Yumi’s Cells Episode 7

After a wonderful weekend Kim Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) dreams and for a moment you wonder if her entire relationship is a dream. Thankfully no.

Yu Mi calls her boyfriend Gu Woong and makes a lunch box for him. Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) proudly shares the lunch at work with co-workers Sae Yi (who wants Gu Woong for herself) and Louis.

Yu Mi’s inner cells check the list of the 20 most important things to her. Gu Woong is number 1 and Yu Mi is number 2.

Yu Mi visits Gu Woong at work and speaks with him outside. They make plans for a movie that evening. Sae Yi arrives and informs Yu Mi of Gu Woong’s food likes and dislikes. Irked at Sae Yi’s knowledge and rubbing her face in it, Yu Mi whispers to Gu Woong before they walk away. He looks at Sae Yi before walking Yu Mi to the bus stop. Sae Yi seethes wondering what the whisper was.

Yu Mi’s inner life cells celebrate besting Sae Yi. They worry that one day Gu Woong will betray Yu Mi just like her previous boyfriend did 3 years ago. Yu Mi’s love cell decides to travel through the wormhole that appears when Yu Mi and Gu Woong kiss, to check out Gu Woong’s list of the 20 most important things to him.

At the movie theatre, Gu Woong and Yu Mi kiss. The love cells goes through the wormhole and stealthily breaks into Gu Woong’s inner heart sanctuary. She checks his list of the 20 most important things. Sae Yi is number 11 and Yu Mi is number 2. Gu Woong is number 1. He puts himself as the priority always. Conversely Yu Mi puts the man she loves as number 1 and herself as number 2.  Yu Mi’s love cells takes a dip in Gu Woong’s sea and finds his hidden desire to get married.

Yu Mi’s friends meet to celebrate an engagement. Yu Mi other single friend commiserates that they are the last not to be married. Yu Mi shares she’s dating. Unfortunately her phone doesn’t yield any photos of Gu Woong besides the first date photo from the frog festival. Her friends don’t totally believe that she’s dating. She calls Gu Woong to invite him to the wedding to prove to her friends he’s real. With the upcoming launch of the software, Gu Woong has to work that weekend.

Yu Mi is surprised to run into her ex-boyfriend (Lee Sang Yi), the one that dumped her 3 years ago for another woman. Their conversation has plenty of nuance, real or imagined. Flashback to happy dating times between the twosome. Yu Mi’s inner cells go on high alert to get her through the conversation without exploding in anger and keeping calm. She tells him she’s not in reconnecting.

Back in her apartment Yu Mi cleans furiously seething at the nuances of the conversation with her ex-boyfriend. Things go from bad to worse when her friend that will be marrying soon calls to inform Yu Mi that her ex-boyfriend will also be attending the wedding. Desperate, Yu Mi calls Gu Woong and pleads with him to take 1 hour and attend the wedding with her. She wants him to look great and meet her friends. Gu Woong is surprised at Yu Mi’s agitated state.

Yu Mi is careful about her diet and exercise before the wedding so she’ll look her best. Her efforts pay off. She looks lovely on the wedding day. She calls Gu Woong. He’s still at work and tells her he’ll meet her at the church.

Sae Yi warns Gu Woong that Yu Mi has marriage on her mind. She suggests that Gu Woong not attend the wedding.

Yu Mi’s men friends, including her ex-boyfriend, are impressed with how pretty she looks. Yu Mi wishes she didn’t have to see her ex-boyfriend, as it rankles her.

Yu Mi’s girl friends wonder where her boyfriend is. Yu Mi explains he’s coming from work. Inside the church, Yu Mi texts Gu Woong where she’s sitting so he can find her. He texts he’s coming and sporting a new outfit. Yu Mi’s fashion cells worries she asks the fishing cell to lower everyone’s expectations. Yu Mi tells her friends that her boyfriend is a casual dresser and had to work overnight at the office. She’s not happy when Gu Woong admits he didn’t have time to shave. She tells her friends not to expect too much.

Her ex-boyfriend texts requesting they talk before the ceremony. Outside, Yu Mi tries to hold it together. Eventually her ex-boyfriend gets to the point. He’s getting married. Yu Mi asks if he’s marrying the woman he dumped her for. Her ex-boyfriend confirms is.

Meanwhile Gu Woong enters the church and goes to where Yu Mi should be sitting. Her asks her friends where she is. They eye him with approval.

Taken aback at her ex-boyfriend’s impending marriage, Yu Mi outright lies that she’s getting married too. Her inner cells try and tackle the cell that approves of the lies. Yu Mi provides details about the upcoming ceremony abroad. She tells her ex, he won’t be invited.

