Divorce Lawyers Episode 16 Recap

Our couple is starting to notice each other. The ex-wife gets shocking treatment from her boyfriend. The girlfriend turns to Luo Li to deal with the ex-wife’s stream of hate.

Episode 16 Highlights:

Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong, is furniture shopping with our leading lady’s, Luo Li. Recall he lied that he trashed her apartment when it was his ex-wife that trashed Luo Li’s apartment. Hai Dong does not like spending his own money but cannot avoid it. He manages to get his friend to recommend a knock off furniture maker to duplicate the expensive bed Luo Li picked out.

dl_ep16_2b dl_ep16_2a
Hai Dong’s ex-wife visits her cousin, Tang Mei Yu, who is married to Hai Dong’s friend. Why she trashed Luo Li’s place is the question. Fit of jealous rage is the answer. She suspects that Luo Li has had designs on Hai Dong from the beginning.

dl_ep16_3a dl_ep16_3b
The ex-wife in the “fake” divorce (that was real) meets her husband. She pleads with him. After 20 years of marriage, she wanted a lifetime with him. The money, the house, the cars, don’t matter. She wants the lifetime that he vowed to give her. It is a well acted scene. Who wouldn’t be upset if their spouse of 20 years unexpectedly divorced them pretending it was a “fake” divorce?


Luo Li cups Hai Dong to help him get over a cold. Cupping was a therapy Luo Li’s father taught her to apply heated glass cups to the skin creating suction to stimulate the flow of energy. Things go awry and he ends up getting burned. At the hospital the doctor prescribes medicine. Luo Li is chagrin.

Hai Dong’s friend is still struggling to find a job after being fired unexpectedly. His has not shared with his pregnant wife that he is unemployed.

dl_ep16_6bdl_ep16_6a dl_ep16_6cdl_ep16_6d
That night at Hai Dong’s apartment, Luo Li leaves the bedroom door open knowing Hai Dong will need the restroom during the night. Drugged on sleeping medicine he crawls into bed with Luo Li and sleeps soundly throughout the night. He is horrified when he wakes and slithers away. Luo Li watches him surreptitiously, knowing he slept in the bed but reasoning it was best for his health to sleep on the bed versus the couch. She is sweet. Caring about him quietly! Cute!

dl_ep16_7b dl_ep16_7a
At breakfast they being to be aware of each other as man and woman. Yes!

dl_ep16_8b dl_ep16_8a
The lover in the divorce case asks Luo Li to help her stop the ex-wife from giving out her private information. People have been calling, faxing, emailing her calling her a home wrecker and worse. Luo Li declines to help. The woman pleads. Hasn’t Luo Li ever been a less than honorable relationship? Thinking about her ex-boyfriend (who was married unbeknownst to Luo Li), she lies and says no, all her relationships have been honorable.

dl_ep16_9cdl_ep16_9b  dl_ep16_9d dl_ep16_9e
Hai Dong’s ex-wife asks her boyfriend to go swimming after he is done watching stocks for the day. At the pool all is going well until she mentions the swim suit is from her Hawaiian vacation with Hai Dong. The boyfriend gets livid, pulls her into the pool, and pushes her underwater several times. A stranger jumps into the pool to save her. The boyfriend stalks out of the pool. Wow! Did not see that coming!

* Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong (Wu Xiu Bo), was so cute being frugal, being sick, sleeping in his bed, and covertly watching Luo Li. They are perfect for each other!
* Our leading lady, Luo Li (Yao Chen), was so cute shopping with Hai Dong, trying to help him get better via cupping, and allowing him to sleep in the bed. They are perfect for each other!
I am not overly fond of Hai Dong’s ex-wife, but she did not deserve the treatment she got at the hands of her boyfriend. Who is the mystery man?
* The next divorce case had some movement as the ex-wife begged her ex-husband to return. His lover went to Luo Li for help in stopping the barrage of hate the ex-wife was stirring up.


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