Jirisan Episode 12

It’s a busy day at the mountain.

A ranger finds Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) musing. They hear a strange noise.

Team Lead Ranger Park and Chief Kim lead the cable car development personnel across the stream urging care.  Team Lead Ranger Park Yim Cheol Gyeong reports to Branch Chief Jo clouds are on the horizon. It rains. The rivers start to swell.

The flood alert monitors then sirens go off.

Team Lead Ranger Park and Chief Kim know this isn’t good. Team Lead Ranger Park orders everyone away from the rivers.

Everyone hears the sirens. The mountain visitors are told to leave ASAP by the rangers who arrive to facilitate. The residents are told to be cautions. A rock slide blocks the road Yi Gang drives on. She stops other cars.

Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon), Ranger Jung Goo Young, Yi Gang get their gear and ready to head to the mountain to get the stragglers. There are multiple groups that need rescuing, bus blocked by a rock slide, seniors and children on the mountain, and Team Lead Ranger Park reports the Chief Kim and cable care development planner got separated from the group and are in the valley. Branch Chief Jo gives everyone their marching orders and the rescue attempts begin.

As Yi Gang and Hyun Jo make their way, Yi Gang warns him that the mountain murderer wants to kill him. Hyun Jo flashes back to the photo of the volunteer village rangers. He shares that the murder victims were all related to the 1995 flood.  That gets Yi Gang’s attention. She remembers looking at the body bags with her parents’ bodies. Hyun Jo wonders what the rationale would be. Yi Gang remembers life insurance and how companies wouldn’t pay if it was suicide. Yi Gang shakes herself out of the revelry and points out that no one could predict a flood in the past or the present.

The lottery ticket girl takes shelter near a tree and is shocked when the piece of paper she sees is her missing lottery ticket. She yelps with happiness. She’s startled when a man arrives and asks if she’s okay. He smiles.

Chief Kim helps the cable car development planner through the woods. Chief Kim points out the mature trees blocked a landside which the cable car development would wipe out. The planner notes the village is slowly dying as people leave. Chief Kim grabs the planner and declares bridge village was destroyed because of the cable car development. The planner declares he didn’t put the dead bird in the village well. The planner collapses. Chief Kim sees blood, he unzips the planner’s coat and sees he’s been impaled. Yi Gang and Hyun Jo arrive. They spot the injured man. They call for support to extract the man. Hyun Jo is distracted by the black gloves another injured man wears. He flashes back the vision of a man wearing black gloves pointing in the rain.

Branch Chief Jo directs and Yang Sun monitors all the rescue efforts. Ranger Jung heads back out with 2 rangers for another rescue.

Hyun Jo takes the injured planner on his back with Chief Kim. Yi Gang stays with the other man with the injured legs and suggests they wait in the cave for the next rescue team.

The lottery ticket girl flags down Ranger Jung and the 2 rangers. The rushing river divides them. Ranger Jung calls for help. Branch Chief Jo knows everyone is deployed. He asks Yang Sun if she can handle the coordination. She offers to go out to help. She asks Branch Chief Jo to trust that she can do this. He hesitates. Ranger Jung is told that help is coming but it will be 2 hours. Ranger Jung tells lottery girl rangers will come to rescue her on the side of the river she’s at but she must patiently wait. She has no choice but agree. Ranger Jung and the 2 rangers continue on.

Inside the cave, Yi Gang braces the injured man’s leg. She offers him clothes. She notices his black gloves. They hear sounds. Yi Gang believes it is an avalanche. The man gets nervous. She assures him the cave won’t be affected. The man says they were told the shelter would be solid but it was swept away. Yi Gang asks if he was there during the 1995 flood.

Flashback…the man is one of people that left the shelter.

The man says everyone that left the shelter lived, but everyone that stayed in the shelter died. He says he can’t die here. He exits the cave. Yi Gang stops him. It’s safer for him to stay and be rescued. She points out those that stayed in the shelter made a choice, and didn’t know it would be unfortunate. He screams he won’t make the same mistake. He throws Yi Gang to the ground. Her head hits a rock. She sees the man’s black gloves before she passes out.

Flashback…Yi Gang’s grandmother is upset that her son provided surety (person guarantees another’s debt) and lost his house. She asks what he’s going to do now. He doesn’t have an answer. Yi Gang watches from another room.

Flashback…Yi Gang sits at her parents’ memorial. She listens to the insurance tell her grandmother there won’t be payment if the police determine suicide. Yi Gang yells her parents wouldn’t do that. She cries. Her grandmother cries.

Hyun Jo deposits the injured man at the drop off spot. Chief Kim says there is one more person that needs rescue. Hyun Jo radios Yi Gang. She doesn’t answer. He tells Ranger Jung Yi Gang isn’t answering. He heads off to find her.

Yi Gang wakes in the cave. The man asks if she’s okay. He apologizes for not following her directions. He went to a point where he would have been killed if he’d continued. He admits he came to the mountain to die due to debt but realized he wants to live. He says 1995 was his first trip to the mountain.

Flashback…The man and 2 friends find the stacked rocks memorial. Yi Gang’s parents are praying there. They ask them to take photos of them. Yi Gang’s parents share their food. The man and Yi Gang’s father talk about this is a famous wish spot. Yi Gang’s father says he wished to be a good father. Yi Gang’s father says he blew the family funds by providing surety and losing. Yi Gang’s father declares he’ll get through it as long as he has his family. Both men smile.

The man repeats her father’s words “he’ll get through it as long as he has his family”. Ranger Jung, Hyun Jo and the other rangers arrive. They help the man out. Hyun Jo asks if Yi Gang is okay. She tells him no one knew why her parents went to the mountain that day.

