The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 7 Recap

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 7 Recap

24 years ago…Kingdom of Corea…

Prince Buyeong and Court Lady Noh Ok Nam spread ashes. (corrected content, originally stated they spread the ashes of Lee Rim and were married).

2019…Kingdom of Corea…

Prince Buyeong tells Court Lady Noh that there were irregularities with Lee Rim’s autopsy. He’s informed the king. The body wasn’t really Lee Rim. Court Lady Noh is shocked. Prince Buyeong says Lee Rim is alive somewhere.

2019…Republic of Korea…

Prince Geum Lee Rim (Lee Jung Jin) (Lee Gon’s uncle) develops photos of Tae Eul and Shin Jae. The king’s voiceover” if the purpose of the treason was the magic flute, and not the throne. Since I have half. He will come to retrieve it. Court Lady Noh was wrong. Tae Eul isn’t a danger to me. I’m a danger to Tae Eul.”

Detective Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) loses to Detective Gang Shin Jae (Kim Kyung Nam) in target practice. Head Detective Park Moon Shik calls about a murder. Tae Eul tosses Shin Jae her keys and says they’ve got a murder to investigate.

Kingdom of Corea…

King Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) checks with his secretary about his schedule. He declares he wants the Prime Minister’s briefing tomorrow.

Prime Minister Goo Seo Ryung (Jung Eun Chae) decides she’ll only send in a report to the King versus an in person visit. She declines to wear pant suits to an upcoming event. She wonders what the girl that has captured the King’s attention has that she doesn’t.

Republic of Korea…

Shin Jae and Tae Eul arrive. Tae Eul talks to the roommate of the victim. She went to the store, returned and found her friend stabbed and dead. Shin Jae examines the body. The forensics officer states the victim was fatally stabbed but in a natural position leading them to believe she knew her attacker. Supposedly the kitchen knife wiped clean was the weapon.

Kingdom of Corea…

Myung Seung A (Kim Yong Ji) identifies the staffer that has become an informant to the Prime Minister Goo’s secretary. Court Lady Noh fires the young woman.

Republic of Korea…

At the police station the roommate shares she would give her roommate and boyfriend privacy by exiting for an hour when he’d visit. She states she’d go to a convenience store to wait out the hour. She provides information about the boyfriend including name, social media account, etc. Park Jung Gu is the name. Shin Jae looks him up. Head Detective Park sends Detective Shim to pick up the boyfriend. Shin Jae confirms the roommate’s alibi.  As he exits the convenience store, Lee Rim’s assistant is reading an article about a top company’s succession folds the paper and watches Shin Jae walk away.

Republic of Korea…

The heir apparent puts his CEO father in the car to go home.

Detective Shim reports the boyfriend is hiding. Shin Jae reports the autopsy will take 3 weeks. Head Detective Park grouses. Shin Jae informs Head Detective Park to get his wife to expedite the report, he had to promise he’d not call Head Detective Park after 10pm for male bonding. The team enjoys teasing Head Detective Park about this. Head Detective Park divides the team into two and assigns them to stakeout the boyfriend’s house.

Shin Jae and Tae Eul take the first stakeout. They are relieved when Detective Jang and Detective Shim arrive to take the next shift.

Kingdom of Corea…

The King’s secretary informs him the Chinese representatives have arrive. The meeting goes well. The Chinese thank the King for his bravery and offers the Kingdom of Corea the ability to visit China without visas. The King declares history will look favorably on this gift.

Republic of Korea…

Myung Na Ri (Kim Yong Ji) fills Tae Eul’s drink order. Na Ri notes that Tae Eul isn’t around as much. Tae Eul says she wasn’t on a stakeout; she spent the night at a guy’s house. Na Ri is doubtful.  Tae Eul asks if there was another world with a duplicate of Na Ri what she’d do. Na Ri declares she’d kill her look alike. She notes there can be only one. Tae Eul is taken aback. Na Ri states the world needs balance otherwise other worlds would try and destroy it.

