Yumi’s Cells Episode 5

Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) takes Yu Mi’s hands. They stare into each other’s eyes. There is interest and consent in both sets of eyes. Gu Woong cups her face and kisses her. Kim Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) participates in the kiss. They pull apart. They stare into each other eyes. They kiss again. Yu Mi’s inner life cells and Gu Woong’s love cell watch the love wormhole open up. His love cells tells the others they’ll likely see each other more often know that the twosome have reached kissing status.

The couple are in the infatuation stage where they enjoy sweet dates topped by sweet kisses. Each kiss opens the wormhole allowing Gu Woong’s love cell to visit Yu Mi’s inner cells often. One date Yu Mi teases Gu Woong into thinking she’s interested in getting hot and sweaty with him. Gu Woong’s inner life naughty cell dragon (naughtysarus) flames in anticipation. Then Yu Mi declares she wants them to run a marathon together. She giggles knowing he was thinking about another activity.  While they sip cool drinks, Gu Woong’s co-worker Sae Yi calls him to report an issue. She’s not pleased to overhear Gu Woong and Yu Mi cooing at each other. Gu Woong tells Yu Mi he won’t interrupt their date. Yu Mi peppers him with questions about his co-worker Sae Yi, whom she hasn’t met yet. Yu Mi is taken aback to learn Sae Yi is a woman. Her inner life cells go on high alert believing men and women can’t be friends. Which is ridiculous as Yu Mi currently has no interest in the other men she works with but jealousy blows away logic.

Even worse, Yu Mi’s hunch cell has the foreboding that Sae Yi is a rival interest. Due to his uncanny ability to foresee the future, the hunch cell lives outside the village. He rushes twice to report concern about Sae Yi and that Sae Yi is trouble for Yu Mi. All this agitates Yu Mi who tells herself to calm down and not worry that Sae Yi is a female coworker. Her thoughts are interrupted by a call from her boss, Section Chief Nam, who needs her to revise a report by 9pm. Gu Woong suggests she can make the updates at his apartment versus an internet cafe. Wanting their date to continue with minimal interruption, Yu Mi agrees.

At Gu Woong’s apartment, Yu Mi settles to revise the report for her boss. Gu Woong offers to make her tea. She agrees tea would be refreshing and it is. She notices the tea base is homemade not store bought. She suspects Sae Yi gave Gu Woong the tea base.  She asks him who gave him the homemade tea base.

Flashback…Sae Yi offers Gu Woong the tea base and tells him to drink it to help get over his cold.

Gu Woong thinks he should tell Yu Mi that Sae Yi gave him the tea base. But his inner life love and reason cells disagree. The love cell edits Gu Woong’s response from the story about the tea base to “someone gave it to me”.  Yu Mi doesn’t like the vague response but decides to accept his explanation. Even worse, Yu Mi’s hunch cell has the foreboding that this will cause issues for the couple, but decides 2 trips to the village in 1 day caused enough consternation in Yu Mi’s inner cells.

That evening Yu Mi plans what to wear for her birthday date with Gu Woong tomorrow. Her inner life naughty cell reminds her quality underwear is called for as you never know if things will heat up. Yu Mi’s inner life cells hopes Yu Mi’s birthday is wonderful as the last 3 years have not been happy birthdays. The are taken aback to see a large lemon (part of the tea base) in the sky. Yu Mi decides she must confront Gu Woong about who gave him the tea base. She checks Sae Yi’s social media and learns she’s made the tea base and given it to those that matter to her. She and her inner cells strive for inner calm but it won’t last.  Irked, Yu Mi composes a text message asking Gu Woong who have him the tea base, but before she can send it, Gu Woong sends her a sweet text wishing her to sleep well with a heart emoji. Yu Mi melts at the sweet text and returns her own wishes with 3 heart emojis. Her inner life cells settle down. She snuggles to sleep with a smile on her face.

Gu Woong takes Yu Mi to a lovely dinner. He surprises with her a gift box. Yu Mi tries to guess what’s in the the box. Her inner life cells make bets on the contents. Perfume and necklace are the bets. When Yu Mi sees an external battery, she tries to keep the smile on her face to hide her disappointment. Gu Woong urges her to turn on the battery by flicking the switch. Yu Mi does and is surprised to see the battery open revealing another box. She opens the box and finds a lovely necklace. She loves it. Her inner cells love it. Gu Woong is pleased she’s happy with his gift.

