woo) admitted he did the show for money. Jin Sung confirmed his brother’s suspicions that he did the pilot show for the money to pay their father’s hospital bills. But then he decided to continue with the series. Jin Woo pointed out that lying was fraud and this wouldn’t end well. Jin Sung felt bad but the worse was yet to come. Director Nam’s brought his former girlfriend to the eatery. What will Jin Sung do?

Kim Ah Jin (Kang Ji Young) missed Jin Sung when he returned to his apartment. She was comfortable with Jin Sung when they shared her apartment due to the burglar. They cooked, laughed, and enjoyed each other. She didn’t know quite how to cope with her growing feelings for Jin Sung.

Kang Tae Wan (Lee Hak Joo) was jealous of the rapport between Jin Sung and Ah Jin. Tae Wan isn’t blind, he sees the easy rapport between Jin Sung and Ah Jin. He was jealous. He wanted to tell Jin Sung he likes him, but he faltered. I enjoy when Tae Wan points out Director Nam’s mean discriminatory words.  I want Tae Wan to learn to be comfortable with who he is. I don’t want him hurt, but that is unavoidable. What will he do when the truth is revealed?

I rank this episode as almost very good, 7.5 on a 10-point scale.

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4 comments on “Sweet Munchies Episode 7 Recap
  1. DramaDazed says:

    Tae Wan asks if Jin Sung thinks he’s gay. Jin Sung assures him he doesn’t think that. Tae Wan tells him to stay out of his love life.
    ~~In this scene I feel like Tae Wan became complicit in Jin Sung’s lie by backing away from his own truth. TW has misled JS, by muddling JSs already confused thoughts. I’m not excusing the original lie but a little of TWs forthcoming hurt is now on TW. He knows something is off and isn’t facing it any more than JS realizes the depth of consequences.
    Jin Sung’s brother tells Jin Sung he is committing fraud
    ~~ This actually gave me a little relief. Jin Woo understands his brother even if he is really unhappy about it. Not sure if JW is only upset by the fraud aspect but he is handling it maturely. It’s interesting how vested I am in Jin Woo considering how little we have seen him. His practice toward meeting the Famous Designer Tae Wan while waiting to ‘bump into” him was so sweet.


    • In this scene I feel like Tae Wan became complicit in Jin Sung’s lie by backing away from his own truth…He knows something is off and isn’t facing it any more than JS
      Good point.

      Jin Woo understands his brother even if he is really unhappy about it. Not sure if JW is only upset by the fraud aspect but he is handling it maturely… His practice toward meeting the Famous Designer Tae Wan while waiting to ‘bump into” him was so sweet
      I like this character too…more please.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Jin Woo🚶‍♂️🔦 is not wrong about Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥 conning the viewers and has every right to be angry his brother’s 👨‍🍳🔥 lie. I also like Jin Woo🚶‍♂️🔦.

    I concur with DD, that Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 muddied the waters asking if Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥 thought Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 was gay (BTW, the responseis YES❣) … DD may be right that Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 may now have a bit of complicity in the lie.

    WHY in the world did Ah Jin 🍭🎬 feel compelled to hide Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥 when Sung Eun ✍💁‍♀️ came to the door❓⁉️ As far as these ladies know Jin Sung is a gay, neighborhood friend and co-worker … am I missing something culturally that makes the situation look bad to have a gay friend in your apartment at night❓⁉️

    I’m not convinced that having Jin Sung’s👨‍🍳🔥 former girlfriend in the picture is a huge problem. Most of the gay men I know have dated girls and even had girlfriends in their past. My question is why PD Nam 💩🎬 decided to confront Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥 in front of others … especially given the Asian penchant for “saving face”. If you were truly concerned the chef for your TV show, about a gay chef, was not gay, wouldn’t you confront the chef 👨‍🍳🔥 discretely and get him to resign or warn him that the former girlfriend is talking about their former relationship. I think PD Nam 💩🎬 has every right to investigate rumors and confront the star of the show about rumors of the gay chef, not being gay … I think PD Nam should have done it more DISCRETELY and then deal with the outcome. PD Nam 💩🎬 has NO TACT, as we recall earlier episodes when he was asking chefs if they were gay. Although PD Nam’s 💩🎬 sabotage of the star of the TV program could have been worse if the confrontation on live TV.


    • WHY in the world did Ah Jin 🍭🎬 feel compelled to hide Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥 when Sung Eun ✍💁‍♀️ came to the door❓⁉️
      In that moment, Ah Jin isn’t hanging out with her gay neighbor, she’s hanging out with the man she likes. Not sure she needs to hide him in either scenario.

      PD Nam should have done it more DISCRETELY and then deal with the outcome. PD Nam 💩🎬 has NO TACT,
      Agreed. His treatment of Ah Jin is also discriminatory on the basis of sex (female) and job status (contract).

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