Kingdom of Corea…

Lee Gon brushes Maximus. He tells the stable team; it is a nice day and he’s going to go for a short ride.  Lee Rim’s assistant watches him go.

Lee Gon meets Jo Young (also on horseback) in the bamboo forest. Lee Gon isn’t surprised.  Jo Young declares that Tae Eul is actually Luna and a wanted criminal.  Jo Young doesn’t know where Luna is right now. Lee Gon states Jo Young will have to come with him to believe that Tae Eul is separate from Luna.  Jo Young is surprised to get a goodbye text from his second in command wishing him a good vacation. Lee Gon admits he told his second that Jo Young would be on a long vacation. Lee Gon says it is time to discover the world between one and zero.  Jo Young is gobsmacked by the time portal. Lee Gon tells him now they will enter another world.  Jo Young swallows hard.

Republic of Korea…

The CEO and his heir arrive to meet with Lee Rim. The CEO gets on his knees with difference. His heir grouses this will only delay getting to the heart the meeting.  Lee Rim tells the CEO to stand. Time stops.  Lee Rim realizes the King has left the palace.

Kingdom of Corea…

Prime Minister Goo is startled when she sees her double in Republic of Korea reflected in her monitor.

Republic of Korea…

Lee Rim wonders why the King keeps leaving the palace. Time restarts.  Lee Rim asks the heir what he’ll do once the success is complete. He plans to send the CEO into quiet life never to be seen again. The CEO swears to do whatever Lee Rim wants. The heir complains about Lee Rim’s wishes getting top priority. The heir is startled when his double from Kingdom of Corea arrives.  Lee Rim tells the CEO his real son will now be the successor.  Lee Rim’s assistant stabs the heir then his double (the real son) finishes him off.  Lee Rim and his assistant walk away.

Yikes, Lee Rim’s army is being amassed in all areas of life.

Kingdom of Corea…

Court Lady Noh reads the note from the king stating he’ll be back on Friday and Jo Young is with him. She stares at the unfinished portrait of the King. Unnerved that Lee Rim is out there, she orders the painter to come and finish the portrait so it doesn’t look like the King’s robe is stained with blood.

Republic of Korea…

Tae Eul completes the police report. She opens the police report on Lee Gon and thinks of moments with him. She smiles reflecting on what she knows now versus then.

When she drives home, she sees Lee Gon waiting. They lock eyes and stare. Tae Eul gets out of her car. They can’t take their eyes off each other. Lee Gon asks if she’s been well. Tae Eul confirms that. He asks if she’s waited for him. She confirms that. Lee Gon admits he was worried she wouldn’t want him to return. Overcome Tae Eul rushes towards Lee Gon and hugs him with everything she’s got. Lee Gon hugs her back.

Tae Eul and Lee Gon arrive at the academy. Tae Eul is startled to see Eun Sub until she realizes it is Jo Young, not Eun Sub.  Jo Young looks at the pictures and demand to know where he is. Tae Eul welcomes him to the Republic of Korea.

Kingdom of Corea…

Court Lady Noh confirms that Jo Young is on vacation to his subordinate. She asks for data on those entering the palace for a certain period of time. Court Lady Noh confirms the woman she fired isn’t the thief she’s looking for.

Republic of Korea…

Jo Young can’t get a signal lock for his phone.  Jo Eun Sub (Woo Do Hwan) enters the room. He’s stunned to see his double. Lee Gon stands to make the introduction.  Eun Sub faints. Tae Eul rushes to his side.  Eun Sub wakes and can’t believe his eyes. He marvels how good looking he is.  Jo Young retorts that of course he’s good looking.  Eun Sub releases Tae Eul’s story about the Kingdom of Corea is real.  Jo Young grouses that Eun Sub’s mandatory military service isn’t impressive.  Eun Sub faints again. Tae Eul suggests they go to Eun Sub’s house.

