Jirisan Episode 5


The grieving family and other towns people arrive at the town hall. Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) notices the scarred hand of one man as he enters.  Yi Gang can’t take her eyes off the scarred hand man in the town hall. She remembers Hyun Jo’s statement about the scarred hand in his vision. The meeting doesn’t go well when the wife of the dead poacher riles people up to leave. Hyun Jo calls her. She steps outside. He relays he found a house missing a potato bomb. She says they need to meet. When she finishes the call, the scarred hand man is standing there. He calls her by name. She calls him by name, Lee Se Wook. They exchange pleasantries. She asks what happened to his hand. He claims a raccoon scratched him on the mountain. He leaves.

Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) is surprised to learn Yi Gang knows a scarred hand man named Lee Se Wook. She explains he was quiet and shy when they grew up in the same village. After his father died, he turned to bee keeping at the base of the mountain. He is extremely knowledgeable about the mountain. Hyun Jo assumes Se Wook planted the bomb. Yi Gang isn’t sure. She asks if Ranger Lee Yang Sun knew the bomb was missing. Yang Sun and Se Wook are cousins. Hyun Jo admits Yang Sun’s phone is off.

At the Jiri Mountain National Park Ranger Station, Team Lead Ranger Park is irked rangers aren’t there. Ranger Jung Goo Young claims Yang Sun is sick. Hyun Jo and Yi Gang arrive, worried about Yang Sun. Yi Gang decides to track Yang Sun’s car. They decide to head out to the location.

They arrive and find Yang Sun’s car empty. Ranger Jung is worried. Yi Gang declares they must find her. They search. Ranger Jung finds a piece of Yang Sun’s clothing. Even more worried Ranger Jung leads the search. They find Yang Sun. She shines a light on another potato bomb. Yi Gang approaches the bomb to remove it. She takes the bomb and gently gives it to Ranger Jung. She asks Yang Sun if the bomb went missing from her house. Yang Sun is surprised Yi Gang knew. Yang Sun says Se Wook told her about the potato bomb. She says Se Wook say their grandfather on the mountain the day the bomb exploded. Yi Gang is taken aback. Yang Sun cries she wants to trust her grandfather.

Flashback…Yang Sun finds her grandfather exiting the barn with potatoes.

Yang Sun cries she didn’t know they were bombs. But when Dr. Yoon explained potato bombs were used by poachers in the 60s and 70s, Yang Sun hoped the bomb could belong to a poacher not her grandfather.

Flashback…Yang Sun demands to know where her grandfather put the potato bombs. He claims they disappeared. Yang Sun demands to know if he was involved with poacher Choi’s death. Her grandfather declares he had nothing to do with that (even though he poaches snakes sometimes).

Yang Sun repeats she wanted to believe in her grandfather but decided to search for the missing bombs. She can’t believe she found one. Yi Gang asks if the trap is her grandfather’s. Yang Sun confirms this. Yi Gang helps Yang Sun up after telling her they’ll need to explain all to the police. Ranger Jung leads Yang Sun away. Hyun Jo tells Yi Gang it isn’t the grandfather, it is Se Wook. Yi Gang counters the police will investigate. Hyun Jo is sure his vision saw the scarred hand. Yi Gang points out no one will believe a vision.

Yi Gang and Ranger Jung take Yang Sun to the police station. Hyun Jo is given the keys to Yang Sun’s car to return to the ranger station. Instead, he visits Se Wook. He sees the scarred hand. He accuses Se Wook of planting the potato bomb. Se Wook is shocked. He denies it. Hyun Jo asks if Se Wook poisoned the bottles of yogurt. Se Wook is visibly shaken. He orders Hyun Jo to leave and shuts the door firmly.

Good scene!

The police ask the grandfather to come to the station to answer questions. The grandfather swears he had nothing to do with the potato bomb that killed poacher Choi. He glares at Yang Sun.

Hyun Jo shows the solider a picture of Se Wook. We see a flashback that confirms the solider saw Se Wook. The solider tells Hyun Jo the man in the picture is the man he saw looking in the pink backpack.

Hyun Jo checks the footage at the base of the mountain, hoping to prove Se Wook came to the mountain that day.

Branch Chief Jo tells the team they have to get back to normal duties. Unfortunately, Yang Sun and Hyun Jo are out “sick”, leaving Yi Gang, Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park to do the work.

When Hyun Jo arrives, he wants Yi Gang to help him find the last potato bomb by searching memory cards from the ecological cameras. Ranger Jung and Team Lead Ranger Park are surprised to find Hyun Jo at the station. She asks them to help. When Ranger Jung learns it could help Yang Sun, he agrees. Team Lead Ranger Park agrees to help for food.

The distraught poacher’s wife and family demand the grandfather be held accountable.

