Yumi’s Cells Episode 9

As he opens his apartment door, Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) is taken aback to see his girlfriend Kim Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) behind his co-worker Sae Yi (who wants Gu Woong for herself). Ever helpful, Sae Yi explains Yu Mi didn’t know she lives in the building now. She takes the wine glasses Gu Woong offers, smiles, and turns to leave. To rub salt in the wound Sae Yi tells Yu Mi she’ll invite her to a housewarming party. Yu Mi smiles and says to invite her.  Sae Yi wishes them good night and leaves.

Gu Woong invites Yu Mi inside. She stands there before she enters. The storm rages inside. Yu Mi’s sensitivity cell rails that she trusted Gu Woong. Yu Mi looks at him with accusation in her eyes. He explains that Sae Yi moved in because she needed a closer apartment to work now that they are working overtime. Yu Mi asks how long Gu Woong has known and not told her. Almost a month is the answer. He claims it wasn’t important and he forgot. Yu Mi counters that he purposely did not tell her. Gu Woong counters he didn’t want to tell her because he knew she’d over react. Yu Mi is taken aback. Gu Woong continues that he can’t control what Sae Yi does.

Yu Mi’s inner cells can’t believe that Gu Woong called them over sensitive. They make a list of all the times Sae Yi acted inappropriately (more like a girlfriend than a co-worker) with Gu Woong.

Yu Mi lists the inappropriate things Sae Yi has done – posting a couple picture with herself and Gu Woong without his knowledge, borrowing things from him. Gu Woong says that’s just Sae Yi. Yu Mi counters that she’s his girlfriend. She deserved the truth.

Yu Mi’s inner cells are furious. Gu Woong’s inner cells are concerned at her anger. Their stances become intractable. Gu Woong declares he hasn’t done anything wrong. Yu Mi can’t believe he doesn’t realize that lying by omission is a serious foul. She leaves. He doesn’t follow.

Yu Mi hopes Gu Woong will follow, call or text. He doesn’t. She cries when she gets home.

The next morning Yu Mi’s inner cells set the breakup alarm. If Gu Woong doesn’t contact by 11pm, the relationship is done.

Sae Yi is all smiles when she arrives at work. Louis greets her with a smile, but Gu Woong ignores her. When she props herself on his desk, she feigns concern over Yu Mi’s reaction to not knowing she lived in the apartment building. Gu Woong’s inner cells are shocked when a Sae Yi virus appears and declares she’ll be in control of Gu Woong. Sae Yi is pleased as Gu Woong’s face reveals that he and Yu Mi are in trouble. The Sae Yi virus tells Gu Woong’s inner cells that he’s #1 and Yu Mi is #2. He has to defer to himself over Yu Mi when they fight.  Sae Yi decides to poke the bear. She claims she doesn’t want Gu Woong stressed out by being close to someone that isn’t a right fit for him. Having someone in his life like that isn’t good for him. Gu Woong agrees. Sae Yi asks if Gu Woong is on a permanent break from Yu Mi.  Gu Woong tells Sae Yi she’s the problem. She’s the one that stressing him out. Sae Yi can’t believe it. She defends her choice to live in an apartment building that reduces her commute to work. She points out they’ve been friends for a long time, knowing that Gu Woong values friendship. The Sae Yi virus cackles with glee. Sae Yi says Gu Woong has changed since he started dating Yu Mi and not for the better.  His inner cells call each other to attention as Yu Mi #2 is being attacked. Gu Woong warns Sae Yi to watch what she says about Yu Mi. She can’t believe it.

That was satisfying. 

It’s a long day without contact from Gu Woong. She assumes it is over.


Next Summer…

Yu Mi never contacts Gu Woong and he doesn’t contact her.

Winter…four years later…

Yu Mi wonders if something happened to Gu Woong on that fateful day that he couldn’t contact her. She looks up his social media and sees he’s doing well.

Hmm, wouldn’t she have done that earlier?


Yu Mi shares her sad tale with her coworkers. Ruby suggests everything would be different if she would have contact Gu Woong. She wonders if Yu Mi would change her choice if she had a chance. Yu Mi smiles at the idea of being able to go back in time and talking to Gu Woong.

Present Day…

Yu Mi can’t believe it, she’s been transported back in time, the day after their fight. Her inner cells wonder what happened. The love cell chuckles that she resurrected the writer cell. The writer cells declares Yu Mi’s future self clearly saw that she wanted to make up with Gu Woong not breakup. The inner cells ready themselves. Yu Mi’s rules have priority. They are going to see Gu Woong.

Louis leaves work. Sae Yi apologizes for overstepping. Gu Woong agrees they both got a bit miffed. He states he’s leaving work too. Sae Yi worries that Gu Woong will go make up with Yu Mi. She races after him. She realizes she wants to marry Gu Woong.

Just as she starts to confess, Yu Mi arrives and pulls Sae Yi’s hand away from Gu Woong. She asks why a just a friend it making a play for Gu Woong. She points out that Sae Yi’s actions have had one goal, to get Gu Woong for herself. Yu Mi tells Sae Yi to stop it. Sae Yi claims not to know what Yu Mi is talking about. Yu Mi’s inner cells declare that they must defeat Sae Yi.  They list all the actions Sae Yi has taken and determine she is guilty. Yu Mi lists Sae Yi’s actions and states if she were a friend, she won’t create difficult situations for Gu Woong. Sae Yi says nothing. Gu Woong tells Yu Mi to stop bashing. Yu Mi’s love cell goes to the judge who shares that Yu Mi is in a losing position because she won’t let herself break up with Gu Woong.  The card the love cell holds is surrender.  The judge swaps it for the breakup card. The love cell notes they’ve never had this card before. The judge states this gives Yu Mi options. She can choose to put herself as priority #1 and move Gu Woong to #2.

