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Vampire Prosecutor Episode 3 Recap

EPISODE 3: “Memories of a Rapist” Good story because it drew in our CSI team putting one of them in danger and our vampire prosecutor had to act and with that showed he cared. He is handy with his strength

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49 Days Review

Review. 49 Days has an intriguing premise. A soul from a comatose / brain-dead person inhabits another’s body and is given 49 days to find 3 tears of pure love from friends (family excluded). A second chance at life is

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Vampire Prosecutor Episode 2 Recap

EPISODE 2: “Death Scene” I am more interested in the police team than the crimes they investigate. Our vamp prosecutor sports eyeliner with more panache than most women. Liked the wall of victims in the last 2 minutes.

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Vampire Prosecutor Episode 1 Recap

EPISODE 1  “The Room With the French Dolls” I like the slick feel of this show. Not really into police procedurals but am curious. This is CSI Seoul with the lead investigator and prosecutor being a stylish cool vampire. I

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City Hunter Review

Review. City Hunter had focused, intricate episodes with many surprises in the series. This series was billed as a prequel to the Japanese City Hunter manga series written and illustrated by Tsukasa Hojo. City Hunter was a tale of revenge

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Top 5 Cute-factor Couples

You know the X-factor in life, something that gives a person an edge. In dramas the memorable couples have the Cute–factor, a special zing that resonates in your heart long after the show ends. These couples enjoy each other and

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