Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 13

Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) makes seaweed soup for her boyfriend’s birthday. Best friend Mi Seon is more than reluctant to taste Hye Jin’s notoriously made cooking.

Hye Jin arrives at his house and finds the villagers already there celebrating. Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) welcomes her. He explains the villagers do this every year. They end up cutting his birthday cake together. Du Sik drinks the seaweed soup Hye Jin made.  They watch the villagers leave.

Mr. Choi piggybacks their daughter while a pregnant Mrs. Choi walks next to him. He doesn’t realize the strain being 9 month pregnant takes on his wife.

Alone, Du Sik and Hye Jin open the wine she brought. She wonders were they will be 1 year from now.  Du Sik gives a vague safe answer.

Mr. Chang finds his ex-wife Ms. Yeo and other villagers cleaning. After cajoling he takes the recyclables out.

Writer Wang and Cameraman Kim notice Sung Hyun isn’t eating much.  He suggests Writer Want not quit and stay. Director Ji Sung Hyun (Lee Sang Yi) scolds him stating Writer Wang has the right to pursue her own path. Du Sik arrives and overhears. He’s surprised that Writer Wang is moving to a new company. She leaves to get lunch. Du Sik takes the men with him.

Du Sik takes the twosome to his house where he prepares a meal. They eat. As camera man Kim does the dishes, Du Sik and Hyun Sung talk about Writer Wang. Du Sik shares that Writer Wang may think of Hyun Sung as more than a colleague. He advises Hyun Sung not to wait too long to act like he did with Hye Jin. Du Sik suggests life may be offering him a different path. When Cameraman Kim completes the dishes, Du Sik gives him medicine for his father. Cameraman Kim thinks both Du Sik and Sung Hyun are great guys.

At Hye Jin’s dental clinic, she’s surprised when two of her friends from Seoul stop by unannounced. They praise and belittle the clinic at the same time. Hye Jin suggest they get coffee.

Mr. Oh serves coffee at his cafe. Hye Jin’s friends praise and belittle the cafe. Hye Jin shares she’s dating a local. Du Sik walks into the cafe. He’s dressed to work. Hye Jin motions for Du Sik to join them. She makes the introductions. The friends invite Hye Jin and Du Sik to golf with them the next day. Du Sik agrees surprising Hye Jin.

As they walk home, Hye Jin asks if Du Sik can play golf. He asks if she’d be embarrassed if he couldn’t play way. Hye Jin points out her friends don’t have the same value system he does. She doesn’t want them to bother him. Du Sik suggests her friends could learn a things or two from him.

The next morning he borrows Mr. Chang’s golf club and outfit.

Hye Jin’s friends are impressed by Du Sik’s on-point outfit. Hye Jin reminds him to use honorifics not casual language. Du Sik plays golf well. After the round the foursome chat. Du Sik admits he doesn’t have a typical 8-5 job. The friends are surprised but understand that you only live once popular trend. Du Sik points out he has everything he needs – a house, friends, and the woman he loves by his side. That scores with all the women, especially Hye Jin. Before they leave Hye Jin’s friends declare Du Sik to be a terrific guy but wonder if he could be a long term relationship considering his non standard life path.

Before they return to the village, Hye Jin asks Du Sik why he decided to pursue his life path. He says nothing. She admits wanting to know about the 5 year gap in his life he doesn’t discuss. She offers theories which he shots down. But he never admits what the 5 year gap is about.

Back in the village at Du Sik’s home, Hye Jin states she doesn’t want secrets between them. Du Sik claims he left a desk job and decided to pursue his nonstandard life path. Hye Jin doesn’t understand why Du Sik kept that a secret. She asks if he’ll want to return to Seoul one day. Du Sik states he likes the village. Hye Jin admits she may want to return to Seoul one day. Du Sik understands that may be her future path. Du Sik changes the subject and suggests they eat. Hye Jin watches him go into the kitchen knowing he dodged the depth of the conversation she wanted to have.