Jo Young confirms Eun Sub’s house is secure.  Eun Sub explains that he helped the King when he first arrived in Republic of Korea. Lee Gon suggests food. Tae Eul enters with fruit. She orders both men to sit.  Jo Young is the last to comply. Tae Eul lays out the rules.  Jo Young and Eun Sub will occupy the apartment until alternative arrangements for Jo Young are made.  Eun Sub goes into the world during the day and Jo Young at night.  Jo Young suggests one of them go away. Tae Eul cuts the grumbling short and tells Lee Gon to come with her.  Jo Young doesn’t like the lack of respect in how Tae Eul addresses him. Lee Gon declares he likes it. He takes her hand. He tells Jo Young not to kill Eun Sub. They leave.  Jo Young examines the family photo with Eun Sub’s parents, himself and his twin siblings.  Jo Young notes he’s an only child and his parents are divorced.  Eun Sub teases Jo Young who isn’t impressed.

Tae Eul and Lee Gon enjoy chicken and beer/soju. Tae Eul gives Lee Gon a phone to use while he’s in the Republic of Korea. Lee Gon doesn’t like that Shin Jae’s number is in the contact list. Tae Eul is adamant that Shin Jae is the most trust worthy person she’s ever known. He tests the phone by calling Tae Eul. He admits doing normal things is what he wants and that he missed her. She agrees. She teases that she’ll taste the chicken first. Lee Gon says that isn’t necessary and take the first bite. They chuckle. Tae Eul puts on shades and declares that after the meal, they’ll go somewhere a normal couple would go.

Tae Eul takes Lee Gon to the arcade shop where Lee Gon spent a significant sum to win her a small stuffed animal. Tae Eul tells the shooting game manager she’ll only need 7 bullets to get the big bear. The owner smiles broadly knowing that’s exactly what Lee Gon said. True to her word, it only takes Tae Eul 7 bullets.

Lee Gon holds the big bear as they walk the street. He remembers a conversation with Shin Jae. He knows Shin Jae likes Tae Eul but she’s oblivious. Lee Gon declares he needs to be comforted. Lee Gon slings his arm around Tae Eul. She wants to know something. Worried, Lee Gon asks if anyone has threatened her. Tae Eul asks about the stadium she heard about on the news report from his world. Lee Gon asks how she knew abut that. Tae Eul sighs they are in trouble.

Lee Rim tells his assistant that all his moves are carefully considered. He notes he won’t bring the assistant’s Kingdom of Corea double to this world anytime soon.

Tae Eul and Lee Gon listen to the news report. Lee Gon confirms it is from his world. Tae Eul states she’s the only one that knows about this report. Tae Eul vows to keep investigating. Lee Gon cautions that dangerous forces are in play. Tae Eul points out that his world and her world shouldn’t collide, but they have. She won’t stop the investigation. She suggests he tell her everything he knows so she will make more progress. Lee Gon gives her Lee Rim’s falsified autopsy report. He tells her Lee Rim, the man that tried to kill him as a young boy, is in her world hiding. He believes Lee Rim is 69 and has the same fingerprints as the Lee Rim in her world. He shares the autopsy report is for another man, not the traitor Lee Rim. They agree they must find Lee Rim and determine what he’s been doing in this world for the past 24 years. Tae Eul gives Lee Gon a list of things not to do while in her world. Conversely, Lee Gon only has two items on his list. Don’t ask him not to come to her world and don’t ask him not to return to his world. He explains that he’ll leave when he must but she needs to know he wants to return as soon as he can. He asks her to take care of herself. Lee Gon teases her and rises to leave. Tae Eul asks if she has a double in his world. Lee Gon hesitates. Tae Eul assumes that means she exists in his world. Lee Gon doesn’t deny it.

Glad to see Tae Eul using her brain power too.

Shin Jae and Head Detective Park eat and drink. Shin Jae notices a car watching him. The car drives away when Shin Jae looks directly at the driver taking pictures.

At the police break room, Shin Jae thinks about waking as a young boy to a mother that is thrilled that he’s finally woken.

