Yumi’s Cells Episode 4

A physically and emotionally tired Kim Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) is surprised to find Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) holding an umbrella over her head. He reads her face and sees all is not well. He asks why she’s in the rain. He tells her she’ll catch a cold. Yu Mi’s inner life cell Hysterics shoots off a rocket ready to destroy everything. Yu Mi is touched by Gu Woong’s concern. The rocket falls to the ground and sugar snow begins the fall. Yu Mi’s inner life cells are shocked. It’s been 3 years (since her last boyfriend) that the sugar snow has fallen. Gu Woong’s inner life cell attempts to enter Yu Mi’s inner life but her gate keepers refuse entry.

Yu Mi’s nosy co-worker, Ruby, 6 years her junior, calls to Gu Woong. He acknowledges her then cuts her off stating they can talk another time. Gu Woong takes Yu Mi to the bus stop. Due to the rain, no taxis are available. An exhausted Yu Mi slumps. Gu Woong feels her face and realizes she’s hot. His inner life cells run the algorithm that determines that he wants to protect her and carrying her to the hospital he can see down the street is the quickest way to get her help.

Gu Woong sweeps Yu Mi into his arms. After running to the hospital, Gu Woong bursts into the emergency room requesting help for Yu Mi. The nurse asks if he’s the guardian. His inner life cells run the algorithm that determines that he wants to protect her and confirms he’s the guardian. The nurse assures him that Yu Mi will be okay once she sleeps and gets the fluids from the IV into her system. She recommends that Gu Woong brings dry clothes for Yu Mi to change into after she wakes. Gu Woong’s co-worker Louis and Sae Yi (who runs hot and cold with him) call and asks if he’ll join them for dinner. Gu Woong brags about saving Yu Mi.  Sae Yi isn’t excited when Louis tells her Gu Woong is smitten with Yu Mi.  Gu Woong heads to a nearby clothing store and makes a purchase for Yu Mi.

Yu Mi is surprised to wake in the emergency room. The nurse tells Yu Mi her boyfriend was attentive and left dry clothing for her to change into. Yu Mi remembers Gu Woong carrying her to the hospital. She changes into the dress with a cute frog on it. Recall they went to the frog festival on their first blind date.

In Yu Mi’s inner life a frog approaches the gate. The gate keepers know that Yu Mi likes cute animals but a frog isn’t on the list. They agree the frog is cute and let him enter Yu Mi’s inner village. The frog helps other cells, cleans up, bans Hysterics, and returns the Love cell. The frog reveals that he’s Gu Woong’s love cell to Yu Mi’s shocked loved cell.

Yu Mi loves the dress and let’s Gu Woong into her heart. He returns happy to see her awake and feeling better. She tells him she loves the cute dress. Pleased, Gu Woong declares she’s cuter. Yu Mi invites Gu Woong to dinner to repay his kindess. He tells her that isn’t necessary. Yu Mi shares she’s trying to ask him out. Gu Woong is flustered and pleased. Yu Mi even slides in one of the bad jokes he told on their blind date. They laugh.

As Yu Mi dreams her cells enjoy her dreams about Gu Woong walking her home. She asks him to text her when he gets home and she’ll gets via her PC’s text application.  Gu Woong texts Yu Mi and she responds. They agree to talk the next day. They smile. Both Yu Mi and Gu Woong have inner life bulletin boards with notes on what to remember and tackle the next day.

With Louis passed out Sae Yi checks out Yu Mi’s social media page and sees the posted picture of Yu Mi and Gu Woong from the frog festival. Sae Yi sighs that Yu Mi is Gu Woong’s type. She calls Gu Woong and asks him to help get Louis home. She can’t manage him on her own.

Gu Woong arrives at the eatery and finds Louis passed out and Sae Yi interested in drinking with him. Wary Gu Woong agrees to a quick drink. His inner life cells go into full alert as Sae Yi tries to reminiscence, sit next to him, admits she cares for him, get skinship, etc. Gu Woong avoids each trap.

Sae Yi returns to work. We see her inner life bulletin board with notes to be a great designer, work hard, not get married but if she did, it would be to Gu Woong.

The next day Yu Mi’s inner life fashion cell is chomping at the bit to get a new outfit for her date with with Gu Woong. She’s granted the request and Yu Mi goes shopping. She purchases a pretty dress. She doesn’t listen to her inner life naughty cell who urges her to unbutton the top 2 buttons. Yu Mi asks the sales clerk to hold her clothes and she’ll return for them on her way home from the date.

She goes to a coffee shop to wait for Gu Woong call. Once he does she offers to meet him outside his apartment building. Unfortunately a delivery bike deliver almost hits her and Yu Mi’s coffee flies soaking her new dress. Gu Woong offers Yu Mi dry clothes and the use of his washer for her dress. Yu Mi knows she has clothes nearby at the clothing store. But Yu Mi’s inner life realizes alone time with Gu Woong could lead to a kiss. Yu Mi wavers then decides to accept Gu Woong’s offer.

Inside Gu Woong’s clean apartment, she accepts the tshirt and shorts he offers. She changes in the bathroom and imagines watching Gu Woong shower in the glass walled enclosure. The naughty cell loves it. Yu Mi’s other cells subdue the naughty cell not wanting to blow alone time with Gu Woong.

