Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 10

Director Ji Sung Hyun (Lee Sang Yi) calls Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) and says he wants to see her when he gets back to the village. She agrees. As Hye Jin enters her apartment the predator follows. He threatens her. She tries to make a phone call but he grabs her phone. As he tells her no one will help her, the door opens. The predator looks outside then Du Sik shuts the door on the man’s arm. He bursts into the room, fights with the predator, and rushes to Hye Jin to make sure she’s okay. The predator charges Du Sik and stabs him in the shoulder. A fight ensues (even Hye Jin kicks the predator). Du Sik subdues the predator.

The police come and take the predator away. The villagers watch. Sung Hyun arrives and sees the police car leaving.

At the hospital the doctor tells Du Sik the stiches will be sufficient as the injury didn’t sever tendons. Hye Jin is relieved he’s not badly injured. Du Sik isn’t happy to see the predator gave her a bruise. Hye Jin starts to cry, overwhelmed.  She admits she was scared. She was worried for his safety. Du Sik says he couldn’t let the predator hurt her. Sung Hyun arrives all concerned about Hye Jin and Du Sik. He’s assured they are both okay. He’s relieved. He claims to have returned to town to get his computer equipment he forgot. He thanks Du Sik for saving Hye Jin. He leaves more shaken than he expected.

Du Sik and Hye Jin leave the hospital. She thanks him for saving her. Du Sik knows she’s grateful. He suggests she stay at his home because her apartment is a crime scene. He gives Hye Jin clothing to change into. Once changed he teases Hye Jin has broad shoulders. She counters the clothes are too big. He smiles. He offers herbal tea to relax her. They talk. Du Sik admits he feels guilty that his grandfather had a heart attack while he was out of the house watching soccer. Hye Jin scoffs that his location didn’t alter fate. She scolds him for burdening himself with such thoughts.

Sung Hyun tries to get a grip while he stares into the sea. Recall in college Sung Hyun wanted to ask Hye Jin out but was dismayed to learn she already had a boyfriend.

Flashback…college…Sung Hyun watches Hye Jin dump her boyfriend. Recall he said disparaging things about her that Hye Jin overheard. When the boyfriend tries to stop Hye Jin, Sung Hyun trips him. The Hye Jin and Sung Hyun lock eyes. She smiles to thank him. Later Sung Hyun bandages her foot and adjust her shoe so it won’t chafe her. They agree to share a meal. He’s all smiles.

Hye Jin’s best friend Mi Seon calls to report her mother’s surgery is underway and officer Choi is there with her. Hye Jin tells her to stay overnight in Seoul and not worry about work tomorrow. After Mi Seon hangs up, she tells Officer Choi to return to the village. He refuses to let her wait alone.

When Du Sik puts Hye Jin to bed, the outside sounds (storm and wailing dog) make her nervous. She doesn’t want him to leave her alone and holds his shirt. Du Sik takes her to the couch, reads poetry to her and Hye Jin falls asleep. He smiles. He sleeps on the floor next to her.

The villagers are aghast that Hye Jin was attacked. When Du Sik and Hye Jin walk by, Du Sik is hailed as a hero but everyone is extra kind to Hye Jin. Ms. Jo assumes this strengthens the affair she assumes Du Sik and Hye Jin are conducting. Hye Jin doesn’t like that.

As they walk to the dental clinic, they encounter Officer Choi and Mi Seon. The women are relieved all ended well. They hug and cry. Du Sik and Officer Choi look at each other waiting for the tears to subside.

At the dental clinic Hye Jin asks Mi Seon what’s going on with Officer Choi. Mi Seon shares that Officer Choi stay with her while she waited for her mother’s surgery to be complete. She admits she likes him much more than he likes her. She thinks she may even be in love with him.

Jang is startled when his ex-wife arrives to discuss town business. He wishes she would tell him why they got divorced. She refuses.

Sung Hyun sits and considers. He’s writer calls and tells him he needs to get his act together and return to the city. He agrees and says tomorrow he’ll have his act together and return. She agrees to give him one day to wallow in feelings. After they hang up, she wishes that he would see her as a woman.

Officer Choi sees Mi Seon and invites her for cup of coffee. He admits he has something to say to her. She says she has something to say to him. He allows her to go Du Sik. Mi Seon tells him that she likes him more than he likes her and she’s not going to make things awkward for him. she’s going to back off and treat them as a friend so he won’t feel uncomfortable with her. Mi Seon quickly leaves. Officer Choi is dismayed he never got to say what he wanted to say.