Mr. Chang watches his ex-wife Ms. Yeo work in her eatery. He remembers finding a paper she kept with her married name. He wonders why she still cares about him but refuses to show it. Ms. Yeo urges her cook to leave early while she closes up soon. She falls asleep waiting for closing time. Ms. Yeo wakes to find the dishes washed.

Officer Choi Eun Cheol and Mi Seon walk home after watching a movie together. Eun Cheol admits he researched the movie and eatery before they went. Mi Seon urges him to be spontaneous not rigid while they date. Eun Cheol hugs her. Surprised, Mi Seon hugs him back.

That evening Hye Jin puts her jewelry in the box Du Sik made her and reflects on the conversation with Du Sik about returning to Seoul.

Du Suk puts his clothes away and smiles at the suit Hye Jin purchased him. He sees a second suit in the closet.

Flashback…Du Sik is awkward in the suit he tries on for a woman. They smile.

Du Sik murmurs he can’t even throw the suit away.

The next day the news is filled with reports of the incoming typhoon. Mr. Choi and a pregnant Mrs. Choi bicker about him helping in the store.

Writer Wang tells Sung Hyun she’ll be taking a break between jobs. They reminisce about the limited time off she had working with Sung Hyun because they both loved to brainstorm idea. She admits working with him was a terrific partnership. She admits they are still good partners, but that isn’t enough anymore.

Mr. Choi and a pregnant Mrs. Choi continue to bicker. She needs her shoes tied. He doesn’t realize she can’t reach them. She cries. He doesn’t understand why. He says once the baby comes she can relaxed. She can’t believe he thinks the work end after the baby is born. She points out the birthing process is taxing. She points out that being a mother is taxing. She declares he is merely a bystander. She orders him out.

Ms. Yeo almost falls from a chair as she preps her windows for the storm. Mr. Chang catches her. He preps the windows his way. They have coffee after. Ms. Yeo asks why he did the dishes in her eatery. Mr. Chang admits he was a terrible husband in many ways. He encourages her to date other men. Ms. Yeo claims she will. She tosses their coffees away. When their son arrives Mr. Chang engages.

Mr. Choi goes to Du Sik’s house and complains about his wife. Du Sik won’t hear it. He points out Mr. Choi’s wife has given up alot to be a wife and mother, she’s given up time to be herself. Irked at the lack of sympathy, Mr. Choi leaves not realizing he’s left his phone.

Hye Jin finds Mrs. Choi crying in the store. She helps clean up, ties her shoes, and tells her she admires her fortitude and her ability to be a great mother. Mrs. Choi’s water breaks.

Hye Jin calls Mr. Choi. Du Sik answers. Hye Jin explains that Mrs. Choi has gone into labor. Du Sik promise to be there quickly. He calls Mr. Choi’s brother, who doesn’t know where his brother is.

Du Sik arrives at the store and bundles Mrs. Choi and Hye Jin in the car. He’s appalled to learn the roads have washed out. Hye Jin declares she’ll deliver the baby at her place.

Hye Jin settles Mrs. Choi in her bed and they discuss breathing. Finally Mr. Choi shows. Hye Jin gets birthing advice from Mrs. Kim. It is long and painful, but a beautiful baby is born. The new parents are thrilled. Hye Jin holds the baby and coos. She urges Du Sik to hold the baby. He does and softly welcomes the baby into the world.

Hye Jin and Du Sik head to his place to relax and give the new parents privacy. Du Sik and Hye Jin snuggle down to nap, but she can’t fall asleep. She marvels at the joy a new baby brings. Du Sik murmurs she must have brought happiness to her parents when she was born. She asks if he’ll ever want children, or if he’d want a girl or boy first. Du Sik says he’s never thought about it. He drifts asleep.

Unable to sleep, Hye Jin gets up and explores Du Sik’s books. She finds a book with a picture of a man, woman, and child tucked in it. Du Sik finds her looking at the picture. He snatches the book and picture away.