Unfortunately Gu Woong gets a call with an issue he needs to attend to ASAP. This time he must interrupt their date. He suggests two options – either Yu Mi comes to work with him or Yu Mi wait at a coffee shop and he’ll join her as soon as he can. Yu Mi decides she needs to meet Sae Yi and tonight as she’s looking great, so there is no time like the present. Yu Mi fantasies about besting Sae Yi when they meet.

Taking a moment to freshen herself, Yu Mi encounters Sae Yi in the restroom. Both are surprised to see the other. Clad in control, they introduce themselves. Yi Mi struggles to keep it together. Yu Mi takes her shot and thanks Sae Yi for the tea base that she enjoyed at Gu Woong’s house. It is a direct hit. Sae Yi takes her hot and informs Yu Mi the birthday gift necklace she’s sporting was picked out by her as Gu Woong took her shopping with him. It is a direct hit.

Yu Mi manages to look composed while she watches Sae Yi and Gu Woong work. Her inner life cells struggle to deal with the flowers that turn them into zoombies that Sae Yi has initiated. Sae Yi skillfully shows her close relationship with Gu Woong. When she can’t take it anymore, Yu Mi leaves. Yu Mi texts Gu Woong and tells him to work and not worry about hurrying, she heading home. Gu Woong is taken aback and calls Yu Mi. She declares it was obvious that he needed to focus and therefore she left. She thanks him for the lovely evening and gift but he doesn’t have to prolong the date. Gu Woong asks if she’s upset. Yu Mi claims she isn’t upset, but she can’t hold it in. She asks why he picked out the necklace with Sae Yi in tow. Why didn’t he tells her Sae Yi made the tea base? Yu Mi hangs up before Gu Woong can answer. Gu Woong can’t believe that everything fell apart so quickly.

Gu Woong doesn’t believe Sae Yi’s claim not to know why Yu Mi left upset. He leaves. He returns to inform Sae Yi she doesn’t know him as well as she thinks.

As Yu Mi walks home the anger fades. Her inner life love cell defeats the flowers that Sae Yi initiated. She regrets what she said to Gu Woong. Her inner life cells stop being zoombies and return to normal. Her love cell declares Sae Yi is toxic. She won’t let the evening end like this.

At home, Yu Mi sends Gu Woong a text. Her inner cells gather determined the date isn’t over. Gu Woong doesn’t return her text. The inner cells worry. Yu Mi looks at the clock and wonders why Gu Woong hasn’t returned her text. The inner cells worry more. Yu Mi is mad at herself. She wants to see Gu Woong. Her love cell urges her to call him. Yu Mi calls Gu Woong but he doesn’t pick up. Before she disconnects, Louis, Gu Woong’s coworker answers. He informs her Gu Woong forgot his phone at the office. He doesn’t know where Gu Woong is.

Yu Mi rushes outside determined to find Gu Woong. She sees him walking towards her cake box in hand. He’s not happy to she her outside and alone this late at night. He asks what she’s doing. Going on the offensive, Yu Mi asks Gu Woong why he’s there. Once again his inner love cells edits the detailed explanation to the statement that he brought her cake for her birthday and they should eat it.  He brings up the necklace, reconsiders his full explanation and tells her his ability to select pretty things is subpar. He brings up the tea based, reconsiders his full explanation and tells her that was a misunderstanding.

Yu Mi scoffs at the brief explanation. But Gu Woong looks forlorn and cute. Yu Mi chuckles. Gu Woong smiles. He tells her they should eat her cake. She notes her birthday is over. He suggests going for a drink. Yu Mi puts her hand on Gu Woong’s arm. He’s surprised and pleased that she’s reached out. She tells him to come up to her apartment so they can eat her cake. She smiles. He smiles.