Interesting. Is that Shin Jae in the Republic of Korea?

Tae Eul learns that Lee Rim died of natural causes 24 years ago. She surprised to learn he was disabled. She reads that his brother died from and hit and run and Lee Rim’s nephew died in an accident. She wonders what happened to his family. She sees the photo of a young Lee Gon. She realizes he existed in this world too.


In new digs, Jo Young tells Lee Gon that house is secure. Lee Gon states they’ll stay here for the time being.  Jo Young tells Lee Gon to return to the palace. He can’t properly protect him in this world. Lee Gon sympathizes and notes he can’t leave the palace permanently and he can’t stay here permanently either. He asks Jo Young to stay when he returns to the palace on Thursday. Lee Gon says there is one person that doesn’t belong in this world. Lee Gon reveals Lee Rim, the traitor, may be here in the world. Lee Gon notes others exist in both words.  Jo Young counters that Lee Rim could be in their world. Lee Gon counters that if that were the case, there are many that could find him. Lee Gon declares that in this world, only Jo Young can find Lee Rim. Time stops, Lee Gon quickly scribbles a note and places it in Jo Young’s pocket. He discerns that Lee Rim is using the bamboo forest to time travel just like he is. When time resumes, Lee Gon tells Jo Young that time just stopped. He says Lee Rim is time travelling just like he is. Unfortunately, Lee Gon doesn’t know if Lee Rim is going to COK or returning to Republic of Korea. Lee Gon states he must determine which one it is.  Jo Young dares Lee Gon to prove that time stopped. Lee Gon tells him to look in his pocket.  Jo Young is surprised to find a note from Lee Gon stating this is the proof he wanted. Lee Gon tells Jo Young that Lee Rim has half of an item and he has the other half. If Lee Rim gets his half, then the door to both worlds will be controlled by Lee Rim. They will lose their lives in their own world. Lee Gon orders Jo Young to kill Lee Rim when he finds him.

Good scene!

Kingdom of Corea…

The police officer that asks Jo Young to find Tae Eul’s look alike leaves a message on his cell phone. Luna has been found…in jail. She’s due to be released soon.

Prime Minister Goo’s assistant reports he’s found the woman she’s been searching for. She’s due to be released from jail. Prime Minister Goo is taken aback the woman is a criminal.

Republic of Korea…

Tae Eul stares at her badge. She remembers Lee Gon stating that someone with her face exists in his world. She wonders who took her badge. Who is keeping the balance between the worlds?

Kingdom of Corea…

Prime Minister Goo gets ready to leave. Her assistant gives her a package. Inside the package with a newspaper from Republic of Korea. Prime Minister Goo doesn’t recognize the US president’s name nor the term North Korea. She decides it is fake news. She leaves.

Outside the jail…Luna (Kim Go Eun) exits the jail. She puts the hood of the bunny ear sweatshirt hood over her head. She starts to light a cigarette. A car pulls up. Luna drops the cigarette. Prime Minister Goo gets out of the car and approaches Luna. Prime Minister Goo says they’ve met before. Luna pulls off her hood and grouses that Prime Minister Goo owes her a cigarette.  The two women stare at each other.

My Thoughts

Now the story turns to Lee Rim. Writer Kim Eun Sook has built the trust between Tae Eul and Lee Gon. She shared about the broadcast from his time. He shared that Lee Rim likely wasn’t dead and living in her world. Lee Gon didn’t want Tae Eul to get involved but he couldn’t stop her from continuing to investigate. He knew she would. He charged Jo Young with finding and killing Lee Rim. That’s a tall order.  Writer Kim has written this series so that it isn’t easy to understand. The mythology isn’t as clear as Goblin and the story is more complex than Descendants of the Sun. I don’t begrudge her taking that tack. I’ve got a brain and readers that offers insight. Things that were murky are becoming clearer. But this isn’t a light breezy series.

