Jirisan Episode 8


The night time wildfire spreads closer to the nearby towns. Firemen are dispatched to save the towns. Forest rangers are dispatched to create fire lines to stop the wildfire from spreading closer to the towns.

Yi Gang’s grandmother watches the news about the wildfire.

Flames surround the storage location where Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) and the children are trapped. He wraps the children in the green wildfire signs explaining they are fire resistant. One of the children declares there is a hole in the building. That gets his attention. He gets the children out and urges them to run to the town to get help. A burning tree falls near the children. Hyun Jo sees the wildfire sign and the burning tree; it is a moment from his vision.

Team Lead Ranger Park Yim Cheol Gyeong and other rangers lead the poacher’s wife and family to the town. Someone spots the storage location on fire and alerts the fire department who dispatch to the location. The poacher’s wife sees the burning storage location and screams her children are inside.  There’s an explosion. The fire fighters make their way into the building. They don’t find the children. They put the fire out. They find a piece of Hyun Jo’s coat.

Gasping for air Hyun Jo stumbles toward the mountain. A fire fighter finds him. Hyun Jo gasps the children went towards the mountain.

Flashback…After the burning tree nearly hits them the children run towards the mountain. Hyun Jo watches knowing they are heading towards the wildfire. He wiggles out of the burning storage location.

The fire fighters drag Hyun Jo away.

Branch Chief Jo and his team are in danger with the shifting winds.

Team Lead Ranger Park and Ranger Jung Goo Young head to the area. They hear the poacher’s wife pleading with them to find her children suggesting a cave location where they are likely hiding. Branch Chief Jo overhears and vows to get the children. The poacher’s wife falls to her knees in gratitude. The fire fight notes the shifting winds. Branch Chief Jo believes they can get there through a narrow track. He orders the fire truck to be readied. Hyun Jo wants to join. Ranger Jung states his injured foot disqualifies him. Ranger Jung asks where Yi Gang is. He tells Hyun Jo she was last headed to the pine forest to meet Hyun Jo. Did Hyun Jo meet her? Hyun Jo states Yi Gang never made it. Ranger Jung can’t believe it. He shouts Yi Gang is defenseless without equipment. He dashes to the car and heads back to the pine forest. Hyun Jo watches him drive away.

Hyun Jo sends the drone up.

Branch Chief Jo and his teams divide the area with the cave location of the children per the poacher’s wife. They struggle to make their way through the forest. Then Yi Gang’s voice breaks over the radio asking if someone is missing. Ranger Jung calls to her on the radio. Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) declares she’s only 10 minutes away from the location. Hyun Jo sighs in relief. Branch Chief Jo declares they’ll be there as soon as they can.

The drone transmits the burning forest. Yi Gang runs through the burning forest. She reaches the cave, finds the children, and declares they must follow her. The children look at her dubiously.

The rangers reach the cave. They don’t find Yi Gang or the children. Branch Chief Jo decides to go alone. Team Lead Ranger Park stops him and states they can’t do anything else or they’ll all die. It is a tense moment as all the rangers know Team Lead Ranger Park is right but want to save the children and Yi Gang. Finally, Branch Chief Jo reports no one was in the cave location. Hyun Jo hears the report and understands Yi Gang and the children are missing. He can’t believe it.

The drone scans the fire equipment cabinet. Hyun Jo grabs his radio and reports the fire equipment cabinet doors were previously closed, but now they are open.

Flashback…Yi Gang leads the children away from the cave.

The rangers know Yi Gang might be in the fire equipment cabinet. Branch Chief Jo declares he’ll go alone and orders the others back. They ignore him and make their way through the flames calling for Yi Gang.

Flashback…Yi Gang finds the fire tent in the equipment cabinet. She pushes the children against rocks and covers all of them with the fire tent as the flames rush upon them.

Branch Chief Jo and the rangers arrive at the equipment cabinet. Yi Gang and the children aren’t there. Branch Chief Jo holds the empty fire tent container.

The next morning the helicopters dump water on the wildfire. The fire fighters and rangers are exhausted. The children arrive. The poacher’s wife screams her relief. Hyun Jo looks for Yi Gang. Team Lead Ranger Park brings her on his back. The paramedics examine her. She murmurs to Hyun Jo that she found Lee Se Wook’s skeleton in the pine tree forest. The paramedics declare they must get her to the hospital.

