Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 14

Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) cannot accept the barriers that Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) has put between them, not willing to share his past. She candidly states she hopes they would become family one day. But he is not willing to trust her like she has trusted him with her past. Du Sik apologizes. Hye Jin says they need to take a break and not to contact each other. She leaves.

Hye Jin cries on the way home. She runs into Ms. Yeo and lies why she is crying. Ms. Yeo ascertains something has gone wrong with Du Sik. She guides Hye Jin to her eatery and prepares a meal. Hye Jin asks if Ms. Yeo knows what happened in Du Sik’s life for the 5 years no one knows about. Ms. Yeo does not know either. She shares that when Du Sik returned to the village he was a shell of his former self. Du Sik has been alone, and it has been wonderful to see Hye Jin come into his life. Ms. Yeo suggests that Hye Jin could be his rock. She notes being open is easy for Hye Jin but hard for Du Sik. She says Du Sik is guarded. Hye Jin could be the one he opens to. She admits her own marriage was a disaster, she never told her ex what was really bothering her.

The next day Du Sik walks past an incoming car with the woman from the suit trying on memory.

Director Ji Sung Hyun (Lee Sang Yi) greets his sister Seon A and nephew Ha Rang with open arms. They catch up. She admits knowing about the villager from a guy in her past. She says the village appears to be as nice as he said.

Seeing she missed a call from Du Sik, Hye Jin calls. She clarifies this is not a breakup, this is break. Once he is ready to be honest with her, let her know. They both should think about what they want from this relationship. Du Sik agrees to her terms.

Officer Eun Cheol gives dental assistant friend Mi Seon a gift of a dress. Ms. Yu arrives for an appointment. After x-rays, Hye Jin reports she needs impacted wisdom teeth pulled.
Flashback…Ms. Yu has a happy moment with Ms. Yeo. Her mother comes and tells her she better her get her life together or her brother will put her away in a mental institution. Ms. Yu declares she is not crazy for liking someone her family does not like. Her mother sobs.

Ms. Yu admits to being scared about the wisdom tooth removal.

Du Sik looks at the alcohol fermenting for Hye Jin.

Hye Jin looks at the jewelry box Du Sik made for her.

Du Sik looks at Hye Jin’s apartment. He hides when she looks out the window.

The next morning, Mi Seon shows off the new dress from Eun Cheol. Hye Jin notes it is an expensive brand.

Eun Cheol continuously showers Mi Seon with expensive gifts. She starts to feel overwhelmed. On a date when he tries to give her an expensive purse, she tells him she would rather have time with him than gifts from him. Eun Cheol agrees to chill on the gifts. He gets a call and steps away. Mi Seon moons over the pretty purse. She steps outside and overhears Eun Cheol making a deal to meet someone instructing them to bring the agreed upon money. Worried he is doing something illegal; Mi Seon suggests they catch a movie. Eun Cheol admits he cannot.

Mr. Chang tells Ms. Yu he is sorry for making her uncomfortable when she returned the village. She admits she was surprised and saddened to hear that Mr. Chang and Ms. Yeo got a divorce. She remembers happy times the three of them shared. Mr. Chang admits he did not realize how much he cared until he lost her. Ms. Yu urges him to try again with Ms. Yeo. Be bold, just like she is getting her impacted wisdom teeth pulled. Mr. Chang thanks her for the advice. Ms. Yeo watches them talk and assumes Mr. Chang is hitting on Ms. Yu.
Things are still tense between Du Sik and Hye Jin when he is unable to open to her. She walks away.

Mi Seon watches the exchange between Eun Cheol and a mystery man. She assumes it is an illegal activity. Turns out, Eun Cheol is selling his military collectables to make money. Mi Seon is relieved. He apologizes for not telling her the truth that he could not afford all the gifts on his salary. They have a frank discussion about money. Mi Seon declares if they end up married, she wants two kids and no more “procreating without planning condemns you to poverty.” Eun Cheol kisses her.

A money discussion between dating parties is a rare commodity in kdramas.

Ms. Jo finds Ms. Yu drinking well on her way to being drunk. She joins her friend. Ms. Jo asks if she still has feeling for Mr. Chang. Ms. Yeo cries about her relationship with Mr. Chang and when she fell in love with him.

Flashback…Mr. Chang cares for Ms. Yeo’s ill mother in the hospital and makes her laugh. Ms. Yeo loves him for it and decides he is the one for her.

