Yumi’s Cells Episode 6

Kim Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) rushes outside determined to find Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun). She sees him walking towards her cake box in hand. He asks what she’s doing. Gu Woong says he brought her cake for her birthday and they should eat it.  He brings up the necklace and tells her his ability to select pretty things is subpar. He brings up the tea base and tells her that was a misunderstanding. Yu Mi scoffs at the brief explanation. Gu Woong looks forlorn and cute. Yu Mi chuckles. Gu Woong smiles. He tells her they should eat her cake. Yu Mi puts her hand on Gu Woong’s arm. He’s surprised and pleased that she’s reached out. She tells him to come up to her apartment so they can eat her cake. She smiles. He smiles.

Gu Woong’s inner life cycles get excited about being invited into Yu Mi’s apartment. Gu Woong’s inner life naughty cell dragon (naughtysarus) is fired up about potential physical contact.

Yu Mi takes Gu Woong to her apartment. She unlocks her door then dashes in to quickly tidy, assuming Gu Woong will follow. Unfortunately Gu Woong feels the need to go to that bathroom, something he doesn’t want to do the first time in the apartment. His inner life cells battle with the colon cell but nothing can be done, it is going to come out. Initially Gu Woong manages to hide his distress. After Yu Mi gushes about the cake, the candles are lit, and the birthday song is sung, Gu Woong gasps his need for a toilet.

He rushes to the bathroom, mortified. Things get worse when he needs a plunger and has to ask Yu Mi for one. When he exits the bathroom, he wants to leave. Yu Mi is sweet and coaxes him to lay on her bed with the heating pad, drink soothing tea, and let her rub his tummy. She explains her grandmother treated her just like this when her colon was distressed. Gu Woong is touched.

The next morning, Gu Woong wakes in Yu Mi’s bed to find her sleeping next to him. He waits for her outside while she dresses for work. When she exits the building, they agree to have breakfast before work. The suggestion of a vacation is well received and they agree to a beach getaway weekend.

At work, Yu Mi is thrilled with the idea of the getaway. Gu Woong texts a lovely seaside hotel. She agrees it looks wonderful. Gu Woong texts that he’ll make the reservation. Unfortunately, the on-line reservation system is down and a phone call starting at noon that day is the only way to secure a reservation. Gu Woong has a meeting during that timeframe. Yu Mi agrees to make the reservation. She declines lunch with co-workers to make the reservation. Her inner life cells are thrilled and make a list of things to do over the weekend.

A noon Yu Mi calls the hotel to make the reservation for a 2 double beds, ocean view room. Unfortunately for the weekend in question, only two options are available – 2 twin beds, parking lot view OR 2 double beds, ocean view WITH a glass bathroom, offering no privacy. The reservation agent warns that many couples don’t like the glass bathroom which is why the ocean room is still available. Yu Mi fantasizes about Gu Woong taking a shower. Her inner life naughty cell is fired up. But her prim and proper etiquette cells declares she can’t make the reservation. Yu Mi tells the reservation agent she’ll call back. She calls Gu Woong to get his take, but he’s in the meeting and unavailable.

Yu Mi decides to take the 2 twin beds, parking lot view and calls the reservation agent back. It’s no longer available is the response. Desperate to make the reservation she’s been entrusted to procure, Yu Mi declares she’ll book the 2 double beds, ocean view WITH a glass bathroom.

The day of departure, Gu Woong drives up with a spiffy car he borrowed from a friend. Yu Mi decides she better warn Gu Woong about the glass bathroom. But before she can tell him, Gu Woong mentions he’s heard the hotel has rooms with a glass bathroom. He declares people that make reservations for a room with a glass bathroom are perverts. Yu Mi pretends to agree and worries about his reaction. She decides to cancel the reservation when they take a driving break. Unfortunately the cancellation policy is $0 refund for day-off cancellations. Yu Mi can’t let Gu Woong lose the money so she doesn’t cancel.

When they arrive at the hotel, Yu Mi tells Gu Woong she hopes the room is lovely. When they enter the room, it is lovely. The bed, the ocean view, the balcony, are lovely. Gu Woong is taken aback by the glass bathroom. He heads to the front desk to demand a different room. Yu Mi tries to call and stop him but his righteous outrage won’t be quelled. The front desk manager speaks with the reservation agent who assures him, the person that made the reservation knew it was a glass bathroom. The voice recording of Yu Mi’s attempt to reserve the room is played. Gu Woong takes this as proof that this room wasn’t the requested room. Then the recording continues. Yu Mi arrives and admits she wanted the room. Gu Woong is shocked. The voice recording continues, with her desperate agreement to reserve the room with the glass bathroom. He and Yu Mi slink away as the hotel manager wishes them a pleasant stay.

Over lunch, Yu Mi is mortified. She believes Gu Woong thinks she’s a pervert. She snaps at him stating she had to make the reservation and that room was the only option. She calls out her understanding of his colon distress at her apartment. Unfortunately her voice is raised and everyone in the eatery overhears. Now Gu Woong is mortified. Gu Woong’s salty cell arrives and takes control. The other cells him to listen to reason, to no avail. Gu Woong suggests they cancel the weekend and drive home. Yu Mi claims she doesn’t care either way. Her inner cells can’t believe the weekend is blown up. Yu Mi’s etiquette cell declares this is better than being considered a pervert.

As they drive home, Yu Mi can’t bring herself to say she wants to stay in the room. Gu Woong can’t bring himself to cancel the room. When Yu Mi realizes their luggage is still in the room, Gu Woong makes a U turn and drives back to the hotel. Neither one is willing to say they want to stay. They look longingly at the sea as the drive back.

