Jirisan Episode 10


A representative for the proposed cable car development suggests relocation. The mayor and the black bridge villagers throw him out declaring this has been their home for generations. The representative declares they’ll regret their choice. Late at night a child sees a light in the forest. Someone puts a dead bird in the village well. The mayor complains the ranger service that the cable car development is the culprit. The rangers counter that without proof, no arrests can be made. Ranger Jo Dae Jin vows to protect the village and increase patrols.


Visiting the deserted black bridge village at night a livestream youtuber says 3 villagers died before village was deserted. A branch snaps. The youtuber asks the audience if they heard that too. He turns. A blue light comes at him. He turns and runs. He trips and falls.

Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) and Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) show the video to Branch Chief Jo. Hyun Jo wants to go to the village and find the youtuber. Branch Chief Jo notes without a missing person, there is no official need to search. He notes their priority must be shepherding the mountain ritual festival with reduced manning. Hyun Jo worries the youtuber needs their help. Yi Gang points out no one has asked for help and this could be a publicity stunt.

Team Lead Ranger Park Yim Cheol Gyeong stares at his injured knee. He reads the text that he has office duty while the other rangers are in the field. He sighs. Ranger Jung Goo Young reads the same text and sighs.

On the mountain, Hyun Jo realizes his radio isn’t 100%. Yi Gang gives him a talisman to protect them when they head to black bridge village. He’s pleased.

Police officer Kim and his partner find the youtuber pass our next to the road. When they approach him, he wakes and babbles about the ghosts and lights at night.

Police officer Kim finds Team Lead Ranger Park and Ranger Jung waiting for food at Yi Gang’s grandmother’s eatery. He mentions the youtuber that fled from black bridge village. Ranger Jung notes Yi Gang and Hyun Jo are going there. Yi Gang’s grandmother isn’t happy to hear that. She declares this is the day the ghosts appear during the day.

Yi Gang tells Hyun Jo she’s never been to the village. They arrive and call out. No one answers. Yi Gang finds the youtuber’s phone. They hear something. Lights appear in the woods. Their GPS doesn’t work. They see the lights. They run.

Meanwhile at the ranger station, Branch Chief Jo and Ranger Lee Yang Sun work. She gets a call asking if Yi Gang and Hyun Jo have returned. She tells Branch Chief Jo they went to black bridge village. Branch Chief Jo isn’t happy to hear that. Yang Sun reports the youtuber was found babbling about ghost lights.

A radio drops while they run. They hear Branch Chief Jo’s hail but leave the radio behind as distance is the priority. They see the lights and hide in a cave.

Branch Chief Jo is worried stating the village causes hallucinations.


The villagers get their water from the stream while the well recovers. While walking back to the village a man with black gloves approaches the mayor’s wife.

The next day Ranger Jo and his partner after the report of the missing woman with blood stains in the woods. They organize a search. Park services men know the village cause hallucinations and are on guard. They find the weak woman under a tree with multiple ribbons. Ranger Jo feels terrible when the woman dies. He tells his partner he passed by the tree multiple times but didn’t see her. The little boy sees the ghost eyes in the woods.


Yi Gang and Hyun Jo stare at the ghost eyes. They smell a bear. They wonder if the eyes belong to bears. Unfortunately, Hyun Jo’s radio doesn’t work. There’s no cell service. They are trapped in the cave.


The mayor refuses to leave the village even though others have fled. His son tells Ranger Jo both he and his father (the mayor) have seen the ghost eyes.


Police officer Kim and Branch Chief Jo go to the hospital to talk to the youtuber. They overhear him finally report the lost hiker he saw the previous day. Branch Chief Jo presses him for a location.

Hyun Jo and Yi Gang can’t believe when they find the lost hiker in the cave with them. She’s in bad shape. They decide they must get her to help. Hyun Jo puts the hiker on his back. Yi Gang leads the way with the flashlight but Hyun Jo trips. Thankfully Team Lead Ranger Park and Ranger Jung find them. They all see the ghost eyes and flee back to the cave with the hiker.  The rangers all agree they got lost. Ranger Jung bemoans losing precious study time for the promotion test. He wants to because a team lead to impress Yang Sun’s mother. Team Lead Ranger Park retorts team lead isn’t all that great. He points out the mountain is hard on the body. Hyun Jo doesn’t think the hiker can last much longer. Branch Chief Jo’s radio call is answered by Team Lead Ranger Park. He reports they found the hiker but they are stuck in a cave and get lost when they try and leave the area. Branch Chief Jo tells Yi Gang to take the lead down the mountain. She admits she’s not confident she can find the way. Branch Chief Jo admits he once got lost in the same area and a hiker lost their life because he couldn’t find her in time. He advises them to trace the human path, not the animal path. If they feel like they are going in circles, go the opposite way. Branch Chief Jo declares the four of them will find the way together. The foursome helps each other through the woods.