Flashback…Yi Gang’s father offers her wild flowers. She throws them to the ground and says she doesn’t want them. She complains she has no friends in the village and want to move to Seoul. Yi Gang yells she hates her parents and the village. She rushes away. Her father watches her go.

Yi Gang says people wondered if her parents went to the mountain to die to give her the insurance. She’d always wondered if her harsh words to her father was a reason they went.

Flashback…Water rises in the shelter. The ranger puts his journal in the safe. He asks Yi Gang’s father if he wants to leave a note. Yi Gang’s father declares they will survive and tells their daughter in person.  Yi Gang’s mother sobs. Water rushes into the shelter.

Yi Gang cries she can’t forget anything. She misses her parents. She sobs. Hyun Jo offers a hand of comfort.

Ranger Jung helps the man through the woods. It stops raining. The man remembers the lottery girl that he scared. He went after to her bring her backpack, tripped and hurt his leg.

The lottery ticket girl wonders where the promised help is. Her food hurts. Her lottery ticket is wet. She cries. She hears rangers approach. She answers their calls. Yang Sun and the other ranger spot her across the rushing river.

Back at the ranger station, Branch Chief Jo tell Chief Kim the cable car development planner will make a full recovery. Chief Kim jokes that may not be best for the mountain. Groups of rangers return. Yi Gang’s grandmother arrives with her friends and bring food. The rangers are grateful. Ranger Jung brings the injured man. Hyun Jo and Yi Gang arrive. Branch Chief Jo is pleased to see them. Yi Gang’s grandmother rushes to Yi Gang and frets. Yi Gang tells her she’s not a child. Then she pauses and thanks her grandmother.

Hyun Jo talks to the injured man they just brought down. Hyun Jo asks if the man was in the shelter in 1995. He shows the man the volunteer ranger photo. The man believes there were volunteers there. Hyun Jo asks if the ranger fought. The man doesn’t remember a fight. They were united in leaving the shelter.

Ranger Jung asks where Yang Sun is. Hyun Jo packs up Yi Gang’s grandmother’s items on the bus. She and her friends leave. Ranger Jung asks Branch Chief Jo where Yang Sun is. Branch Chief Jo states she’s attempting a rescue. Ranger Jung listens to Yang Sun’s voice directing someone to grab the rope and tie it to the tree.

The lottery ticket girl ties the rope to the tree. Yang Sun makes her way across the river. She reports the girl is injured but they’ll bring her back. Ranger Jung beams with pride. Hyun Jo and Yi Gang overhear and smile.

A man puts on black gloves and watches Yang Sun help the girl.

Ranger Jung boasts Yang Sun is doing well for her first rescue.

Everyone hears Yang Sun scream watch out. Then the lottery ticket girl screams too.

My Thoughts

Yi Gang’s parents believed they’d survive the flood. Writer Kim Eun Hee provided the backstory of the day Yi Gang’s parents died. They went to the mountain to pray and relax. They met the man with his friends and enjoyed a snack together. Yi Gang’s father told the man that he could survive as long as he had his family. Yi Gang’s parents didn’t write in the journal to say goodbye because they were sure they would survive. Note to self – if you have the opportunity to say goodbye, take it even if you don’t think it will be needed. We’ve all been wondering what happened to Yang Sun. Why do we only see her in flashback? Now we know. Yang Sun pleaded with Branch Chief Jo to deploy to the field. He hesitated then agreed. She navigated the rushing river. But the man with the black gloves saw an opportunity. Then Ranger Jung and the rest of them heard her scream.

Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) couldn’t forget the flood that killed her parents. Yi Gang’s father declined to write a message to his daughter because he believed he’d return to his child. He should have penned goodbye in case. It wasn’t clear if the man knew he was speaking to the daughter of the positive man he met that day.

Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) seems to piggyback often.  He piggybacked the cable car planner this episode. He was supportive when Yi Gang sobbed her pain.

The eighth song of the OST is “My Little Garden” sung by Rothy.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Jirisan Episode 12
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    The scope of natural disasters can be so unpredictable and severe … nature can be truly terrifying 😳.

    “He [Hyun Jo 🛌🚩] was supportive when Yi Gang sobbed her pain.) -KJT Hyun Jo 🛌🚩 is such a sweet compassionate man. I want Hyun Jo 🛌🚩 to have a happy ending … I’d sure like to see him come out if the coma before the end if the series.

    Thank you KJT for clearing up my confusion about the interaction suicidal hiker, who was in the 1995 flood, and Yi Gang👩‍🦽🚩 … I wondered if he confirmed her fears or allayed her fear about her parents and their intentions in 1995.

    When Ranger Yang Sun ☀️🚩mobilized, I wondered if this was going to explain why we don’t see her in 2020 … we will have to wait until next episode to find out what happened for sure.

    Too bad lottery girl was freaked out by the suicidal hiker … he got out and it’s not looking good for her at the moment. Is you life worth a winning lottery ticket 🎟 ❓⁉️


    • Hyun Jo 🛌🚩 is such a sweet compassionate man. I want Hyun Jo 🛌🚩 to have a happy ending … I’d sure like to see him come out if the coma before the end if the series.
      Me too.

      Too bad lottery girl was freaked out by the suicidal hiker … he got out and it’s not looking good for her at the moment. Is you life worth a winning lottery ticket 🎟 ❓⁉️
      She was devoted to the search. Did the ticket get ruined by the rain?

      Liked by 1 person

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