This is helpful relationship chart (link to Bitches Over Dramas blog post that may have spoilers).

King Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) keeps figuring out the details. I LOVE that Lee Gon is a smart science nerd. He realized that Lee Rim is moving between worlds just like he is. He knows he doesn’t know that direction of that time travel. He didn’t spout the “there can be only one” phrase that Na Ri stated, nor the balance that Tae Eul believes, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking about it. Lee Gon tends to think, consider and share as needed. Cute moments in this episode satisfied my need for romance – Lee Gon taking Tae Eul’s hand when they left  Jo Young/ Eun Sub, Lee Gon calling Tae Eul with his new phone, holding her hand while they ate, slinging his arm around her, his jealously over Shin Jae, yep that all worked. But, for me, the most romantic thing is Lee Gon’s honestly and openness with Tae Eul. That shows trust, love, and faith in his woman. Swoon!

Detective Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) vowed to keep investigating. Tae Eul accepted her investigation would be dangerous. She understood Lee Gon was concerned about her safety. But she’s a detective, ferreting out the truth is what she does. She is driven to do so because Lee Gon is involved. His life, his safety. Folks that’s love. Tae Eul sees the risk of fully loving Lee Gon, the likelihood of heartache. They live in different worlds. Lee Gon has a nemesis that wants to kill him. If she tangles with Lee Rim, she might die. She pulled away from his hand holding noting their future was uncertain. Tae Eul used her brain and realized that she has a double in Lee Gon’s world. She believes that balance between the worlds is crucial. She asked a good question…who is currently keeping the balance as Lee Rim and Lee Gon are shifting between the worlds? Luna’s wig…not the worst that I’ve seen.

Jo Young (Woo Do Hwan) couldn’t deny Lee Gon was right. Coming face to face with Eun Sub shocked them both. The production team did a decent job of putting both characters in the same scene.  Jo Young is the stronger of the two characters and the one I want more of. Lee Gon has faith in his sword. He charged Jo Young with finding and kill Lee Rim. Considering Jo Young will be searching for a 69-year-old man, he’s at a disadvantage from the get go. Will he work with Tae Eul or do the search solo?

Prince Geum Lee Rim (Lee Jung Jin) (Lee Gon’s uncle) is readying his army of duplicates. He’s prepping for not only for a power base in Kingdom of Corea but the Republic of Korea too as he places his minions in key roles in both worlds. What’s his end goal? To control both worlds? To be the ultimate time traveling King and/or power? Why did Lee Rim stop aging with half the flute but Lee Gon did not? Is it because he’s in the parallel world Republic of Korea that the aging process stopped?

Detective Gang Shin Jae (Kim Kyung Nam) knows he’s being observed. He knows he was being watched and photographed when he dined with Head Detective Park. The most interesting moment was Shin Jae’s dream. As a young boy, he woke in a hospital to the relief of his mother. Was that from his life in Korea or his double’s life in the Kingdom of Corea? Does Shin Jae exist in both worlds? Tae Eul’s insistence that Lee Gon can trust him leads me to believe there much more to Shin Jae’s backstory, and it will affect the struggle between Lee Gon and Lee Rim.

The sixth song of the OST is “Please Don’t Cry” sung by Davichi:

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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14 comments on “The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 7 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Until recently Prince Bu Yeong 👴🥼 held back some pretty important information … Rim 🎨🦯 was likely alive … while the palace has been cautious about the King’s 🤴🐴 security the omission of the existence of Rim 🎨🦯 put Gon 🤴🐴 in more jeopardy. Has Young 🎖🛡 not said anything about seeing Rim 🎨🦯 in Seung Ah’s 💁‍♀️✍ photos simply because he didn’t appear to be 70 years old❓⁉️ What will Tae Eul 🔫🕵️‍♀️ find at the nursing home where Rim-K 👨‍🦼 is supposed to be❓⁉️

    As to the ageing process … I wonder if traveling through the gate is what stops ageing. There hasn’t been enough time to determine if Gon 🤴🐴 has stopped ageing since he started traveling recently. I just finished reading “A Briefer History of Time” by Stephen Hawking, it is the dumbed down version of “A Brief History of Time”, which even as a science nerd I still had difficult time comprehending some things … anyhoo … Hawking said that since time is not linear (space time continuum), time travel is theoretically possible. While we don’t have the technology to time travel yet, Hawking said that TIME TRAVELERS WOULD AGE AT A SLOWER RATE.