Yu Mi heads up the room to get the luggage. Gu Woong heads to the front desk to cancel the reservation.

Again, neither is willing to say they want to stay.

Gu Woong takes the elevator to the room’s floor. Yu Mi is waiting at the elevator with the luggage. Again, neither is willing to say they want to stay. Then Gu Woong finally says what they both want. The glass bathroom isn’t a deal breaker, in fact, he likes it. Yu Mi’s inner cells kick out the etiquette cell. Gu Woong’s inner cells capture and disregard the salty king cell.

Gu Woong and Yu Mi burst into the room passionately kissing. They end up on the bed to take their relationship to the next level.

My Thoughts

Communication is the hardest part of any relationship. This episode Yu Mi didn’t want to admit she was okay with the glass bathroom after Gu Woong declared only a pervert would make a reservation with that kind of bathroom. The trio of writers for Yu Mi’s Cells –  Song Jae Jung, Kim Yoon Joo and Kim Kyung Ran – who base this kdrama series on the webcomic by Lee Dong Gun, built this episode on Yu Mi’s and Gu Woong’s desire not to embarrass themselves in front of the other. Gu Woong was embarrassed about his colon’s need to expel when he went to Yu Mi’s apartment. Yu Mi was embarrassed about the reservation. Yu Mi was insecure about admitting the truth believing Gu Woong would censure her. She also struggled with saying what she wanted. Thrilled to be taking a vacation with Gu Woong, Yu Mi took the best option the hotel had to offer – the room with the glass bathroom. She was right. Undoubtably, Gu Woong would have made the same choice. But his negative statement about the kind of person that would reserve such a room, silenced Yu Mi. Looking bad in Gu Woong’s eyes is something Yu Mi can’t take at this young point in their relationship. While it was difficult to watch Yu Mi’s silence, eventually they both accepted the room. Gu Woong was slow to help resolve the matter. I expect to see his thought process featuring naughtysarus to accept the room in the next episode. Gu Woong wanted to be with his girlfriend. Yu Mi felt the same, but was constrained by the dictates of acceptable behavior which includes being less vocal about her own physical needs. The episode ended with our couple exploring the physical side of their relationship. No doubt their inner cells were thrilled. I was relieved and pleased.

Kim Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) couldn’t admit she made the reservation. Yu Mi wanted the weekend getaway, fully aware and excited that their relationship would likely turn physical. But she couldn’t stand Gu Woong tagging her as a pervert for making the reservation with the glass bathroom. She clammed up and didn’t speak her truth. Yu Mi tends to hide her true feelings believing that polite acceptance is better than raw honesty which could cost her. It all boils down to Yu Mi not wanting to lose Gu Woong. She cares for him. I wish she could see when she’s honest, like when she told Gu Woong that she was upset about Sae Yi picking out her birthday gift, their relationship is strengthened by honest communication. Easy to say, hard to do.

Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) unknowingly called Yu Mi a pervert making it difficult for her to admit the truth. He loved Yu Mi’s tender care of him when his colon caused him issues when he visited her apartment for the first time. He was terribly embarrassed about that. When Yu Mi brought up her kindness over the uncomfortable incident in a public place, Gu Woong was embarrassed again. But Yu Mi had a point. Gu Woong should have reversed his stance and admit the glass bathroom was okay after he learned Yu Mi knowingly made the reservation. But he didn’t so they left only to return to the hotel to get their bags. Eventually Gu Woong tossed matter aside for what he really wanted…alone time with his girlfriend. What a relief!

The fourth song of the OST is the sweet “Like a Star” sung by Doyoung (NCT). Linked lyrics of the lovely song.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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4 comments on “Yumi’s Cells Episode 6
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I 💗 how the feelings are displayed so palpably in our OTP’s villages. Woong’s🐸🦖 fireworks 🎆 displayed the celebration in his heart and of course Naughtysaurus🦖 roared to life at being invited into Yumi’s ⚛📡 apartment. Woong’s 🐸🦖 cells wanted him to give Yumi ⚛📡 a back hug … Naughtysaurus will have a tough time back hugging with his short T-Rex arms. Then I was rolling on the floor with Woong’s colon💩 announcement … then the emergency siren 🚨 … OMO … GO STRAIGHT TO THE BATHROOM, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200 (or sing Happy Birthday)!!! OMO the clogged toilet 🚽 YIKES, although the ultimate embarrassment 😬 would have been an overflow. Then another vague communication … “that thing” hmm 😒 ❓⁉️. We are talking about a plunger 🪠… right❓⁉️ Yumi ⚛📡 was so sweet to take care of Woong 🐸🦖 … given the bathroom emergency, things could not have salvaged any better for Woong 🐸🦖

    Is there really a market for a glass bathroom❓⁉️ Only someone desperate for an ocean view would take that room … which is what happened.

    Oh my goodness despite Yumi’s ⚛📡 efforts to not let Woong 🐸🦖 hear her reservation phone call, he still did 😳! Yumi ⚛📡 got so defensive about her glass bathroom debacle, she brought up Woong’s🐸🦖 bathroom emergency … I could hardly believe how quickly King Salty 🤴🧂 made his presence known. They both got so stubborn about wounded pride, they nearly went home angry. Good thing they left their bags behind and had a chance to cool down and overcome their wounded pride 😤


    • Yumi ⚛📡 was so sweet to take care of Woong 🐸🦖 … given the bathroom emergency, things could not have salvaged any better for Woong 🐸🦖
      She was WONDERFUL in the situation!

      They both got so stubborn about wounded pride, they nearly went home angry. Good thing they left their bags behind and had a chance to cool down and overcome their wounded pride 😤
      They both struggled with saying what they thought and wanted in this situation.

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