Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 12

Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) and Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) enjoy couple hood.

Du Sik has a nightmare where he tells himself he’s not worthy of happiness. Du Sik sinks to his knees in pain. He wakes to find Hye Jin there. He hugs her tightly as she soothes his nightmare away. Du Sik asks why she’s there. She informs him she wants to see the sun rise.

Unfortunately contrary to the forecast, it is a cloudy day hiding the sun rise. When Hye Jin informs Du Sik they can return tomorrow he tries to convince her she can she the sun. But no, she can’t.

Between patients at her dental clinic, Hye Jin works on her bucket list of things to do with Du Sik. Her best friend, Mi Seon scans the list and recommends adding taking the relationship to the next level. Hye Jin informs her they are taking the relationship slow. She does add a heart to the bottom of the list.

Ms. Yeo is pleased to learn her son won a math competition. She video chats her son, his father (Mr. Chang her ex-husband), and herself. They agree to a family dinner to celebrate. Mr. Chang’s co-worker brings him supplements to combat joint pain.

Du Sik helps a man build items. He sees a discard pile of wood. He asks the man if he can take selections for the wood pile. The man agrees.

After work, Du Sik finds Hye Jin at his home, dressed for couples yoga. It is harder than it looks. Du Sik isn’t a big fan. When he moves in for a kiss, Hye Jin pulls away, stating they both need to brush their teeth…together. They have fun.

The next day Hye Jin arrives with a couples shirt so they can take selfies. Du Sik sighs and agrees to wear the shirt. After the photo shoot, Du Sik wants to hang out and do nothing. Hye Jin isn’t happy he doesn’t have anything he wants to do with her. She decides to leave. A piece of paper is lodged in the couch. Du Sik unfolds and reads her bucket list of things to do with him. He thinks the list is adorable and agrees to tackle it starting tomorrow. They are all smiles.

The family dinner has tense moments between Ms. Yeo and Mr. Chang, but they manage to refocus on their son.

The next day Hye Jin runs into Director Ji Sung Hyun (Lee Sang Yi) and Writer Wang. It’s a bit awkward between Hye Jin and Sung Hyun. Recall she declined to pursue a relationship when he declared he cared for her.

Hye Jin gives Ms. Yeo’s son the hedgehog she’s been taking care of for the children. She realizes she’ll miss the prickly pet. Du Sik notes she used to be prickly but now she’s must softer. Du Sik carries the cage while he, Hye Jin and the children head to Ms. Yeo’s house.

Later at the village meeting, Du Sik announces four lucky villagers will be selected to appear on the reality TV show Sung Hyun is filming.

Flashback…Sung Hyun explains to Du Sik the DOS members, June and In U, will cook a meal for local villagers.

Everyone hopes they will be picked. By drawing names from a hat, Mr. Chang, Ms. Jo, Mr. Oh and Mrs. Kim. They are thrilled.

The next day the shooting of the meal with the villagers occurs.

After the shoot, Du Sik heads to meet Hye Jin at the apartment. Mi Seon walks in on them hugging and decides to give them privacy. She runs into Officer Choi Eun Cheol and explains she’s escaping the love birds. She’s planning to go to the roasted chicken food truck. He offers to accompany her.

Du Sik explains there is an after shooting meal, he’ll be attending with Sung Hyun and all the shoot participants. Hye Jin wonders if Sung Hyun is looking less gaunt than when she saw him the other day on her way to work. She asks Du Sik to look out for Sung Hyun and treat him well. Hye Jin is surprised when Du Sik responds with a snippy edge and protests. He counters that if she’s so worried about Sung Hyun, she should take care of him. He claims he’s okay if she does. Hye Jin assures him she’s only worried about Sung Hyun like a friend. Du Sik leaves. Hye Jin doesn’t understand what just happened and why.

While waiting for the chicken, Mi Seon tells Eun Cheol she’ll by 2 chickens so he can take 1 home with him. He declines. She explains she wants to because they shared a sweet moment over the chicken he bought her. She reminds him of his words that he likes her and wants take things slow. Eun Cheol asks why Mi Seon pretended not to understand him when he told her that. Mi Seon points out his literal manner causes a lack understanding of nuance in others. The food truck vendor can’t take it. He tells Eun Cheol that Mi Seon likes him too and they should focus on dating. Mi Seon thanks the vendor. She asks Eun Cheol if she needs to ask him out. Eun Cheol gets on one knee and asks Mi Seon to date him. Pleased and flustered, Mi Seon urges Eun Cheol to stand so they can go share the yummy chicken.

The after filming dinner goes well until Mr. Chang and Ms. Yeo start fighting. Du Sik isn’t overly gracious to Sung Hyun over the drumstick.

Outside the eatery, Du Sik ponders his actions. Sung Hyun joins him. He asks why Du Sik is upset with him. Du Sik admits Hye Jin is worried about him and asked him to watch out for him. Sung Hyun points out Hye Jin is pitying him, that’s nothing to be jealous about. Sung Hyun asks if Du Sik sees that he’s the lucky one that has Hye Jin in his life. Du Sik tells his friend to take better care of himself so Hye Jin doesn’t worry about him. Writer Wang steps outside. She and Sung Hyun start bickering. Du Sik watches with interest. They can’t be hear the arguing between Mr. Chang and Ms. Yeo. Sung Hyun wonders if it would be rude to leave. Du Sik confirms it then leaves.

