Jirisan Episode 14

Ranger Jung Goo Young and Team Lead Ranger Park arrive at the location where the injured person is supposed to be. No one is there. They realize this was a false emergency to leave Yi Gang alone.

Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) hears sounds in the woods. We see the black gloves of a man. Then Ghost Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) tramps into the area. Yi Gang murmurs finally they meet. Hyun Jo asks if she can see him. What happened to her? Is she hurt? She reaches out but can’t touch him. She remembers Ranger Lee’s opinions of the Ghost ranger. Yi Gang asks how long he’s been like this. Since last summer?


Hyun Jo spots a man and chases him. He knocks the man to the ground. Hyun Jo demands to know if he’s the mountain murderer. The man declares he’s here to meet someone. He shows Hyun Jo a text asking him to come to the black bridge at 3pm.

Hyun Jo remembers the vision of the text, blood on a cell phone, and a man with black gloves.

Hyun Jo asks if Corporal Kim sent the next. The man confirms it stating he’s been waiting for over an hour, but Corporal Kim hasn’t arrived.

Police officer Kim drives to the senior home.

The man shares he often met Corporal Kim at black bridge valley. The man confirms Corporal Kim lived in the village. Recall the man is the black bridge village mayor’s son.


The mayor tells the cable car developer they won’t agree to the development. The cable car developer declares they’ll rue the day. The mayor polls the villagers for support. Peer pressure has everyone agreeing. The children return from school. They drink the water from the well.

At the man’s house, Hyun Jo looks at the photo album from the village days. The man points out himself and Corporal Kim when they were children.  Hyun Jo points to another child. The man identifies him as Lee Se Wook. Recall Lee Se Wook worked with the mountain murderer before being killed himself. Hyun Jo explains there is a murderer who makes the deaths appear as accidents. Hyun Jo states Lee Se Wook was an accomplice.  Hyun Jo believes the man was the intended victim today. The man asks if the mountain told Hyun Jo this. Hyun Jo shares all the murder victims have been from the black mountain village. Hyun Jo asks the man what happened in the village. The man remembers multiple funerals including his mom and dad. His mother was an accident and his father was suicide. The man claims he never knew why because he was a child. Hyun Jo asks why the man said the goblin lights were why the village was disbanded. The man shares that as a boy he saw goblin lights in the woods.

Flashback…The boy sees goblin lights.

The man says his father saw the lights too but they never found at what it was. The man shares he moved to Seoul when the mountain village disbanded. Only Se Wook and Woong Soon remained in the area. The man remembers they were close as children.

Hyun Jo arrives at the police station and gives Police officer Kim the log. He thinks that Police officer Kim knows more about the victims, their habits, their movements, than anyone else. Hyun Jo reveals he went to black bridge village yesterday and saw the Sol, the former mayor’s son, who expected to meet Police officer Kim. He smiles and confirms he intended to go, but something came up. Hyun Jo stares at Police officer Kim who asks if there is anything else. Hyun Jo turns to leave and sees hiking shoes on the ground. He asks Police officer Kim about the shoes. He claims he doesn’t have time to hike. Hyun Jo leaves. Police officer Kim reviews the report that lists the black bridge villagers eligible for relocation.

Flashback…Hyun Jo overhears Police officer Kim’s partner tell another ranger that Police officer Kim is an excellent hiker. The ranger chuckles stating that Police officer Kim is an elite hiker. Police officer Kim quickly leaves.

Hyun Jo returns to the police station. He learns from the officer that Corporal Kim’s investigation of the bus accident during last year’s flash flood concluded it was a simple accident.

Hyun Jo watches the police station. He concludes Police officer Kim is the prime suspect as the mountain murderer. He wonders what Police officer Kim’s motive is to murder fellow villagers.

He learns the woman hiker that the youtuber neglected to report also lived in the village. Now she’s in the hospital fighting cancer. Hyun Jo speaks to a surviving village member that was a child at the time who claims to know nothing. He tells Hyun Jo he was too young to understand at the time. He doesn’t want to talk about it.

The mayor’s son can’t believe Police officer Kim could be the murderer. Hyun Jo warns him to be careful and notify him.