When Yi Gang wakes in the hospital, Hyun Jo is there. The good news is that her lungs were stressed with the smoke inhalation but not damaged. They leave the room to take a walk. One of the poacher’s children runs past not wanting to get a shot. The poacher’s wife gives her daughter a piggy back. She turns and locks eyes with Hyun Jo then Yi Gang. She nods to Hyun Jo then bows to the woman that saved her children’s lives. Hyun Jo notes the poacher’s wife brought juice by. Yi Gang asks if all the children are okay. Hyun Jo confirms it.

Yi Gang’s grandmother hits Yi Gang on the back, reprimanding her for making her worry. Yi Gang reminds her grandmother she’s the patient. She takes off at run.

Hyun Jo finds Yi Gang waiting out her grandmother. He confirms Lee Se Wook’s body was found. The police determined identity from dental records. They believe he fell from the cliff to his death. Yi Gang assumes the murders will stop. Hyun Jo shows her his book of visions. He wonders why he’s seen only a selection of the deaths on the mountain.  He shares the other deaths he hasn’t had a vision of were straightforward accidents. His visions were murders disguised as accidents. He reviews the visions and the murders. We see the black gloved murderer at work. Hyun Jo declares Lee Se Wook had an accomplice. Hyun Jo is certain the fire at the storage location was deliberate though the police did not find evidence to confirm that. Hyun Jo believes the accomplice is trying to kill him. He reveals he confronted Lee Se Wook who thought Hyun Jo knew more than he was saying. Subsequently his quarters and work desk have been searched. Yi Gang declares they have to convince the police he’s in danger. Hyun Jo believes the murderer will try again. Hyun Jo states his vision from the mountain will give him an advantage. Yi Gang points out he may be hurt or killed. Hyun Jo is confident they’ll catch the murderer. Yi Gang doesn’t have the same level of confidence. She makes him promise he won’t go solo, that he’ll always take her with him. Hyun Jo points out that there were no causalities associated with the wild fire. She saved the children.

The 2019 ranger and residents meeting go well. The rangers liven things up with dancing after Branch Chief Jo’s dry poetry recitation.


The rangers meet to review safety prior to the opening of the mountain. After the meeting Ranger Lee Da Won asks Yi Gang if one of the rangers could be the murderer. Yi Gang confirms it but this must be a secret. She apologizes for putting Ranger Lee at risk. Ranger Lee notes a ranger’s job is dangerous. Yi Gang remembers Hyun Jo making the same observation. Yi Gang tells her not to get hurt and return safely. Ranger Lee smiles and promises.

In their quarters, Yi Gang informs Ranger Lee of the murderer’s methods. Ranger Lee promises to be careful on the mountain.

While on the mountain checking the motion sensor cameras, Ranger Lee forgets to camouflage one before moving on.

Police officer Kim asks Yi Gang to the police station to see the stash of mushrooms poachers took. Yi Gang notes the poachers did so on a day where the ghost of the mountain wouldn’t engage them.

The ghost of Hyun Jo wakes on the mountain. He has a vision of a body plunging into water.

As the poacher leaves the police station, Yi Gang asks if he’s seen the ghost. The poacher counters anyone that has seen the ghost has died. He confirms his now dead friend saw the ghost in a bloody ranger uniform. He cites another dead man that saw the ghost and another man that almost died. Yi Gang remembers Ranger Lee saw the ghost.

Yi Gang shows the near-death man Hyun Jo’s picture. The man is frightened. He says anyone that sees the ghost dies.

Ranger Lee looks at the next motion sensor camera. She swaps SD cards. Someone watches her. Ranger Lee senses it and moves on. A man in black gloves finds the motion sensor camera, Ranger Lee didn’t camouflage. As Ranger Lee moves through the forest, she senses someone. She turns, no one is there.

The ghost of Hyun Jo has a vision of someone with black gloves grabbing Ranger Lee. He wakes. He wills himself to rise off the ground.

Ranger Lee runs through the forest. She trips and falls. A man with black gloves approaches her.

Yi Gang wonders where Ranger Lee is. She calls but Ranger Lee doesn’t answer.

The man with the black gloves approaches Ranger Lee. He has a bottle of yogurt in a zip lock. He’s wearing a ranger’s jacket.