Hye Jin apologizes. He apologizes. She asks who the people. Du Sik gives a vague answer. Hye Jin notes Du Sik is always giving her vague answers about his past. She points out she’s bared her life and soul to him. She’s an open book. She wants someone by her side that want to be with her forever. She appreciate his willingness to tackle her bucket list. But he won’t do the one thing she really wants. He won’t trust her like she trusts him. She wants to know the real him, the good, the bad, his past, his present, and his future. She admits she’s dream of them becoming family. He says nothing. She tells him to say something. Du Sik apologizes. Hye Jin asks why he’s putting up barriers between them. Du Sik admits he doesn’t know why he’s doing it either.


Du Sik makes a snack for the kids. He watches the hedgehog. The children ask why he refused to take care of the hedgehog when they asked. Du Sik muses that he’s still afraid of saying goodbye.

My Thoughts

The past stops Du Sik’s ability to progress in the relationship. Writer Shin Ha Eun sprinkled the mystery of Du Sik into an episode filled with couples disappointing each other. Mr. Choi disappointed Mrs. Choi consistently during the episode, but his presence at the birth of the baby, washed all the anger away. Bringing a new life into the world is an astonishingly beautiful intense moment between couples. Knowing he was a subpar husband when they were married, Mr. Chang helped Ms. Yeo in her eatery and with storm prep. He meant to be kind when he encouraged her to date again but ended up irking her. She claimed she was going to date again. Then Du Sik kept the whole truth about his past from Hye Jin. That didn’t fly with her. She pointed out she’s open with him and wants the same. Du Sik admitted he can’t do that know. Our couple is at an impasse.  Bonus couple #1 – Officer Choi Eun Choi & Mi Seon went on a date. Mi Seon advised Eun Choi not to follow the rule book. He hugged her. Bonus couple #2 –   Sung Hyun & Writer Wang are in a more positive place. Du Sik suggested to Sung Hyun that Writer Wang means more than he realizes and urged his friend not to delay making a move.

Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) was disappointed in Du Sik’s barriers.  She wasn’t happy that he continues to keep the 5 year gap a mystery. She wasn’t happy when he didn’t engage in dream of a future they could have together. I applaud Hye Jin’s honesty. She wants a forever partner and Du Sik isn’t acting like he can be that man.

Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) put up barriers that Hye Jin won’t accept. Du Sik is secretive about the missing 5 years. He won’t share it with Hye Jin. It is his right not to share. But he elected to dodge her questions instead of sharing he can’t talk about that period of time yet. The flashback of Du Sik trying on and purchasing a suit with another woman and the fact that he still owns the suit intrigued.

Here’s a behind the scenes video of episode 7-8.

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 13
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I thought the couples disappointing each other was somewhat counterbalanced with couples fulfilling their relationship responsibilities, such as Young Guk 👨‍💼secreting washing dishes for Hwa Jeong 👩‍🍳 and Geum Choel 🛠 seeking Yoon Gyeong’s 🛒 favorite fruit (durian?) and letting her pull his hair during labor (yes Geum Choel 🛠, there was something more painful than your hair to be pulled on 🤯 … HINT: it got you into the pregnancy).

    I applaud Hye Jin 🦔🦷 for being forthright with Du Sik🧰🎣 about wanting to get to know more about him. Many women are not confident enough to tell the truth to the man they love. Interesting that Du Sik🧰🎣, who is having issues with being forthright advised Sung Hyun📷 to move forward with Wang Ji Won✍ … take a little advice from yourself bro … move forward with Hye Jin🦔🦷 by sharing your past.

    We are getting down to the last few episodes … Du Sik’s 🧰🎣 trauma needs to come out soon.


    • I applaud Hye Jin 🦔🦷 for being forthright with Du Sik🧰🎣 about wanting to get to know more about him. Many women are not confident enough to tell the truth to the man they love.
      I like her blunt honesty, it is refreshing.

      Interesting that Du Sik🧰🎣, who is having issues with being forthright advised Sung Hyun📷 to move forward with Wang Ji Won✍ … take a little advice from yourself bro … move forward with Hye Jin🦔🦷 by sharing your past.
      Physician, heal thyself.

      Liked by 1 person

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