Branch Chief Jo and other rangers arrive at the entry point. The other rangers head into the woods while Branch Chief Jo watches.


Ranger Jo find the mayor’s son crying the wood. His father is hanging from a tree. It’s difficult to tell but there may be a marker next to the tree.

The National Park Service men unload the village.  Ranger Jo stares at the tree where the mayor hung. He asks his partner if he’d found the mayor’s wife earlier, could all this have been avoided. His partner points out death on the mountain is inevitable. All they can do is save as many as they can.


An ambulance arrives. Animal refuge director, Dr. Yoon, arrives. Branch Chief Jo is sure the foursome will find their way back.

The recovered hiker gives thanks at a temple.  The priest notes she comes every year.

Ranger Jung meets Yang Sun’s mother. She wants to know how tall he is. Ranger Jung is surprised when a bouquet of flowers arrives for the ranger of the month (him). Yang Sun’s mother is impressed.

Yi Gang and Hyun Jo watch from outside. Yi Gang declares the flowers were the right touch. Yi Gang and Hyun Jo leave to observe the mountain ritual. Yi Gang smiles when Hyun Jo admits he’s keeping the talisman she gave him.

When they arrive at the ceremony, Dr. Yoon is skeptical one of her precious bears would have chased them. She points out if the bears hadn’t trapped them in the cave, the lost hiker never would have been found. Yi Gang and Dr. Yoon bicker. Team Lead Ranger Park gets a phone call and goes to meet his ex-wife. She complains that mountain isn’t good for him. She asks when he’ll get a promotion so he can work in the office.

All the rangers get a text that they are needed due to a rock slide. Team Lead Ranger Park tells his wife he must leave. Ranger Jung tells Yang Sun and her mother they must report to duty. Hyun Jo and Yi Gang take off with other hikers. They pass the woman that was once lost. She declares the rangers are the guardians of the mountain. Branch Chief Jo directs the team while Yang Sun plot’s locations.

Hyun Jo returns to the cave and finds a man sitting in it. The man says black bridge village was once where he lived. He states the youtuber was wrong why the village was abandoned. It was the ghost lights. Bad things happened when ghost lights were seen. Hyun Jo shares he saw bear eyes when he was trapped in the cave. The man points out when the village was populated there were no bears on the mountain. He exits the cave. He puts on black gloves. Hyun Jo watches him go.

Hyun Jo searches the cave. He has a vision. A man with black gloves, the river, and a camera. He exits the cave.

My Thoughts

If the boy became the mountain murderer, that was offers one explanation why Branch Chief Jo’s gloves were planted in Ranger Lee’s hands. Writer Kim Eun Hee had the black bridge village’s surviving mayor’s son pull on black gloves when he left Hyun Jo in the cave. He was a boy at the beginning of the episode and a man at the end.  Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park continue to be suspects. But Ranger Lee wouldn’t have known the surviving son’s face nor is he a ranger, so he is likely a red herring. It was good to get the background of Branch Chief Jo, and the impact getting lost and finding the mayor’s son’s mother too late had on his psyche. He implored his team to overcome and work together to find their way off the mountain.

Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) got lost. Yi Gang knows the mountain better than anyone. But the black bridge village hallucinations affected her. She went in circles. The glowing ghost eyes. Were they bears? Or something more?

Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) saw another vision.  In the cave, he saw a vision about a black gloved man and the river. What does it mean?

The sixth song of the OST is “Stay” sung by O3ohn.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Jirisan Episode 10
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Getting a backstory of Branch Chief Jo Dae Jin 👮‍♂️🎗 solidifies my theory that Branch Chief Jo Dae Jin 👮‍♂️🎗 is investigating the killer🧤🏔. “If the boy became the mountain murderer, that was offers one explanation why Branch Chief Jo’s gloves were planted in Ranger Lee’s hands.” -KJT. I concur the boy from Black Bridge village being the murderer does seem plausible and has impetus for revenge against Branch Chief Jo 👮‍♂️🎗.

    “The glowing ghost eyes. Were they bears? Or something more?” -KJT. That is the question. Logically the “lights” would most likely be the moon bears eyes. However, the supernatural aspect of this series could make the lights be anything.

    I looked up Moon bears and they are another name for Asian black bears.
    The have a white mark on their chests. Is the white mark the reference to the moon?


    • Getting a backstory of Branch Chief Jo Dae Jin 👮‍♂️🎗 solidifies my theory that Branch Chief Jo Dae Jin 👮‍♂️🎗 is investigating the killer🧤🏔
      Yes it does.

      Moon bears…have a white mark on their chests. Is the white mark the reference to the moon?
      I’m impressed you googled that and provided a link!

      Liked by 1 person

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