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Architecture 101 Review

Review. Architecture 101 provides a past and present look at the relationship of two people that meet after a fifteen year gap. Synopsis. What if your first love from college reappeared in your life after a 15 year absence? Would you reconnect

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The Thieves Review

Review. The Thieves is about a two teams of thieves work together to execute a huge heist. Synopsis. What if years ago you were betrayed during a heist? Would you work together again for a big money job? The three leads grapple with

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90 Minutes Review

90 Minutes Review Synopsis. A man that uses women for his own pleasure has a day of reckoning. This is a mature film. More Detail.  Tomorrow is the big day for director Sang Hee (Joo Sang Wook).  He will be named director of

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My Phone Sex Partner Review

My Phone Sex Partner Review.   Synopsis. A wrong number leads two people to start a relationship via phone. They transition to a real life relationship. Their road to love is challenging in this 2012 Korean movie. This is a mature film. More Detail.  Yoon

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Drug Wars Review

Review. Drugs Wars is gritty, gripping, cat and mouse thriller between the police and drug criminals they hunt. This is a mature film. Synopsis. * What if you are a drug producer and caught by the police? ** In China

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Masquerade Review

Review. Masquerade is a fictional historical movie about a man who swaps places with a king. Masquerade has heart, humor, and top notch performances. Brace yourself, not all the good people die! Synopsis. Masquerade (also known as Ghwanghae, Man Became A

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Love On-Air Review

Love On-Air Review. Synopsis. Love On-Air is a 2012 Korean movie about a former girl band star, Jin A, now a radio show host. Unfortunately her radio show is no longer popular. She will be replaced by a new host

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Love 911 Review

For a change of pace, I watched the 2012 Korean movie, Love 911. I had not seen Han Hyo Joo since Brillant Legacy / Shining Inheritance and wanted to see her in a feature film. This was not a glamorous

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The King of Dramas Review

Review. The King of Dramas provides a tongue-in-check quick-paced look into the challenges of producing dramas. The 2012 Korean drama, was originally 16 episodes and added 2 episodes when a two episode extension was granted during production. The first 16

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