Yumi’s Cells Episode 10

Kim Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) Gu Woong’s co-worker Sae Yi (who wants Gu Woong for herself) Gu Woong’s co-worker Louis Yu Mi’s coworker Yu Babi (Jin Young) smiles and says he’ll leave it at the front desk.

Yu Mi’s inner cells decide she needs to act cute to keep her boyfriend’s interest. Kim Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) gets lessons from co-worker Ruby. Out on a date, Yu Mi trees to pretend she can’t open a bottle of coke. She ends up shaking the bottle as she “struggles” with the cap. The bottle explodes. Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) declares Yu Mi is cute as can be.

Yu Mi’s inner cells decide to study cute techniques. When Yu Mi tries a little girl voice, it falls flat. When Yu Mi tries to rub against Gu Woong like a cat, he asks what is wrong. Finally she successfully executes a cute move that Gu Woong likes. Her love cells is thrilled. Yu Mi continues to develop her own cute skills. She puts them to good use when she’s late and Gu Woong is irked. Her cute skill smother his ire and makes him smile.

Yu Babi (Jin Young) spots Yu Mi in the break room. They both have coffee and chat. He admits he reads her blog and likes her posts. Yu Mi’s inner cells love getting compliments which when genuine come with a gift. Her writer cell receives the compliment with the gift of belief until midnight. Ya Babi asks Yu Mi to write a post for social media for the company. She decides to try. When the work day is done, Yu Mi stays late to write the post. She struggles. She has to cancel seeing Gu Woong. But her creative juices aren’t flowing. After midnight she texts Yu Babi that she doesn’t have the post done. He surprises her by responding that his boss is willing to pay for the post. That gives the creative juices flowing. Yu Mi writes the post quickly. Internally her writer cell is saved by her pragmatic thrifty cell.

It’s the new year and one of the inner cells gets big and has priority for 3 days. This year it is beauty cell. Much to the chagrin of the thrifty cell, the beauty cell stocks up on 1 year supply of sheet masks. Gu Woong calls to meet. He teases her that he’s growing his beard back.

While Gu Woong gets a drink for Yu Mi, Yu Babi texts wishes her happy new year and surprises her with the news the company’s social media account now has 5,000 followers. He surprises her again by sharing the marketing manager wants to meet her.

Yu Mi meets with the marketing manager and Yu Babi. The marketing manager compliments Yu Mi on the post she wrote for the company’s social media. It has been well received throughout the company. She asks Yu Mi to join the marketing team. Yu Mi promises to consider it.

After the meeting Yu Babi urges her to consider the new position. As she considers, Yu Mi realizes she’s frightened of change and failure. Her inner cells remember moments of courage from Yu Mi’s past. Yu Mi takes the job. Her co-workers are sad to see her leave.

Flashback…Before she decides she seeks advice from her boss. He encourages her to seize the opportunity. That bumps her courage. Her female coworker also supports her decision. That bumps her courage. She seeks advice from Gu Woong. He discourages her noting the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence. Yu Mi counters there will be positives. Gu Woong counters she’s walking into the unknown. She should be prepared for the worst. Yu Mi is deflated. Then she rallies and declares not trying isn’t good. She cuts their date short. Yu Mi cries as she walks home. She decides spicy noodles is just what she needs to release stress. Her inner cells know that soon endorphins will kick in and energize them all. Sure enough, it happens. Gu Woong texts that he is home. Yu Mi decides to surprise him with carryout food. When she arrives at his apartment, he doesn’t answer the door. The food flyers stuffed in the door make it appear he hasn’t been home. She calls him. He says he’s home. She says he’s in front of his apartment. Gu Woong is shocked. Yu Mi asks where he really is.

My Thoughts

The 4 acts of this episode ended of a cliffhanger…where was Gu Woong when he claimed to be at his apartment? This episode Yu Mi stretched her cute skills with the reward of Gu Woong liking her unique style. Yu Mi stretched her writing skills with the reward of an offered position with the marketing group. It was a surprise when Yu Mi ended the episode at Gu Woong’s apartment only to learn he wasn’t there as claimed.

Kim Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) garnered a new opportunity. At Yu Babi urging, Yu Mi wrote a post for the company that was successful. She was surprised to be offered a position with the coveted marketing team. Part of her decision process was poling her inner circle. She was surprised when Gu Woong advised against it. In the end, Yu Mi accepted. This should create more time with Yu Babi, and potentially shake our couple.

Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) is hiding something. Gu Woong lies again in the series, this time claiming to be at his apartment when he wasn’t. This episode was squarely focused on Yu Mi with Gu Woong in a secondary role. Considering Gu Woong advised Yu Mi against the new position, is he working again with Sae Yi without telling Yu Mi?

The eighth song of the OST is a delight called “Our Story” sung by MeloMance.

I rank this episode as good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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One comment on “Yumi’s Cells Episode 10
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I cringed when Yumi’s⚛📡 detective cell urged her to learn aegyo with Ruby 🔴. ✳ NOoo, just say NO❗✳ Yumi⚛📡 was definitely better off coming up with her own style of cuteness rather than having Ruby as a mentor.

    I 💗 the analogy of the bowls of courage … having a reserve and borrowing from others. Initially I saw it as a cautionary tale about borrowing from others. However it seems Woong🐸🦖 being a downer about Yumi’s⚛📡 new opportunity isn’t about his confidence in Yumi⚛📡, but rather a reflection of his own circumstances of being overwhelmed and possibly not wishing that kind of situation on Yumi⚛📡. “Considering Gu Woong advised Yu Mi against the new position, is he working again with Sae Yi without telling Yu Mi?” -KJT. That may be the case, but I suspect Woong🐸🦖 may be living at work to keep his business going since he fired Sae Yi ☣ … why did Woong🐸🦖 lie ❓⁉️


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