Jirisan Episode 13

Yi Gang’s grandmother’s and her friends leave on the bus. Ranger Jung Goo Young asks Branch Chief Jo where Range Lee Yang Sun is. Branch Chief Jo states she’s attempting a rescue. Ranger Jung listens to Yang Sun’s voice directing someone to grab the rope and tie it to the tree. Lottery ticket girl ties the rope to the tree. Yang Sun makes her way across the river. She reports the girl is injured but they’ll bring her back. Ranger Jung beams with pride. Branch Chief Jo, Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) and Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) overhear and smile. Ranger Jung boasts Yang Sun is doing well for her first rescue.

Yang Sun helps the lottery ticket girl onto the harness. The girl starts to lose her balance. Yang Sun steadies her. Then she loses her footing and falls into the raging river. The girl screams. Everyone hears it. The rangers dispatch with Ranger Jung running with purpose. The first ranger arrives and reports over the walkie talkie that Yang Sun fell into the raging river. The stunned silence is palpable. Ranger Jung declares the river will sweep Yang Sun by a spot soon. He runs to the location. Hyun Jo and Yi Gang follow suit.

Yi Gang’s grandmother and her friends travel via bus on the road that parallels the raging river.  The flood alert monitors record the high precipitation then sirens go off. The main station declares the flash floods will be worse than yesterday.

A man with black gloves directs the bus from the main road. It’s just like Hyun Jo’s vision. The bus starts to cross the wooden bridge over the raging river. The bridge begins to break.

Ranger Jung tries to go into the raging river to find Yang Sun. Hyun Jo and other rangers pull him out and back from the river. Ranger Jung screams his anguish.

The bus is consumed by the river.

The next days the river is searched to recover the victims and their artifacts. Hyun Jo finds a cell phone. Branch Chief Jo tells Chief Kim the bus victims have been found but not Yang Sun. Chief Kim declares it is time to stop searching for Yang Sun. She may have been carried to the sea.

Team Lead Ranger Park and Hyun Jo take the victim’s artifacts to the police. Police officer Kim asks who RH is. Team Lead Ranger Park shrugs. Hyun Jo notices a photo on an officer’s desk. He asks Police officer Kim about the photo. Police officer Kim states that’s his high school graduation photo. Hyun Jo asks what’s wrong with Yi Gang’s grandmother. Police officer Kim takes only Yi Gang has noticed before.


After the graduation ceremony, Yi Gang’s grandmother searches for Yi Gang but can’t find her. She asks classmates. Finally, she’s told Yi Gang left the village on a bus for Seoul. Yi Gang’s grandmother mutters Yi Gang should have taken a photo with her before leaving. Police officer Kim and his parents pose for a photo. Yi Gang’s grandmother looks forlorn in the background.

Hyun Jo learns Yi Gang is handling the arrangements for her grandmother alone. He goes to her and offers his support. She tells him to leave. Hyun Jo tells her she can lean on him. She isn’t alone. Yi Gang declares her grandmother’s death is his fault. He put her on the bus. Yi Gang cries her grandmother was her only remaining family. She tells him to leave. Hyun Jo complies and listens to her sobs as he does. She cries her pain knowing she disappointed her grandmother at times.

Ranger Jung stares at the river. Team Lead Ranger Park tells him Yang Sun was a fabulous ranger and they will never forget. Ranger Jung cries.

Hyun Jo works on the report about the flood at the station. Police officer Kim arrives and asks to see the daily log. He explains they are investigating why the bus was rerouted to the bridge. Without security cameras in the location, the police aren’t sure what happened. He hopes a ranger might have seen something. Hyun Jo says the daily log isn’t ready and promises to call when it is. He asks what route the bus took to get on the bridge.

Hyun Jo visits the bridge. He has a vision of what happened. The man in the black gloves directs the bus on the bridge. Then he eliminates evidence. Hyun Jo realizes this wasn’t an accident, this was murder. He falls to his knees and blames himself for not stopping it.

When Yi Gang returns to work, Branch Chief Jo offers to find her another location to work at. Yi Gang admits she tried to leave the village on a bus, but couldn’t get on. She had no where to go. She wants to stay. Her family is here. Hyun Jo listens from the door.

Hyun Jo offers to relocate to a remote shelter. Yi Gang says nothing.

Hyun Jo visits the poacher’s wife and shows her the volunteer ranger picture. He asks if two of the men in the picture were friends with her husband. The poacher’s wife confirms they were the best of friends. How sad they all died around the same time. She denies they fought when Hyun Jo inquires. She looks through the photo album and shows a picture of the three friends who used to live in black village.

Flashback… Hyun Jo finds a man sitting in the cave. The man says black bridge village was once where he lived.

Hyun Jo visits Branch Chief Jo who wonders why he’s there on his day off. Hyun Jo wants to know why black bridge village disappeared.

Flashback…1991…The cable car development is rejected by black bridge village residents. Then bad things happened. A dead animal in the village well, accidents, and suicide.

The cable car development went nowhere, the villagers were relocated after which the village was closed. Hyun Jo asks if they ever found out who put the dead animal in the well. Branch Chief Jo says the cable car planner was suspected but no proof was found. Hyun Jo wants a list of the villagers. Branch Chief Jo suggests the main station.

Hyun Jo goes to the main station and looks up the relocation project report. He reads the names of the relocated. Many are the mounter murder victims. He wonders why Yi Gang’s grandmother was killed. He realizes that Yi Gang’s grandmother was on the cable car development bus, and guessed the cable car planner was the target. He sees another name, the lost hiker that the youtuber didn’t report until it was almost too late.

