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Suspicious Partner Episode 4 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 4 Recap  No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) finds the murder weapon under Bong Hee’s refrigerator. He remembers the victim’s father (Ji Wook’s big boss and the victim is Bong Hee’s ex-boyfriend Jang Hee Joon) telling him

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Man to Man – Episodes 4-5

My Thoughts — Man to Man — Episodes 4 – 5 I just finished episodes 4-5 of Man to Man (JTBC network) starring Park Hae Jin and thought I’d share my opinions on these two episodes. My Thoughts * These two episodes amped up

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Chicago Typewriter Episode 4 Recap

Se Joo is in the grip of writer’s block, can he break free? Chicago Typewriter Episode 4 Recap Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) enters his home. He hears the sound of the typewriter. He looks in his writer’s

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Tomorrow With You Episode 4 Recap

He pushes their relationship. Will she agree with the direction? Tomorrow With You Episode 4 Recap It’s 9:15pm in the present, Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) waits for Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) to arrive having just recently

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Voice Episode 4 Recap

Voice Episode 4 – Chapter 3: Sound Heard in the Dark – The Secret of the Chocolate Box Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) tries to convince Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) that the former suspect made a deal with

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7 First Kisses Episode 4 Recap

7 First Kisses Episode 4 Recap “Till the End of the World”  Min Soo Jin (Lee Cho Hee) looks at the sealed note her bald boss gave her. Inside it has a USB flashdrive and the note reads “keep this safe and

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Goblin Episode 4 Recap

He falls for her as we knew he would. Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 4 Recap Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) goes to the house (recall he’s leaving town the next day). She points to Kim Shin

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