Jirisan Episode 16 (Final)


Mayor Kim refuses to sign the cable car development agreement. His young son, Kim Sol, watches him argue with the other villagers who know 100% agreement is required for any of them to be paid. After the other villages leave, Kim Sol suggests his father sign to stop the fighting. His father declares he’s right and the others are wrong. Kim Sol and his father are horrified to find the beehives poisoned and all the bees dead. Kim Sol’s father freaks out declaring he can hear the dead bees buzzing. Upset, Kim Sol signs the agreement with his father’s stamp. He takes the agreement to the men. Before he knocks, he overhears the men talking about poisoning the bees and killing his mother. The door swings open. Kim Sol claims he heard nothing. The men take the signed agreement and tells him to tell no one. Kim Sol flees. The men turn in the signed agreements from the villagers to the cable car development planner. He informs them the project has been canceled. The men can’t believe it. The development planner promises he’ll try again one day. The men freak out and demand their money. There is no money to give. The villagers leave.

Present day…

Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) tells Ranger Kim Sol that he is the mountain murderer. He denies it. Yi Gang says she’s going to police and tell all. He guesses she has no proof. He tells her if he were the murderer then she’s a fool for coming to his house alone. He wonders if she has a death wish. But he won’t kill her because that would create evidence that she doesn’t have and desperately needs. He tells her to talk to the police. They won’t believe her.

Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) looks at Police officer Kim’s bloody body. He realizes Ranger Kim Sol is the mountain murderer.

Kim Sol reviews the mountain map and key locations.

Ghost Hyun Jo visits the places on the mountain the mountain murderer used.

Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park asks Yi Gang if she was able to plant the tracking device. She confirms she put the GPS in Kim Sol’s backpack.

Flashback…While Kim Sol makes a drink, Yi Gang slips a GPS into Kim Sol’ backpack.

Yi Gang tells the rangers they must track Kim Sol for now he will destroy any remaining evidence.

Kim Sol leaves his apartment.

The next day at the ranger station, Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park call Yi Gang and report Kim Sol is indeed heading into the mountain. They track and fellow Kim Sol.

Branch Chief Jo is released from prison. The police tell him not all the charges have been cleared and he needs to stay in the local area. His daughter brings him tofu to celebrate getting out of prison. She tells him the mountain has cost him enough. He needs to come home with her. He tells her he must go up the mountain one more time.

Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park track and follow Kim Sol. He knows he’s being followed.  He removes the GPS. Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park call Yi Gang that Kim Sol eluded them. She’s not happy. Branch Chief Jo arrives at the office. Yi Gang tells him Kim Sol is the mountain murderer. She says Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park are following him to secure evidence.  Branch Chief Jo remembers a young Kim Sol. He radios the rangers in the area about Kim Sol and suggests the likely location Kim Sol went.

Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park follow the trail.

Hyun Jo enters the remote cave shelter. Kim Sol is waiting for him. He walks through Hyun Jo. Kim Sol laughs that Hyun Jo stayed on the mountain to capture him. He admits he’s the mountain murderer. Hyun Jo asks why. Kim Sol declares they didn’t remember what really happened in the village.


Kim Sol decides he’s going to commit suicide on the mountain. He hears the bees buzzing.

Kim Sol shares he tried to commit suicide before but didn’t succeed so he went to the mountain to drink poisoned yogurt. There he met a lost Corporal Kim. As he helps Corporal Kim, he realizes who he is. Kim Sol introduces himself and says he’s from the black bridge village too. Corporal Kim finally realizes who Kim Sol is. He asks how Kim Sol’s father is. Kim Sol starts to hear the bees buzzing and freezes. Corporal Kim asks if he’s okay. Kim Sol offers him the poisoned yogurt. Corporal Kim drinks it and dies. Kim Sol believes the mountain supports the murder. He returns to the mountain when he completes ranger training. He finds Lee Se Wook tending bees. He convinces him to help achieve revenge.

Present day…Kim Sol declares he and Lee Se Wook killed them one by one. The buzzing of the bees stopped. Hyun Jo says the mountain doesn’t support Kim Sol. His visions were to stop the murders. If only he’d seen the truth about Kim Sol sooner. Kim Sol counters that Hyun Jo’s mountain didn’t reveal the truth so the mountain is on his side. Kim Sol shows him the tokens of each murder. He pours gasoline on the items and lights them. Hyun Jo knows the evidence is going up in flames. He disappears.

At the hospital, the family prepares to have Hyun Jo taken off life support. They cry at his bedside. Hyun Jo’s father gives the doctors the signed form to remove Hyun Jo from life support.

Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park spot the smoke coming from the remote cave shelter. When they arrive, the cave is filled with smoke and the evidence is burning. They believe they are too late. They report the evidence has been burned. Yi Gang can’t accept this is the end. She gets her drone from her locker. She tells Branch Chief Jo too many have died. There has to be more evidence. She spots ghost Hyun Jo going to mark at the top of the mountain. The drone battery fails and they lose signal. Branch Chief Jo tells her they must go to the mountain.

In the ranger helicopter, Yi Gang and Branch Chief Jo watch the mountain go by. The helicopter lands. Branch Chief Jo and Yi Gang exit. He carries her on his back. They find Hyun Jo putting another stick at the marker. He turns and sees them.

At that exact moment, the life support is turned off in the hospital.

Ghost Hyun Jo disappears. Yi Gang can’t believe it.

Hyun Jo’s family cries in the hospital room.

Yi Gang and Branch Chief Jo stare at the marker. Branch Chief Jo asks if the new stick was just put there by Hyun Jo. She doesn’t answer. Branch Chief Jo tells her to get a grip. She’s the only one that can interpret the marker. She stares at the marker. She says the clue is about the police station.

She remembers suspecting Police officer Kim. She remembers the sticker on Lee Se Wook’s cell phone the Police officer Kim had in the evidence bags. Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park search the evidence box, find the cell phone, and ask that it be sent to forensics as evidence in the mountain murders.

The forensic team pulls the cell phone records from the cell phone. It was a trail of conversation between Kim Sol and Lee Se Wook.

The police go to Kim Sol’s house to arrest him. Kim Sol drives up and sees the police cars. He drives away.

Yi Gang arrives at the hospital. She goes to Hyun Jo’s room. His room is empty. She cries.

Branch Chief Jo finds the police at a trailhead. They report Kim Sol has headed back into the mountain. They ask Branch Chief Jo to help them.

Yi Gang returns to the ranger station. The lights turn off. Kim Sol comes up behind her and knocks her out.

In the pouring raining, Kim Sol drives Yi Gang to the mountain. He yells that she’s ruined everything. He declares the mountain wanted everyone he killed dead and she’s next. He laughs that he killed her grandmother too. Yi Gang didn’t see that coming. She throws herself out of the car. Kim Sol stops the car and looks at her body on the ground. He picks up a hammer and declares he can kill her here too. He turns her over. She hits him. She calls him delusional. Kim Sol gets to his feet. He declares the murders are what the mountain wanted. He raises a hammer to kill her. A rock slide breaks loose. Yi Gang looks at the rock pile as sees Kim Sol under a boulder. He stares at her then passes out. Yi Gang sighs in relief.

A year later…

Ranger Jung walks to the temple to pray for Yang Sun. He remembers moments with her. He cries remembering promising to pass the promotion test. Now he has but it doesn’t have the same meaning with Yang Sun.

Ranger Jung goes to the mountain and takes wildflowers for Yang Sun.  He puts his team leader badge at her marker. He tells her he finally did it. He tells her he’ll see her later. He looks over the vista.

Hyun Jo’s sister Kang Sueng Ah sees Ranger Jung and offers him a treat. Flustered he runs away.

Team Lead Ranger Jung arrives at the ranger station where Commander Ranger Park tells him he’s late and it’s amazing he passed the exam.  Ranger Jung walks to Ranger Park’s desk and flips his nameplate. The note there are interviews today. Ranger Jung steps away.

Yi Gang is part of a 3-person interview panel for ranger candidates. Yi Gang tells a nervous candidate (lottery ticket girl) that mountains have hearts. Rangers are there to keep everyone on the mountain safe.
Yi Gang tells the girl to release her burdens (Yang Sun died saving her).

It’s early morning New Year’s Day, Ranger Park rouses Ranger Jung from sleep. Ranger Jung grumbles and gets up. As he strides down the hallway, Ranger Park joins him. They exit the building knowing Yi Gang will be there soon. A taxi pulls up. Yi Gang GETS OUT OF THE TAXI (no wheelchair). She smiles. They toss her a backpack. They head to the trailhead.

They head to the top of the mountain to corral the crowds waiting for the first sunrise of the new year. Yi Gang spots former Branch Chief Jo and his daughter. Branch Chief Jo grouses it is his first time watching the sunrise for pleasure.

Yi Gang spots Hyun Jo. He spots her.


As Yi Gang cries, the nurse tells Yi Gang that Hyun Jo is breathing on his own and in a different unit.

