Ghost Doctor Episode 4

After being bumped by a woman Young Min is expelled. As Seung Tak stares at the woman, Young Min starts to disappear. Go Seung Tak (Kim Beom) asks the entity near him to help save the woman. Seung Tak reaches out to find the entity. Young Min reaches out to Seung Tak. They connect and join. With Young Min inside him, Seung Tak knows exactly how to treat the woman and does so.

When the ambulance arrives Oh Soo Jung (Son Na Eun) and others greet it and unload the patient. Soo Jung pushes Seung Tak into the ER. When she slaps Seung Tak on the back, Young Min is expelled. Intern Ahn Tae Hyun demands to know what the woman’s diagnosis and treatment was. Cha Young Min (Rain) must reenter Seung Tak to offer the explanation.

Later Seung Tak pushes the drink Young Min recommended he buy. When Soo Jung joins him, he thanks for her being his friend. He offers no explanations and leaves.

Young Min sees a young patient that can’t have surgery because he’s in a coma and no one else on the hospital staff has sufficient skill to operate. Soo Jung remembers the young patient not liking his cold manner. Soo Jung joked that maybe Young Min couldn’t be performing the surgery. Now Young Min and Soo Jung look at the patient, without hope

Young Min is bummed by the knowledge that the world outside the hospital is a dangerous place if he’s dislodged from the host body. Tess, the ghost, explains that if Young Min can’t reenter the host, he’ll die. Then his comatose body will die. He looks at the other ghosts when he walks by but says nothing as he walks by. Young Min is shocked to find he’s not in the ICU.

He finds himself in another room with Jang Se Jin (Uee) tending him. Deputy Director Han Seung stops by to make sure everything is okay. Se Jin believes Deputy Director Han is a kind man. Young Min is angry.

Deputy Director Han finds Seung Tak in his office. Deputy Director Han tries to control his anger at Seung Tak’s recent actions and his nonchalant attitude. When he reaches the tipping point, Seung Tak gets a call and exits.  Deputy Director Han wonders what Seung Tak is up to. Seung Tak wonders if Deputy Director Han is cornered.

The nurse arrives impressed at the deluxe room Se Jin has snagged for herself and her patient. Se Jin watches comatose Young Min while ghost Young Min watches her.

Flashback…Se Jin arrives at Young Min’s apartment and declares she’s moving in. He wants to take her home but she distracts him when she declares she’s hungry. As expected, he frets and starts to prepare a meal. She tells him their married life will be great.

Se Jin explains to the nurse the medicines Young Min must receive. He wonders why she’s doing this.

Se Jin calls a doctor in America and asks for a diagnosis. She says the man is an important person to her.

Seung Tak watches Chairman Jang’s cocky son arrives at the hospital. He speaks with reporters then leaves. He finds Se Jin wanting to see her father. The son says she can’t see him. Security stops her from entering. Young Min enters the room and sees ghost Chairman Jang sitting while Chairman Jang continues in his comatose state. The cocky son chuckles that he fooled the press with the news that Chairman Jung woke.

Intern Ahn meets with Deputy Director Han and Chairman Jung’s son. Young Min is shocked when the son thanks Intern Ahn for his help. The son says he trusts Deputy Director Han’s plan of care. Deputy Director Han announces Intern Ahn is Chairman Jung’s primary doctors. The son tells Intern Ahn to keep his father alive for a year.

Young Min is livid when as he follows Intern Ahn down the hallway and into his office. Intern Ahn stares at Young Min’s desk and remarks he told him not to do the surgery.

Flashback…Intern Ahn recommends Young Min not proceed with the surgery due to the risk.

Intern Ahn says Young Min’s greed caused this situation. Intern Ahn tears up when he declares he saved Young Min’s reputation with the report that Chairman Jung woke. He yells “why did you have a save an old man that was supposed to die? Why did you cause this mess?”

Young Min apologizes to ghost Chairman Jang for not knowing others including his resident were scheming against him. Chairman Jung shrugs that Young Min isn’t responsible for his wayward son. Young Min vows to expose those that did this. Chairman Jung calmly states he has a year to live and invites Young Min to play a game with him.

Young Min asks the other ghosts to teach him their ways. They explain they live in a difference world and who him how to get snacks, open doors, etc. They note his style has gone downhill since he’s become a ghost.

