Touch Your Heart Episode 4

Touch Your Heart Episode 4
Background. To get a role in a drama, actress Oh Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na) has been assigned to work for Lawyer Kwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook) for three months. Initially, Yoon Seo isn’t competent to act as Jung Rok’s secretary. He’s irked by her. Determined she gains competency in phones, copying, etc. Jung Rok sees the effort and the effects. Now that Jung Rok trusts Yoon Seo, she is a value add on the cases that come through his door. Each case brings them closer as they learn more about each other and have each other’s backs.

This episode. Yoo Yeo Reum (Son Sung Yoon) invites Jung Rok to tea. Because Yoon Seo is there, Jung Rok invites her too. She’s miffed that Jung Rok smiles often. She grouses he doesn’t smile that often around her. Jung Rok doesn’t understand when she orders him to stop smiling.

CEO Yeon Joon Kyu (Oh Jung Se) has a disastrous appearance on a TV debate show.

This episode’s case is a young woman who is stalked by her ex-boyfriend. The young woman is nervous speaking to Jung Rok and asks Yoon Seo to join them for morale support. The young woman’s story of being drugged by her ex-boyfriend resonates with Yoon Seo. In flashback we see that Yoon Seo was also drugged by her ex-boyfriend in retaliation for breaking up with him. Jung Rok sees that Yoon Seo is affected. Later he learns from Prosecutor Kim Se Won (Lee Sang Woo) that Yoon Seo was accused of being a druggie by her ex-boyfriend and this is the scandal that derailed her acting career.

The young woman and Yoon Seo go to her apartment to retrieve the CCTV showing the ex-boyfriend breaking into her house. They are shocked to find the boyfriend waiting inside the apartment. Yoon Seo tells the boyfriend to leave. He pushes her on the bed and grabs the young woman. Yoon Seo tries to intervene. As the ex-boyfriend goes to strike Yoon Seo, Jung Rok appears and tackles him to the ground.

Jung Rok and the young woman press charges at the police station, keeping Yoon Seo’s involvement a secret. Yoon Seo is grateful. When Jung Rok starts to drive her home, Yoon Seo notices he has a cut on his neck. She insists on treating the cut citing her surgeon role on a kdrama. When Yoon Seo treats the cut, she’s forced to lean close. They both feel the pull. They stare into each other’s eyes.

At home, Yoon Seo smiles thinking about Jung Rok and his bravery in saving her. She texts him thanking him for the gallantry and then admonishes him to treat the cut in the morning. Jung Rok texts back that he will and thanks her for tending him. Yoon Seo wishes him goodnight. Jung Rok does the same. They both smile. Little do they know that Yoon Seo’s ex-boyfriend has put a program on her phone so he can monitor all her texts.
My Thoughts

Yoon Seo had a stalking experience in her past just like the young woman client. Writer Yegeo has tied Yoon Seo’s experiences and empathy to both clients where Jung Rok and Yoon Seo have worked together. I like that Yoon Seo is more than a pretty face. I like that Jung Rok is being drawn to her. This couple is appreciating each other more and more. I’m enjoying this show. The law firm characters continue to add fun to the show.

Oh Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na) understood the young client’s fear of being stalked. She was empathetic because she also had been drugged and stalked. She went with the young client to her apartment and was shocked to find the ex-boyfriend there. But Yoon Seo didn’t cower. She tried to stop him. She got tossed on the bed and almost struck for her efforts. But like a knight in shining armor Jung Rok arrived and wrested the ex-boyfriend to the floor. How cute was Yoon Seo as she insisted on caring for Jung Rok’s cut based on her previous acting role? Didn’t you feel the pull between them? The episode ended with a darling text scene between them. I’m loving the evolution of this couple.

Kwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook) saved Yoon Seo from the violent ex-boyfriend. He wrestled the irate man to the ground just before Yoon Seo was struck. He made sure Yoon Seo’s name was kept out of the incident. When he learned that Yoon Seo was drugged and stalked by her ex-boyfriend, he was moved. He most definitely felt the physical pull when Yoon Seo leaned near to apply the salve to his cut. I’m loving how Jung Rok is evolving. I’m loving how Yoon Seo is more than she seems. I’m loving this couple.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My rating chart is below.

The first second of the OST is the pop tune “Oh? Truly!” by J Rabbit:

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2 comments on “Touch Your Heart Episode 4
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Check out Yoon Seo’s 💃🎬 hair flip at marker 1:45 of OST selection “Oh? Truly”, it reminded me of actress Yoo In Na’s (Yoon Seo 💃🎬) hair flip as Sunny in “Goblin”. I can’t get over how much younger Yoo In Na looks as Yoon Seo 💃🎬 compared to how she looked THREE years ago in “Goblin”. The writer and PD seem to be successful at reviving Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook’s personalities and chemistry ⚗️ they had in “Goblin”, although with more subtlety in this drama. And speaking of Goblin, Lawyer Dan 👁️👁️ was the ghost 👻, who kept trying to talk the Goblin’s Bride 👰 to go with her to the afterlife.

    It must have been terrifying for Yoon Seo 💃🎬 to come face-to-face with the stalker. It looked like she experienced PTSD, thankfully Jung Rok 👨‍💼💼 came to the rescue.

    I 💗 the pull between Yoon Seo 💃🎬 and Jung Rok 👨‍💼💼❣️ I don’t think either one realizes their mutual attraction on a conscious level at this point in time. I am enjoying the build of this relationship with each of their thoughtful, subtle actions (or coming to the rescue❣️) and the recognition of those efforts.


    • The writer and PD seem to be successful at reviving Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook’s personalities and chemistry ⚗️ they had in “Goblin”, although with more subtlety in this drama…. I am enjoying the build of this relationship with each of their thoughtful, subtle actions (or coming to the rescue❣️) and the recognition of those efforts.
      Absolutely agree. These two have “it” & chemistry. The slow build story heightens the anticipation.


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