Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 11

Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) finds Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) at the dock. He is surprised to see her. She says she couldn’t wait to tell him. Hye Jin blurts out that she likes him. He’s surprised. She declares she has feelings for him. She admits she’s a planner, she’s his opposite. But in spite of their differences, the feelings are there. She likes him. Du Sik moves to her. She tells him she doesn’t need an answer. She admits her heart is pounding. Du Sik stares into her eyes. He leans in and gently kisses her. She responds. He pulls back. He admits he can’t fight his feelings either. He smiles. She smiles. He kisses her again. She responds. Du Sik ends the kiss gently. Hye Jin says she better go. Du Sik wants to respond. He declares he likes her. He respected her honest admission and she deserves the same. He has feelings for her. She’s all smiles. He takes her hand and they walk back to the village both smiling.

Du Sik walks Hye Jin home. She asks if they are officially dating. Du Sik says she can mark the date on her calendar. Hye Jin recalls that Sung Hyun admitted his feelings and tells Du Sik they can go public once she lets Sung Hyun down. Du Sik is surprised but not surprised that Sung Hyun declared his feelings. Hye Jin explains when she returned from his Grandfather’s anniversary service, Sung Hyun was waiting for her and made his declaration. Du Sik wants Hye Jin to tell Sung Hyun straightaway. She asks why he kept his feelings for her hidden. He snaps he didn’t realized he liked her so much. They are both startled by the statement. She teases him and asks how much he likes her. He admits his feelings are as big as famous lake, one she doesn’t recognize. Hye Jin states she’ll tell Sung Hyun tomorrow. They aren’t in a relationship until things are clear. Hye Jin goes inside. Du Sik grumbles as he walks away.

Hye Jin looks up the lake Du Sik mentioned. She reads it is old, big and deep. She calls him and reports she looked up the lake details. She loves that he likes her that much. They are all cuteness on the phone. Du Sik tells her to look at the family photo on her desk. She looks at the photo taken on the beach with her mother and father. He asks if she remembers who took the photo. Du Sik sighs and refreshes her memory about the boy that made her smile that day when the old man took the photo. Hye Jin remembers and can’t believe the boy was him. She remembers when she was in high school a boy gave her money to cover her purchase. Du Sik remembers the moment. Hye Jin declares they are fated. Du Sik declares they’ve found each other again. They are all smiles.

They are darling!

Back in Seoul Director Ji Sung Hyun (Lee Sang Yi) is distracted when he gets a call from Hye Jin. He tells Writer Wang he’ll return later that evening and finish the work. She sighs knowing he’s off to see Hye Jin.

Sung Hyun waits for Hye Jin at Mr. Oh’s coffee cafe. When Hye Jin arrives, she tells him she’s ready to answer him. Sung Hyun admits he’s nervous. He promises to accept her answer. Hye Jin says when they knew each other in college, she overrun with school, work, and had limited time for anything. But he was kind and considerate always inviting her to eat, play, or accept praise and happiness with the phrase “let’s eat”. She remembers him helping through her breakup. She admits she had feelings for Sung Hyun and knew he cared for her, but she pretended she didn’t know. She wasn’t confident enough to act on her feelings. Now she wants to be true to her feelings and honest with him. She sorry but she likes someone else. Sung Hyun appreciates her courage to be honest with him. He tells her college was challenging time but she radiated and he cared. He thanks her for being his first love. She thanks him for being her first love. They smile. Hye Jin wipes a tear.

Gosh, that was lovely!

As they exit the coffee shop, Hye Jin returns Sung Hyun’s lucky charm. She tells him she’ll be forever grateful for his friendship. Du Sik walks up. Hye Jin is taken aback. Sung Hyun tells Du Sik they need to talk. They walk away. Hye Jin worries what might happen.

Du Sik and Sung Hyun work on a bench. Sung Hyun shares that Hye Jin admitted that she likes someone else but didn’t tell him who. Sung Hyun tells Du Sik to be good to Hye Jin and make her smile. Sung Hyun says he likes Du Sik and he won’t be part of a hopeless triangle. Both me agree their friendship is good. They tease each other.

Mr. Chang wishes he knew why Ms. Yeo divorced him. He decides to deliver trash bags as an excuse to talk to her.

At Ms. Yeo’s eatery, a friend tries to talk her into dating a neighbor. Mr. Chang overhears. Ms. Yeo isn’t interested in dating. She likes her life as is. Mr. Chang enters and they bicker. He leaves.