Seung Tak visits the darkened sleeping area and tells Intern Ahn wake. It’s really Young Min. He tells a shocked Intern Ahn that he saved Intern Ahn from a potentially fatal mistake because he liked his tenacity. Young Min demands to know Intern Ahn betrayed him. Young Min declares he saved Chairman Jung but Intern Ahn tried to kill him. He warns he’ll be watching him and strides out.

Intern Ahn finds Seung Tak in the ER and demands to know what he meant. Seung Tak doesn’t know what he’s talking about and says he must have been dreaming. Unsure Intern Ahn backs off. Seung Tak is relieved.

Intern Ahn is worried. Ghost Young Min promises this is just the beginning.

Seung Tak watches the security footage from when Young Min took over his body. The footage is missing when Intern Ahn asks to see the same footage.

Young Min jumps in Seung Tak’s body as he leaves the hospital. He’s careful not to get bumped which would expel him from Seung Tak’s body. He makes his way to his apartment. He wonders where his baby is. In the lobby with a full suitcase, Seung Tak runs into Se Jin, who is surprised to see him. Seung Tak asks why she’s there. She says she came to see if anything in Young Min’s apartment needed tending. Seung Tak says he had the same idea. Se Jin notes she didn’t realize Seung Tak was a friend of Young Min. Both Young Min and Seung Tak declare they aren’t friends. Se Jin asks if Seung Tak has reconsidered.

She takes Seung Tak to Young Min’s room. She explains that Young Min’s brain is getting more and more damaged.

Flashback…Tess tells Young Min that entering Seung Tak’s body damages him and lessen his chances of waking from his coma.

Young Min exits Seung Tak’s body. She asks why Seung Tak has Young Min’s clothing as she examines the contents of the suitcase. When she finds Young Min’s bank book, Seung Tak correctly guesses that Young Min would want to contribute to his hospital care. Young Min can’t believe it.

As Seung Tak walks away from the hospital he knows that his body was highjacked and taken to Young Min’s apartment. He’s irked when Young Min failed to drive the car back.

Young Min watches Seung Tak leave and wonders what is between them. Se Jin looks at Young Min’s clothing and tells him he’s stepped up. He’d never wear stylish good when they were together.

Flashback…Se Jin tries to convince Young Min to step up his style came. Young Min says comfort is what matters. Se Jin declares she wants to see her boyfriend transformed. He smiles.

Se Jin wonders if she came back to save him or kill him. She cries and wishes she hadn’t returned. If she’d stayed in the states, he and her father might be okay. She begs him to live. She tells him to wake and they can solve whatever his brain is trying to sort out. She urges him to get better. She vows to make him better.

The trio of ghosts watch a better dressed Young Min stroll through the hospital using the skills they taught him. He moves away when Seung Tak enters. Tess and the other ghosts see a black shrouded ghost watching Young Min. Tess knows things could get messy now.

An ambulance arrives at the hospital. The wife and daughter rush in after the husband. Seung Tak and Young Min watch Intern Ahn examine the patient. Unfortunately, his hand his hurt and hospital can’t do the surgery. Intern Ahn asks Seung Tak if he’d like to perform the surgery. He points out it’s the same surgery Seung Tak did on Young Min. Seung Tak doesn’t answer. Intern Ahn decides they must transfer the patient. Seung Tak watches the wife and daughter. He declares he’ll do the surgery. Young Min walks into the locker room and tells Seung Tak not to do the surgery. Young Min declares he can’t help because it will hurt him. He leaves.

Young Min overhears Intern Ahn report to Deputy Director Han via the phone that he forced Seung Tak to perform the surgery and to come watch. Deputy Director Han arrives and stares at Seung Tak.

Flashback…Family meal includes teasing Seung Tak that he’s not doing anything with his life. His father declares Seung Tak is making a name for himself in the ER. Deputy Director Han watches and doesn’t like what he’s hearing.

Deputy Director Han watches Seung Tak approach the table with the patient. Seung Tak locks eyes with Deputy Director Han. Then he approaches the table. Young Min strides into the room. He sees Deputy Director Han watching. He realizes Seung Tak is being set up. He tells Seung Tak to back away. He rages that Deputy Director Han is playing with patient’s lives. He orders Seung Tak to hold the scalpel properly. To his amazement, Seung Tak makes the required adjustments. Before he begins the surgery, Seung Tak turns looks into Young Min’s eyes and states saving the patient’s life is the priority.