Yi Gang is worried.

Ranger Lee smiles at the ranger and says he scared her.

My Thoughts

The wildfire was gripping. For the first half of the episode, Director Lee (Mr. Sunshine, Goblin, etc.) used computer-generated imagery (CGI) throughout the wildfire, search and rescues scenes to heighten the treacherous life and death conditions. When the black gloved mountain murderer stalked Ranger Lee, the tension was palpable. Writer Kim Eun Hee divided the episode between the wild fire and then returned to the murderer. Hyun Jo was sure his visions would give him the edge. Yi Gang wanted him by her side. In the present Yi Gang wanted Ranger Lee by her side, but her wheelchair kept her off the mountain. Last episode the question was posted is the murderer is someone known. At the end of the episode, the black gloved man wore a ranger’s jacket approached Ranger Lee. She was relieved that she knew the man approaching her. Not so fast, Ranger Lee, you are in danger.

Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) saved the poacher’s children. Belief had to be suspended as she survived unscathed the slide down the mountain. She was the right person to save the children considering the poacher’s wife blamed her for her husband’s death. It was good to see the poacher’s wife not snarl at Yi Gang and thank her for saving the children. Present day Yi Gang was anxious when Ranger Lee was late. Yi Gang prepped Ranger Lee about the mountain murderer’s tactics. Though Ranger Lee believed the black gloved man would do her no harm.

Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) realized his visions were all associated with the mountain murderer.  He pointed out he never had visions of true accidents, only murders disguised as accidents. His confidence that his visions would give him an edge was a bit cocky. His visions offer a snippet of what will be, but not a full context. Hyun Jo’s visions have never been easy for him to decipher. Fascinating he is still getting visions whenever the black gloved mountain murderer is planning to kill. Whether man or ghost, Hyun Jo’s psyche is tied to the mountain murderer.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Jirisan Episode 8
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    My sister’s house burned down last year and her son barely escaped from a basement window moments before the window above it exploded, shooting fire 15-20 feet outward. Fire is VERY SCARY and unpredictable as we saw small embers smoldering away and brought back to life as a roaring fire 🔥 when the oxygen in wind ignited it … all you need is fuel, oxygen and heat.

    It was good the poachers wife appreciated Yi Gang’s👩‍🦽🚩 heroism for saving her children.

    Wow, the corpse Yi Gang👩‍🦽🚩 stumbled on was Se Wook 🥔 💣. Too bad any potential evidence was burned

    Makes me wonder if the killer took advantage of the second wildfire 🔥 in the pine area in an attempt to cover up the warehouse fire or if he(?) set the second wildfire. 🤔 There was a whole lot of distraction going on … Still, you would think even in the darkness of night, someone would notice the warehouse burning earlier than they did. I wondered why we didn’t see Hyun Jo🛌🚩 ask the kids if there was another exit or if anyone had a phone.

    If people are seeing Hyun Jo’s🛌🚩 spirit before they die; my theory is that Hyun Jo🛌🚩 is appearing to warn the killer’s victims, not that his presence curses the viewer with death.

    I wondered if the killer could be the policeman who brought granny’s and yhe poachers family to the meeting❓⁉️ … and the we saw the black gloved killer apparent who approached Da Won 👧🚩, after seeing Hyun Jo’s spirit, wore a Ranger jacket. Is the murderer really a Ranger or someone using a disguise❓⁉️ “Yi Gang prepped Ranger Lee about the mountain murderer’s tactics. Though Ranger Lee believed the black gloved man” -KJT. I’m not sure Da Won 👧🚩saw him as innocuous … could she be trying to put the killer at ease in order to buy herself time to plan her escape❓⁉️


    • It was good the poachers wife appreciated Yi Gang’s👩‍🦽🚩 heroism for saving her children.
      Agreed. She needed to say it and Yi Gang needed to hear it.

      If people are seeing Hyun Jo’s🛌🚩 spirit before they die; my theory is that Hyun Jo🛌🚩 is appearing to warn the killer’s victims, not that his presence curses the viewer with death.
      I like the thought process.

      I’m not sure Da Won 👧🚩saw him as innocuous … could she be trying to put the killer at ease in order to buy herself time to plan her escape❓⁉️
      Could be.

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