Hye Jin is thrilled when Mi Seon tells her that she’s dating Eun Cheol. She’s not as excited when Mi Seon suggests double dating. Du Sik texts her and asks her to step outside.

Du Sik apologizes for snapping at her and admits his less than gracious actions towards Sung Hyun. Du Sik calls himself pathetic. Hye Jin smiles and calls him cute.

The next day Hye Jin and Du Sik get in her car and drive to Seoul for a bucket list date. They tour an art gallery where Du Sik lets it slip he dated an art major in college. He refuses to answer any questions about the relationship Hye Jin peppers him with. Next they go shopping. Du Sik doesn’t want to try on a bunch of clothes but Hye Jin states it is on the bucket list. Du Sik relents. Many outfits later, they are done and Hye Jin buys him an outfit as an early birthday gift. Du Sik graciously accepts. Hye Jin stops by the jewelry case and purchases herself a lovely but expensive diamond solitaire necklace.

Mr. Chang realizes his coworker brought him the joint supplements and the soup for his hangover the previous day from Ms. Yeo. He doesn’t understand why Ms. Yeo would do that when she argues with him all the time.

As Hye Jin and Du Sik walk through the store, a man recognizes and calls to Du Sik. Taken aback Du Sik says hello to Tae Gyeong. After apologizing to Hye Jin for interrupting, Tae Gyeong declares he’s when worried about Du Sik after his sudden disappearance and radio silence. Du Sik states he’s back at the village. Tae Gyeong gives Du Sik his business card and urges him to contact him. He leaves. Du Sik tells Hye Jin they attended college together.

Over their meal, Hye Jin can’t help but notice how distracted Du Sik is.

Mr. Chang ponders what his coworker told him. He decides a drink is in order. He goes to Mr. Oh’s eatery. They drink. Mr. Chang bemoans his marriage that wasn’t that great. Mr. Oh points out Mr. Chang is the lucky one that still has Ms. Yeo in his life while his  beloved wife is dead. He notes they’ve done this in the past.

Flashback…Mr. Chang and Mr. Oh drink. Mr. Chang claims he was jilted by his first love and felt sorry for and married Ms. Yeo.

Mr. Oh remembers that Ms. Yeo brought Mr. Chang an umbrella that night. But why was she soaked to the skin?

Flashback…Ms. Yeo overhears all the less than flattering things her husband says about her and their marriage.

Flashback…The next day Ms. Yeo gets into a big argument with Mr. Chang about his sloppy ways. Mr. Chang can’t believe she’s escalating over some minor grievances.

Mr. Chang stands outside and looks at Ms. Yeo’s house, the house he used to share with her. He realizes she overhear him and that lead to their divorce. He feels awful.

Du Sik is still distracted as he walks Hye Jin home. He bids her goodnight and leaves. Inside Hye Jin wonders if purchasing the expensive necklace was off putting to Du Sik.

The next day, Du Sik is doing wood work. Hye Jin texts him to take care of himself. Du Sik smiles and sends a brief response. Hye Jin is worried about the terse reply and shares her concerns with Mi Seon. Her friend is irked by Eun Cheol’s brief response to her positive emoji laden text of the morning. Later in the day Du Sik calls to touch base and declines Hye Jin’s dinner offer stating he has to work late. Hye Jin worries that Du Sik is backing off from her.

Sung Hyun exits work with his coworker after a successful day editing the show. They notice Writer Wang speaking to a director from a rival network. The word is the director is trying to recruit Writer Wang.

Sung Hyun has coffee with Writer Wang. She confirms she’ll be accepting the job offer from the rival network. She’s worked exclusively with Sung Hyun for a decade and it is time to switch things up. She doesn’t want to get stale. Even though Sung Hyun is a good person to work with, she’s ready for a change. She leaves. Sung Hyun is in shock.

Du Sik returns home late and finds Hye Jin waiting for him. He suggests they take a walk. He leads her to the beach cover where he has a canopy and lovely fire. Hye Jin is relieved. She admits his distance after their trip to Seoul had her worrying that she did something that caused him to push away from her. Du Sik is surprised she was worried. They sit under the canopy. Du Sik tells her she had every right to purchase the necklace with her own money. Hye Jin admits she didn’t want Du Sik to feel bad. He assures her there was no need to worry about his feeling on such a matter. He asks why she’s not wearing the necklace. Hye Jin shares she sold it. Du Sik is surprised and notes this isn’t good. He gets a gift out of his backpack. It is a handmade jewelry box.  Hye Jin loves it and assures him she has sufficient jewelry to fill it up.

She puts her head on his shoulder and declares this is a special spot now that they’ve made a lovely memory here. She tells Du Sik she loves him. Du Sik tells Hye Jin he loves her. They kiss.