At her apartment, Du Sik tells Hye Jin the conversation with Du Sik went well. They agree Sung Hyun is a good guy. Du Sik asks if they can be an official couple now. Hye Jin doesn’t want to village gossip to focus on them again. She wants to date secretly. Du Sik knows that won’t work. The villagers will find them out quickly. Hye Jin is adamant. Du Sik chuckles and relents. Hye Jin declares they are an official couple but dating secretly. They smile. Hye Jin says they can hold hands, snuggle and progress to other things to. She puts her head on his shoulder. They are all smiles. Hye Jin’s best friend Mi Seon return to the apartment she shares with Hye Jin. Our couple pulls apart. Mi Seon sighs and tells them to lock the door next time. She heads into her room. Hye Jin and Du Sik cuddle on the couch.

They are darling!

Writer Wang calls Sung Hyun but he doesn’t pick up. She wonders where he is since he’s not returned to Seoul as promised.

Sung Hyun drinks and broods. Mr. Chang enters to drink and brood too. They drink and bemoan their state of heartbreak and confusion. Sung Hyun confides his timing is always bad. He passes out.

The next day Hye Jin finds Du Sik working at Mr. Oh’s coffee cafe. They are lovely dovery until Mr. Oh walks him. On impulse Hye Jin slaps Du Sik and strides away. Both men are taken aback.

Hye Jin texts an apology to Du Sik.

Mr. Chang reels from a hangover at work. His assistant plies him with soup.

Du Sik delivers lunch to Hye Jin and Mi Seon from Ms. Jo’s eatery. The lovebird coo at each other. When Ms. Jo brings a forgotten item, Hye Jin kicks Du Sik in the knee. Both Du Sik and Ms. Jo are taken aback.

Hye Jin calls and apologizes to Du Sik. He accept her apology and says the secret dating is harder on him that he thought.

Sung Hyun returns to work. He apologizes to Writer Wang work for not returning as promised. He declares it won’t happen again. He offers to buy her anything she wants to eat. Writer Wang makes her order. Sung Hyun searches for his phone. His lucky charm falls out of his backpack. That gets Writer Wang’s attention who knows he gave it to Hye Jin.

Hye Jin stops by the market where Du Sik is working. He warns her to stay away from him so she doesn’t hurt him again. She apologizes, cajoles, and they are soon close. But when Mr. Choi enters on impulse, Hye Jin hits Du Sik in the nose. It bleeds. She stalks away. Both men are taken aback.

Hye Jin texts multiple apologies to Du Sik. She worries when he doesn’t read them. Is he mad at her? Mi Seon apologizes for how she behaved in the beginning of all her relationships, making Hye Jin live every see-saw moment with her.

On the way home from work, Hye Jin stops by Du Sik’s house. He’s not there. She decides to surprise him and enters. She smiles at his tidy place. She panics when she hears him approach and realizes he’s not alone. He has the elderly village trio of ladies with him.

As Du Sik approaches his house, he sees the light is on. He wonders why. When he enters he sees Hye Jin’s shoes. They wonder if someone is in the else but can’t find anyone. Du Sik gets rid of the trio as quickly as he can. He finds Hye Jin hiding in the closet. He laughs. He sweeps her up in his arms. She scolds him for not checking his texts. He explains he’s misplaced his cell phone but will find it.  They talk about their relationship. Hye Jin doesn’t want him to lie to her. Secrets aren’t good for a relationship. Du Sik agrees. She notices he’s marked the calendar on their first day as a couple. Du Sik is a bit embarrassed. Hye Jin loves it. Du Sik loses his footing and they fall onto his bed. They lock eyes. Just as Du Sik goes in for a kiss, Mi Seon calls, interrupting the moment.

They hold hands as Du Sik walks Hye Jin home. Ms. Jo, Mr. Oh, Mr. Choi and Ms. Yeo sees them. Hye Jin puts Du Sik’s arm behind his back. The villagers separate them leading them to their separate homes with the admonishment they stay apart so Du Sik doesn’t get hurt anymore.

The next morning, Mr. Oh stops Hye Jin from getting to close to Du Sik at the coffee shop. Ms. Jo delivers the food from her eatery herself.

Sung Hyun feels terrible as they scope out a filming location. Writer Wang takes him to the hospital. Once there, she chides him from not taking care of himself.

Du Sik and Hye Jin run into each other in the village. They hug, thrilled to see each other. Du Sik reports he hasn’t found his phone yet. Mr. Choi and his wife separate the twosome.

Writer Wang puts Sung Hyun to bed and tells him to take care of himself so he can do his job. Sung Hyun thanks her for her support. He admits he’s been dealing with rejection from his first love for a second time in his life. Writer Wang advises him to deal with it because he’s not as young as he once was. He sighs and goes to sleep while Writer Wang watches over him.