Hyun Jo calls the lost hiker. She thanks him for saving her. He asks to speak with her. She suggests tomorrow when she visits the mountain. She looks at a text telling her to come to the black bridge at 3pm.

Hyun Jo has a vision of the text, blood on a cell phone, and a man with black gloves. He heads to black bridge village. He knows the murderer will be there at 3pm.


Ranger Jung asks Yi Gang what evidence she has to prove who the murderer. She admits she doesn’t have it yet. Team Lead Ranger Park asks Ranger Jung why he was on the mountain the day Ranger Lee Da Won was killed. Ranger Jung says he was visiting Yang Sun.

Flashback…Ranger Jung hikes to the top and remembers a sweet moment with Yang Sun. He puts wildflowers on a marker and looks to the scenery. He cries.

Ranger Jung says he’ll never forget her. An emergency call comes in. Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park are the closest rangers. Yi Gang assures them she’ll be fine while they make the call. They radio they’ll handle the emergency.  A man with black gloves watches Yi Gang.

In the hospital, Hyun Jo opens his eyes. He has visions.

Yi Gang turns on the camera near her.

Team Lead Ranger Park worries about leaving Yi Gang by herself. Ghost Hyun Jo overhears them. He strides toward black bridge village.

A man with black gloves approaches Yi Gang. She pulls out a taser. She falls out of her wheelchair. The grasses rustle around her.

My Thoughts

The second flashflood claimed Yang Sun and Yi Gang’s grandmother. Writer Kim Eun Hee revealed how Yi Gang’s grandmother and Yang Sun died. The mountain murderer directed the cable car development bus onto the bridge over the raging river knowing it wouldn’t end well for the bus inhabitants. The mountain murderer expected the cable car planner to be on the bus. He wasn’t. But Yi Gang’s grandmother and her friends were. Yi Gang blamed Hyun Jo for putting her grandmother on that bus. Hyun Jo accepted the blame. Yang Sun died during the rescue attempt. The mountain murderer did not kill her. She slipped and fell into the rushing river. It is difficult to believe that Branch Chief Jo would allow Yang Sun’s first rescue during a dangerous flash flood with minimal backup. Even though you knew something was going to happen, Yang Sun slipping into the raging river then Ranger Jung’s desperation to go in and find her, was an emotional punch.

Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) lost her grandmother to a flash flood. Yi Gang’s Grandmother killed by the mountain murderer leveraging the flash flood. Yi Gang was crushed to lose her only remaining family. Yi Gang knew she could have been a better granddaughter, but it was too late to make amends. She lashed out at Hyun Jo declaring it was his fault. Of course, it wasn’t but her pain cajoled her to speak harshly to Hyun Jo. What did her grandmother think when she realized her life would be claimed by a flash flood just like her son and daughter in law? Were her last thoughts of Yi Gang?

Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) was on the mountain murderer’s trail.  He remembered the man from the cave. He saw many of the black bridge villagers were murder victims. The mountain murderer knew he was being hunted. He didn’t like it. He’s still hunting. Can the trio of rangers find the proof? Will ghost Hyun Jo save Yi Gang?

The eighth song of the OST is “Always With You” sung by Paul Kim.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Jirisan Episode 13
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Oh my goodness, I got the impression last episode that the murderer was going to cut the rope Yang Sun ☀️🚩was crossing … now it turns out Yang Sun ☀️🚩 was thrown into the raging River trying to help the stumbling Lottery girl 🎟. “Yang Sun slipping into the raging river then Ranger Jung’s desperation to go in and find her, was an emotional punch.” -KJT. Yes it did. Goo Young 💐🚩was ready to dive into he raging river to save his love. 💔

    Who would have known the murderer 🧤🏔 would target a bus full of grannies … why❓⁉️. Yep, I wondered if the bus was targeted because it sign said the cable car company.

    I noticed a few episodes ago that granny Lee Moon Ok👵🍜 didn’t seem to be in the contemporary 2020 timeline. I feel so bad for Yi Gang losing her granny Moon Ok👵🍜 and lashing out at Hyun Jo for the guilt she felt towards her granny.

    Ranger Jung Goo Young 💐🚩 was distraught with the loss of Yang Sun. Not recovering Yang Sun’s ☀️🚩body would be disconcerting. I 💗 that Ranger Park Il Hae 👓🚩 comforted Ranger Jung Goo Young 💐🚩 on the loss of Yang Sun ☀️🚩, calling her an awesome Ranger.

    It looks like Hyun Jo 🛌🚩 was are the right trail with the murders being related to the Black Bridge village.

    I was concerned for Yi Gang when Rang Goo Young 💐🚩and Ranger Il Hae 👓🚩were called away leaving Yi Gang on her own in the forest, sitting in her wheelchair … talk about a sitting duck🦆.


    • now it turns out Yang Sun ☀️🚩 was thrown into the raging River trying to help the stumbling Lottery girl 🎟.
      That surprised me.

      I wondered if the bus was targeted because it sign said the cable car company.
      Could be. The mountain murderer must have been the older women on board when he directed the bus to the bridge.

      I feel so bad for Yi Gang losing her granny Moon Ok👵🍜 and lashing out at Hyun Jo for the guilt she felt towards her granny.
      Agreed. She had reason to feel guilty. Lashing out at Hyun Jo was a indicator of her feelings for him.

      I 💗 that Ranger Park Il Hae 👓🚩 comforted Ranger Jung Goo Young 💐🚩 on the loss of Yang Sun ☀️🚩, calling her an awesome Ranger.
      Nice moment.

      leaving Yi Gang on her own in the forest, sitting in her wheelchair … talk about a sitting duck🦆.
      You got that right.

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