Knowing that today is Du Sik ’s grandfathers memorial service, she buys food for the service. She goes to Du Sik’s house. She is surprised when many villagers arrive and bring food for the memorial service. After everyone leaves, Du Sik invites her to stay. They prepare the memorial table. They conduct the memorial service. And sit down to eat at its conclusion. Hye Jin shells crab for Du Sik. He is touched that someone is taking care of him. The next time she shells crab leg some gets on his face. She laughs and deliberately flicks crab on his face the next time shells crab for him. He admits his grandfather is the only one that has ever shelled crab for him. Hye Jin agrees that you only do that with love. Horrified at what she’s just said, she declares she’s willing to do as today is a special day. After the meal she quickly exits. Du Sik offers to walk her home. Flustered she tells him she can get home on her own.

As Hye Jin nears her apartment, she encounters Sung Hyun. He asks if she has time for him tonight. She agrees and they go to a local eatery. She admits she’s already had dinner. He has no problem eating alone. Sung Hyun musters his courage and admits that he likes Hye Jin. She is surprised and says nothing. Sung Hyun says he doesn’t need an answer or response right now, just needed to let her know how he was feeling, he couldn’t let this chance slip by.

Du Sik misses Hye Jin after she leaves. The house feels empty.

Hye Jin arrive home to a bummed Mi Seon. She explains she told Officer Choi she likes him but is backing off. Hye Jin admits Sung Hyun admitted he likes her. Mi Seon doesn’t understand why Hye Jin isn’t jumping at the chance to be with Sung Hyun. To lift their spirits, they agreed to have a girl’s weekend in Seoul.

As they drive to Seoul, Hye Jin frets she might have left the curling iron on. Mi Seon calls Du Sik and asks him to stop by the apartment and unplugged the curling iron. He grudgingly agrees.

When Du Sik arrived at the apartment he gingerly makes his way through the mess that is Hye Jin’s bedroom. He finds the curling iron unplugged. He installs window locks to keep her safe.

Mi Seon and Hye Jin shop. Hye Jin can’t help thinking about Du Sik and fingers men’s clothing. Mi Seon notices Hye Jin is distracted.

The elderly trio of ladies in the village tells Du Sik that life goes quickly and one needs to grab for all the happiness you can get.

Ms. Yeo invites Ms. Yu to enjoy a meal in her eatery. Ms. Yu is relieved at Ms. Yeo’s more relaxed attitude around her. Mr. Chang brings home his son with Ms. Yeo. He’s startled to find Ms. Yu there. He quickly, but not gracefully leaves the eatery.

At dinner Mi Seon waxes poetic about how wonderful the big city is. Hye Jin counters that the village is lovely too. After dinner they stand outside deciding what to do next. It begins to rain. Hye Jin flashes back enjoying the rain with Du Sik at the beach. She flashes back to times spent with him. Times that made her happy and feel things. She recalls him saying that sometimes you just have to enjoy getting wet. She tells Mi Seon that she’s going to return to the village. She walks into the rain to drive to her destiny. Mi Seon smiles happy that Hye Jin is going to go for what she wants.

When Hye Jin returns to the village she searches and finds Du Sik  at the dock. He is surprised that she returned to the village. She says she couldn’t wait to tell him. Hye Jin blurts out that she likes him. He’s surprised. She declares she has feelings for him. She admits she’s a planner, she’s his opposite. But in spite of their differences, the feelings are there. She likes him. Du Sik moves to her. She tells him she doesn’t need an answer. She admits her heart is pounding. Du Sik stares into her eyes. He leans in and gently kisses her. She responds. He pulls back. He admits he can’t fight his feelings either. He smiles. She smiles. He kisses her again. She responds.


Flashback…Du Sik ’s grandfather enjoys celebrating a young Du Sik ’s birthday. He watches his grandson blow out the candles after making a wish. Grandfather silently wishes that Du Sik finds someone that will love him and ease his loneliness after he’s gone. Present day…After dealing with the curling iron, Du Sik notices the picture on Hye Jin’s vanity. He recognizes it. He flashes back to being with his grandfather on the beach who took the picture of the family with a young child, who he now knows is Hye Jin.