Hyun Jo watches Police officer Kim returns to his apartment. He assumes Police officer Kim will try to eliminate the remaining survivors again. He passes Yi Gang strolling. He stops his car and watches her gaze across the river from the bridge. She turns but Hyun Jo isn’t there.

Flashback…Yi Gang accuses Hyun Jo of leading to her grandmother’s death.

Hyun Jo talks with other rangers and shares he’s looking for military dog tags. They recall seeing dog tags and other items in a remote ranger shelter in the caves. Hyun Jo remembers finding items in the cave remote ranger shelter when he rescued the woman hiker. He tries to determine who cleaned out the cave remote ranger shelter.

Flashback…The rangers see the miscellaneous items in the cave remote shelter. They declare they must clear it out. The black gloved man enters when no one is around and remote items including Se Wook’s diary and Corporal Kim’s dog tags.

Hyun Jo realizes the mountain murder took items from the cave remote shelter. He tells the mayor’s son the murderer took the items. He asks where the murderer could have hidden the items on the mountain. The mayor’s son says he doesn’t know.

Hyun Jo searches the mountain for the missing items. He’s determined to find the items knowing they are evidence. Later in the day Yi Gang texts him and asks to meet. Hyun Jo listens to the weather forecast of heavy snow. When he exits the room, he sees a vision of blood on snow.

Present day…

Ghost Hyun Jo watches Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park take Yi Gang back down the mountain. She sees he can’t follow past the ranger station post.

Back at the main station, Yi Gang shows Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park the list of black bridge villagers that have been murdered. Ranger Jung suggests asking Police officer Kim for details. Yi Gang asks them to install a video camera in Dowon Valley. Ranger Jung wants to know why.

Flashback…Ghost Hyun Jo tells Yi Gang that Corporal Kim is the mountain murderer. He had a vision of Dowon Valley and the mountain murderer.

Yi Gang shares the mountain murderer may strike there tomorrow. She refuses to share how she knows and asks for their trust. They agree. She asks them to install the camera, wait and stop the mountain murderer from adding another victim.  She reveals the mountain murderer is from black bridge village. She doesn’t want to believe Police officer Kim is a murderer but they can’t assume.

Police officer Kim patrols the village. He meets one of the herb collectors and asks if he still goes. He asks for a particular herb. The man doesn’t want to collect it. He promises to ask other herb collectors he knows and will get back with him. Police officer Kim asks him to keep quiet about his request. The man promises and leaves.

On the mountain, ghost Hyun Jo looks into the fog.

At the ranger station, Yi Gang watches the clock and the computer screen.

A man puts on black gloves and the watch ghost Hyun Jo saw in his vision.

The sun rises on the mountain. Ghost Hyun Jo watches. Yi Gang watches from the ranger station. They both believe today is the day the mountain murderer will be caught. Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park promises to call if anything goes awry.

The herb collector enters the restricted area. The man with black gloves and the watch sees him pass by. He follows.

Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park make their way to the Dowon Valley.

Ghost Hyun Jo watches. The vision occurs again, but this time he sees the time and place are different. He wonders why.

Ranger Jung reports they are 2 hours away. Yi Gang loads an SD card from the camera that was watching her. She sees the mountain murderer was watching her while she waited for Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park to return.

The herb collector makes his way. Ghost Hyun Jo makes his way. The mountain murderer watches the herb collector. Ghost Hyun Jo makes his way.

The herb collector approaches the cliffs. Up he goes. He sees the requested herb. He ties a rope around a tree and himself to repel to the herbs. The mountain murderer approaches. The man asks why he’s there. He screams.

Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park hear the man’s scream and head to the cliff area. They find the man at the bottom of the cliff area. Ranger Jung starts CPR but the man is dead. Ranger Jung calls Yi Gang to report the murder. She looks at the time. She looks at the video where ghost Hyun Jo told her the time and place of the murder. She guesses the mountain murderer overheard the communication and changed the time and place accordingly.

Hyun Jo finds the herb collector’s backpack. He sees the herb collector’s body with Ranger Jung nearby.

Flashback…the herb collection sees ghost Hyun Jo and tells him everyone the sees him ends up dead.

Ghost Hyun Jo realizes Yi Gang saw him. Is she the next victim? He makes his way through the woods.