My Thoughts

The green eyed monster of jealousy and insecurity almost overwhelmed Yu Mi. The trio of writers for Yu Mi’s Cells –  Song Jae Jung, Kim Yoon Joo and Kim Kyung Ran – who base this kdrama series on the webcomic by Lee Dong Gun, built this episode on Yu Mi’s insecurity which threatened her relationship with Gu Woong. What woman wouldn’t be on alert when realizing that her boyfriend’s co-worker has designs on her man? The fact that Gu Woong took Sae Yi to pick out Yu Mi’s birthday gift was a bitter pill that Yu Mi struggled to deal with. In the end, Yu Mi reached out to Gu Woong to try and find a way forward. Little did she know he was ready to do the same. Gu Woon’s explanations were too brief. However, he  was consistent. You would think a love cell would know that a woman needs words to reassure and assuage her fears. This couple is well suited. The inner cells add depth to the story. We see our leads emotions both outward and inward. The internal dialogue of the inner cells makes the emotions our leads eventually display have more impact. This drama is working for me.

Kim Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) felt threatened by Sae Yi. Yu Mi intuited that Sae Yi wanted Gu Woong for more than a co-worker. She’s not wrong. Sae Yi’s pleasant smile belied her intent about Gu Woong. It was understandable that Yu Mi was distressed to learn Sae Yi picked out her birthday present. The romantic idea that Gu Woong knew that necklace was the right gift for her evaporated. The outward Yu Mi is more balanced than bold. Her inner life is has a depth of emotions that enriches her actions and choices.

Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) knew Yu Mi was upset. He didn’t fully understand but he knew Yu Mi was upset. He wanted to make it right. His brief explanations about Sae Yi’s tea base and shopping help, was designed to limit further conversation and put the matter to rest. It didn’t work until he appeared with the cake and apology.  I loved watching his love cell mark out the detailed statements to brief utterances.

The third song of the OST is “Ling Ling” sung by The Black Skirts.

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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5 comments on “Yumi’s Cells Episode 5
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Being a literalist, the way Koreans tend to speak in such vague terms annoys me. Yumi’s ⚛📡 choice of words, physical activity that leaves you hot, sweaty and out of breath … Woong’s🐸🦖 naughtysaurus had to be severely disappointed.

    Yumi’s ⚛📡 birthday date was going so well. If Yumi ⚛📡 had not expected a gift, she would not have been so disappointed with the charger. Luckily Woong🐸🦖 dusguised the necklace. Things went well until Woong 🐸🦖 got called into work.

    Yumi’s ⚛📡 problem was she intended to one up Sae Yi ☣🍋, which backfired on her when Sae Yi☣🍋 caught Yumi ⚛📡 unaware and went on the offense to one (or two or three) up Yumi ⚛📡. Yumi⚛📡 wasn’t wrong about Sae Yi☣🍋 being toxic. Too bad Yumi ⚛📡 wasn’t more confident about her relationship with Woong🐸🦖. Turned out Sae Yi ☣🍋 didn’t even know Woong’s🐸🦖 favorite beverage.

    You gotta 💗 Woong🐸🦖 for showing up at Yumi’s ⚛📡 and Yumi ⚛📡 for going out to find Woong🐸🦖. With both of them overcoming their pride and putting effort, this couple has a good chance of succeeding.


    • If Yumi ⚛📡 had not expected a gift, she would not have been so disappointed with the charger. Luckily Woong🐸🦖 disguised the necklace.
      Hiding the necklace saved the moment, though I’d prefer the first gift not be to treated like a gag gift.

      Yumi⚛📡 wasn’t wrong about Sae Yi☣🍋 being toxic. Too bad Yumi ⚛📡 wasn’t more confident about her relationship with Woong🐸🦖.
      Yu Mi isn’t confident and that puts them at risk. The past if a major reason why she’s skittish.

      You gotta 💗 Woong🐸🦖 for showing up at Yumi’s ⚛📡 and Yumi ⚛📡 for going out to find Woong🐸🦖. With both of them overcoming their pride and putting effort, this couple has a good chance of succeeding.
      Well done by both sides of our couple.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        “I’d prefer the first gift not be to treated like a gag gift.” -KJT. I agree with your excellent point, but kerp in mind Woong’s quirky sense of humor was established early on.

        I agree that Yumi’s ⚛📡 fear of rejection has taken a toll on her self confidence and her poor choices have been based on her fear … aren’t most of our poor choices made by fear❓⁉️


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