Ms. Yeo declares she clung to Mr. Chang, but he did not love her. They married and she hoped he would grow to love her, but it did not happen. Ms. Jo points out Mr. Chang did not have to marry Ms. Yeo, he did it because he wanted to. Ms. Yeo admits Mr. Chang told her to go on a blind date and she lied she would. She passes out. Ms. Jo sighs.

Ms. Jo texts Mr. Chang that the blind date guy got Ms. Yeo drunk. Mr. Chang runs to Ms. Yeo’s eatery and find her passed out. Ms. Jo texts him and says she lied. Mr. Chang looks at his ex. Ms. Yeo wakes surprised to find Mr. Chang there. He tells her not to go on the blind date. Ms. Yeo calls him crazy. Mr. Chang admits he is. He asks for another chance. He admits he blew their marriage with his insensitivity. He admits he remembers the incident changed everything. He let her go because he hurt her. But now he does not want to be apart anymore. He cares for her. He is sorry he hurt her. Can they start over? Ms. Yeo cries. Mr. Chang apologizes for being to late to realize how he felt about her. He hugs her while she cries. He swears to make it up to her. He cries.

The next day, Sung Hyun offers to purchase items for the shoot instead of the assistant. He has taken aback when he learns Du Sik and Hye Jin broke up.

Sung Hyun goes to talk to Du Sik. Sung Hyun tells Du Sik to make up with Hye Jin. Du Sik admits he does not feel worthy of Hye Jin. Sung Hyun tells Du Sik to act like Hye Jin does. Be honest. Be bold. Be brave. Sung Hyun believes Hye Jin will accept him as he is.

riter Wang and Sung Hyun commute. He shares Du Sik and Hye Jin have an issue and are taking a break. Writer Wang barks thinking about that will only hurt his mending heart. Sung Hyun admits he is not upset. He may be over her.

Hye Jin returns home to find a give of food from her father and stepmother. She calls to thank them. She learns some items are for Du Sik. Her father tells her Du Sik’s advice about the prissy plant seem to be working. He tells her to take care. Hye Jin sighs and remembers the joyful day they all spent together in the village. She remembers Du Sik admitting he felt that he killed his grandfather by going to the soccer game when he was a boy.

Du Sik looks at a picture of his friend, his wife (Sung Hyun’s sister though he does not know it) and their toddler son.

Flashback…His friend prepares an anniversary table for Du Sik’s grandfather. Du Sik is touched.

Flashback…Du Sik steps out of the dressing room in the suit. His friend and his wife tell him he looks great. His friend says he will pay for it. He tells him to pay him back with a fishing rod. They all smile.

Flashback…Du Sik attend the memorial service for his friend. The wife declares Du Sik should be the one dead not her husband. Du Sik apologizes. She sobs her pain.
Hye Jin knocks on his door.

Writer Wang and Sung Hyun work on the show. Sung Hyun offers to pay more money than the other network. Sung Hyun says he knows she has not signed the other network’s contract. Therefore, he is going to fight to keep her. They joke about all their crazy show ideas. They agree they have a simpatico.

Hye Jin brings over the food her father and stepmother brought for her. Hye Jin admits she is not the most patient person. She likes clarity. But she is willing to wait if he can promise one day, he will share his past. She does not need to story today or tomorrow but if they are going to have a future together, he needs to be willing. She wants to end their break. He can think about when to tell her as they resume their relationship. She tells him not to take too long. Du Sik agrees.
The last episode of the show wraps up. Everyone is pleased. Sung Hyun thanks Du Sik for his help. The assistant thanks Du Sik for the herbal medicine that is helping his father.
Ms. Kim calls and Du Sik meets her. She has food for the after party. As they walk, she asks about his break with Hye Jin. Ms. Kim tells him to make up with Hye Jin. A relationship that matters is hard to come by. Ms. Kim loves that Du Sik is not alone anymore. He needs to enjoy life and be happy. Du Sik asks if he should reach for happiness. Ms. Kim says the past is gone, all that matters is the present and future.

Hye Jin gets a job offer located in Seoul.

