Ghost Doctor Episode 1

A daughter rides with her father in the ambulance to the hospital. The doctor in charge declares no surgeons are available and they must leave. A voice intones “you may wish for a ghost to change the course”. Intern Cha Young Min (Rain) steps forward and declares they must try and save the patient who may die in transport to the next hospital. The doctor scoffs and asks Intern Cha if he has the ability to perform the surgery. Intern Cha feels a ghost enter his body. When he looks up his eyes are glowing.

Opening Credits…

Years later….

A woman tells the young patients there is a ghost doctor that protects them. They don’t believe her.

Professor Cardiac Surgeon Cha Young Min (Rain) strides into the hospital with admiring gazes of the interns. Their attention switches to the incoming cardiac patient. Their ministrations in the ER don’t have the desired effect. Intern Oh Soo Jung (Son Na Eun) chases down Doctor Cha and asks him to check the patient in ER. While he admires her tenacity, he refuses to help, stating she needs to learn to pronounce patients dead. When she returns to the ER, the patient dies and is pronounced dead. She mutters this is Dr. Cha’s fault. Another intern tells her Dr. Cha is amazing. First surgery as an intern saved an emergency room patient. He never fails to save a patient. Some say he’s possessed by a spirit. That gets Soo Jung’s attention.

In the daily meeting about prospective patients Young Min accepts or rejects patients at his discretion, not caring about Chief Ban Tae Sik’s opinion.

After the meeting Chief Ban is irked and declares today is the day Young Min will meet his match.

Young Min tells the resident that had to pronounce the patient in ER dead, that the patient couldn’t be saved. Young Min learns the new resident is starting today. He wonders why the resident missed the morning meeting. The casually dressed resident exits the conference room, walks up to Young Min and ticks off his pros and cons. He promises to help Young Min improve when every he’s ready. He smiles at another resident. He tells everyone he is the new resident, Go Seung Tak (Kim Beom). He strides away all smiles. Young Min demands information on the new resident. Turns out Seung Tak is the grandson of the hospital foundation chairman and the son of the chairman of the board. During his interview he admitted to becoming a doctor because he was told to.

Young Min complains to Chief Ban about nepotism in the hiring process. Chief Ban is unfazed. The Deputy Director Han Seung Won enters and agrees his cousin is immature but he has full faith that Young Min will guide him. Chief Ban chimes in that Seung Tak is the heir to the hospital foundation. Becoming a doctor was the condition for getting the position.  Young Min realizes he can’t win.

He finds Seung Tak giving gifts to nurses and winning them over. He tells him it is time to get to work. During rounds Young Min asks Seung Tak to explain something. Surprisingly, Seung Tak’s explanation is detailed and correct.

Later the residents tell Young Min that Seung Tak has a reputation for being as smart as the professors.

As rounds continue, Young Min asks Seung Tak to explain items. When he’s correct, he’s assigned the patient. Seung Tak deliberately claims not to know. He asks Young Min why not all the patients in the ward are being reviewed. Young Min states there are some patients waiting transfers that cannot be healed and therefore not worth their time. He points out ignoring those that can’t be saved allows him to help more that can be saved.  Seung Tak calls him a jerk to the patients and suggests they not listen to him.

Seung Tak smiles as he watches Soo Jung look after patients. Outside Seung Tak admits he must become a licensed doctor per his grandfather. Soo Jung chuckles. She suggests he change his attitude. Seung Tak counters he’s been privileged his entire life. He gets a call from Young Min to attend the surgery. Seung Tak complains but Soo Jung is thrilled.

At the surgery Young Min notices the large group of observers. Seung Tak arrives late. Young Min does his trademark hand flex. He begins the surgery. Deputy Director Han watches the surgery and receives a phone and agrees to tonight. Young Min has Seung Tak tie off the artery when he is done with the primary work.

Flashback…In class Seung Tak struggles to make incisions.

Young Min pushes Seung Tak out of the way and completes the surgery. Young Min tells the observers that book knowledge doesn’t translate to real skill. Soo Jung murmurs her support for Seung Tak. Young Min asks if a patient was dying would they choose the skilled crabby doctor or the unskilled kind doctor. He dismisses everyone. Soo Jung and Seung Tak look at each other.

At home, Young Min praises himself.

The next day Young Min and Seung Tak meet in the parking lot. Young Min is impressed that Seung Tak returned. They banter as they enter the hospital. Young Min goes to get coffee. He heads upstairs to the roof. Seung Tak decides to follow.

On the rooftop, Young Min finds a lovely woman lost in thought. She turns. They lock eyes. She asks if he’s well. Young Min says nothing. He gets a call and says he’s happy to interrupt his coffee break. He walks away. He sees Seung Tak watching and passes him.

In Deputy Director Han’s office, Chief Ban introduces Young Min to the son of the critical patient (Chairman of a large company) who Young Min recommended there be no surgery yesterday. The son appeals to Young Min to conduct the surgery. He claims he must do everything to save his father. Young Min points out a successful surgery will cut his lifespan to 3 months versus 12 months without the surgery. The son says he must save face. Young Min counters that he won’t blemish his career to help the son save face.