Flashback…from the moment ghost Young Min arrived at the hospital, we see that Seung Tak has been able to see him.

Seung Tak asks Young Min if they should get started and save the patient’s life.

My Thoughts

Seung Tak saw ghost Young Min from the beginning. This episode perked up considerably. Writer Kim Sun Soo revealed Seung Tak spotted Young Min in the back of the ambulance and has willingly let him take over his body multiple times. We also learned Deputy Director Han considers Seung Tak a rival for status with their father. Young Min learned that Intern Ahn was in cahoots with Chairman Jung’s son and Deputy Director Han. What a mess family rivalry has made.

Cha Young Min (Rain) realized jumping into Seung Tak’s body was hurting his brain in his physical body. He decided to step back from Seung Tak. Young Min was shocked in Seung Tak looked him in the eye and challenged him to save the patient. Will Young Min sacrifice his health for the patient? The black ghost watching Young Min was a new challenge for Young Min. Tess saw and realized things just got more complicated for Young Min. It was nice to see the flashbacks between the warm and loving Young Min and Se Jin. They were a cute couple. Her departure changed Young Min. Can it be undone? Can Young Min find the caring side of himself?

Go Seung Tak (Kim Beom) knew Young Min was entering and exiting his body. He saw ghost Young Min from the first moment. How unsettling that must be, seeing a ghost Young Min that no one else sees. Seung Tak prioritizes patients. Young Min prioritizes himself. Can Seung Tak become a better surgeon with Young Min’s help while he helps Young Min become a better person? His family situation is dicer than expected. Deputy Director Han has his sights on Seung Tak, and is willing to lower his statue in the Chairman’s eyes.

I rank this episode as almost very good7.5 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Ghost Doctor Episode 4
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 Seung Tak 📚👨‍⚕️ saw the ghost of Young Min 🙌👨‍⚕️ right from the beginning. Off and on I’ve wondered if Seung Tak📚👨‍⚕️ saw Young Min🙌👨‍⚕️ … now we know.

    When VP Han Seung Won💩 told Dr Jang Se Jin 🧠👩‍⚕️ he was sorry he hadn’t been able to setup a private room for Young Min 🙌👨‍⚕️ earlier, I thought, yup with plotting to kill her chairman father, getting Young Min 🙌👨‍⚕️ out of the way and framing his cousin, Intern Go Seung Tak 📚👨‍⚕️, with the chairman’s malpractice and potential death, Han Seung Won💩 has been a VERY BUSY BOY.

    Grandpa setting up rivalry be be heir between cousins Seung Tak 📚👨‍⚕️and Seung Won💩, once again pins family members against each other and inspired corporate intrigues (or palace intrigues for saeguk dramas) on the part of insecure parties … yup we’re talking about you, Seung Won 💩.

    Even though Tess 👻 told Young Min🙌👨‍⚕️ that possessing Seung Tak📚👨‍⚕️ was taking a toll on his body, he didn’t believe it until he saw the empirical evidence over Se Jin ‘s🧠👩‍⚕️ shoulder.

    I think the story will become more interesting as Seung Tak📚👨‍⚕️ improves his skills with aid of his ghost mentor.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Off and on I’ve wondered if Seung Tak📚👨‍⚕️ saw Young Min🙌👨‍⚕️ … now we know.
      The timing was right for this terrific reveal.

      Han Seung Won💩 has been a VERY BUSY BOY.
      Multiple targets in his plan.

      Grandpa setting up rivalry be be heir between cousins Seung Tak 📚👨‍⚕️and Seung Won💩
      Kdrama staple. As you noted the insecure party can become the catalyst for evil.

      Even though Tess 👻 told Young Min🙌👨‍⚕️ that possessing Seung Tak📚👨‍⚕️ was taking a toll on his body, he didn’t believe it until he saw the empirical evidence over Se Jin ‘s🧠👩‍⚕️ shoulder.
      I was glad to see Writer Kim highlight this. Young Min has seemingly done without ill effects to the ghost entity but his physical form is suffering the effects. Will Young Min learning to be selfless be crucial for him to be reunited or forever separate with his body?

      Liked by 2 people

      • Jane Tilly says:

        “Will Young Min learning to be selfless be crucial for him to be reunited or forever separate with his body?” -KJT. It seems he is already on that road to being reunited … how long it will take is another question.

        Liked by 2 people

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