Officer Choi arrives at the dental clinic and asks Mi Seon to clean his teeth. Before she starts, he mumbles that he does like her but wants to take it slow. Mi Seon pretends not to hear, though she does. Officer Choi leaves miffed that she didn’t understand what he said. Seeing the smile on her friend’s face, Hye Jin pumps Mi Seon for details but she won’t divulge what happened no matter how much Hye Jin pleads.

Du Sik calls Hye Jin to report that the villagers will be at a community meeting and they can go on their first official date. Hye Jin can’t wait.

The next day seems long to our couple who can’t wait to see each other.

The villagers gather and decide what to do.

Hye Jin meets Du Sik by the docks. She runs into his arms. They hug and admit they miss each other. Du Sik admits the 34 years without her, makes each day with her precious. She loves it and the way he says her name. They hug again.

The villagers arrive and see them. Du Sik starts to explain why he and Hye Jin are together. Hye Jin announces they are dating. She wants a relationship in the open. The villagers laugh and declares they know it. We see flashbacks of Mr. Oh, Ms. Jo, Ms. Yeo, and Mr. Choi seeing the couple cooing at each other.  Mr. Choi hands Du Sik his phone. Ms. Jo chortles this is one secret she kept. Du Sik takes Hye Jin’s hand and announces he appreciates everyone’s support as he and Hye Jin date each other. The villagers cheer. Hye Jin advises the villager not to interfere with their relationship. The villagers cheer. Smiles all around.


Hye Jin smiles at the drawing she made after the day at the beach when she meet Du Sik. She marvels that the little boy was Du Sik. Flashback to a young Hye Jin making the drawing and wishing to meet the boy when she returns to the beach one day. Du Sik marks their first day as a couple on the calendar. He embellishes it and smiles. Hye Jin looks at the drawing and smiles.

My Thoughts

Could this couple be any cuter? Writer Shin Ha Eun keeps to the light, flirty, fun in this episode after Hye Jin and Du Sik admitted their feelings and decided to date. I was impressed with Hye Jin’s forthright and kind conversation with Sung Hyun. It was touching. His dismay and subsequent drinking made sense as he explained his timing sucked and he had to mourn losing his first love again. I love that Writer Shin is potentially giving us two bonus couples – Officer Choi & Mi Seon and Sung Hyun & Writer Wang. Watching our couple navigate secret dating was humorous. Du Sik’s prediction was correct, the villagers realized the truth quickly.

Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) decided secret dating wasn’t for her. She eventually admitted her dating status to the villagers. Considering how she has been a source of gossip since she arrived, it is understandable not to want to pile on. But that secret could never hold considering all the cute encounters she and Du Sik enjoyed. Of course, they were spotted cooing at each other. One of the best things about Hye Jin is her forthright manner. Her conversation with Sung Hyun was lovely. She acknowledged she cared for him too in college but didn’t have the confidence to pursue a relationship, a regret.

Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) agreed secret dating wasn’t for him. Du Sik and Hye Jin were adorable this episode. I basked in their glow. Du Sik’s conversation with Sung Hyun was sensitive. He promised to treat Hye Jin well when Sung Hyun directed him to.

The fifth song of the OST is the gentle and sweet “Be The Light” sung by Kim Jae Hwan.

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 11
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Oh I enjoyed seeing the mutually satisfying kiss between Hye Jin🦔🦷 and Du Sik🧰🎣 again❣ I’ve decided they should be called the dimple couple 💑 , as they both have terrific dimples; can you imagine what adorablechildren thus couple would produce❓⁉️ The dimple couple are adorable.

    Sung Hyun📷 was so gracious in accepting Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 kind, but honest rejection and in maintaining his friendship with Du Sik 🧰🎣 … I felt bad for Sung Hyun📷 because you know he was heartbroken 💔, is such a great guy and deserves a good wo.an who loves him. Maybe Sung Hyun📷 will notice coworker Wang Ji Won✍, who already likes him … whoever ends up with Sung Hyun will be VERY LUCKY 🍀.

    What was with Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 frenzied texting and overacting that injured Du Sik🧰📷❓⁉️ It’s a good thing the villagers stepped in. The dimple couple were so silly thinking they could hide their relationship when they held hands and kissed in public. It is marvelous to have a couple come together with relatively little games and no one out to thwart the relationship.


    • I’ve decided they should be called the dimple couple 💑 , as they both have terrific dimples
      I like it

      Sung Hyun📷 was so gracious in accepting Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 kind, but honest rejection and in maintaining his friendship with Du Sik 🧰🎣 … I felt bad for Sung Hyun📷 because you know he was heartbroken 💔, i
      the let down scene felt honest, his reaction and sadness felt honest too.

      The dimple couple were so silly thinking they could hide their relationship when they held hands and kissed in public.
      It was silly, public displays of affection WILL be noticed! The village was already focused on them.

      Liked by 1 person

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