Young Min meets with his interns. He assigns Seung Tak to work in the ER. Seung Tak brings gifts to the ER staff. Soo Jung isn’t impressed. She asks to train Young Min. Seung Tak says she’ll regret this. He can’t cope with blood. He gets shaken by an angry man in the waiting room.

Young Min allows the son to introduce him to his father. The woman from the roof brings flowers. The chairman says she is his youngest daughter. The woman introduces herself as Jang Se Jin (Uee). The chairman explains she’s a doctor living in Seattle and came back to be with him. The chairman asks if surgery is the right option for him.

Outside in the hallway, Young Min says he’s not interested in catching up with her. Se Jin says she believes surgery is the wrong option for her father after reviewing his medical records. She guesses Young Min has the same opinion. Young Min scoffs that she wants more time with her father to wheedle into the will. Se Jin can’t believe his cruel words.

Flashback…Young Min is late to his date with Se Jin, knowing she wanted to talk to him. She’s not there. She’s not in her apartment. He learns Se Jin met her rich biological father and left to train in the United States. The other interns scoff that Young Min isn’t good enough for Se Jin anymore.

Young Min looks at the night sky. He murmurs she doesn’t know him anymore. He makes a call.

Young Min comes in to perform risky surgery. Trusted Intern Ahn Tae Hyun doesn’t understand why Young Min agreed to perform the surgery. Young Min says the chairman’s son will reward him handsomely for a successful surgery.

Deputy Director Han watches the surgery from the gallery. Young Min approaches the Chairman and conducts the surgery. While he and TH wait for the chairman to wake after the surgery, Young Min gets a text to meet someone. He heads out.

Young Min wakes after getting in an accident. He gets out of his car. He sees a man bleeding on the ground. He goes to the man and his hands spark when he touches the man. The paramedics arrive and run through him. He returns to his car. He sees himself prostrate on the steering wheel. Young Min dissolves while staring at his body.

The ambulance arrives at the hospital. The first victim is brought in. The second ambulance arrives. The patient is Young Min. Ghost Young Min watches and gets out of the ambulance. He heads into the emergency room with his body. The paramedics declare the victim hit the steering wheel. Young Min knows he needs surgery. Unfortunately, the surgical resident on call is Seung Tak. Young Min can’t believe it. The emergency team groans. But Seung Tak does an excellent job of diagnosing the issue. His words echo Young Min’s words. He orders the surgery room prepped.

In the surgery room, Seung Tak stares at Young Min’s body. No other surgeon can be found. Young Min’s vitals start to fail. Young Min tries to pick up the scalpel but can’t. He can’t believe he’s going to die in the surgery room where he saved so many people. Seung Tak declares he’ll do the surgery. The team balks. Seung Tak declares if he doesn’t Young Min will die. He takes the scalpel in his hand. Young Min’s vitals continue to fall. Seung Tak’s hands tremble. Young Min urges him to relax and focus. Seung Tak hovers over the wrong spot to make the incision. Young Min yells no and grabs Seung Tak’s hand holding the scalpel. It sparks. Young Min and Seung Tak become fused. Seung Tak shakes his head not understanding what just happened. Seung Tak spins and looks in the mirror. He sees Seung Tak’s face (not his own). His voice is Seung Tak’s. He looks at his body on the table. He does Young Min’s trademark hand flex. He orders Soo Jung to assist. He makes the first incision strong and sure. Young Min watches the incision reveal his beating heart.

My Thoughts

Good opening episode. Writer Kim Sun Soo focused the story on two medical professionals – one cocky doctor and a skill surgeon, one cocky intern afraid of surgery, thrown together and rubbing each other wrong. When the skilled surgeon becomes a ghost after a car accident, he fuses with the intern to perform the surgery that might save his life. The opening character development was fine. Writer Kim attempted to inject humor along the way. What interests me is the possibility that this series will focus on two men at different points in their lives that will overcome their deficiencies together. I like the concept.

Cha Young Min (Rain) is the cocky surgeon. I’m watching this series because Rain is an actor whose series are a must watch. Not knowing much about the series, I was pleasantly surprised at Young Min’s character deficiencies, the background romance with Se Jin, elements are there to allow this character to develop into the man he couldn’t be without becoming the ghost doctor.

Go Seung Tak (Kim Beom) has the patent on cocky smirks and smiles. All charm, smart, but unable to perform surgery is a major deficiency for a cardiac surgery intern. The interactions with Young Min revealed both men quickly assessed each other’s faults. I hope to see Seung Tak’s development lower the cocky façade and find the man with a heart beneath.

I rank this episode as good7 on a 10-point scale.


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3 comments on “Ghost Doctor Episode 1
  1. beez says:

    I’ll do relieved that Rain’s character is not dead. I was afraid Show might become another Come Back Ahjusshi (❤️ except for the ending). I want Show to end with an alive and enjoying life Rain.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I felt the same way Beez. This can work well with Rain as a coma ghost.

    It seems Kim Beom has come back to Kdrama with Tale of the Nine-Tailed. I’m glad to see him back with diverse characters.

    This looks like it will be an interesting drama.

    Liked by 3 people

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