The sunrises over the mountain. The crowd cheers. Hyun Jo and Yi Gang know his visions are done, now they have their lives to live as they choose.

My Thoughts

The final answers are revealed. Writer Kim Eun Hee revealed the complete backstory of black bridge village and how a young Kim Sol learned certain villagers killed his mother and watched his father flip out when his bees were poisoned by those same villagers. The inability to do anything as a child drove him to try to commit suicide when an adult. A lost Corporal Kim stumbled across his path just as Kim Sol was about to drink the poisoned yogurt. When Corporal Kim didn’t remember that Kim Sol’s father was dead because of actions his father, Kim Sol snapped and decided that could not be tolerated. He gave Corporal Kim the poisoned yogurt and the mountain murderer was born. Kim Sol felt justified killing on the mountain. Yi Gang figured out that Kim Sol was the mountain murderer, but the securing evidence was a challenge. Ranger Jung, Ranger Park and eventually Branch Chief Jo all worked with Yi Gang to find the evidence needed. Furious Kim Sol kidnapped Yi Gang with the intent to kill. But the mountain’s rock slide stopped him forever from committing more murders.

Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) surprised in the epilogue. Yi Gang could walk and hike again! I didn’t see that coming.

Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) surprised in the epilogue.  When taken off life support, he began to breathe on his own. He had a full recovery.

Was my Wish List for the final episode Granted or Denied?

  1. Hyun Jo lives. GRANTED. It appears that he and Yi Gang may have admitted they were more than colleague in the New Year’s morning light. It was inferred Hyun Jo’s sister could be Ranger Jung’s next love interest.
  2. Yi Gang lives. GRANTED. She survived the mountain murderer and walked again. She ended the episode at the top of the mountain with the people that mattered most in her life.
  3. The mountain murderer is caught. GRANTED. The mountain caught him with a rock slide just as he was going to kill Yi Gang. Good job Jirisan!

I rank this episode as good, 7 on a 10-point scale.

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One comment on “Jirisan Episode 16 (Final)
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    What was wrong with these villagers that they decimated mayor Kim’s 🐝 bee population and livelihood … as if accidentally killing his wife wasn’t enough❓⁉️ It serves the greedy villagers right that the cable car deal fell through. I can somewhat see where Sol’s 🐻🚩 desire for revenge was founded.

    However, I was appalled Sol 🐻🚩 killed Corporal Kim because he didn’t know Sol’s dad died. First of all, most of the villagers were long gone before Sol’s dad committed suicide. Secondly, Corporal Kim was a child at the mayor’s death (his dad already died in the flood with Yi Gang’s parents) … he may not of even been aware of the event, parents do try to shield their children from unpleasant things, even if it was to hide their own culpability. The death of the grannies on the bus seemed unnecessary for Sol’s🐻🚩 revenge as well.

    I felt so bad that spirit Hyun Jo 🛌🚩was helpless to stop Sol🐻🚩 from burning his murder mementos, the evidenceagainst the murderer. Thank goodness Yi Gang👩‍🦽🚩 could understand Hyun Jo’s sign that the police station had murder evidence.

    When Yi Gang👩‍🦽🚩 rolled into Intensive Care and found Hyun Jo’s🛌🚩 bed empty, I implored that he was moved to another bed because he woke up … I was pleased that was the case … even if we had to wait to the end of the episode that my optimism paid off❗

    When Sol🐻🚩/🧤🏔 said he did everything for the mountain, it seems the mountain dispelled that statement with a rockslide. I 💗 Yi Gang’s👩‍🦽🚩 retort that “a mountain is just a mountain, it’s your delusional head telling you nonsense” … and then the mountain crushed Sol🐻🚩 with a landslide. Jirisan to Sol🐻🚩/🧤🏔 “Can you hear me now❓⁉️” LESSON: don’t presume to speak for the mountain, it will take care of its own business thank you very much.

    When Goo Young 💐🚩 bashfully brushed off health packet offered by Hyun Jo’s sister, I thought hmm … she could be a love match for him …

    I thought Lottery Girl was the interviewee to be a ranger, thanks for the confirmation.

    What a pleasant surprise that I got my happy ending. As much as I was pleased for the happy ending, it seemed a bit unrealistic that both Yi Gang👩‍🦽🚩 and Hyun Jo🛌🚩were COMPLETELY recovered 1 year later and return to being hiking rangers. Okay, I’ll suspend reality for a few minutes to enjoy the happy ending that I did not think possible .


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