Ghost Hyun Jo finds Ranger Lee’s radio. He hits the ground around the radio. All the radios react. Yi Gang pushes the talk button. Hyun Jo is able to hold the radio. He calls to Yi Gang. He tells her to leave. Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park only hear static. Hyun Jo tells her to leave the mountain and forget everything that’s happened. He wants her to have a better life. Leave the mountain.

Hospital Hyun Jo flexes. The monitors go nuts.

Ghost Hyun Jo is pulled off the mountain.

Hospital Hyun Jo flatlines.

Yi Gang yells Hyun Jo’s name into the radio.

My Thoughts

Is Police officer Kim the mountain murderer? Writer Kim Eun Hee pointed the finger at Police officer Kim. He lived in the black bridge village, he knows everything about everyone that lives in his jurisdiction, he is an expert hiker, etc. Motive is the question. Why is the mountain murderer killing all the black bridge village survivors and anyone that gets in his way?

Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) saw and spoke with ghost Hyun Jo. Yi Gang later saw in the video that a man watched and overheard. He HAD to be the mountain murderer. Yi Gang asked Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park to stop the murder with ghost Hyun Jo’s information. Unfortunately, the mountain murderer switched it up and eluded capture yet again. The herb collector never had a chance.

Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) warned Yi Gang but the mountain murderer overhead.  When his second vision revealed the new place and time, he couldn’t warn Yi Gang. When he saw the herb collector’s body, he remembered the herb collector’s terror and declaration that everyone that saw the ghost died. Hyun Jo realized Yi Gang was in danger because she saw him. Frustration made him pound the ground next to Ranger Lee’s radio. In a miracle moment he was able hold the radio and speak with Yi Gang. He told her to leave the mountain and save herself. Then he was sucked into his body in the hospital and flatlined. Yikes!

The tenth song of the OST is “I′m Coming Home” sung by Jukjae.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Jirisan Episode 14
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Was Officer Kim Eun Sung 👮‍♂️asking for the daily logs as an investigation or to see what information the rangers had to he could cover it up❓⁉️ If Officer Kim Eun Sung 👮‍♂️is the murderer, it makes no sense he would bring up the bridge being closed to Hyun Jo, who was unaware until then.

    Is the cache in the cave the murderer’s🧤🏔 souvenirs and the murderer🧤🏔 moved them❓⁉️

    Hmm, I’m not sure who is more suspicious district Ranger Kim Sol 🐻🚩, former Black Bride villager whose father hung himself or Officer Kim Eun Sung 👮‍♂️, former Black Bridge villager. Both Kim’s hike and also know the mountain well. At times throughout the series I have suspect each of them, but there has been no evidence.

    I think district Ranger Kim Sol 🐻🚩 has more motive for murder … his father either committed suicide over despair of Black Bridge village dying or someone killed him, so the village wasn’t holding out and the villagers could get financial compensation for leaving the village. Could district Ranger Kim Sol 🐻🚩and Officer Kim Eun Sung 👮‍♂️ be working together❓⁉️. Hyun Jo🛌🚩clearly stated Officer Kim Eun Sung’s 👮‍♂️ was the murderer. My question is what is Officer Kim Eun Sung’s 👮‍♂️ motive for murder❓⁉️

    Did the murderer 🧤🏔 overheard Hyun Jo’s🛌🚩 warning or just Yi Gang’s👩‍🦽🚩 words❓⁉️. Can the murderer 🧤🏔 actually see and hear Hyun Jo 🛌🚩❓⁉️


    • Ranger Kim Sol 🐻🚩 has more motive for murder … his father either committed suicide over despair of Black Bridge village dying or someone killed him, so the village wasn’t holding out and the villagers could get financial compensation for leaving the village. Could district Ranger Kim Sol 🐻🚩and Officer Kim Eun Sung 👮‍♂️ be working together❓⁉️…what is Officer Kim Eun Sung’s 👮‍♂️ motive for murder❓⁉️
      Ranger Kim’s motive is much clearer.

      Did the murderer 🧤🏔 overheard Hyun Jo’s🛌🚩 warning or just Yi Gang’s👩‍🦽🚩 words❓⁉️. Can the murderer 🧤🏔 actually see and hear Hyun Jo 🛌🚩❓⁉️
      Others can see and hear him.

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