Du Sik meets Hye Jin as she walks from work. They go to the after party together. The villagers and show crew celebrate the completion of filming. Ms. Yeo and Mr. Chang are obviously getting along. Ms. Jo teases that she is the one that made it happened. Hye Jin tells Sung Hyun the show was a positive for the village. The villagers urge Director Sung Hyun to sing a song. He does and it is touching to all. Du Sik asks Hye Jin to talk.

In a secluded location, Du Sik says he will tell all after the wrap party. He warns it will take a while. Hye Jin smiles and says she is willing pull an all nightery. They agree to talk after the party.

The villagers notice Hye Jin and Du Sik stepped away. They are hopeful. They tease about Du Sik’s plain name. The assistant asks what his name is. When Du Sik and Hye Jin return. The assistant asks if Du Sik knows his father.

Flashback…dressed in a suit, Du Sik gives milk to the father before heading into the building.

Du Sik remembers what the assistant said about his sick father. The assistant punches Du Sik and knocks him down. Everyone is shocked.

Du Sik writes his own bucket list of things to do with Hye Jin. He smiles when he writes “be happy with you for a long time.”

My Thoughts

The mystery of Du Sik’s past begins to unravel. Writer Shin Ha Eun’s message – the past can resolve, and futures built. Hye Jin is brave and bold. Du Sik cannot tolerate the same level of risk because of the past that paralyzes him. I applaud Hye Jin for allowing Du Sik to tell her in his own time. Otherwise, they were in an ultimatum situation which is never positive. What is Du Sik’s past? Our bonus couples #1 Mi Seon and Eun Cheol – loved their frank discussion on finance and future children. #2 Writer Wang and Sung Hyun – she was pleased when he realized he was not hurting any more about Hye Jin’s rejection and he was pleased to learn she had not signed the contract with the other network. Is his plan to tie her to him contractually before exploring more than friends? Is he even thinking along those lines?

Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) took a break from Du Sik. Hye Jin was considerate but firm. She was not going to accept the barrier of his past between them. Thankfully, she listened to Ms. Yeo’s good advice and realized that everyone processes at their own pace. She redacted the break and offered to wait until Du Sik was ready to share.

Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) needs saving from his crippling past. Du Sik’s flashbacks were troubling. What did he do so that Sung Hyun’s sister blames him for the death of her husband? What is Du Sik’s action so the assistant holds him accountable for his ill father?

The seventh song of the OST is the lovely “Here Always” by Seung Min of Stray Kids. This is THE song of the OST.

I rank this episode as terrific9 on a 10-point scale.

Asian drama fan. I watch and blog dramas on https://kjtamusings.wordpress.com/.

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2 comments on “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 14
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Hye Jin 🦔🦷 taking a break from Du Sik🧰🎣 is just what the doctor ordered. Hye Jin 🦔🦷was patient to give Du Sik🧰🎣 time to open up to her … I agree KJT an ultimatum with a deadline probably would have driven Du Sik🧰🎣 away.

    I have not been a fan of Young Guk 👨‍💼, but I found myself pulling for him as he recognized his feelings for his ex-wife, Hwa Jeong👩‍🍳, and pursued reunification.

    It was nice to see a reconciliation between Sung Hyun 📷 Wang Ji Won✍ … will she continue to team up with her one-sided love ❤, will it stay a one-sided love ❤❓⁉️

    Color me surprised that Sung Hyun’s📷
    sister Seon A, wife of Du Sik’s🧰🎣 hyung Jeong U, is the mystery woman from Du Sik’s🧰🎣 memory and nightmares. Is Du Sik responsible for Jeong U’s death ❓⁉️

    Sung Hyun’s coworker Do Ha indicating Du Sik🧰🎣 was responsible for his dad’s paralysis was unexpected … were there multiple traumas for Du Sik or is this tragedy the same one that killed his hyung, Jeong U❓⁉️


    • I have not been a fan of Young Guk 👨‍💼, but I found myself pulling for him as he recognized his feelings for his ex-wife, Hwa Jeong👩‍🍳, and pursued reunification.
      Certainly not a man I’d choose for myself, but the realization that he loved her and wanted her back was well done.

      Color me surprised that Sung Hyun’s📷 sister Seon A, wife of Du Sik’s🧰🎣 hyung Jeong U, is the mystery woman from Du Sik’s🧰🎣 memory and nightmares…Sung Hyun’s coworker Do Ha indicating Du Sik🧰🎣 was responsible for his dad’s paralysis was unexpected
      Both caught me by surprise too.

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