Gu Woong’s inner life naughty cell dragon (naughtysarus) loves seeing Yu Mi wearing the tshirt and shorts. Gu Woong stares hungrily at Yu Mi. She notices. Gu Woong’s inner cells strive to keep the naughty dragon in check.

Gu Woong puts her dress in the washer. Still flustered he almost puts fabric softener not soap in the washer. Yu Mi stops him by grabbing the bottle. They freeze at the contact. They both think about kissing. Their inner lives cells urge caution or boldness depending. They both decide not to kiss, no need to rush. Then Gu Woong gets a call from Sae Yi to come to work. He listens to Louis explain the problem and realizes this will take time. He offers to let Yu Mi stay until her dress is clean. Yu Mi doesn’t feel comfortable in his apartment alone. She tells Gu Woong she has a clothes at a nearby clothing store. Gu Woong fetches the clothes. Yu Mi changes in his bathroom.

Yu Mi walks Gu Woong to his taxi. He promises to call when his done at work. Yu Mi’s naughty cell is bummed the kiss didn’t happen. Yu Mi sighs. Gu Woong’s inner cells know how close Gu Woong was to kissing Yu Mi. Gu Woong’s inner life naughty cell dragon is bummed in a cage.

It takes a while but Gu Woong solves the problem at work. He’s not interested in a celebratory dinner and dashes away. Louis realizes Gu Woong wants to return to his date with Yu Mi.

Once home, Gu Woong calls Yu Mi and offers to bring her clean dress over. Yu Mi says it isn’t necessary. Gu Woong insists. As he gets the dress ready, Gu Woong wonders why Yu Mi had clothes stashed at the clothing store near his apartment. He realizes she would have had to deliberately pass his apartment to purchase the dress. He smiles at the realization.

Yu Mi meets Gu Woong outside her apartment. He asks her about the clothing. She doesn’t fully answer him. Gu Woong gallantly doesn’t press. When he hands her the bag with her dress, their hands brush. The feel it.

Gu Woong takes Yu Mi’s hands. They stare into each other’s eyes. There is interest and consent in both sets of eyes. Gu Woong cups her face and kisses her. Yu Mi participates in the kiss. They pull apart. They stare into each other eyes. They kiss again.

My Thoughts

Terrific episode with a satisfying mutual first kiss. The trio of writers for Yu Mi’s Cells –  Song Jae Jung, Kim Yoon Joo and Kim Kyung Ran – who base this kdrama series on the webcomic by Lee Dong Gun, built this episode from Gu Woong’s saving Yu Mi. Carrying her through the streets, buying her a dress with a frog, those are swoon worthy. Yi Mi was touched. There was more honesty between them. They are in the wonderful infatuation phase. The first kiss was lovely. That was a kiss not a lip press. I’m enjoying this couple.

Kim Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) decided Gu Woong was worth risking her heart. Yu Mi threw caution to the wind and let Gu Woong into her heart. What woman wouldn’t be affected by being carried to the hospital, clothes purchased, and guardianship declared? I loved Yu Mi’s naught cell. I loved Yu Mi imagining Gu Woong showering. Previous episodes led me to wonder if this couple would have the  emotion maturity of high schoolers. Thankfully, it appears this might be an adult relationship, as well it should be. Kim Go Eun hit the mark this episode. She was playful, vulnerable, and engaged in the kiss.

Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) had swoon worthy moments. He carried her, he clothed her, he protected her, he wanted her. Yes, yes, yes. I LOVED Gu Woong’s love cell disguising himself as a frog. I LOVED Gu Woong’s naughty dragon cell. I LOVED Gu Woong’s deft avoidance of Sae Yi’s trap as his inner cells went on high alert. I LOVED it when he realized that Yu Mi bought the dress to look pretty for their date. Director Lee composed the kissing scene that our actors brought to life. Ahn Bo Hyun has chemistry with Kim Go Eun. Their kiss was sweet with a bit of sizzle.

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Yumi’s Cells Episode 4
  1. L says:

    I’m wondering if the show will follow the webtoon ending, stop at a certain point at the webtoon, or create its own… 🤞🏼 hope it’ll be a satisfactory one in any case!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Oh my goodness. This was the BEST episode yet❣

    I concur having Gu Woong’s love cell infiltrating Yumi’s village was terrific❣ Their kiss 💋 was greatly satisfying ❣

    Gu Woong’s bear 🐻 defense against Sae Yi was so entertaining.

    I laughed so much over Naughty vs. Naughtysaurus … the feelings seemed to be SPOT ON❣

    I 💗 💗 💗 this drama. Is it the combination of writers that makes it so good❓⁉️


    • Their kiss 💋 was greatly satisfying ❣
      It was well staged and executed. You felt it.

      Gu Woong’s bear 🐻 defense against Sae Yi was so entertaining.
      Not sure I’ve ever seen that in a kdrama before.

      I laughed so much over Naughty vs. Naughtysaurus … the feelings seemed to be SPOT ON
      The best part was both of them were feeling the heat. That made the kiss better, knowing they were attracted to each other long before that moment.

      I 💗 💗 💗 this drama. Is it the combination of writers that makes it so good❓⁉️
      I only skimmed the webtoon after watching episode 1, which followed the webtoon well. I don’t like spoilers, so I didn’t read further. Maybe when the series is complete I’ll read more of the webtoon. One of the appeals iof the series is seeing the controlled exterior of our leads, while being privy to their inner dialogue in all its over the top glory.

      Liked by 1 person

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