    OMO, didn’t Lady Noh 🎎 look stunning in her western dress❓⁉️ She looks like she would make a marvelous Miss Marple 🧶🔍, which Lady Noh 🎎 may need to channel, to catch the thief of Tae Eul’s 🔫🕵️‍♀️ badge … unless it disappeared because duplicates cannot exist in the same world. If that is the case, what do we do about Young 🎖🛡 and Eun Sub 🧢 being in the same place … or any other duplicates …

    It seems Rim 🎨🦯 is targeting Shin Jae 🥋🤜💢 and Shin Jae 🥋🤜💢 seems to be aware he is being surveilled. Does Rim have surveillance on Tae Eul 🔫🕵️‍♀️ or was her picture taken because of her association with Shin Jae 🥋🤜💢❓⁉️ I do not think we have seen Shin Jae-C …. yet. I hope 🙏 Shin Jae’s 🥋🤜💢 childhood secret is NOT something like Rim 🎨🦯 being his father.

    It is a relief that Tae Eul 🔫🕵️‍♀️ shared her case, which seems to involve Corea, with Gon 🤴🐴. I think he was a bit cray-cray to go back to the door without Young 🎖🛡 … knowing he might run into Rim 🎨🦯, but it would be good to find out which world Rim 🎨🦯 is in.

    Prime Minister Goo Seo Ryung 💄🐝 saw her Korea alter ego reflected in her computer screen … are these occurrences happening when to door between the worlds is open❓⁉️ She was then was delivered a RoK newspaper 📰 . Is Goo Seo Ryung-C 💄🐝 being recruited by Team Rim 🎨🦯 or targeted 🎯❓⁉️

    Luna 🐇🌙 does not SEEM to be the same person as Tae Eul 🔫🕵️‍♀️. I do not like that Prime Minister Goo 💄🐝 got to her first. I’m anxious to see their interaction … I think it will inform us whether she is from Corea or a time traveling Tae Eul 🔫🕵️‍♀️.


    • beezrtp says:

      “I think he was a bit cray-cray to go back to the door without Young 🎖🛡 … knowing he might run into Rim.”

      JT, I’m thinking Lee Gon doesn’t know that Rim hasn’t aged so he would not think Rim would be much of a physical danger to him.

      But I’m curious how Rim was traveling back and forth between worlds of he had left his umbrella at Prime Minister’s mom’s house?

      Ok, now I have to finish reading kjt’s recap. I got distracted by the very first paragraph.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I think you are right that Gon 🤴🐴 is not aware Rim 🎨🦯 has not been ageing, but i think he has a healthy respect for the mortal peril Rim 🎨🦯 threatens, regardless of his age. However, if Gon 🤴🐴 sees someone using the portal, he has to know it is Rim or one of his minions, although I highly doubt a traitor truly trusts his minions. Gon 🤴🐴 would readily recognize Rim, because it had not aged … it might be confusing, but wouldn’t take science ⚛🤓 nerd Gon🤴🐴 very long to figure out.

        Rim 🎨🦯 may have left his umbrella 🌂 at PM’s mom’s 🐟👵 restaurant, but he has had his cane 🦯 with him, which I believe contains his half of the flute. I think the umbrella 🌂 may have contained some sort of surveillance equipment or may be capable of containing the flute, so Rim 🎨🦯 can shake it up with concealing the flute within his choice of haberdasheries (🦯or 🌂).

