Jirisan Episode 11

Present day…

Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun decides she must go to the mountain to see Hyun Jo, the one person she trusted, who cherished the mountain too. But the dirt, tree rutted trails can’t accommodate her wheelchair. She ends of crawling hoping he’ll find her and share his knowledge with her. She passes out. A ranger finds her and helps her into his car. He wonders about the evidence against Branch Chief Jo. Yi Gang says nothing. She thanks him for returning her. He notes that gloves could be easily taken from another ranger. She stares at him. He leaves.

At the police station, she learns Branch Chief Jo is denying all charges. The evidence is not sufficient. She visits Branch Chief Jo. She asks why he went to the mountain on the day Ranger Lee died. He wishes that he’d convinced Ranger Lee to come down the mountain with him. Yi Gang reveals she found the bloody yellow ribbons in his desk drawer. Branch Chief Jo reveals he knows the yellow ribbons mislead hikers and the yogurt was poisoned. He knows she knew too. He asks if that’s why she returned to the mountain. He tells her to talk to the others.

Yi Gang goes to the hospital to see Hyun Jo after getting a call. She learns he’s breathing via a machine no longer on his own. His family could stop life support. She asks the nurse to let her know if the family decides to do this. She wonders if she catches the murderer, will Hyun Jo wake? She hopes the mountain will grant her wish to save him.

Ranger Jung Goo Young, Team Lead Ranger Park Yim Cheol Gyeong, and Yi Gang share information. Yi Gang says there is a mountain murderer. Team Lead Ranger Park says Branch Chief Jo believes there is mountain murderer. He shares Branch Chief Jo searched multiple murder scene areas and found yellow ribbons that would lure someone the wrong way. He also found a bottle of yogurt with a dead animal next to him. He learned the yogurt was poisoned. Yi Gang reveals Hyun Jo knew the same details and who the murderer was.


On a snowy blustery day, Yi Gang arrives at the ranger shelter. Hyun Jo’s locker is empty, he doesn’t answer his phone or radio. She knows he is pursuing the mountain murderer. She goes to find him. Standing on an edge she peers over. Turning, she finds one of his trail poles. The snow gives out underneath her and she falls.

Inside a cave, Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) peers at Yi Gang with concern. He’ll go find a spot where he can get a signal and call for help. She shares that someone left his trial pole to mislead her. He promises he’ll be back soon.

Present day…

Yi Gang says he never returned to the cave. Ranger Jung remembers Hyun Jo called the ranger station.


Branch Chief Jo calls the ranger station. Hyun Jo says that Yi Gang is hurt at black bridge valley. The rangers set out. They find a bloody Hyun Jo. He has no pulse. They administer CPR. They find Yi Gang. She watches Hyun Jo as they stride by on the stretcher.

Present day…

Yi Gang says they weren’t alone on the mountain.


A man the ranger snow uniform wearing black gloves stands over her in the cave. He hears the rangers calling for her and leaves. His snow uniform has splattered blood on it.

Present day…

Ranger Jung asks if they told the police.


In the hospital, Yi Gang tells the police someone else was there. But she doesn’t have evidence to convince the police.

Present day…

Yi Gang says she couldn’t see the face of the man. Team Lead Ranger Park believes if they find the mountain murderer, Branch Chief Jo will be cleared of all charges. Yi Gang believes black bridge valley has evidence. She asks for help to go.

The three of them hike to black bridge alley.

4 hours earlier…

Yi Gang tells Team Lead Ranger Park the mountain murderer must be park ranger. Planting Branch Chief Jo’s gloves on Ranger Lee’s body was easy, barely an inconvenience. They believe Ranger Jung might be the murderer.

Present day…

When they take a break, Yi Gang asks Ranger Jung why he was on the mountain the day Ranger Lee was murdered. He gives a vague answer.

As they continue, Yi Gang wonders if she’s killed if she’ll be reunited with Hyun Jo.

Ghost Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) opens his eyes.

They take another break. Ranger Jung asks if Yi Gang and Hyun Jo were always investing the mountain murderer. Yi Gang admits she hasn’t seen him since the terrible day last summer.


Yi Gang and Hyun Jo do the station’s laundry. They talk about how many black hiking gloves there are. Hyun Jo notes all the victims were tied to the mountain by work or home. They agree the mountain murderer is a scary person. Hyun Jo declares this is their one-year anniversary of working together. She snipes at him and walks away.

Hyun Jo hikes lunch up the mountain for Team Lead Ranger Park and the other rangers. Ranger Jung and Ranger Lee Yang Sun head out for the day leaving Yi Gang in the office. A woman bursts in declaring she saw an unconscious man on the mountain. Hyun Jo answers the alert. When he arrives, Yi Gang is already there. The man is dead. Yi Gang confirms she called the police. While they wait, Hyun Jo shares that the dog tags of the soldier that was killed on the mountain were never recovered. Hyun Jo admits he returned to the mountain to search for them, but didn’t find them. Hyun Jo looks at the dead man and hopes he found comfort before he died. The police arrive. Yi Gang notices the man is holding flowers that represent happiness per her father. They take the body away. Yi Gang remembers walking away from her father.

Branch Chief Jo briefs the rangers about summer disasters caused by unpredictable weather specifically torrential rain. Branch Chief Jo states they have better alert systems but they must remain vigilant to protect people.

Later Ranger Jung shares that Yi Gang’s parents were swept away by a flood. Later they found written last words but nothing was said to Yi Gang.