My Thoughts

Du Sik and Hye Jin admit their feelings. Writer Shin Ha Eun returns to the light, flirty, fun in this episode after Du Sik saves Hye Jin from the predator. I was impressed with Du Sik’s fighting abilities. I knew the predator would get up and attack after Du Sik turned his back to make sure Hye Jin was okay. Thankfully the stab wound wasn’t serious. That’s a second time that he has come to her physical rescue. Both swoon worthy moments. Hye Jin admitted in the hospital she was scared for his safety. I enjoyed Hye Jin’s continued willingness to reach out to him. I enjoyed Hye Jin’s willingness to be bold and tell him that she liked him. I enjoyed Du Sik’s willingness to set aside his fears that he was doom to those he loves and return her admission albeit silently with another kiss. Mi Seon and Officer Choi missed the timing that our couple enjoyed. Mi Seon admitted she liked Officer Choi but agreed to back off before he could admit he’d had a change of heart and likes her. Or at least that’s what I’m assuming Officer Choi’s dismayed look meant. All in all, I’m relieved that our couple has admitted that they care and engaged in a lovely kiss.

Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) admitted her feelings. She was gracious when Sung Hyun admitted he cared for her. He stopped her from responding. She agreed to keep silent out of respect for his feelings. But she didn’t give him a second thought he went to Seoul with Mi Seon. Her mind was filled with Du Sik. When she stood in the rain, she flashed back to moments they’d shared. And she knew what she had to do. She had to admit her truth. Mi Seon was thrilled when Hye Jin ditched her. For all the planning and careful moves that Hye Jin claims is her norm, she’s bold too. She moved to the village, she set up her own clinic, and she’s embraced the village as much is she’s able to. But it’s her relationship with Du Sik that is an utter delight. I was impressed with her forthrightness. Her declaration that she liked him was clear, concise, and heartfelt. His responding kiss was the answer she wanted.

Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) admitted his feelings. Last episode centered on Du Sik’s fear that he is to blame for those he loves dying. This episode, that was addressed twice. First when Du Sik admitted her felt responsible for his Grandfather’s death. Hye Jin scolded him for carrying emotional baggage like that. She pointed out Du Sik’s actions would not have stopped the heart attack from happening. Second, the fear was pushed aside when Hye Jin made her declaration. Du Sik can’t help himself, he has to protect her. He’s done so numerous occasions. Du Sik admitted that he wants her in his home after she left. He’s tangled up in her. I was vastly relieved when he didn’t let fear enter the moment and answered Hye Jin’s declaration with a sweet kiss. This couple isn’t always in sync. But that’s what makes them interesting. I hope Du Sik is able to conquer his fears and let go to enjoy a full-blown romance with her. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for.

The fourth song of the OST is the lovely “Wish” sung by Choi Yu Ree.

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 10
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Just when I wondered if the stalker was still around, he followed Hye Jin🦔🦷 into her house … I think the stalker followed her the night she ran into Du Sik’s🧰🎣 arms. I had hoped the repaired street light would keep the stalker away. Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 fear was palpable and I felt it to … thank goodness Du Sik🧰🎣 came to the rescue❣

    It was nice to see Sung Hyun📷 in the flashbacks watching out for Hye Jin🦔🦷. Sung Hyun📷 is such a truly nice guy and I feel bad the lost out in round 2 … but the heart wants what the heart wants. Somehow I feel there just might be a round 3 in this series; that said, if there is poor Sung Hyun 📷 will still lose … I am the captain of Team Du Sik 🧰🎣😉 .

    Officer Choi Eun Cheol👮‍♂️ does seem to like Mi Seon🪥, but she cut him off before he could say anything out of fear of further rejection. I hope Eun Cheol👮‍♂️ persists to win Mi Seon’s🪥 heart ❣

    A quick trip to Seoul and Mi Seon🪥 seemed to guide Hye Jin🦔🦷 realize what she wanted. Hye Jin🦔🦷 and Du Sik’s🧰🎣 kiss 💋 was very satisfying and it was great to have Du Sik🧰🎣 reciprocate Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 feelings.

    I 💗 the epilogue showing Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 childhood picture in Gongjin reminded Du Sik🧰🎣 he had met Hye Jin🦔🦷 in the past. I’m pleased the writers have not shoved “fate” down our throats, but have gently hinted.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think the stalker followed her the night she ran into Du Sik’s🧰🎣 arm
      Agree, her intuition told her she was in danger. I did not like his easy access into home. Thank goodness Du Sik rescued her.

      I am the captain of Team Du Sik 🧰🎣😉 .
      Good team choice.

      Hye Jin🦔🦷 and Du Sik’s🧰🎣 kiss 💋 was very satisfying and it was great to have Du Sik🧰🎣 reciprocate Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 feelings.
      It was lovely. This series and Yumi’s Cells do romance in a way that works for me..

      I’m pleased the writers have not shoved “fate” down our throats, but have gently hinted.
      Ditto, no heavy hand of fate but it is there.

      Liked by 2 people

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