Jirisan Episode 7

Present Day…

Ranger Lee Da Won installs motion detector cameras in each location Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) specifies. Yi Gang flies a drone to track progress. When Ranger Lee reports on the latest install, she screams and falls back onto the forest floor. Yi Gang calls her name on the radio but Ranger Lee’s radio is on the forest floor. Ranger Lee watches the branches move, but no one is visible. We see Hyun Jo’s ghost approach and reach for the radio. He’s frustrated when he can’t pick it up and bangs the ground repeatedly. The radio squawks.

In the hospital where the comatose Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) lays, the monitors beep, his fingers twitch, blood runs down his face.

The ghost calls Yi Gang’s name. She maneuvers the drone and finds Ranger Lee running through the forest. She knows she’s being followed and reaches a panic. She makes her way back to Yi Gang. Ranger Lee declares she saw a ranger in winter suit with bloody hands. Yi Gang remembers the hiker pointing to a picture of Hyun Jo in his snow suit and declaring the man was the ghost. She shows Ranger Lee the same picture. Ranger Lee recognizes the ghost. She says he vanished.

Flashback… Hyun Jo is frustrated when he can’t pick it up and bangs the ground calling to Yi Gang. He vanishes. Ranger Lee runs.

Ranger Lee knows it sounds unbelievable, but it is the truth. Yi Gang calls the hospital. The nurse reports Hyun Jo is struggling.

At the hospital, Yi Gang and Ranger Lee watch Hyun Jo sleep while the nurse reveals that this isn’t the first time Hyun Jo has had an occurrence like this. The doctors can’t figure out what is going on. The bad news is that Hyun Jo is getting weaker. Ranger Lee swears this was the man she saw on the mountain. Yi Gang notes Hyun Jo never made sense.

Flashback…Hyun Jo runs through the snowy forest dappled with blood. He finds a fallen Yi Gang. He takes her to a spot, lights a fire, and assures her all will be well. With blood on his snowsuit, he leaves. When Yi Gang is removed on a stretcher, she sees Branch Chief Jo administering CPR to a downed and bloody Hyun Jo. He calls out that Hyun Jo’s pulse has returned and need to be airlifted too.

Flashback…While in a coma in the hospital, Hyun Jo wakes in the forest. He calls to Yi Gang and searches for her. He returns to the cave where he left her. She’s gone. He resumes his search. Hyun Jo sees Team Lead Ranger Park Yim Cheol and calls to him. Team Lead Ranger Park literally walks through Hyun Jo. Hyun Jo sees the bloody snowsuit he wears.  He tries to follow them back to the ranger station but a force literally stops him. He flashes back to his walking pole. He returns to the forest. He tries to grabs his walking pole but can’t. At the hospital, the monitors beep, his fingers twitch, blood runs down his face. The doctors administer CPR.

2020…Hyun Jo wakes in the forest. It’s springtime.

Yi Gang’s tells Ranger Lee, after Hyun Jo lost a close colleague on the mountain, he returned to stop future deaths.

Hyun Jo has visions. He walks the forest. He finds the markers. He realizes he can touch items from the mountain.

Yi Gang’s tells Ranger Lee, she didn’t know Hyun Jo would remain on the mountain.

Hyun Jo walks the forest. He sees a dead body of a man. He wishes Yi Gang could stop the deaths.

Ranger Lee tells Yi Gang that Hyun Jo’s ghost looked lonely. He was desperate to talk to Yi Gang when he heard her call over the radio. Ranger Lee believes Hyun Jo has waited for Yi Gang to return to the mountain.

Ranger Lee replaces SD cards in the motion detector cameras installed across the mountain while Yi Gang watches the drone footage. She’s determined to find and stop the mountain murderer. She hopes things can go back to the way they were before all this.

