Would I Date Him? Mystery Queen 2

This time on Would I Date Him? I reflect upon the leading man from the series Mystery Queen 2.

Our candidate: Detective Ha, portrayed by Kwon Sang Woo, is the determined detective from Mystery Queen 2.

Background. Detective Ha has just reached resolution on what happened to the woman he loved who died/disappeared years ago. His right-hand sleuther Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Gang Hee) has first dibs on his heart should he reengage in the dating world. I’m going to assume he’d be open to dating someone else…maybe me.

His pluses:
Smart, funny, low key caring. He accepts you for who you are and doesn’t try and change you. He can be engaging and support a woman that wants to use her brain in this world. Detective Ha gives his support in a behind the scene non-showy manner. I am a sucker for a man that shows his love in subtle sweet ways.

His minuses:
Emotionally unavailable but he may be willing to dip his toe in the dating pool again now that the mystery of his former love has been resolved. Detective Ha can be a bit of a jerk to co-workers (especially his superiors).

Is he my next date?
I want to assume he’s open to dating, but that may not be the case. At the end of season 2, his former love died in front of his eyes. His partner in crime has garnered his intellectual respect and emotional support. I can’t kid myself, Detective Ha’s heart isn’t available.

What’s left then? Dinner and a movie for a casual, one and done evening. I’d like to look into his eyes during dinner, so I’d be game. I’d think hard about drinking after the movie…that’s when unexpected situations can occur. 👍

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6 comments on “Would I Date Him? Mystery Queen 2
  1. Beez says:

    In a hot minute! Now that his issue had been resolved. He’s shown he’s the long-time die-hard loving type so once I convince him Seol ok isn’t into him and never will be 🤣, it’s ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Like KJT, I’m also “a sucker for a man that shows his love in subtle sweet ways.” Won Seung 🕵️ is a sweet 🍭, smexy, caring man, who fulfills my 👁️🍬 needs. Once his heart has healed from the wounds if his first love 💕, I’m game❗

    I may need to deal with Seok Ok 🔎, but she claims she not interested in being in love 💕, which just leaves Beez to contend with … but the again, she’s busy being “Champion of Slimeball Ki Young 💪” from “The Great Seducer”, which should leave the field wide open. Then I just need to make sure Wan Seung 🕵️ is sober 🚫🍾 during our date.

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