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Suspicious Partner Episode 19 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 19 “Truth versus Secrecy” (part 1) Recap After telling Bong Hee to bring Hyun Soo to dinner, No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) tells Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) this dinner he’ll test Hyun Soo. During dinner

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Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19 Recap

It’s decision time for our couple. Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19 Recap As Seo Hee is dragged away by the police, Chi Hyeon realizes that Joon Jae betrayed them. Sim Chung and Tae O arrive and are surprised

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Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 19 Recap

Wang So doesn’t have any easy path…and he’s the King. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 19 Recap King Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) wants to talk to Hae Soo (IU) but she’s not interested in returning to her stifling room. Wang

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Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 19

Joon Young accepts his fate. It isn’t easy for those around him to do the same. Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 19 The news is full of reports of Joon Young having a brain tumor that will end his life soon.

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Descendants of the Sun Episode 19 (Special 3) Recap

In this third special episode we get the behind the scenes look at the production of this series. Descendants of the Sun Episode 19 “See You Again” (Special Episode 3) Recap We begin with behind the scenes footage, with facts

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Remember Episode 19 Recap

Team Good has a good day. Team Evil tries to slither away.  Character Line Up: 1. Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho), lawyer whose father is wrongly imprisoned for a crime rich heir Nam Gyoo Man committed. 2. Lee In A  (Park Min Young), prosecutor who

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The Merchant Gaekju Episode 19 Recap

Go big or go home. That’s the advice Bong Sam receives. He comes up with a plan. Will he succeed? The Merchant Gaekju Episode 19 Recap Bong Sam (Jang Hyuk) intercepts and kneels in front of the Head Merchant. Bong

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