2018…it’s a competition between various ranger stations. The Jirisan rangers need to do well in the talent show. Yi Gang and Hyun Jo agree that Branch Chief Jo’s planned poem recital won’t cut it. Instead, the team performs karaoke to Kim Yeon Ja’s “Amor Fati”. They win the competition. On the bus back to town, Hyun Jo is teased for hurting his ankle while dancing. Yi Gang offers to take care of him when the other rangers claim previous commitments. While eating, Hyun Jo frets that wildfire season starts soon. Yi Gang states he’ll have to get better soon. She asks if his vision specified where the wildfire started. Hyun Jo states it did not make it even more important that he discover that. Yi Gang points out that putting out a wildfire can’t fall on his shoulders. Hyun Jo counters he wants to stop the wildfire from starting. Yi Gang is confident his visions will help again. While they eat a man with black gloves by bottles of yogurt.

When Hyun Jo returns to his room, he senses someone was there.

During the dark night, a man with black gloves searches files and desks.

The next morning Branch Chief Jo briefs the team about wildfire season and how vigilance and prevention are key. Hyun Jo is assigned in-office tasking with Young Ranger Lee Yang Sun while his ankle heals. Hyun Jo tells Yi Gang to be careful while on patrol. Yang Sun and Hyun Jo inventory and assess the gear including fire tents. They go to the main station for additional supplies including wildfire signs.

The poacher’s wife and family enjoy a meal in the forest. The poacher’s wife has a green wildfire sign.

A fire starts. The main station calls to the rangers in the vicinity which includes Team Lead Ranger Park, Yi Gang and Ranger Jung Goo Young. Hyun Jo hears Yi Gang’s voice declaring they are near to the location. An evacuation notice goes out to all hikers.

The poacher’s wife and family spot the smoke from the fire. She has a green wildfire sign.

Ranger Lee and Yi Gang arrive at the fire equipment cabinet near the flames. They start to battle the fire.  Many rangers arrive and join them. Hyun Jo watches a drone put up to get a better look. Helicopter with water is deployed. The rangers get soaked as the water is dropped.  The fire is successfully tamped. Team Lead Ranger Park tell Ranger Jung and Yi Gang to go to the shelter to rest until the shift change.

But the fire still smolders.

Hyun Jo is dropped off at the ranger station.

The poacher’s wife and family are brought to the shelter having been caught poaching herbs. The wife glares at Yi Gang as her bag is unpacked. Yi Gang notices the green wildfire sign.

Branch Chief Jo tells Hyun Jo to organize the wildfire signs. Hyun Jo opens the box and sees they are red. He asks what color last year’s signs were. Branch Chief Jo says they were green though they were discarded at the end of the season. He notes herb poachers often take the discarded signs because they are waterproof.

Hyun Jo calls Yi Gang and tells her his vision had last year’s green wildfire signs not this year’s red wildfire signs. Yi Gang questions the poacher’s wife about her stash of signs. She calls Hyun Jo with the information stating she’ll be there soon. She cuts through the pine forest. Hyun Jo takes off in the car. He arrives at the storage location first. He finds the poacher’s wife’s children and green wildfire signs. Someone closes and locks the storage location’s door. Hyun Jo doesn’t have his radio having left it in the car.

The fire’s embers begin to flame. A second round of wildfire begins.

Yi Gang calls in the fire. Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park take off. They realize the danger is higher as pine trees are burning and the helicopter can’t fly at night.

Someone puts an accelerant on the green wildfire signs outside the storage location where Hyun Jo and the children are trapped. The smoke enters the building. Flames surround the building.

Yi Gang darts through the forest as the flames lick at her. She falls down a slope. When she stops sliding, she stares in horror at a skeleton.

My Thoughts

Only you can prevent forest fires. Writer Kim Eun Hee confirmed that wildfires are powerful and not easily contained. The first round of the wildfire with minimal wind during the day was handled quickly by rangers and water drops from the helicopter. The second round of the wildfire was a different set of circumstances – hot burning pine trees, night, wind and no water drop. Yi Gang was literally trapped by the encroaching flames. She dived to avoid them and skidded down the slope landing next to a skeleton. Meanwhile the murderer trapped Hyun Jo and the children in the storage building, literally pouring an accelerant on the green wildfire signs and lighting them. Coupled with the wildfire blazing on the mountain, Hyun Jo’s vision came to fruition. Hyun Jo was the next victim on the list and the murderer took action to eliminate him. The black gloved murderer also purchased bottles of yogurt while Hyun Jo and Yi Gang ate a short distance away. Does that mean the murderer is someone they know?

Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) was almost trapped by the wildfire. She was heading to the storage building where the poacher’s wife revealed she purloined the previous year’s wildfire signs. Kudos to Writer Kim for continuing to weave the poacher’s wife into the story after her husband’s death. She’s got an axe to grind with the rangers and poaching from the forest is standard operating procedure.

Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) was trapped while his wildfire vision became a reality.  Locked into the storage locker by the murderer who lit the green wildfire signs Hyun Jo had seen burning in his vision. Ranger Lee saw Hyun Jo’s ghost at the top of the episode as he tried to pick up the radio to communicate with Yi Gang. But without a corporeal form, he could only grasp without success. In the hospital, his comatose body jerked and blood gushed down his face. Per the flashbacks, this has happened multiple times weakening Hyun Jo.

Kim Yeon Ja 2017 hit “Amor Fati” was the song the rangers danced and sang to. Here’s the 2018 KBS Song Festival where Kim Yeon Ja sings her hit with EXO and other performers.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Jirisan Episode 7
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    How fun was Kim Yeon Ja’s Amor Fati performance❓⁉️ I especially loved the giant projections of her flanking the stage.

    Hyun Jo 🛌🚩being able to touch and move things that belong to Jirisan gives a little clarification as to why he could move leaves, twigs and soil but not be able to pickup the walkie-talkie. I felt bad for Da Won 👧🚩to see that parting of the foliage … it would be freaky … I was amazed she saw Hyun Jo’s 🛌🚩spirit. I like Da Won 👧🚩and am glad she is beginning to believe and help Yi Gang 👩‍🦽🚩

    So are we to understand Hyun Jo🛌🚩 was cursed and so his spirit is bound to roam the mountain❓⁉️

    Can you imagine getting hit by water from a helicopter 🚁 bucket would feel like😳 ❓⁉️ Those are not tiny rain drops and they came down hard and fast. My college roommate fought forest fires every summer. She told me the water backpacks weighed around 50 pounds and would weigh you down terribly was you hike the mountains and dodge fire.

    “The black gloved murderer also purchased bottles of yogurt while Hyun Jo and Yi Gang ate a short distance away. Does that mean the murderer is someone they know?” -KJT. My guess is Yi Gang, Hyun Jo and we have been introduced to the killer, I’m sure he(?) lives locally, I’m not convinced it’s Branch Chief Jo Dae Jin 👮‍♂️🎗, as the writers have suggested.

    Was it the killer that Hyun Jo🛌🚩 and the kids in the warehouse❓⁉️ Did the killer know there were children inside … did he(?) care❓⁉️ Burning to death is about the last way I would want to go. My heart was racing as Yi Gang👩‍🦽🚩 ran through the fire. The heat of a fire is overwhelming and it would have been difficult to breathe, let alone feel like you clothes and hair would ignite or melt.


    • How fun was Kim Yeon Ja’s Amor Fati performance❓
      That was a happy video.

      I was amazed she saw Hyun Jo’s 🛌🚩spirit. I like Da Won 👧🚩and am glad she is beginning to believe and help Yi Gang 👩‍🦽🚩
      It add more substance to Hyun Jo’s role from observer to more action.

      Can you imagine getting hit by water from a helicopter 🚁 bucket would feel like😳 ❓⁉️
      Hard downpour makes sense.

      Was it the killer that Hyun Jo🛌🚩 and the kids in the warehouse❓⁉️ Did the killer know there were children inside … did he(?) care❓
      Not sure the mountain murderer knew children were in the storage location, but he is intent on killing Hyun Jo, therefore doubtful he would care.

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