Yi Gang readies to leave. Her grandmother scolds her for leaving. She needs help with the food. Yi Gang counters she can get others to help. She leaves her irked grandmother behind.

Team Lead Ranger Park and his partner meet a bus of cable car development personnel. The planner thanks them for guiding them. Chief Kim arrives and glares at the planner who isn’t happy to see him either.

Tables are positioned, food is cooked, and the memorial is set up. Hyun Jo stares at the photo of the volunteer village rangers. He realizes 3 of the men were found dead on the mountain. One man, Choi Il Man was killed by a potato bomb. Another by falling. Hyun Jo asks Ranger Jung about the written last words. He heads to the station’s document room. He reads the log of the flooding day written by the volunteer ranger.

Flashback…Some of the small group of locals, college students, and volunteer rangers tired of waiting to be rescued. All but Yi Gang’s parents, an elderly couple and one volunteer ranger decided to go get help. The shelter creaks. The ranger continues to log what it happening. He tells the others he’ll put the journal in the safe so it will be found. The elderly man asks to write a farewell message to his children. Yi Gang’s father declines.

Hyun Jo reads the farewell messages from the elderly man and the ranger. He’s surprised when name of the ranger’s son is the same as his fellow soldier that was murdered on the mountain. He calls records and asks for the full name of the father of the murdered solider. The name matches the ranger. Hyun Jo realizes all the mountain murders are related to the 1995 flood.

A ranger finds Yi Gang musing. They hear a strange noise.

Team Lead Ranger Park and Chief Kim lead the cable car development personnel across the stream urging care.

The flood alert sirens go off.

The mountain visitors hear the sirens. Team Lead Ranger Park and retired Chief Kim know this isn’t good. Hyun Jo knows it too.

My Thoughts

The murder victims were related to the 1995 flood. With numerous switches between 1991 and present day, Writer Kim Eun Hee threads the victims together. Hyun Jo realized the murdered were in the shelter during the 1995 flood. The connection between the ranger journaling the event the son who turned out to be the murdered soldier that Hyun Jo commanded. Yi Gang and Team Lead Ranger Park shared what they knew with Ranger Jung. It appeared they suspected him of knowing more than he was sharing. It is clear Yi Gang and Team Lead Ranger Park believe Branch Chief Jo is innocent and was framed. Which ranger did it?

Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) didn’t want to remember the flood that killed her parents. Yi Gang’s father declined to write a message to his daughter. I took that moment to be a father’s faith that he’d return to his child, not rejection of Yi Gang.

Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) began to put the pieces together.  Yi Gang told Team Lead Ranger Park and Ranger Jung that Hyun Jo knew who the murderer was but didn’t tell her. Now that he’s breathing by machine, his days are numbered.

The seventh song of the OST is “Our Road” sung by Rothy.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Jirisan Episode 11
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    If the killer 🧤🏔 truly is a Ranger, I don’t want him to be on of Yi Gang’s👩‍🦽🚩 immediate colleagues. Could it be the Jeonbuk Office Ranger who found Yi Gang👩‍🦽🚩 on the trail❓⁉️. The Jeonbuk Ranger had a good point about rangers gloves being readily accessible to other rangers.

    I like that Branch Chief Jo Dae Jin 👮‍♂️🎗referred Yi Gang 👩‍🦽🚩 to Ranger Park Il Hae 👓🚩 to corroborate his story regarding yellow ribbons and yogurt bottles. Feels like Branch Chief Jo Dae Jin 👮‍♂️🎗 was vindicated, although not yet released for the suspicion of foul play against Da Won 👧🚩.

    Now we know the how Yi Gang👩‍🦽🚩 was injured, but the circumstances leading to Hyun Jo’s🛌🚩 injuries are still unknown, other than it was not likely an accident and most likely caused by the killer 🧤🏔. There is not enough information to determine who the killer 🧤🏔is, although it seems likely to be a Ranger. Yi Gang 👩‍🦽🚩had alot of faith to go into the mountains with 2 rangers, one of whom she suspected to be the killer 🧤🏔, Ranger Jung Goo Young 💐🚩. Whether or not Goo Young 💐🚩is the killer, what happened to his 2019 girlfriend, Ranger Yang Sun ☀️🚩, and Yi Gang’s granny, Lee Moon Ok👵🍜, who don’t seem to be in the contemporary (2020) storyline❓⁉️. Do either of these absences play an important part of the plot❓⁉️

    “Hyun Jo realized the murdered were in the shelter during the 1995 flood” -KJT. That was an interesting development for a possible impetus for the killer🧤🏔.

    “Yi Gang’s father declined to write a message to his daughter. I took that moment to be a father’s faith that he’d return to his child, not rejection of Yi Gang.” -KJT. I concur with that sentiment. … too bad dad’s faith wasn’t proven.

    Looks like the next peril will be flash flood.


    • If the killer 🧤🏔 truly is a Ranger, I don’t want him to be on of Yi Gang’s👩‍🦽🚩 immediate colleagues.
      I concur.

      Feels like Branch Chief Jo Dae Jin 👮‍♂️🎗 was vindicated

      Yi Gang 👩‍🦽🚩had alot of faith to go into the mountains with 2 rangers, one of whom she suspected to be the killer 🧤🏔, Ranger Jung Goo Young 💐🚩
      At this point in her life, finding the truth is worth the risk.

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