Gu Woong walks up. Yu Mi is aghast knowing he’s overheard her lies about their upcoming marriage.  Her ex-boyfriend introduces himself to Gu Woong as a college friend. Gu Woong is friendly in return.  Her ex-boyfriend congratulates him on the upcoming wedding. Gu Woong looks are Yu Mi’s lowered head. Her inner cells can’t believe the situation and are collectively horrified.

Gu Woong thanks her ex-boyfriend on his warm wishes for their upcoming marriage. Yu Mi looks at Gu Woong in shock. He gives her a gentle smile.

My Thoughts

The pressure to marry is real. This episode Yu Mi wanted to prove to her doubting friends she had a boyfriend. The trio of writers for Yu Mi’s Cells –  Song Jae Jung, Kim Yoon Joo and Kim Kyung Ran – who base this kdrama series on the webcomic by Lee Dong Gun, built this episode on the pressure to marry and make a relationship permanent. Gu Woong had a secret desire to marry, one he buried deep. I loved when Yu Mi’s love cell broke into Gu Woon’s inner heart to see his top 20 things. Yu Mi was number 2 and Gu Woong was number 1. But Yu Mi’s top 20 had the order switched. That is realistic. Women often put others they love above themselves and can feel guilty if they make themselves number one. This can be a constant struggle. If you don’t take care of yourself, then you aren’t at your best for those you love. It’s okay to be first on your own list.

Kim Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) dealt with her ex-boyfriend. Yu Mi had a terrible breakup with her cheating cowardly ex-boyfriend (Lee Sang Yi). It scarred her. Add to that the pressure to get married. It was a difficult for Yu Mi to handle. She lied that she was getting married too when her ex announced his marriage. She was totally shocked when Gu Woong overheard and did NOT disabuse her ex when offered congratulations.

Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) was swamped at work and late to the wedding. I loved Gu Woong’s list of priorites and that Yu Mi was #2. His secret desire to marry was a pleasant surprise. Sae Yi warned Gu Woong that Yu Mi was considering marriage. Then he overheard her lies. He didn’t correct her, instead he offered a gentle supportive smile. Sweet!

The fifth song of the OST is  “My Heart” sung by Say Sue Me.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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4 comments on “Yumi’s Cells Episode 7
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    “Women often put others they love above themselves and can feel guilty if they make themselves number one. This can be a constant struggle. If you don’t take care of yourself, then you aren’t at your best for those you love. It’s okay to be first on your own list.”-KJT. You’re right KJT, as women we do tend to put the one/s we love as our #1 priority. Why is it we sometimes feel guilty when we take time for self care❓⁉️

    Is it wrong for me to gloat over Sae Yi ☣🍋 being irritated she could not hear Yumi’s ⚛📡 “whisper”❓⁉️ It annoyed me that Sae Yi ☣🍋 only seems to be interested in Woong🐸🦖 because he is interested in someone else … I feel like Sae Yi ☣🍋 would brush off Woong🐸🦖 if he would have shown any interest in her.

    Who knew that Sae Yi ☣🍋 saying that Yumi ⚛📡 asking Woong 🐸🦖 to be her escort for her friend’s wedding was proof that Yumi ⚛📡 wants to marry Woong 🐸🦖, might stoke him to find his own desire to marry 😉.

    I 💗 Woong 🐸🦖 for taking the congratulations on their impending marriage in stride from Yumi’s ex. I hope it pricks Yumi’s ⚛📡 conscience for describing Woong 🐸🦖 as a begger to her friends … Woong is AWESOME❣

    I kept thinking Yumi’s ex looked familiar … he reminded me of Sung Hyun, the PD in “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”. When I looked up his filmography, it turns out he was Judge Kim Ga On in “The Devil Judge”.


    • Why is it we sometimes feel guilty when we take time for self care❓⁉️
      snippet from an article You might have gendered expectations (think “good women put other people first”) that make it hard to prioritize yourself…. There might also be cultural norms around hard work (i.e., rest is equivalent to laziness) or specific family ideals around showing up for one another (like “love means never saying no”). These beliefs can make it harder to be unapologetic about your needs and desires. So if putting yourself first feels even slightly unpleasant…you are not alone.

      Is it wrong for me to gloat over Sae Yi ☣🍋 being irritated she could not hear Yumi’s ⚛📡 “whisper”❓
      No, let me validate your right to gloat.

      I 💗 Woong 🐸🦖 for taking the congratulations on their impending marriage in stride from Yumi’s ex.… Woong is AWESOME❣
      He is!

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    • Jane Tilly says:

      My bad, I just watched episode 8 and Bobby is Judge Kim Ga On in “The Devil Judge”. Yumi’s ex WAS Sung Hyun, the PD in “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”.

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