In the police station, the grandfather declares he had nothing to do with the potato bomb. The police point out he had possession of them before they disappeared.

Se Wook texts someone and demands they respond stating someone knows what they are doing. Se Wook reviews his notebook with the list of victims. He receives a responding text stating the man that knows will be taken care of, Se Wook need only continue with the plan.

The list of victims and how they died was damming.

Ranger Jung finds footage of feet approaching. They continue searching for more revealing footage. Team Lead Ranger Park find footage of a man with a black cap passing the camera. Another angle shows the face of the man carrying the potato bomb. It’s Se Wook. They call the police.

The police rush to the ranger station.

Se Wook walks down the street with a small bag. He hears the sirens in the distant.

The rangers try to understand why Se Wook did what he did. Yi Gang wonders if he wanted someone other than poacher Choi to be the victim. She wonders why Se Wook told Yang Sun that her grandfather went to the forest. She guesses that Se Wook wanted Yang Sun to come to the mountain.

We see the last victim on the list “Yang Sun, location, bomb, bottle of yogurt”. Someone takes the notebook that has Se Wook’s name on it.

Se Wook visits Yang Sun. He shows he brought food for her including a bottle of yogurt. He urges her to eat even though she’s upset. He opens the bottle of yogurt. He tells her nothing will happen to her grandfather. He puts the bottle of yogurt in her hand and tells her to drink it. She drinks.

The police arrive at Se Wook’s home. He’s not home.

Yang Sun asks if Se Wook is sure he saw her grandfather that day. Yang Sun starts to feel weird. He tells her he didn’t see her grandfather. He laughs and says he lied. Yang Sun starts to gag. Se Wook says he’s killing her. She pitches to the ground. He smiles. Se Wook takes the bottle of yogurt and goes to the kitchen.

Yang Sun doesn’t answer the ranger’s calls.

Yang Sun tries to get to her phone. Se Wook takes the bottle of yogurt and pours it down the drain and rinses the bottle. He leaves as Yang Sun struggles to crawl to her phone. He puts it just out of her reach. He stares at the phone then tosses it in the trash.

That was cold blooded.

Ranger Jung, Hyun Jo and Yi Gang burst in the door and find Yang Sun on the floor. Ranger Jung calls an ambulance. Hyun Jo sees a man leave the back way. He gives chase. Se Wook drops the bottle of yogurt. Yi Gang gives chase too. Yi Gang calls in the direction they are heading.

On the mountain, Hyun Jo spots a hiding Se Wook. He chases him. Yi Gang sees a trap and potato bomb on the ground and tackles Hyun Jo. They stand and stare at the bomb. The police arrive.

At the hospital the police tell Yang Sun’s grandfather when Se Wook returns from the mountain, they will nab him. The grandfather rails at the deadly relative who seemed so kind. The doctor reports that Yang Sun will leave though there may be lasting effects. Ranger Jung visibly relieved. Yi Gang tells police officer Kim that they were able to save Yang Sun because of Hyun Jo. Taking the opportunity, Hyun Jo asks if the police found a bottle of yogurt that had poison in it. Police officer Kim is taken aback. Hyun Jo explains Se Wook murdered one of his friends and poacher Choi and almost killed a soldier and Yang Sun.  Police officer Kim doesn’t understand. Yi Gang tells Hyun Jo they need to talk and leads him away. Police officer Kim wonders what that was about.

Hyun Jo knows Yi Gang is concerned people will think him crazy, but he saw the visions, and knows they were true. Yi Gang surprises him by apologizing for not believing him. She thanks him for saving Yang Sun and others that could have been Se Wook’s victims. She wonders if she’d believed him earlier if more lives could have been saved. Hyun Jo says she saves lives every day. Yi Gang wonders if Se Wook is still on the mountain and why he did this. Hyun Jo is sure once Se Wook is caught, all will be revealed.

The next day a hiker enters a restricted area. He hides when he sees Branch Chief Jo holding yellow ribbons. He hides until Branch Chief Jo walks away. The hiker continues on the trail. He doesn’t see the dead body of Se Wook in the trees.

A man with Se Wook’s notebook with the list of victims scratches out Yang Sun and puts Hyun Jo’s name on the next line.


Hyun Jo searches the mountain. He’s surprised to find the lottery girl searching for the lost winning ticket. He warns her the fines for trespassing may be more than the winning sum if she ever finds the ticket.  He assures her he’s not searching for the ticket. She asks what he’s searching for. Hyun Jo says it is something he needs to find on his own. It begins to snow.

Present Day…

Ranger Lee Da Won and Ranger Jung put up the snow height markers. She murmurs mountains can be scary.