        Liked by 1 person

  2. beezrtp says:

    Sorry. I accidentally hit “go” before I had proofed. I’ll try again:
    “Prince Buyeong and his wife, Court Lady Noh Ok Nam, spread the ashes of their son, traitor Prince Geum Lee Rim.” kjt recap

    WHAT???!!! Hold the phone! I’m shocked!

    I kept wondering what Prince Buyeong’s exact relationship was to the Royal family. He’s quite aged to have been Lee Gon’s (first) cousin so I was wondering…

    Then that Court Lady Noh is his WIFE?! She looks much, much older than Prince Buyeong to me! And their relationship doesn’t seem spousal. And her doesn’t live at the palace, right? They mentioned he doesn’t get to see his kids (and it seemed like a security issue?) but no mention of kids by Court Lady Noh.

    Okay, it looks like I’m overusing exclamation points but I am just that shocked!

    Did I sleep through the first scene? That’s unusual even for my sleepy self. We’re all using Netflix subs, right? How did I miss the explanation of those relationships?

    Since Prince Buyeong is so old, and yet he’s not the brother of Lee Gon’s father – wait. Rim is the half brother of Lee Gon’s father so how can Prince Buyeong be Rim’s father and Lee Gon’s cousin? I’m lost.


  3. beezrtp says:

    Most surprising moment to me is that Woo Do-Hwan provided me with the biggest laugh. Right or wrong, I’ve come to perceive his real life personality as similar to stoic Jo Yeong, because most of the roles I’ve seen him in have been serious roles. Eun sob meeting his doppleganger was my favorite moment of this episode.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    “Prince Buyeong and his wife, Court Lady Noh Ok Nam, spread the ashes of their son, traitor Prince Geum Lee Rim.” kjt recap.

    Well, I glossed right over that one … I went back and rewatched and didn’t gather that relationship. I could be wrong, but I think Prince Bu Yeong 👴🥼 is Gon’s great uncle (Grandpa’s brother) or I suppose he could be a first cousin once removed or something like that … except he is called “uncle”. Prince Bu Yeong’s 👴🥼 wife and children are exiled outside of Corea. Rim 🎨🦯 and Gon’s dad, Lee Ho, shared a father, but Rim🎨🦯 was the older illegitimate brother.
    My understanding of the opening scene was Prince Bu Yeong 👴🥼 and Lady Noh 🎎 were reminiscing about when they spread “Rim’s” ashes, although we know it was really the ashes of Lee Seong Jae (Rim-K) 👨‍🦼. I believe Prince Bu Yeong 👴🥼 was the closest adult relative to Gon, so spreading the ashes of a member of the royal family fell to him and Lady Noh assisted him. If Gon had not survived the attack, Prince Bu Yeong 👴🥼 was the next in line to become king. I think Prince Bu Yeong 👴🥼 is on Team Gon 🤴🐴, but who really knows…

    Any care to clarify this situation because now I’m not sure …


    • beezrtp says:

      Netflix subtitles in the first episode (I think) referred to Prince Buyeong as Lee Gon’s cousin.

      Do we know why Buyeong’s children aren’t allowed in the country? I’m wondering if it’s to avoid the stuff we see in saeguk (and other countries that had ancient monarchies) where it causes factions to put their support behind others of the royal bloodline to attempt a coup.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I think that is precisely what they are doing … was it because of Rim’s 🎨🦯 earlier coup attempt ❓⁉️


  5. Jane Tilly says:

    Thank you for the clarification! Uncle Lee Bu Yeong 👴🥼 being a first cousin once removed was the winner🏆. “Uncle” must refer to an older male relative.

    The family tree 🌳 was a welcome addition!

    Liked by 3 people

  6. beezrtp says:

    Dang it! I wrote a question but must have left the page before I hit “send”.

    Why are Prince Buyeong’s children not allowed in the country of Corea? Do you think it’s because they’re afraid of factions supporting others of the royal bloodline and trying to take over in a coup?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      I believe the fear of factions supporting another member of the royal family is precisely the concern.


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