Du Sik makes his own bucket list to do with Hye Jin. The first item is to make a gift for her. We see him craft the jewelry box and smile when it is complete.

My Thoughts

Love grew between our couple. Writer Shin Ha Eun sprinkled the mystery of Du Sik into an episode filled with bucket list items for our couple. Who doesn’t like the male lead to try on outfits including mesh tops? When Du Sik ran into Tae Gyeong, he was guarded and vague about their relationship to Hye Jin and obviously preoccupied after. Bonus couple #1 – Officer Choi Eun Choi & Mi Seon came to fruition. I chuckled when the food truck vendor advised Eun Choi what was going on was. I chuckled when Hye Jin and Mi Seon bemoaned their boyfriends brief text responses. Bonus couple #2 –   Sung Hyun & Writer Wang are not in a positive place. She overheard him talking with Du Sik about Hye Jin and decided that was enough. Just like Ms. Yeo overheard Mr. Chang talking about her and their marriage. Finally we understand why she divorced him. She didn’t want a marriage based on pity where he husband clearly didn’t cherish her before or after the marriage. Du Sik and Hye Jin continue to impress with their honesty with each other. What better way to end the episode than the three little words “I love you” uttered by both Du Sik and Hye Jin?

Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) convinced Du Sik to tackle her couple’s bucket list.  She made a list (in excel) and started in on it. It got better once Du Sik found the list. Then it became a joint venture. Hye Jin was surprised when Du Sik got snippy when she fretted over Sung Hyun. She was concerned when he seemingly distanced himself after their trip to Seoul. Her reason why she sold the necklace she’d worked hard to afford seemed flimsy.

Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) has a secret couple’s bucket list. Du Sik tends to be more secretive. He kept his feelings for Hye Jin hidden believing he wasn’t worthy of love. His nightmare where he tells himself he isn’t worthy of love unsettled him. He didn’t offer an explanation for Tae Gyeong. While we know Du Sik is hiding his past, his present is open. The clash of the two will be an issue.

The sixth song of the OST is the gentle and sweet “The Image of You (Remains In My Memory)” sung by Sanduel.

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 12
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I had to laugh at Eun Cheol👮‍♂️ being so dense about interpreting Mi Seon’s🪥 words and actions that the chicken vendor had to break it down Barney-style that he was getting the green light. Eun Cheol👮‍♂️ is sweet🍭, but dense. Sweet🍭 is good enough … for now.

    Another dense character, Mr Chang Young Guk 👨‍💼, had a light bulb 💡 moment when he came to the realization that his then wife, Hwa Jeong👩‍🍳, overhead him dissing love and marriage as nothing special, just as something he did since he was getting older … so he married his friend since his first love moved away. NO ONE wants to be considered second best. The cause of their divorce is no longer a mystery, although Young Guk 👨‍💼 is such a jerk it never seemed that mysterious to me. Despite her cantankerous demeanor, Hwa Jeong👩‍🍳, has continued to love and do many nice things for ingrate Young Guk 👨‍💼 … he doesn’t deserve her. Young Guk 👨‍💼 will have to cherish Hwa Jeong 👩‍🍳 if he EVER hopes to win her back.

    Sung Hyun📷 was pitiable this episode between explaining to Du Sik🧰🎣 that his🧰🎣 jealousy was over Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 pity and then finding out writer Wang Ji Won✍ was leaving his team for a change or pace. Will Sung Hyun📷 realize how much he values her❓⁉️

    This episode was a victory lap for the dimple couple, Hye Jin🦔🦷 and Du Sik 🧰🎣. I cracked up when he tried on the mesh top. I 💗 that Du Sik 🧰🎣 is not intimidated by Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 money. The only bumps in the road were Du Sik’s 🧰🎣 dream that he didn’t deserve happiness and the run-in with his college colleague, which really stems from the same issue. I feel like Du Sik 🧰🎣 is coming to a watershed moment … will Du Sik 🧰🎣 confide his worries in Hye Jin🦔🦷 or will he sabotage their relationship❓⁉️

    I 💗 the way Du Sik 🧰🎣 made his own bucket list for the dimple couple 👫 and fulfilled his first item.

    Have I mentioned how much I’m enjoying this drama❓⁉️ This rom-com is just what I need right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eun Cheol👮‍♂️ is sweet🍭, but dense. Sweet🍭 is good enough … for now. Another dense character, Mr Chang Young Guk 👨‍💼, had a light bulb 💡 moment when he came to the realization that his then wife
      Writer Shin is doing a good job of making borderline characters matter as the series progresses.

      Will Sung Hyun📷 realize how much he values her❓⁉️
      That’s the big question…business only or romance too?

      I feel like Du Sik 🧰🎣 is coming to a watershed moment … will Du Sik 🧰🎣 confide his worries in Hye Jin🦔🦷 or will he sabotage their relationship❓⁉️
      Coming to a boil.

      Have I mentioned how much I’m enjoying this drama❓⁉️ This rom-com is just what I need right now.
      Glad it is hitting the spot. I like knowing I will be smiling when I watch this series.

      Liked by 2 people

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