At the Jiri Mountain National Park Ranger Station, Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) has a warm meal waiting when Ranger Lee returns to their quarters. She loves it and eats with relish. Yi Gang asks if Ranger Lee knows about the potato bomb incident from 3 years ago. Yi Gang says Se Wook left potato bombs on purpose. They never learned why because he was found dead on the mountain. Yi Gang says there was a co-conspirator that kills people to this day. Ranger Lee assumes she’s joking but realizes she’s not. Yi Gang shares she was investigating that person when she got in an accident. She admits she came back to the mountain to find the killer. She admits she’s being signaled by someone on the mountain. She asks Ranger Lee to help. Ranger Lee agrees.

The next day Yi Gang gives Ranger Lee a GPS with locations signals are sent from. She asks Ranger Lee to install motion detector cameras in each location. Ranger Lee agrees and heads out. Yi Gang flies a drone to track progress. Ranger Lee saves to the drone as she crosses a bridge.

Meanwhile Hyun Jo’s ghost walks the forest.

Yi Gang’s voiceover “If I ever see you again, there’s something I must tell you.”

Yi Gang wonders if she sees the ghost with the drone. She sees the ghost’s face. It’s Hyun Jo!

My Thoughts

The potato bomb failed and the poisoned yogurt almost claimed another victim. Writer Kim Eun Hee deployed both food weapons, the potato bomb and the poisoned yogurt. The scarred hand man, Se Wook, was one of the men on the mountain. He was working with someone else. That person (Branch Chief Jo?) has set his sights on killing Hyun Jo, and added him to the victim list. Why? What’s going on?

Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) fully trusts Hyun Jo’s visions. He’s been right too many times. He knew Yang Sun was in danger. Yi Gang apologized for taking so long to believe him. He teased her that scallion pancakes whenever he wanted would suffice. The 2020 Yi Gang continues the search for the killer. This time Ranger Lee acts as her legs. I like the perky Ranger Lee. Did Yi Gang’s drone spot the ghost that walks the mountain? Did she see Hyun Jo?

Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) confronted Se Wook, the scarred hand man, and things amped up.  Now we know Se Wook was working with someone. He texted that person and took orders to calm down and continue to the next victim on the list, Yang Sun. It was chilling to watch Se Wook press the poison yogurt into his cousin’s hands, calmly wash the bottle while she writhed on the floor, then stopped her access to the phone. His death is no loss. Now there is only one. That man has his sights on Hyun Jo. As we know that Hyun Jo ends up in a coma and Yi Gang in a wheelchair, that man’s plans will come to partial fruition. Is that man Branch Chief Jo?

The third song of the OST is “Falling” sung by im Jong Wan of NELL.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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6 comments on “Jirisan Episode 5
  1. Cindy Yee Au says:

    Love your summaries and thoughts on the drama! Helps me figure out how much I should watch or if it is worth the time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. DramaDazed says:

    Kjt: ” Is that man Branch Chief Jo?” Actually, I am suspicious of Ranger Park Il Hae. When the mystery mastermind said to Se Wook ‘don’t worry I’ll find out what they are doing’, the next scene is Il Hae looking over the other rangers’ shoulders at the computer asking ‘what’s going on?’


    • I am suspicious of Ranger Park Il Hae. When the mystery mastermind said to Se Wook ‘don’t worry I’ll find out what they are doing’, the next scene is Il Hae looking over the other rangers’ shoulders at the computer asking ‘what’s going on?’
      That is an interesting sequence of events.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I like your thought process DD,
      based on your observations, Ranger Park Il Hae does look suspicious. It is too convenient to say the killer is Branch Chief Jo Dae Jin 👮‍♂️🎗; writers have led us astray many times haven’t they❓⁉️

      Liked by 2 people

  3. DramaDazed says:

    Yes, Jane…happily astray.😁


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    Why is someone like Yang Sun, low blood pressure and heart problems, a Ranger to begin with❓⁉️ Suspicion was put on Yang Sun’s grandpa 👴 🥔 for planted the bomb, but given Se Wook 🥔 💣 was identified by soldier, his guilt was solidified in my mind prior any other confirmation. The questions in my mind are what is Se Wook’s 🥔 💣 impetus and who is his accomplice or mastermind❓⁉️ I was taken back by the cruel way he tried to kill Yang Sun and implicate his grandpa 👴 🥔 in the bombings, without blinking an eye. What was Se Wook’s 🥔 💣 cause of death❓⁉️ It was creepy that Se Wook 🥔 💣 kept a list of all the deaths he caused … where is that notebook … does the killer have it❓⁉️

    Ranger Yang Sun got off the killer’s hit list and was replaced by Hyun Jo. It seems it has to be someone close enough to the investigation to know Hyun Jo pointed to Se Wook 🥔 💣. So I think it is likely a Ranger or policeman; DD could be on the right track with Ranger Park Il Hae.


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