Yu Mi puts herself first. She tells Gu Woong that having someone like Sae Yi in his life is a negative. She walks to the elevator. Gu Woong calls to her. Yu Mi tells him that Sae Yi will repeat this pattern when he gets close to someone else. She says goodbye and gets in the elevator. Yu Mi thinks she can’t control Gu Woong’s choices but she can control her choice of keeping or ejecting him from her life.

Excellent confrontation, go Yu Mi!

Ruby, Yu Mi’s coworker, asks if she broke up with her boyfriend. Yu Mi takes a moment before replying.

Flashback…She gets in the elevator. Gu Woong stares at her as the doors close. He pushes the button. The doors open. He gets in the elevator and hugs Yu Mi.

Yu Mi tells Ruby she didn’t break up with her boyfriend.

The inner cells put that elevator moment in the gallery of Yu Mi’s important moments.

Yu Mi starts writing again now that writer cell is back. She posts her thoughts about the relationship.

Without Sae Yi, the workload increases and progress decreases for Louis and Gu Woong. Louis asks him to make up with Sae Yi, the company needs her expertise. Gu Woong counters soon they will have applicants for the requisition. He tells Louis the blow up between himself and Sae Yi was a long time in coming.

Flashback…Gu Woong tells Sae Yi that he feigned ignorance but always knew she liked him but didn’t like him and considered him her back-up if she didn’t find true love. Before it didn’t matter but now it does. She’s not happy. Gu Woong says he’s no longer the immature man she can control. Sae Yi asks if he’s planning to marry Yu Mi. She can’t believe he’s saying this. They’ve been friends 10 years. Gu Woong wonders if they were friends. He states Yu Mi has nothing to do with this moment.

Louis doesn’t know if they can continue with just the two of them working.

Yu Babi (Jin Young) spots Yu Mi on the street and buys her a coffee. He asks how her marathon went. She notes participating was the priority. She worries about the snow coming down while he admires it. She admits she doesn’t like winter. He asks about her plans for Christmas. She doesn’t know yet. They admit their respective busy significant others make Christmas plans unknown. They part ways.

That evening Yu Mi meets Gu Woong. They go to the movie theatre. Yu Mi’s voiceover states they are entering their second year of dating. They are happy and comfortable.

Later she posts about their day. Gu Woong calls and she shares she posted something about them. He says it is snowing. She smiles and looks at the snow falling. Someone likes her post.

My Thoughts

Honest communication was refreshing. This episode Yu Mi got mad, confronted Gu Woong, gave him her true thoughts and walked away. He didn’t reach out. Later she wished she for a do over. She got her wish. This time the discussion with Gu Woong including confronting Sae Yi.  Yu Mi moved herself to the top of the priority list. I loved it! Often women put themselves below others on the priority list, but Yu Mi bumped herself up. It gave her the power to break up instead of caving to her partner’s choices, her previous default.

Kim Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) almost broke up with Gu Woong. Yu Mi told Gu Woong that he lied by omission. She didn’t accept his avoidance of the issue. She asserted herself. At first it didn’t bode well for the couple. But when she went to the office and confronted Sae Yi and Gu Woong, she was clear and factual but with feeling. Gu Woong couldn’t let her walk away after she got on the elevator to leave. Yu Mi’s inner cells put their elevator hug on the gallery wall as a critical moment in her life. But now Gu Woong has even more work. Does that create the possibility of more time with Yu Babi?

Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) almost broke up with Yu Mi. Gu Woong’s lie of omission that Sae Yi moved into his building almost imploded his relationship with Yu Mi. Their communications were solid. Gu Woong’s discussion with Sae Yi was excellent. He no longer was agreeable to be her backup. He was right to question if they were really friends. I’m a bit worried about the stability of the company. Gu Woong and Louis are struggling without Sae Yi who was proficient at her job.

The seventh song of the OST is a delight called “Belief” sung by Jung Seung Hwan.

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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One comment on “Yumi’s Cells Episode 9
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Gu Woong’s🐸🦖 omission about Sae Yi ☣🍋 moving into his building did blow-up on his face … im proud of Yumi for standing up for herself … you have to respect yourself for others to respect you. I concur the honest communication after the blow-up was refreshing.

    “Sae Yi decides to poke the bear.” -KJT. I was glad to see Gu Woong🐸🦖 take a more aggressive defense, than his thick-headed bear defense, against self-absorbed, manipulative Sae Yi ☣🍋 poking him about Yumi⚛📡. Yumi ⚛📡 wasn’t wrong … Sae Yi ☣🍋 would continue to submarine Gu Woong’s🐸🦖 relationships. I 💗 Gu Woong🐸🦖 for telling Sae Yi ☣🍋 straight up that she is the one stressing him out AND for going after Yumi ⚛📡 … he had to suck up his pride, just like Yumi ⚛📡 did in coming to see him🐸🦖.

    I groaned when the four year montage of separation played … I thought, if they weren’t strong enough to withstand Sae Yi’s ☣🍋 machinations, Yumi⚛📡 and Woong🐸🦖 don’t belong together. I’m glad that was a “what if” scenario.

    Gu Woong🐸🦖 and Louis 👨‍💻 may be struggling without Sae Yi ☣🍋, but at the same time her messed up advances being gone will alleviate some stress … at least until they can replace her.


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